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Yuccie Vs. Hipsters: What is Yuccie Style?

yuccie vs hipsters

Remember the time the world had a collective annoyance with hipsters? Well, guess what? That league of human entities is dead. But here’s the actual news: We now have a new group of beings, just like the baddies and mod girls, that share common sensibilities and lifestyles. 

They’re known as Yuccies; the official replacement of millennial hipsters. But before we turn this blog post into a yuccie vs hipsters competition, we’d like to break it to you that both groups are one and the same. Confused? Well, that’s exactly why we’re here. 

Contrary to popular belief, yuccies aren’t supernatural or mythical creatures: these are the people that live amongst us. We meet them on a regular basis at coffee shops, university classrooms, meeting halls, gaming arenas, and so on and so forth. 

Before you jump to the conclusion that this blog is pure satire and an attempt to disregard the yuccie style, we want to address that that’s not it. 

As a matter of fact, this blog is to denote the hipster evolution and explain what exactly yuccie style really is. So don’t pay much heat to the yuccie vs hipsters debate. 

Is hipster still a thing? Do people still follow it? To further know what we are talking about and what yuccie style actually is you have to continue reading this blog.

What is a Yuccie? 

Everyone is pretty curious about the difference between a yuccie vs hipster, which we are going to talk about further in the blog. However, yuccies were born out of necessity. These are the people who were born into a world of Instagram and instant messaging. 

These individuals express themselves freely and believe in enjoying every little moment of their lives. They’re creative and educated people and also the children of the hipster population.

How would you identify yuccies in crowds? If you want to be specific, yuccies are usually non-bearded, tech-savvy, and authentic to their core. Some of them don’t like tattoos but each and every one of them is obsessed with grocery shopping. 

Hence, you’ll most likely find a bunch of them “hanging out” at the grocery stores; however, they only stick to the produce section as they believe in a healthy lifestyle. 

Yuccies have trust funds to their name, an educational degree from a prestigious university, and health insurance. Thus, you can say they live comfortably and derive meaning from expensive things in life. 

The good thing about yuccies is that they never brag about their privilege, and usually believe in equality and social justice. Now that you know it, we are sure that you are well aware of the yuccie fashion. 

How to Dress Like a Yuccie? 

You must be concerned and you might think “Are there any hipsters now?” To that, the answer is, that there are not many but you can always be inspired by them. You can take the modern fashion and combine it with hipster fashion and create a new sense of dressing up. 

So, if you relate to the description of yuccies, you can also take inspiration from the yuccie fashion sense to create stylish and comfortable yuccie outfits. 



Yuccies are fashionable but embarrassed to publicly admit it and thus yuccie style is something that people love to revive every now and then. They are carefree individuals who love wearing hoodies as they’re comfortable and easy to style. 

But here’s the deal: their hoodies aren’t as basic as you think because they are branded and come with a three-digit price tag. They enjoy wearing colorful and baggy hoodies that were practically the rage in the 90s fashion

Parka Jackets

Parka Jackets

Be the new hipster, in your daily wear maybe incorporate the very attractive parka jackets. We do know that outerwear is a big part of hipster closets, so parka wear is the thing for you. 

It is true that after hoodies, the next most popular item in their closet is a parka jacket. They are totally obsessed with oversized parka jackets that are hooded and lined with faux fur. To be honest, parka jackets look vintage and stylish, and not to forget warm during cold winter months. 



To truly look like a yuccie, you need to own at least two to three shades that have a heavy price tag attached to them. This accessory is unbeatable and helps them feel at home at all times. 

Choice of Colors

Choice of Colors

Yuccies love wearing dark and bold colors, olive green is easily their favorite color! But apart from that, they love to wear black and gray clothing. These colors are warm, comfortable, and pleasant to the eyes. But at the end of the day, olive dominates their wardrobe as it’s the shade they wear the most. 



Do you know what yuccies love the most in their life? Bucket bags! After finding this out, you must finally accept that they are the generation after the hipsters. But anyway, yuccies like to carry around oversized handbags that are practical and stylish at the same time. 

From briefcases and messenger bags to tote bags, there’s an entire section dedicated to bags in their closet. And their most common choice of fabric and material for these bags is leather

Colorful socks

Colorful socks

Yuccies live the ideal life as they love to not care what other people think of them. So you will find them wearing colorful socks that complement their simple yet basic footwear. Vibrant and cheeky prints will always be their first love. 



Do hipsters still exist? Well, they do not, in fact, other fashion statements have taken over hipster fashion, but you know what is still timeless and popular? Denim. For hipsters Denim is the second most important item in their fashion closet. 

Yuccie style would be incomplete without the mention of denim jeans and denim jackets. And make no mistake, they spend a lot of money on distressed and ripped jeans that give them an edgy yet easygoing look. Most of their denim jeans are vintage, and of course, the patchwork isn’t cheap. 

Yuccie vs Hipsters

Yuccies vs hipsters difference cannot be counted as a huge difference because yuccies and hipsters are actually the same breed of individuals but born in different timelines. Because of this reason, yuccies have different personalities. 

Hipsters, as you may already know, are people who love discounts and end-of-the-year sales. They derive happiness from ecological products and cheap clothing that is colorful and baggy style

Yuccies, too, love baggy and bold-colored clothes but they’re not bought from sales and thrift stores. Hence, despite having similar sensibilities, they don’t fall under the same category. 

FAQs – Yuccie Vs. Hipsters

How can you tell a yuccie?

A yuccie would most likely be wearing a parka jacket paired with colored socks and ripped jeans. They might also be carrying a tote or messenger bag which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. And of course, they’d have a vibrant and bright energy around them. 

Are Millennials hipsters?

Some of the older millennials are hipsters but not all of them; some of them are yuccies since they belong to the generation of social media and instant gratification. 

Are hipsters still a thing?

Hipsters today are no longer really recognized to be a thing because they are so integrated into popular culture. Hipsters were a part of the subculture. They browsed in secondhand shops before it seemed to be a cool thing and listened to bands that were relatively unknown at the time but have since become incredibly popular.

What are hipsters called now?

The term hipster has changed into “a young urban creative,” or “yuccie,” which refers to a contemporary subculture that combines the yuppie’s emphasis on money with the hipster’s sense of style and commitment to social justice.

What is the new hipster?

Indie sleaze is a different semi-aesthetic that has returned owing to Gen Z. Perhaps millennials refer to it as “hipster.”

In Conclusion

It can be said that yuccies are the people who’re the by-product of hipsters, so honestly, there’s no reason for a yuccie vs hipsters comparison. Despite having similar likings, like the use of bright and bold colors and prints, the two cliques are slightly different. 

From the way they dress to the things they believe in, yuccies are the new clique in town. The people who are still concerned about hipsters still a thing would now know all about them. 

You guys and girls can take a stand, portray your love for hipster fashion, and in these Gen-Z times be the new hipster. You never know who takes inspiration from you and maybe you can be the one to revive back the hipsters in 2023. 

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