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What is Street-Style? Here’s What you Need to Know

What is street style

How do you begin to explain one of the biggest global phenomena that has a deep and rich history. Not to mention the diversity involved that contributes to the demonstration of such elements as pop-culture, personal identity, story-telling and more.

Today, street style or street fashion is an effortless way for millions of people to express themselves; clothing, headwear, footwear or even tattoos, piercings and body art. From colorful center-spreads in print to electronic media that act as the spotlight with great ability to create an awareness and in some cases even go viral all over the world. 

Set on the streets of Paris, outside cafes in Milan or alongside the park in London, street- style comes alive with bursts of color, structure, design and most of all personality. With the evolution of fashion through the decades now celebrating all ages adds further interest when witnessing the uniqueness of various individuals everywhere.

American Photographer Bill Cunningham rightly pointed to street fashion as the best fashion show that comes to life on the streets every day. 

What is Street Style? 

street fashion

With street style having a link to streetwear, aka sporty or sportswear it is not surprising that street-style aesthetic may involve the addition of oversized garments traditionally used for sports or part of outdoor activities, contributing in some way to the street-style aesthetic. 

What are Street Style Outfits?

While there isn’t a precise mold in which the street style outfits fit, they can be described as any look that is put-together by any individual. As everyone has a specific style that is unique to them as people, putting together an outfit can be fun and liberating. Keeping in mind that sporty or leisurely element in the outfit.

For example, pairing leather sneakers with tailored pants and skirts or pairing dressy shirts and different types of vests with denims. There is literally no cap to highlight the start and finish of street style outfits. 

Where Did Street Style Come From?

Street style goes back to as early as post WWII days. Hence, it can be said to come from that time of revival. 

Why is Street Style Important? 

In a nutshell, street style is an effortless way to exhibit one signature look or a combination of several looks that suit the mood of the wearer at the time. Street style also highlights personal identity while outlining different cultures, ethnicities and belief systems through creative approaches to fashion as a performing art. 

What is Street Fashion Photography?

Now that we have a good idea of what street style really is, its origins and qualities, street-fashion photography as the title suggests, refers to candid shots of regular people on the streets anywhere in the world. What makes this type of photography unique is that it is a clicking of chance movements of people sporting unique styles.

Street style photography, though mostly captured in urban settings, does not necessarily have to be so. Candid pictures can also be captured in parks, lanes, entryways, staircases, drive-ins, or any such location that is as unique as the outfit worn. 

How To Have A Great Street Style? 

For street style looks to be authentic and personal, a person would have to know what works and what doesn’t. This is often reached through a few experiments with the person’s personal style. On another level, there are some who simply and effortlessly develop a signature or personal style organically.

Sporty Influences and More 

Briefly mentioned earlier that street style has a considerable link with sportswear or street apparel such as tracksuits, sneakers, polo shirts and sweaters. Sports accessories are also a common feature including casual types of bags such as duffle bags or gym bags, pea-caps, visors etc.

While the use of sporty elements are easily found, it does not make street-style any more sporty than sportswear any more street style. This is simply a way to tone down certain elaborate looks by adding a sporty element to give it an ease and comfy quality. Such as pairing sneakers with a tailored suit, a duffle bag with an evening dress and trainers. 

Street Style Tips to Get you Started 

Although street-style is best approached organically, using one’s discretion as to what works best and what doesn’t. For some this is a result of different types of experimenting with various looks before a signature or personal style is achieved.

If you are already confident of your current personal style and can carry it off well, good for you! If you’re a free-spirit and are able to carry any look beautifully, way to go! However, if you’re still undecided on how to go about getting your own street-style look together, below are a few fashion styles that are meant to inspire you towards your own unique style. 

Artsy Style

This style pushes the envelope of street-style looks. Commonly found amid bursts of color, abstract designs, eye-catching prints and patterns as well as a complete contrast side that involves dark tones, often monochromatic black, white and grey.

