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How to be a Baddie?

how to be a baddie

Trends in the fashion world keep evolving over time. Currently, the baddie aesthetic is all the rage on social media. The baddie trend involves being confident, focusing on a mix of makeup and streetwear by posting flawless looks on visual social platforms. Everything from the skin, makeup, outfits, and accessories to the photos these baddies take is absolutely perfect. 

Before we dive into the dos and don’ts of how to be a baddie, keep in mind that the baddie look is a mix of attitude and style choices. The term “Baddie” doesn’t mean that you should have a bad attitude. Instead, it is all about confidently embracing your uniqueness, and having a classy look, and style while being compassionate. 

Read on to know the complete guide on how to be a baddie. Plus, you will get the ultimate baddie starter checklist in the end so that you can get the hang of it as a beginner. 

What is a Baddie?

An Instagram baddie is a term used for bold, sassy women who follow the latest fashion and makeup trends. These are influencers who amass a lot of followers for their awe-inspiring, sexy looks and unparalleled confidence.

If you want to learn how to act like a baddie, remember that you first need to develop a bold, self-reliant mindset with an unbothered attitude. Follow voguish trends in clothing, hair, accessories, and makeup while oozing out confidence. 

Baddie outfits are mostly a fusion of high fashion and streetwear staples that hug your curves. A baddie girl is never afraid to show off her figure. She would confidently opt for tight-fitting baddie clothes that enhance her curves. 

How to be an Insta Model or Baddie?

We cannot talk about the social media baddie style at length due to the density of this global style and the heavy inspiration gained from it. Kylie Jenner is credited for making the chill baddie look famous all over social media back in 2016. And that’s how the trend started. 

Baddie aesthetic is all about effortless style and carrying street-style outfits with absolute confidence. The TikTok and Instagram baddie models portray perfect looks by wearing outfits that put their bodies in the best light and enhance them further with the power of accessories.

Baddies on social media are influencers as well. As Insta is a visual platform, an Insta baddie has a high number of followers who get inspired by appealing outfits and flawless styles. Fashion and makeup brands collaborate with these install baddies to promote products in front of their mass following.

If you too desire to replicate the baddie style but are wondering how to be a baddie, take the initial steps by 

  • Take care of yourself in terms of grooming and hygiene. 
  • Adopt a confident, self-loving attitude. 
  • If you wonder how to look like a baddie, practice a skincare regime. A major part of the baddie aesthetic is the flawless makeup looks for which you need to take good care of your skin. 
  • Follow the latest trends in fashion and create baddie outfits that look good on you. 
  • Take good-quality pictures of your looks and post them on your handle. 
  • You can use popular hashtags to increase your reach. 
  • Post regularly to get followers. 

What is a Baddie Look?

Although the gist of the baddie style is to stay confident and do what you want around makeup and streetwear, there are certain elements that are considered necessary for this aesthetic. Following them will help you get on the baddie bandwagon and help you develop a voguish style. 

Some staples like cropped tops, fitted pants, and various kinds of leather jackets for women are vital to creating alluring baddie outfits. Along with that, glowing makeup and accessories such as high-quality sneakers, hooped earrings, and necklaces are also associated with the baddie look.

Baddie Aesthetic Style Guide

To be a quintessential baddie, you need to learn how to build classy baddie outfits that look good on you. Also, learn how to do your own makeup and hair that compliments the outfit that you are wearing.

A significant part of the baddie aesthetic revolves around the poses that you make for the pictures, so make sure you learn some of those before starting out. If you marvel at those immaculate looks of Instagram baddies and want to know how to act like a baddie, carry yourself with poise to show off a strong attitude. 

For those who are looking for an ultimate answer on how to be a baddie, we will begin by listing down the wardrobe essentials, accessories, and makeup looks for the paradigm baddie style. After that, we will lay down some cute baddie outfit ideas for you to get inspired. 

Baddie Apparel: The Must-Haves

Below is the list of must-have clothing essentials that will help you create those flattering baddie-style looks. 

Types of Tops

Types of Tops

Make sure you have an adequate collection of tops and shirts in these styles to pair with other essentials.

  1. Cropped tops: These are a must-have in every baddie fashionista’s closet. The crop top looks very attractive. Plus they are a versatile element that goes well with trousers, jeans, skirts, and shorts of all kinds.
  2. Off-shoulder tops: If you follow famous Instagram baddies, I bet every one of them must have an off-shoulder top look on their feeds. The off-shoulder tops can be used to build appealing summer baddie outfits.

3. Bandana tops: Turn a simple silk scarf into a stylish bandana top and pair it with ripped jeans for a ravishing street-style look.

4. Oversized sweatshirts: Every baddie must have a stylish oversized sweatshirt for those cozy yet stylish winter baddie outfits. 5. Flannels: The comfortable yet chic look of flannels relates well with the baddie aesthetic. You can create baddie flannel outfits in different ways to exude sassy vibes. For instance, one of the everyday baddie outfits would be to pair a black halter neck crop top with baggy ripped jeans. Layer the outfit with a grey and black flannel to slay the trending aesthetic. 

