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24 Best Leather Jackets and Coats For Women in 2023

24 Best Leather Jackets And Coats For Women In 2023

Many trends in the realm of outerwear come and go, but the only apparel that has always stood the test of time is leather jackets. Women use cosmopolitan and fashion-forward leather jackets and coats to layer their outfits and give them a put-together look.

If you want to make a statement every time you step out of the house, you need to invest in a type of leather jacket for women that suits your style and vibe. And guess what? We have curated an exhaustive list of the best leather jackets for women that are destined to be your absolute favorites.

1. Best Biker Leather Jacket For Women

| The Alison Leather Jacket

Women's Alison Black Leather Biker Jacket

Challenge the norms by pairing this perennial classic style— Alison black leather biker jacket. The outerwear comes with a removable belt and shoulder epaulets that enhance the overall look; the use of a zipper and coin pocket adds to its appeal by getting a nod from the fashion police. If you’re in the mood to experiment, the same jacket is available in green and brown as well – all equally charming and stylish.

2. Best Bomber Leather Jacket For Women

| The Bliss Leather Jacket

Women's Bliss Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Bliss leather bomber jacket truly lives by its title; the use of semi-aniline leather finishing makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Wear it to any casual meeting on top of a plain white top, black ripped jeans, and ankle boots. If you’re into simplistic style, this jacket is it for you. It’s the rib-knit collar, and quilted polyester lining is everything you need to elevate your outfits and stay comfortable. 

3. Best Classic Leather Jacket For Women

| The Colette Leather Jacket

Women Colette Black Leather Jacket

Androgynous style has always stuck around in the fashion world; nothing better than a black leather jacket to complete the look. The shirt collar and open hem cuffs make it a classic appearance suitable for work and play. The zip-front closure and two pockets elevate its functional appeal. Pair it with an all-black look: flared leather pants, crop top, and ankle boots, or make it formal with a button-down, cotton trousers & booties. 

4. Best Boxy Leather Jacket For Women

| The Westa A2 Leather Jacket

Women's Westa A-2 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

A boxy look yet not too baggy take on a typical classic bomber leather jacket, the Westa A-2 women’s leather jacket has a collar style that adds definition to the look by accentuating your neckline. Create a casual outfit with white shirt and jeans for the perfect evening look, Westa being the highlight of that ensemble. The jacket has a lot of storage as it has six pockets in total, ensuring complete functionality and ruggedness. 

5. Best Red Leather Jacket For Women

| The Flashback Leather Jacket

Women's Flashback Black Leather Biker Jacket

Level up your jacket collection with the flashback red leather biker jacket. The red color in a subdued shade will ensure that it’s understated yet colorful. It is made of a semi-aniline finish, sheepskin leather, YKK zippers, and a quilted polyester lining. This is sure to keep you warm and stylish. Pair this trendy best leather jacket for women with a deep black midi skirt, a white tee, and nude heels.

6. Best Blue Leather Jacket For Women

| The Kelsee Leather Jacket

Women's Kelsee Distressed Black Leather Biker Jacket

If this is not your first leather jacket purchase, the Kelsee blue leather biker jacket is the best pick. This one is simple, trend-driven, and of course, a statement piece. To make your shopping experience smoother, there are seven colors available, black, green, maroon, navy blue, brown, blue, and distressed black, which makes it easy as you can conveniently pick a color that best suits you. Pair it with black denim, a basic tee, midi-skirts, a silk blouse, and whatever you feel best suits your personality.

7. Best Simplistic Leather Jacket For Women

| The Ava Ma-1 Leather Jacket

Women's Ava Ma-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

One of the most trending and our current best-sellers, the Ava Ma-1 brown leather bomber jacket is made from real leather, granting longevity. This jacket has a  basic look, but that’s exactly what makes it so good; it can be paired with literally anything. Whether you’re running late for a meeting or you’re going out for a casual lunch with a friend, this jacket is all you need to give your eyes a little sparkle. It’s also available in suede blue, black, and green.

8. Best Leather Trench Coat For Women

| The Missoni Leather Trench Coat

Womens Missoni Maroon Leather Trench Coat

Talk about stepping out in style, trench coats are already known to be stylish and elegant, so there is no excuse to not shop this look. Exude opulence, charm, and grace in the Missoni maroon leather trench coat. You can wear it over a fancy blouse and flared pants or as is with knee-high boots. Made of aniline finish, sheepskin leather, and a quilted viscose lining the perfect materials to combat a chilly day

9. Best Quilted Leather Jacket For Women

| The Orient Grain Leather Jacket

Womens Orient Grain Quilted Black Leather Biker Jacket

Elevate your look with the orient grain black quilted leather jacket. If you are looking to experiment with your style only with the best leather jackets for women, this quilted jacket is a must-grab. This motorcycle-style jacket is made of sheepskin and is for both the girl-next-door and tomboy due to its elevated collars and figure-flattering style. Pair it with black jeans, a nude top, and loafers. Accessorize with a watch if needed.