Artsy looks are carried off well by artistic individuals who have a confidence and panache for bold and perhaps even eccentric type looks. Exaggerated elements such as extended shoulders, baggy style clothes, oversized jackets and coats cinched at the waist as well as handcrafted pieces or unique detailing are also included in this type of style. 

Boho Style 

Street fashion wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of boho style. Exhibited creatively through men and women who exercise a carefree lifestyle, often artistic; no fuss individuals with a flair for anything that isn’t popular mainstream.

From earth tones to jewel tones, vibrant colors exhibit a great way to bring this style to life. Prints as well as macramé, fringe and unique textures contribute to this down-to-earth type of style.

Boho also includes lots of vintage and retro pieces including but not limited to vintage leather jackets, tie dye shirts, plaid flannels & more, so if you love these elements so far, maybe the boho style is for you. 

Chic Style

Think clean, simplistic lines, no distracting elements aside from unique and subtle detail. Luxurious fabrics, lots of pale or muted colors, neutrals and white…white and white.

However, traditional chic looks can also revolve around a black and white dominating palette. known more for simplicity, classic timeless pieces that you can wear in several different ways. It is best to go for quality rather than quantity here.

A white chiffon blouse with intricate lace trim, black tapered pants with black and white striped stilettos. A clutch in hand and fun yet done hairdo can positively make this chic style a head-turner.

The little black dress is just as common as the little white dress in the Chic wardrobe. As a side-note Chic style is also referred to as Elegant style and the two are often used interchangeably. 

Equestrian Style

When you think equestrian, you think horses or horse riding for pleasure. The equestrian style works well for men and women. From the use of luxurious fabrics translated into neat, crisp white shirts and blouses to leather vest, boots and in some cases leather pants.

Men in particular are known to go for polo shirts, hacking jackets and accessories that include a leather bag, watch, sunglasses and hats. The latter being optional. One of the interesting aspects of Equestrian style is the color palette that can go the achromatic route, beige; brown, black and white as well as a more vibrant contemporary route that may involve saturated colors.

A pinstripe shirt, tan or khaki pants, deep colored boots, a tweed or textured jacket form the foundation of an equestrian look. Adding an ascot for men or a chiffon scarf for women, a lapel pin or brooch is another interesting element to add detail to this style. 

Vibrant Style

This type of style is big on color which is apparent by its name, interestingly; this can be applied to several other styles that would make an interesting fusion. Vibrant artsy style, vibrant equestrian style or vibrant retro style.

Most of all, vibrant style can also stand stylishly on its own. From color blocking to monochromatic looks, vibrant style is perhaps one of the easiest styles to pull-off. A deep egg-plant toned top with an emerald colored pants or skirt brought together with a ruby red jacket, sunflower bag and blueberry shoes.

Talking strictly in terms of men’s street fashion, you can also pull-off vibrant style and look confident in wearing loud color. Preppy style for men or even punk styles are great ways to execute vibrant style. 

Goth Style

Gothic aka Goth Style in all its forms be it emo gothic style or Goth business casual it revolves closely around homogenized looks based on dark, mysterious and dated influences.

From hair dyed black to makeup in dark to black tones, lots of vintage pieces, especially accessories are all strong features of this style. Black lace, velvet, silk and satin are just a few traditional fabrics used to get an authentic Goth style.

Interesting to note here, that Goth style also carries subtle elements borrowed from other styles such as heavy metal fashion, emo style, punk fashion as well as Victorian and Elizabethan style.

This subculture, as iconic and popular as it is, calls for certain eccentricities such as black and white makeup for men and women, chunky jewelry, fishnet and over-the-top hairstyles that complete this uniquely dramatic style.  

Rocker Style

Lots of black, distressed materials often with metal detailing form the foundation of the rocker look. Although dark tones are big with this type of style, white and grey are perhaps the only colors that may be used in the lighter frequency.

Rocker style is often used interchangeably with the Grunge style. Rocker style links to such elements as hard rock bands, musicians and fans of this subculture who have, over the years, formed a community that is just as unique as this look.

