Leather jackets are known for their distinct and varied designs. In fact, if the biker jacket and the aviator jacket didn’t have the common element of leather in their construction, they would not fall under the same umbrella on any other basis. What looks like a difficult selection process at first glance, is in reality, a blessing that enables men all around the world to express themselves, their personality and fashion sense to the people around them.

However; not all leather jackets are made the same. The biggest differentiator in terms of quality is the type of leather being used. There are many types of leather jackets available on the market, but on top of them all, are full-grain leather. The Jacket Maker offers an extensive assortment of jackets and coats that cover a ton of design spectrums and styles. Here are a few examples of our best full-grain leather jackets:

Ionic Black Leather Jacket

ionic black full-grain leather jacket

Let’s start things off with a clean and simple black full-grain leather jacket. Nothing flashy, heavily designed or loud, this jacket is the epitome of a high-end leather jacket. The brilliant thing about this minimalist style is that there are almost no clothes that will clash with its simplistic design.

Pair it with a plain t-shirt and black jeans to give an uncluttered look, or go in the complete opposite direction with patterns and vibrant colors for a stylish contrast. Maybe pair it with a red-shirt and white jeans for an eye-catching aesthetic. It all comes down to what you want to do because this jacket won’t be stopping you from anything.

Sven Black Leather Bomber Jacket

sven black bomber full grain leather jacket

Staying on the topic of black full-grain leather jackets with a bit of a minimal design, this jacket takes that concept and adds a unique twist to it. The defining feature of this particular piece of men’s outerwear is its ties to leather bomber jackets and a nod to their interesting history and unique appeal.

Even if we ignore history completely, this upper is still very much a masterpiece of men’s winter wear design and fashion. The minimalist aesthetic, complemented beautifully with the cross-stitched shoulders and rib-knit cuffs, makes it stand out from other similarly colored jackets.

In terms of styling and outfitting it with other garments, the sky is the limit. It works with everything from a V-neck t-shirt and blue jeans to a checked casual shirt with a slim black tie for that professional look. This versatility makes it an excellent option for daily use, whether it’s time for a work meeting or just a trip to the local grocery store.

Legacy Black Leather Biker Jacket

legacy black full grain leather jacket

We’ve talked plenty about simple and clean jackets. Let’s move on to something a bit more eclectic and trendier, our black full-grain biker jacket. The leather biker jackets have always had a very distinct and recognizable style. The thing that made these jackets unique is also the reason why wearing a biker jacket from the distant past would look awkward today and would not fit with the modern sense of fashion.

We took the stylish design of the old biker jackets and modernized them into an awesome piece of men’s fashion that fits right in with other modern clothing while also retaining the retro, edgy feel and aesthetic. The overall angular design with a belted high-neck collar, this jacket demands attention.

You can wear it over any piece of clothing and look good, but if you want to unlock its true potential and get the best outfits out of it, you have to make it the focal point of your attire. This is not to say that the options are limited, quite the opposite actually. You can either go all in the biker themes and rock it with a pair of leather boots and an all-black outfit, or you can go super modern and minimalist in order to create a tasteful contrast.

Airin G-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

airgin g-1 full grain leather jacket

Next up on our list is one of the best aviator jackets for men available on the market. This jacket embraces its history by making design choices that are very reminiscent of the original designs but still retains a contemporary feel to it.

With its large front pockets and rib-knit sleeves, it makes the wearer look like an air force pilot who just got off a fighter jet. At the same time, the detachable fur collar is there when you need its comfort and it’s also removable on a warmer day.

The strength of the leather aviator jacket lies in its ability to give off a very mature vibe, which works wonders when it comes to styling. You can wear it over the blandest and uninspired outfit in the world, and it would still make your overall attire interesting and fashionable. However if you want to see the peak of its potential, try to pair it with garments that are not too minimalist while also avoiding the other end of the spectrum. It is all about creating a balance. 

Bouncer Biz Black Leather Bomber Jacket

bouncer biz full grain leather jacket

This is another great example of a classic bomber jacket with a modish twist to it. Made from cowhide full-grain leather, this homage to jackets of the old boasts a matte black color with a trendy leather hood. The overall design is heavily inspired by the aviator bomber jackets from the 20th century and gives an antique look, especially when worn as the focal point of an outfit.

The overall vibe of this particular jacket is very chill and relaxed, like grocery shopping on a weekend morning or just going for a walk on a lovely autumn evening. This transitions flawlessly into the kinds of outfits that look the best with this jacket. For example, a striped t-shirt with grey or black jeans and a pair of sneakers would look perfect with this.