Types of Pants

Types of Pants

Moving on to the various types of pants that a fashion-forward baddie must own.

  1. High-waist pants: Whether they are jeans, capris, or palazzos, get them in a high-waisted style.
  2. Skinny jeans: If skinny jeans had a synonym, it would be baddie jeans. The skinny jeans allow a fit that accentuates curves, making you look absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Ripped jeans: Many baddies also opt for ripped or distressed jeans to create glamorous looks.
  4. Cargo pants: Cargo pants are considered a staple in the baddie-style wardrobe. Pair them with a cropped top or a fitted white t-shirt for a laid-back style.
  5. Tight-fitting flared pants: Flared pants give an exquisite look along with plain off-shoulder tops, silk blouses, and tank tops.
  1. Joggers: Vital to have for those cute and comfy looks. 
  2. Faux leather pants: You might want to consider adding faux leather pants to your baddie clothes collection. They will look very classy along with a bandana top.



Statement jackets are essential for baddie winter outfits. The various types of jackets help enhance your baddie outfits, so it won’t be wrong to say that they are a significant part of this aesthetic. They add glamor and style to simple looks besides being functional. 

  1. Denim Jackets: Denim jackets look stylish, especially when you pair them with a cropped top and joggers outfit. They can also be used for layering mini dresses or skirts and blouse outfits.
  2. Long Jackets: For the upscale baddie look, try wearing a long jacket with other baddie essentials.
  3. Cropped Jackets: here is another wardrobe staple that can instantly turn you into an insta baddie. The cropped leather jackets look extravagant and extremely stylish. You can easily layer most of your baddie outfits with a cropped jacket in leather, denim, fleece, or polyester. 
  4. Baddie Bomber Jackets: Pair your mini dresses or shorts with a women’s bomber jacket for an irresistible yet sassy baddie outfit. 
  5. Hoodies: Just like sweatshirts, hoodies look trendy and classy when worn with a  contemporary style. Look at the profile of any Instagram baddie, and you will notice how they absolutely adore hoodies. These comfy hooded tops can be seen in most of their baddie winter outfits. 

Accessories for the Baddie Style

Accessories for the Baddie Style

Accessories are crucial for the baddie style. Part of learning how to look like a baddie is knowing how to pair accessories with your baddie outfits. The right jewelry, bags, and other accessories tie the whole look together and give the desired appeal to your baddie outfits. Here are the accessories that you can start using to look like a baddie

  • Bucket Hats
  • Hoop earrings
  • Chunky rhinestone jewelry
  • Fanny packs
  • Backpacks
  • Baddie style shades
  • Phone cases
  • Unique socks
  • Hair clips

Other Baddie Style Essentials

Other than the essentials mentioned above, the ones mentioned below are also integral to the baddie style.

Figure-hugging mini dresses: In varying colors and patterns.

Bodysuits: One of the most essential baddie outfits. Provides a snug fit that enhances your beautiful curves.

Tracksuits: A cool and comfortable way to show the world how stylish and up-to-date you are.

Baddie Shorts: They can be leather, legging style, or denim shorts for an appealing baddie style. Pair them with oversized t-shirts to quickly put together your summer baddie outfits.

Tennis skirts: You can get inspiration from the popular influencers who frequently wear tennis skirts with their baddie outfits.

Baddie Finishing Touch: Go for some beautifully layered necklaces, a stylish pair of sunglasses, hooped earrings, and rings. Keep some beanies and baseball caps for those classic retro looks.

Silk-printed scarves can also be worn as a head accessory for baddie-style outfits.


Almost all baddie looks that models have them wearing sneakers. The sneakers you own should be fresh and clean and of premium quality. Other than sneakers, baddies also love to dress up by adding stilettos to several looks.

What Should a Baddie Wear? Popular Baddie Outfit Styles

You can start with any of these outfit ideas to be a baddie.

Matching Two Piece Outfit

Matching Two Piece Outfit

Matching tops and bottoms are highly trending among Instagram baddie influencers these days. When the two main pieces coordinate, a classy baddie aesthetic outfit is automatically created. Stock up on matching tops and bottoms for your winter and summer baddie outfits to build these baddie-inspired looks. 

Cute Baddie Outfit In A Brown Color 

Cute Baddie Outfit In A Brown Color 

Pair a light brown tennis skirt with a dark brown ruffled off-shoulder top for a sultry brown outfit. Layer it with a cream bomber jacket, and you are good to go. White sneakers and a chained shoulder bag would go well with this current outfit. 

Baddie Style With A Biker Jacket

Baddie Style With A Biker Jacket

Browse the best motorcycle jackets for women and get one for yourself as it would be a versatile addition to your baddie starter kit. Pair a black biker jacket with a stylish black crop top and blue jeans. Finish off the look with black stilettos. 