From distressed denim jeans to tattered t-shirts and statement leather jackets and apparel such as leather pants, leather vests and full-grain leather pieces that are synonymous with this style.

It is also interesting to note, that the rocker style has evolved over the last few decades to include bikers, strictly from a biker’s club or thus related, along with fusion styles that consist of the Rocker style merged with another style such as Rocker Chic, Rocker Geek, Rocker Punk and numerous other combinations.

These combos however, have not changed the mainstream Rocker style in any way as both are completely separate though parallel movements. 

Ethnic Style

This particular style is not only a rather recent introduction for many through mainstream fashion world-wide, it is also one that is inspired by many different elements that include asian street fashion and Native cultures from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

From the vibrancy to the various types of prints, several different aesthetics combine to give us Ethnic style. While this may have existed eons ago, it was only until the mid-nineties to the early years of the new millennium, that Ethnic style has been popularized.

The fantasy element or rather, the exotic element found in this type of style is perhaps what makes it so unique. A colorful Dashiki from West Africa paired with regular blue jeans is one way to do Ethnic style.

Alternatively, a traditional Chinese kimono paired with casual pants makes for a striking and exotic style. Adding accessories and footwear, eyewear and headwear further intensifies this one of a kind look. 

Lolita Style

Another subculture though originating from Japanese street fashion, influenced by the Victorian styles and pieces from the Rococo era.

The Lolita style aesthetic branches out into substyles that may include something young, sweet and classic country looking to something completely bold and dramatic such as gothic, hime or punk.

From a vintage all black outfit complemented with top-hat and lace-up corset, to a rather pale or muted colored ensemble that hinges on Rococo style that revolves around decorative, artsy style elements that are often a bit theatrical for some. 

Hip-Hop Style

Also known as BIG FASHION, Hip-Hop style is distinct in look that goes deep into urban African American communities mainly located in New York, LA, aside from other cities that have each contributed towards this type of style that moves parallel to the music and art scenes.

While a select few were initially seen sporting this look, today; it is spotted in many parts of the world. A big part of this style is comfort, which is why lots of baggy, loose clothing is used. From baggy pants and oversized t-shirts to vintage basketball jerseys.

There is not much difference in silhouette for men and women, although women wearing crop tops, tank tops, colorful graphic t-shirts, animal prints and bikini shirts all give a very Hip-Hop vibe. Add to this look, peak caps, bandanas, chunky jewelry, braids and sunglasses give this style deep authenticity.

For a personalized touch, some enthusiasts may opt for custom jerseys, adding a unique flair to their Hip-Hop ensemble. 

Kawaii Style 

Revolving around a cute culture, or rather a loveable, shy and often charming aspect of this Japanese street style, Kawaii is a lifestyle that is deeply rooted in Japanese pop culture.

The Lolita style, as mentioned above, is a branch of Kawaii style. Candy colors such as fluorescent pink, powder blue and such colors that are influenced by the cute and adorable palette, distinct to the Kawaii style.

Pony-tails, braids, bubblegum shoes, high socks and colorful candy color accessories complete this Kawaii style with great intensity. 

Lagenlook Style 

In German, Lagenlook literally means ‘layered look’, a popular style of dressing in many parts of Europe. Quite simply, this style involves wearing different shaped clothing, one on top of each other to create a unique final silhouette.

This could be a tank top over a t-shirt that is worn over a long sleeved button-down shirt. Or a spaghetti strap crop top worn over a short sleeve, thigh length t-shirt that is worn over an ankle length dress.

This technique of dressing makes for a sculptural silhouette that is truly unique. This can be carried out as a monochromatic look, a color block look or even with a bit of print, used strategically. 

Geek Chic Style

Geek and chic? At the same time? Who knew? Geek Chic is pretty popular in street style. Involving nerdy classics that include collared shirts, often checkered or striped, bow-ties or ties, sports jackets and blazers, glasses and lapel pins.

Not to mention an interesting use of prints, colors and detail. To complete this look, go for matching hairstyles, bags and footwear, perhaps doing a bow-tie and suspenders combo. Geeky style works well as menswear as well as women’s wear. 