Highschool Black Leather Jacket

highschool full grain leather jacket

All the jackets we’ve talked about so far have had a fairly simple design. Even the angular biker jacket is comparatively simple when compared to this Highschool black leather jacket. The overall design and features like zippers and buttons are the main selling point of this full-grain leather jacket. The fabric hood is also an exceptional addition that adds another fascinating bit to the jacket.

It is one of the most feature-rich and visually interesting pieces of men’s outerwear. Thus, the best combination is something that doesn’t make your outfit too busy or distracting. A plain V-neck t-shirt or dress shirt with blue jeans is an excellent way to form an ensemble.

You are not limited to basic colors and minimal detail either, as you can create unique styles and outfits with all sorts of different patterns and colors. The sky is the limit, and the only thing holding you back will be a lack of your imagination.

Premium Black Full Grain Leather Coat

furcliff black full grain leather coat

If you are looking for a leather coat that is a perfect blend of style and protection from the cold, then look no further than our Furcliff black leather coat. The deep black color is ideal for outfitting versatility, while the black (with a hint of brown) fur provides the protection and comfort you need on a cold winter’s day. The snuggly and cozy feel provided by this coat is unparalleled by anything else on the market, and this alone is worth adding this coat to your wardrobe.

The bold long fur lends itself nicely to a confident attire. You can try out a colorful shirt, but most of the focus will be occupied by the flashy coat itself. One thing that will surely elevate your style to the next level is a pair of matching leather boots.

Cool Brown Noah Leather Biker Jacket

noah brown full grain leather jacket

If we look at this full grain leather jacket in terms of a biker jacket, there is nothing that is exclusively unique to it. It has a pretty standard biker jacket design, with a clean and clutter-free aesthetic. One thing where it sets itself really apart from everything else is its one-of-a-kind dark brown color.

The color is this jacket’s biggest selling point, and it is very apparent as to why that is. You are, frankly, not going to see very many people walking around with a jacket of this hue and color. So, you have a chance to acquire this irreplaceable piece of men’s fashion for your wardrobe.

Inferno Brown Leather Jacket

inferno brown full grain leather jacket

Unique colors and designs are cool and all, but not everything needs to be one of a kind, unique, or flashy for it to have a place in your wardrobe. Sometimes the simple, tried and tested is the best option. That’s why our inferno brown leather jacket is the supreme purchase for anyone looking for the best affordable leather jacket that is simple yet stylish.

One of the chief benefits of purchasing a simple and to-the-point leather jacket is that you don’t have to worry about finding matching outfits for it or create new combinations that look good. This is because everything looks good with this one, and it is not an easy task to find something that does not.

Black Hooded Full Grain Leather Trench Coat

huntsman hooded full grain leather coat

We pretty much saved the most quintessential full-grain leather jacket for the end of the list. Do you want to protect yourself against the cold or winds and look good at the same time? Look no farther than our Huntsman trench coat, with its deep black color and a leather hood for a plus on both protection against the elements and style.

Trench coats were the most popular piece of men’s outerwear for decades and they still hold an irreplaceable place in men’s fashion. While the original popularity was due to its function, it doesn’t mean that the trench coat is lacking in style or trendiness.

The recent resurgence of these classic garments has brought a bunch of fashion trends with it and has opened countless styling opportunities. Are you going to a business setting? Pair it with a casual shirt and a tie, and you are set. Are you just walking down the street to get some early morning coffee on the weekend? Put the leather trench coat over your sweat pants and button it up. Is it much colder outside? Rock a colorful wool sweater underneath the trench coat, and you’ve got yourself a warm and cozy outfit.

Distressed Brown Full grain Leather Jacket

distessed brown full grain leather jacket

We’re now moving away from the full-grain leather jackets with standard colors or design and getting close to pieces of men’s fashion that are in a class by themselves. The Allaric Alley Biker jacket is a flawless example of a jacket that is unparalleled in both design and color aspects.

The design is a sort of super-modern take on a classic biker design, making it a lot trendier and cooler. The color, on the other hand, is exemplary in its own right. However, the distressed brown is not just a color. It’s a combination of utterly different shades of brown, interacting in an interesting pattern, which is also random and will most likely be unique to each person.

When it comes to outfitting this jacket, you can stay on the uniqueness route and pair it with clothes that represent you and your personality. Modern fashion is all about self-expression and this particular top-quality leather jacket provides you ample opportunity to execute that idea of representing yourself through your attire.

Vintage Distressed Leather Fur Coat

vintage leather full grain leather coat

While the previous option was mostly dark brown and had a very simple design, our Cinnamon full-grain leather coat is full of visually appealing design, details and a vintage look that is lively and very fresh. There are two major things that catch your attention immediately. First is the mix of dark and fresh brown to create a look that is very reminiscent of antique furniture and wooden architecture, and second is the large collar with a darker colored fur, which is single-handedly creating tons of visual curiosity and style.