Baddie Outfit Tips

Learning how to be a baddie girl from the inside is mostly creating effortlessly chic baddie aesthetic outfits. While we have tapped into wardrobe staples and outfit ideas for the baddie style, here are some quick tips to make it easy for you. put it all in a nutshell. 

  •  If you don’t want to wear head-to-toe tight-fitting clothes for your everyday baddie outfits, go for one figure-hugging staple like cycling shorts and pair it with an oversized t-shirt or hoodie.
  • If you need to build your wardrobe from scratch, focus on buying coordinating tops and bottoms. Rocking coords is a great way to portray the authentic baddie aesthetic.
  • Opt for neutral-shaded outfits as they allow you to pair all kinds of accessories easily. 
  • Wear crop tops with high-waisted track pants to instantly create women’s baddie streetwear outfits. 
  • Wear outfits that flatter your body type. High-waisted jeans are popular in the baddie aesthetic as they define the slimmest part of your waist.
  • Elevate everyday baddie outfits by mixing and matching patterns and colors. One terrific example is to mix neon color staples with checks. 
  • When in doubt about footwear, go with chunky sneakers. They go well with most of your baddie aesthetic outfits. 

How to Look Like a Baddie? Baddie Makeup Tips

 Baddie Makeup Tips

Instagram baddies always look splendid, and that surely isn’t possible without perfect makeup. Well-defined brows, perfectly winged eyeliner, contoured face, highlighter, and bold lips are associated with quintessential baddie style makeup. An Insta baddie would use long acrylic nails to add to the dazzling look. 

Practice perfect makeup skills to create those highly attractive and glowing baddie makeup looks. Basically, you need to know how to do makeup for different complexions so that you don’t end up looking amateurish. Make sure to follow these tips before you hit the post button on social media.

  • Prime your skin by using facial oil or primer.
  • Apply a good quality foundation.
  • Fill your brows. The classic baddie always has thick, defined brows.
  • Contour your face properly.
  • Use shimmer eyeshadow and blend it well.
  • Apply winged eyeliner.
  • Apply false lashes. Every Insta baddie wears falsies. Your eyelashes should appear bigger and more beautiful if you want to be a baddie. You can either use lash extensions, or mascara or buy false lashes for this purpose.
  • Make sure you keep a shimmer spray to give that glowing appearance to your face. 
  • The highlighter should be bright.
  • Apply lip pencil on the outer layer of the lips to make them appear fuller.

How Can a Girl Be a Baddie? The Ultimate Checklist

Being a baddie is partly from the outside, yet majorly from the inside. If the query on how to be a baddie from within is still ambiguous, here is the Baddie checklist that you can refer to. 

  • Stay comfortable in your own skin and accept your flaws.
  • Keep an optimistic view of life.
  • If you want to know how to act like a baddie, being confident is vital.
  • Stay out of the unnecessary drama.
  • Be kind and courteous. Being a baddie must not come at the expense of bad behavior.
  • Manners always come first.
  • Focus on your education.
  • Stay fit by working out regularly and develop healthy habits.
  • Don’t let people’s opinions affect you. A baddie girl is unbothered about judging comments.
  • Rock fashion with courage and build Baddie aesthetic outfits without fearing judgments. 
  • Up your grooming game. Make sure your skin, hair and nails are perfectly groomed.

Becoming a Baddie on a Budget 

Baddie aesthetic is often correlated with luxury and extravagance due to the makeup products, accessories and all the other clothing essentials. However, it is absolutely possible to look breathtakingly beautiful without breaking your bank.

The greatest thing about all the Instagram baddie girls is that they make even the simplest outfit look extravagant. This is exactly what works in your favor if you are on a budget. If you want to learn how to become a baddie on a budget, follow these tips.

  • Take advantage of the sale seasons like Black Friday, Boxing Day, or the Labor day to buy the baddie essentials like clothing, makeup and accessories. Many brands put up some awesome deals on products that are high in demand.
  • Don’t underestimate the drugstore makeup. You can find some good quality stuff that you need for your baddie makeover like lashes, highlighter, foundation, and other products.
  • Build a capsule baddie wardrobe with staples that you can mix and match to increase the number of winter and summer baddie outfits.

Learning how to do your own makeup, hair, nails, and general styling can save you a lot of money. Watch Youtube tutorials to get the hand of baddie makeup tips. .

  • Take advantage of the sale seasons like Black Friday, Boxing Day, or the Labor day to buy the baddie essentials like clothing, makeup and accessories. Many brands put up some awesome deals on products that are high in demand.
  • Don’t underestimate the drugstore makeup. You can find some good quality stuff that you need for your baddie makeover like lashes, highlighter, foundation, and other products.
  • Build a capsule baddie wardrobe with staples that you can mix and match to increase the number of summer baddie outfits, and baddie 


It is essential to understand the baddie aesthetic to its essence, that is, confidence blended with style. While bringing a change in your lifestyle, make sure that you love yourself and strive to be better. Adopt the baddie style in a way that inspires others.

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