Military Style

Popularized after WWII, Military style trickled into civilian wear from strictly a uniform in the Armed Forces. This Military aesthetic is based on structured jackets and coats, earthy, muted tones and bulky masculine combat prints.

A unique combination of functionality, uniformity and a healthy dose of style, Military fashion can be seen in street-style nearly everyday all across the world.

Put together cargo pants, with a military green t-shirt and combat boots, a leather bomber jacket, trench coat or aviator jacket to complete the look. You can add a duffle bag, aviator sunglasses and a beanie to give further depth to this strictly stylish Military look. 

Garconne Style

The word Garonne is French for ‘Tomboy’. A term that was coined as far back as the nineteen twenties. A time when women rebelled against conventional ways and perceptions on what was deemed appropriate feminine behavior.

This resulted also in the introduction of the first women’s pants and later the power-suit that women wore proudly. Today, going for the Garonne style aka the Tomboy look would involve the flattening of the chest using bandages, wearing menswear or men’s style apparel and outerwear that would be completed with the use of bulky masculine footwear, bags and even watches.

Though it is optional, most tomboys are often seen wearing their hair really short if not going for the buzz cut. 

K-Pop Style

K-Pop style would essentially contain western influences incorporated through a more Korean stand-point. Starting from a vibrant color palette to oversized clothing, t-shirts, sweatshirts and windbreakers, overalls, sports jerseys, crop tops, mini skirts, fish-net, hot pants and peasant blouses, bucket hats and baseball caps worn backwards.

For dramatic effect, accessories include furry oversized gloves, visors, ski-goggles, headphones around the neck, fuzzy earmuffs, stuffed toy animals, oversized bows, glasses and not to forget backpacks and messenger bags to complete this look that also includes a lot of face painting. 

Emo Style 

Another street-style that is linked to and originates from music is the 2000 Emo fashion. This style is known as a subculture that houses mainly teenagers that are identified by their distinct wardrobe choices.

Emo style includes body hugging t-shirts and skinny jeans, hoodies, high top sneakers, punk accessories and in some cases big, colored hair as well as makeup used by some. Stars and skulls are typically found somewhere in an Emo style look.

Not to mention buckles on casual shoes or bags, belts and black nail polish to go with the black eyeliner most of the Emos wear. 

Romantic Style

Going with soft, sheer and luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, lace, tulle, gauze, velvet, soft cotton and linen. It’s best to stay away from any kind of prints such as animal prints, fur, leather, polyester or artificial fabrics.

Also avoiding deep and dark tones of color such as brown, green, eggplant purple etc. is a good idea. Putting together an intricate lace top with poet sleeves, a peasant shirt with a whimsical vest or jacket with a gypsy skirt would be a good idea.

As would dreamy flared dresses, slip dresses, wrap dresses or poufy skirts would also be a good idea. Complete this look with delicate looking jewelry, an ornate clutch and classic style footwear that can include strappy heels.

If you are thinking about what shoes to wear with dresses beside heels, ballet flats would be an appropriate choice.

Hippie Style

One of the most widely acclaimed subcultures in the world would be that of the hippie movement going back to the nineteen sixties and seventies. From this phenomenal movement was driven an iconic Hippie style that refers to the looks hippies sported.

These include bell-bottom pants, long skirts, large blouses and t-shirts, leather vests and tons of beads, scarfs and headbands. The color palette is very lively and vibrant for an authentic Hippie style look that also has no discriminations between the sexes.

As some pieces are often worn by women and men alike. Fringe detail, psychedelic patterns, flowers, nature based imagery and peace signs along with icons and influences from eastern cultures contribute to the uniqueness of the Hippie style.

Grunge Style

Simply put, Grunge style is yet another subculture closely intertwined with the grunge music genre. Although it was first introduced in the nineteen eighties, it was globally popularized by the nineties through iconic music bands.

This style calls for timeless pieces that are also durable, including thrift-store finds that contribute to this rather loose, oversized silhouette that conceals the actual human form. An androgynous quality is also associated with this look.

