Everyone loves to shop in some way or the other, yet shopping for leather jackets is a total league of its own. While it may be an exciting and awesome experience to shop for cool men’s leather jackets, it can be confusing for many with so many options and places to shop from. 

Below we have listed some of the best leather jackets for men. To add further spice to this list, we will go category by category so that you can get a holistic idea of the different styles available in men’s leather jackets.

Best Men’s Leather Jackets in 2022

Among the wardrobe essentials that are timeless are men’s leather jackets. Leather jackets for men are a staple outerwear that elevates their style by making them look dapper and put together. Let’s jump into the different men’s leather jackets styles available at The Jacket Maker

Best Biker Leather Jackets for Men in 2022

One of the best-selling men’s leather jacket styles across the world are the biker leather jackets. Seen on screen and off, biker leather jackets have a history that reflects its world-wide popularity regardless of age, gender or location.

From its classic elements that include a notch style collar, zippered sleeves, and off-centered front closure to the iconic waist-belt that is traditionally present although contemporary variations don’t always include them, are just some of the awesome features found in this style of men’s leather jackets. 

Best Bomber Leather Jackets for Men in 2022

In need of no big introduction, are the leather bomber jackets that have a similar history as their biker jacket counterparts. From the classic ribbed knit band cuffs and collar to the simplistic ‘varsity jacket’, and in some cases, letterman jacket inspired style and silhouette.

Leather bomber jackets are also timeless and go beyond borders, age or gender. Traditionally found in black and brown, bomber jackets are now available in every color imaginable.

This is where customization jumps in which makes The Jacket Maker’s bespoke feature a definite ‘must-try’ for all interested in taking their leather jackets up a notch or two. 

Best Blazer Leather Jackets for Men in 2022

It would be impossible to talk about classic leather jackets without including men’s leather blazer jackets. Designed to be simplistic, timeless and with a subtle touch of cool contemporary vibes makes men’s leather blazer jackets a style essential for every man.

From the lapels to the button closure, pockets and vents, be they single, double or none at all. Leather blazers for men add a modish style element to menswear that can work well in a social setting just as effectively as in a work environment. 

Best Fur and Shearling Leather Jackets in 2022

Adding fur and shearling to leather jackets transforms any leather outerwear in a big way. Whether you go for interesting fur or shearling lining or even along the collar and cuffs or any other place you’d like to customize your winter fur leather jacket.

Adding colors, contrasts, and detail are other ways to enhance the look of your winter shearling leather jacket

Best Winter Coats for Men in 2022

Speaking further in line with winter men’s leather jackets, winter coats for men are another avenue you can try when shopping for men’s leather coats for winter. Winter jackets for men have specialized features that function to keep you warm and cozy in the cold weather, like the faux fur lining, detachable fur hoods, etc. 

The Jacket Maker has an impressive assortment covering winter leather dusters, trench coats as well as fur and shearling leather coats for men. 

Best Men’s Leather Dusters for Men in 2022

Whether you take the traditional approach to choose your men’s leather duster coat that is along the lines of the Maverick Brown Leather Duster or you’d rather go for something more contemporary such as the Deux Brown Leather Duster.

You can never go wrong with these styles as they offer that timelessness that is equally diverse and dashing. They look timeless yet have an old school vibe associated due to the medieval shoulder flaps and accents. 

Best Men’s Leather Trench Coats  in 2022

Add a dash of sophistication to your outerwear by going for a classic men’s leather trench coat. No matter the color you choose or the style or even the length of the coat, you will always look dapper outdoors or in.

From a very traditional silhouette of a knee-length coat carrying elements that include a shirt style collar, double-breasted button closure with a belt, shoulder flaps, and epaulets to more contemporary styles that have detachable hoods and varying lengths such as those lower or higher than knee level. 

Best Fur and Shearling Winter Coats in 2022

From the rustic looking cinnamon distressed leather fur coat to the Rocky Brown Fur Leather Coat, you can add an unimaginable dose of wow-factor to your everyday looks by opting for an impressive looking fur winter coat or even better, a men’s shearling winter coat that’s big on impact both functionally as well as aesthetically.

Add on detail in the form of pockets, lining, vents and closure. All this and more can be found in the wide assortment of fur and shearling winter coats at The Jacket Maker. 

Best Leather Vests for Men in 2022

Who can forget the versatility of the leather vest? Whether reminiscing the men’s leather vests in-country westerns or something more contemporary such as the Safari Brown Leather Vest that is loaded with storage features.

Men’s leather vests are more than just a style staple it can serve as a helping hand where storage is required or even act as an extra layer should the need arise.

What’s interesting is that leather vests are much easier to remove and carry as opposed to a heavy leather coat. This makes it an excellent transitional piece to have in-between seasons. 

Best Suede Leather Jackets for Men in 2022

Nothing looks more luxe or even effortlessly classic as a suede leather jacket. Furthermore, men’s suede leather jackets add a softness and sleekness to your style that can even be versatile enough to serve as a modern or classic compass to whatever look you go for.

The Jacket Maker offers a wide variety that includes the Blain Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket, the Stallon Brown Suede Jacket and the Allaric Alley Mocha Suede Biker among an awesomely diverse assortment. 

Best Hooded Leather Jackets for Men in 2022

What makes a hood on any type of men’s leather jacket really incredible is its ability to make a statement while being functional as well. Adding a feature such as a detachable hood and you’re golden.

Hooded leather jackets for men at The Jacket Maker is all about uniqueness and inspiration that may lead you to go for a custom hooded leather jacket.

Whether you’re inclined to choose the Sledgehammer Brown Leather Trench Coat that has an awesome hood or the Bouncer Biz Black Leather Bomber that gives you a hooded dose of contemporary style, you can’t go wrong with a hooded leather jacket in your wardrobe. 


So there you have it, a pretty detailed list of the best leather jackets to shop for men. The Jacket Maker is THE place to head to if you’re looking for leather biker jackets, bomber jackets, winter coats, or trenches. Leather vests, winter jackets, dusters, leather blazers, or suede leather jackets.

Don’t forget to choose your favorites from great variety of hooded leather jackets, fur leather coats, shearling jackets that are every bit the style essential you need to transform your look into one that’s seriously bad-ass!  

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