You can obviously wear it over almost anything and look good, but if you want to really updo your fashion game, you can try to pair it with lively colors. A fresh blue pair of jeans and a pair of light brown leather boots with this coat is almost a match made in heaven. You can also show off your fancy full-grain leather jacket by going all plain-black underneath and wearing the coat as the focus of your outfit.  

Classmith Brown Leather Coat

classsmith full grain leather coat

This and the next few full-grain leather jackets on our list are as diverse and varied as they can possibly be, and the only thing that is common among them is their lengthier design. This Classmith leather coat is in the same ballpark as the distressed biker jacket, but the pattern and variation in color are not as abundant. This one is almost like an old piece of metal that has worn down in a certain place, thus shining the metallic copper color through these specific spots.

Design-wise, this coat is fairly minimal. There aren’t any unnecessary pockets, zippers, or angular stitches. But what this coat lacks in detail, it makes up in overall character and vibe. This coat is a certified conversation starter and eye-catching, no matter the setting you are in.

In terms of pairing it with other garments, you have to be a little specific. When thinking about a new outfit idea, start from the coat. Make it the centerpiece of your outfit, and you will have great success in finding ideas and matches that are the pinnacle of men’s fashion.

Highly Crafted Ma-1 Leather Brown Bomber Jacket

ma-1 brown full grain leather jacket

Staying on the same page of simple, brown, full-grain leather jackets, we have our Bomia bomber jacket, which is similar to the previous jacket in principle, but the key difference here is its core design, which falls neatly in the ma1 bomber jackets category. While the color is fresh brown, with rib knit cuffs and collar of a slightly darker color.

Everything that is said about the previous jacket in terms of outfitting stands true here. The only difference is that this is a very bomber jacket-focused design, which is brilliant, as it retains the versatility of a plain leather jacket while also having a long list of other styles and outfits that work extra well with the bomber aesthetic. You can also leverage the power of shoes like brown leather boots and also accessories like a pair of aviator glasses for a bonus point on the style chart.

Stylish Brown Shearling Leather Jacket

shearling brown full grain leather jacket

So far, we’ve only talked about the best leather jackets and coats that are black in color. So, let’s shift our focus towards the other tremendously popular color for leather products, brown, and talk about this furry and warm shearling jacket. From its earthy brown color to its glossy polished finish, this jacket is at the peak of visual uniqueness.

The biggest plus for this jacket is its sheepskin material and construction, which is known to be one of the best winter resistant materials out there. From our far ancestors to people in the past century, the appeal of shearling jackets and coats have only gone up over time.

This jacket is exceptional as a focal point of an otherwise unremarkable outfit. You can wear it over full plain black attire and get a fashionable aesthetic immediately. This is also where this jacket shines the most. Between the flashy finish and dense fur, it has a lot going for it. Thus, providing a minimalist outfit to contrast it against is the best way to rock this jacket.

The recent resurgence of these classic garments has brought a bunch of fashion trends with it and has opened countless styling opportunities. Are you going to a business setting? Pair it with a casual shirt and a tie, and you are set. Are you just walking down the street to get some early morning coffee on the weekend? Put the trench coat over your sweat pants and button it up. Is it much colder outside? Rock a colorful wool sweater underneath the trench coat, and you’ve got yourself a warm and cozy outfit.

Custom-made jackets and coats

custom full grain leather jacket

The jackets and coats that we’ve talked about so far are available in many sizes and most of them also have a few color variations. These and the other pieces of men’s fashion we offer are sure to fulfill most people’s desires and needs. However, it is possible that none of these are what you had in mind, or perhaps the one that you want is lacking a specific design feature that you would like, or better still, you just want something that is a little bit personal, or tailored to your specific wishes, then check out our custom-jacket service.

We offer everything from customizable fabrics and materials to custom embroidery and patches. All of these are made possible by our talented and hardworking designers and craftsmen. Once you have placed a request for a custom jacket, our design expert will get in contact with you. All you would have to do is answer their questions, and you will get a full-grain leather jacket designed and made just for you.

Concluding Thoughts

No matter which jacket you go for or whichever coat you’d like customized, you may even like one or more of the leather jackets and coats mentioned above. It is certain that nothing comes close to offering you great quality, craftsmanship as well as design and detail than full-grain leather jackets. Sure, we know now that full-grain is the best type of leather that is linked to great quality and durability. Which is why, these make great options for long-lasting, stylish men’s leather outerwear.