Predominantly a men’s style, Grunge finds include second-hand or shabby chic t-shirts with band names and graphics, plaid shirts that are often worn on top, teamed with distressed, ripped or faded jeans. Combat boots, messy hair sweat and guitar looks complete this aesthetic style authentically. 

Punk Style

Body modifications, chunky jewellery, cosmetics, dramatic hairstyles and lots of leather, denim, metal studs and spikes, that go along with stacked chains and military boots. Punk style is perhaps one of the more diverse and wide-ranged types of style found on the streets.

We say this as it contains within itself various elements influenced by other subcultures. Skinheads, Mods, Rock and Greasers are just some of the different subcultures that influence Punk style even today.

Getting a Punk style involves pairing distressed, ripped jeans with matching tanks or tees, leather jackets that often have metal studs or chains in the detailing. In some cases, leather pants too can be worn along with fingerless gloves.

For women, adding bold hues in makeup or jewelry, fishnet, exaggerated silhouettes and layering of clothing and accessories add that authentic vibe to this rather flamboyant Punk style. Females sporting the Punk style were initially referred to as Femme-Punks. 

Preppy Style

For men, Preppy style would involve lots of stripe ties, navy blazers, crisp Oxford button-down shirts, leather belts, chinos, crewneck sweaters as well as school sweaters, sweatshirts that were also at times monogrammed.

For a more men’s casual style this can also include wearing plaid Bermuda shorts with penny loafers or boat shoes and Cuban collar short sleeve shirts.

Preppy women wear silk, cotton or chiffon blouses with tailored shirts and pants, wrap dresses and shift dresses. Nautical stripes, pastel tints and equestrian detail are what pulls the Preppy style together. 

Trendy Style

Anything that is on trend or is a fad contributes to Trendy style. A person who is more inclined to go after the latest fashion in menswear or women’s wear would be defined as following the Trendy Style.

This covers apparel as well as footwear, hats, bags, accessories and more. For instance, boots and sneakers are some of the most popular styles of leather shoes the world has seen over the last few years.

At least regarding flat footwear. People who are Trendy are also referred to as Modern styled individuals. If you find yourself going for cropped sweaters, hoodies that you wear under blazers, your best bomber jackets, boiler suits, floral prints, leather trench coat, or puff sleeves then chances are you have a Trendy style. 

Vintage Style

People who love a certain time of the past and dress to match that era are said to have a Vintage style. Considering that Vintage has a marker of fifty years or more but less than a hundred year bracket, it can take different forms for various people.

A woman who is keen on wearing flapper dresses, cloche hats and baby-doll shoes is more likely a Vintage twenties style person. Similarly, a man sporting a bowling shirt, saddle shoes, fedora or trilby and leather jacket is most definitely part of the Vintage fifties style.  

Feminine Style

Considered by some to be one of the more generic types of street-style there is, Feminine style is rather self-explanatory. Based on a silhouette involving soft lines, flowy fabrics of a lightweight nature.

Apparel that fit well without being too snug, feminine elements used as detail such as bows, laces, ribbon, flowers etc. You will see men in skirts, dresses blouses, and such rather than a somewhat boyish take on clothing.

Similarly, colors too play a role that authenticate this Feminine style. From pale to dusky tints of pink, yellow and purple, citrus tints and natural neutrals. For a contemporary twist to this style, color combos may also include deeper tones though evened out by lighter, softer tones for a visual balance.

Accessories and footwear too take on a feminine approach to this style. From intricate jewelry to high heeled shoes. 

Girl Next Door Style

When going for the Girl Next Door style, think simplicity, comfort and charm especially when putting together different looks that reflect this street-style look. Basic pieces may include denim jeans, t-shirts, tanks and halter-tops, pleated skirts and flowy dresses.

Accessories though minimal may involve light to moderate jewelry, sunglasses and headbands as well as head-scarfs, sandals and strappy heels.

Boy Next Door Style

Much like its Girl Next Door counterpart, the Boy Next Door style aesthetic is driven by the all American men’s lifestyle. This involves the look that may incorporate jeans and t-shirts, more essentially baseball jerseys, caps, sunglasses, sneakers, skate-boarding the streets. However, as mentioned before; there may be several other style aesthetics that may also be combined with this Boy Next Door style. This can be a Boy Next Door Geek, a Hippie or Preppy Boy Next Door and other such combinations that can also include a Grunge Boy Next Door. 

Sporty Style

Dating back to the nineteen-thirties, the Sporty style aesthetic, basically involving wearing sportswear and activewear in different situations other than sports, became a style statement on the streets. From t-shirts and shorts to tracksuits, polo-shirts and gym jackets, varsity jackets, coach jackets as well as cheerleading tops paired with jeans. Sporty style saw women and men incorporate sportswear or activewear into dailywear. Putting together a tracksuit jacket over a tank-top paired with a preppy skirt makes for a great Sporty style in womenswear just as a varsity jacket for women worn over a button-down shirt paired with chinos and penny loafers make an awesome men’s Sporty style outfit. Sporty style is also known as Athleisure in present times.

Fetish Style

A style that is synonymous with provocative looking apparel, often dramatic detail and fetishistic in nature. For a piece to fall in the Fetish style category would mean that it ought to be so risque that the majority of people may not choose to wear it. Hence, it may be said that anything that can be worn by the majority isn’t deemed Fetishistic. Fetish style apparel are made of leather, latex, spandex, plastic, synthetic rubber, fishnet and even stainless steel. Corsets and miniskirts teamed with stockings and stiletto heels go well with big voluminous hair, rings, eyewear and garters. For men, leather chaps and vests, patches, rings, and accessories that include handcuffs and walking sticks contribute to this rather risque style. 

Rugged Style

A very masculine and functional aesthetic, the Rugged style is based on practicality. Apparel with a purpose, if you will. From flannel shirts and denim jeans paired with leather boots and customized denim jackets. Men who go for a rugged style look are known to appreciate lived-in wardrobe pieces that highlight quality and durability, having years of wear and tear experience. Wool coats and suits along with tweed trousers create a dressier version of this style that is rugged yet smart. 

Corporate Style

Exhibiting all the key pieces found in most corporate environments, Corporate style men and womenswear carry lots of tailored suiting, crisp white shirts and blouses, pinstripe to solid blue, grey, black and brown. This aesthetic can be created from either a business formal and casual aspect or a much more moderate and creative setting that may even include blazers, sports jackets, bomber jackets, checkered shirts and printed tops. Briefcases and laptop bags, messenger bags, saddle bags that contribute to this mainstream Corporate style. 

Heavy Metal Style

Originating from a mix of leather subcultures, rock music artists and biker clubs, Heavy Metal style is mostly identified by body modification, hairstyles, makeup and distinct style of dress. With a color palette that is predominately black or dark toned, t-shirts, jeans, leather jackets, kutte vests, camouflage pants and shorts, denim jackets, wristbands and patches go well with the use of chunky jewellery mainly in silver. Men as well as women often share this particular aesthetic although leather skirts and dresses also add an alternative to this Heavy Metal style for women. 

Jock Style

Although many will agree that the jock is a stereotype of an athlete especially in America and Canada. Nonetheless, Jock style is very much a part of current street-style just as any other style aesthetic mentioned above. The term jock refers to the guy interested in sports and is a part of sports culture as opposed to its intellectual counterparts. Therefore, Jock style highlights the combination of Sporty style or Athleisure style with this rather realistic approach to athletic style. Pairing a tracksuit or hockey jersey with a monogrammed cap, athletic sneakers, basketball shorts with tee or varsity jacket over athletic vest are just a few ways of achieving this Jock style aesthetic.  

Hipster Style

Also called Hipsterism, this Hipster style is a rather contemporary subculture as opposed to the others we’ve listed so far. This style aesthetic draws attention to the uniqueness and authenticity that simultaneously underlines its lacking of these two vital aspects. Not so different from other subcultures that serve as a rebellious counterculture, Hipster style carries a combination of past and present style influences for men. Distinct looking moustaches, thick-rimmed glasses, well-groomed longish hairstyle that go with a mix of vintage apparel pieces and contemporary elements that makes it different and somewhat personal. Checkered shirts, fitted pants, suspenders, best leather vests, full beards and beanie caps contribute to the authenticity of this Hipster style. 

Dandy Style

What Romantic style is for women, Dandy style is for men. Dandy men are historically known to give great importance to their looks and that includes appearances as well as wardrobe choices, etiquette and vocabulary. Furthermore, dandyism is said to be a form of romanticism which is why it is no surprise to see a very refined style aesthetic attached to dandyism. From a rather vibrant color palette to exaggerated silhouettes, ornate embroidery, well thought out accessories such as a pocket watch, ring, knee buckles among other strikingly unique elements of this style. Poet sleeve shirts with ruffle collars and luxurious waistcoats, lapel pins, and handkerchiefs all contribute to this Dandy style aesthetic. 

Moto Man Style

When you hear Moto, the first thing to come to mind perhaps, is a leather jacket. That’s right, the Moto Man style aesthetic calls for a classic biker jacket. Also known as motorcycle jackets or biker jackets. Based on a classic color palette including lots of black, white and neutrals that include grey, navy, brown and burgundy. Pairing t-shirts with denims, button-down shirts with chinos, ankle boots or sneakers, the big finish to this look being a leather moto jacket. As timeless as leather jackets are known to be, leather biker jackets for men are available in different types of leather, carrying various finishes, often full-grain and exhibiting interesting detail. Not to mention the striking features achieved through customization. 

European Style 

Based on a predominantly neutral color palette, European style calls for conservative or modest type apparel with an effortless ease in silhouette. Minimal to no jewellery or bling for women and commonly accessorized using a scarf. No baseball caps or graphic t-shirts can be found in this type of street-style. Rather, simplistic elements and prints that are mostly nautical or other types of stripe. Crisp white shirts and camel or tan chinos are the norm for men with women sporting a similar tone going for breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton. When thinking pops of color, think soft tints, pale and muted pink, blue and mauve. 

Jet-setter Style 

The term Jet-setter was coined, referring to an international society of people who travel the world from one destination to the next. For business purposes or even pleasure. This predominantly wealthy group of people are also known to take part in social activities unavailable to regular people. This act of travel by jet was how the term Jet-set or Jet-Setter was formed. The Jet-setter style aesthetic for men and women are based on the use of lots of linen, especially linen pants. Paired with comfortable footwear that is simplistic in design, along with classic, simplistic white shirts, and blouses. Interestingly, the Jet-setter style is based on a black and white or very neutral color palette. An important aspect to this aesthetic is timeless classics. Found in clothing, footwear, bags and minimal accessories. This is how one is able to achieve an international look. 

Off-duty Model Style

Many people continue to be star-struck by celebrities, most especially models. So much so the world-wide coverage of street-style and that too of models who are spotted off-duty gave rise to this particular style aesthetic. The Off-duty Model style calls for a mix of simplistic basics along with a few key statement pieces. Basic white, black or grey t-shirts, denim shorts, sneakers, big chunky jewellery, oversized sunglasses and a suede jacket or even a  leather jacket. Dewy to ‘no-makeup’ makeup, teased or casual hair add further dimension to this look. Interestingly, the more neutral and basic the look, the easier to accessorize with a bag, glasses, footwear and more. All to achieve that Off-duty Model style everyone’s looking for. 

Summary to Street-Style 

So that’s that. An inside look at what street-style really is. From its origins to its evolution. Not to mention the many different street-styles that are but a few of the many unique ones that are still seen on the streets all over the world. Some are more popular than others, while others somehow manage to make it into the mainstream fashion industry world-wide. While we may all agree that street-style today serves as an inspiration for tomorrow’s fashion trends, an effortless and easily accessible platform for anyone seeking to share their personal style with the world. 

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