10. Best Trucker Leather Jacket For Women

| The Suzy Mocha Leather Jacket

Women's Suzy Mocha Brown Suede Jacket

Who doesn’t love suede leather? Well, we all do, and a suede trucker jacket is one of the most sought-after and recommended styles of 2023, making it a must-have. It consists of a quilted viscose lining, four pockets, a shirt collar, and zip-front closure. It is available in tan-brown shade also. Style this Suzy mocha suede jacket with a printed dress, sneakers, and a scarf to achieve that effortless look.

11. Best Black Leather Jacket For Women

|The Rave Leather Jacket

Women's Rave Brown Leather Biker Jacket

This classic biker-style jacket can be worn in many ways, especially since it comes in two dark shades, brown and black, which automatically makes it easy to pair with any look. You can dress this black women’s leather jacket up or down by throwing it over a hoodie and PJs for a laid-back look, or dress it up by pairing it with mom jeans or boyfriend jeans and a turtleneck sweater.

12. Best Hooded Leather Jacket For Women

| The Roslyn Leather Jacket

Roslyn Black Hooded Bomber Jacket For Women

A modern and versatile jacket with a removable fabric hood will come in handy on capricious weather days. The high-quality, semi-aniline sheepskin leather makes a great foundation for a light layer, and other features that include a high neck collar with belted closure, shoulder epaulets, ribbed knit cuffs, and a hem that gels well with the two flap pockets on the chest, the two welted waist pockets as well as the two inner pockets.

13. Best Leather Blazer For Women

The Ruby Leather Blazer

Womens Ruby Metallic Maroon Leather Blazer

Ditch your usual black jacket and pair this gorgeous number with a somber and warm undertone to lift not only your mood but those around you. Throw it over your shoulders and partner it with white skinny jeans, a white silk crop top, and maroon stilettos. Surely brings a breath of fresh air to your overall look. Features a typical front-zip closure and two functional pockets in front.

14. Best Vintage Leather Jacket For Women

| The Carolyn Leather Jacket

Carolyn Quilted Distressed Brown Biker Jacket

Carrying a retro look, Carolyn’s quilted vintage brown biker jacket is made from goatskin. The leather has a rub-off finish, giving it a vintage look. The inside of this best leather jacket for women is lined with quilted polyester, which helps to keep the wearer warm. The jacket has a zipper closure, as well as zippered cuffs. It also has two outside pockets and two inside pockets, providing ample storage space.

15. Best Aviator Leather Jacket For Women

|The Sherilyn B-3 Leather Jacket

Women's Rave Brown Leather Biker Jacket

The Sherilyn B-3 distressed brown leather bomber jacket is the ultimate in fashion & function. It is made from sheepskin and has a snuffed finish for the coveted worn-in appearance. The white faux fur lining is extremely soft and luxurious, and the jacket features a buckled collar, roll-back cuffs, and waist adjustment straps for an adjustable fit. There are also two outside pockets, perfect for carrying your essentials in a piece that is one of our best leather jackets for women.

16. Best Metallic Finish Leather Jacket

|The Reida Leather Jacket

Women's Reida Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

Cut with a rib-knit style collar and functional pockets, the Reida maroon leather bomber jacket will keep you warm and cozy in style. Made of a semi-aniline finish and sheepskin leather with a front-zip closure, it is flexible, soft, and durable. The jacket has a clean, minimalist style, so it easily harmonizes with any outfit you wear. Be it a fringe skirt for a boho look or faux leather pants, the metallic finish of this jacket will make you stand out whatever you decide to pair it with.

17. Best Double Breasted Leather Coat For Women

| The Sweet Susan Leather Coat

Womens Sweet Susan Black Leather Trench Coat

Trench coats are perfect for throwing over short or long dresses, denim-and-shirt combo, and dressy attire. It can also be styled on its own, as seen above. A must-have wardrobe staple for those who love keeping it minimal and neutral yet want to dress sexy.

18. Best Maroon Leather Jacket For Women

The Nexi Leather Jacket

Womens Nexi Quilted Maroon Leather Jacket

Perfect for throwing over a graphic tee and sneakers when catching up with friends over dinner. The Nexi quilted maroon leather jacket is not your typical piece. The quilted details all over and inverted hem give it its unique look. Made of aniline finish and sheepskin leather with a front-zip closure in deep maroon hue , it is a head-turner.

19. Best Colorful Leather Jacket

| The Tomachi Leather Jacket

Womens Nexi Quilted Maroon Leather Jacket

Now we have the Tomachi jacket. Indulge in the most underrated shade in the realm of outerwear with this gorgeous deep red leather jacket that will give the sartorial journey a refreshing and new direction. Made from sheepskin leather in a shirt collar style with a quilted viscose lining, open hem cuffs, and six total pockets, it will add a glamorous appeal to your red leather jacket outfits.

20. Best Varsity Leather Jacket For Women

| The Savant Leather Jacket

 The Savant Leather Jacket

A harmonious fusion of sleek design and opulent materials. This jacket combines the richness of wool and the luxurious texture of sheepskin leather in a tailored, form-flattering silhouette. Embracing a minimalist approach, it remains logo-free, allowing its craftsmanship to speak for itself. With its understated elegance and elevated versatility, the Savant Varsity Jacket is the embodiment of timeless style and sophistication.

21. Best Collarless Leather Jacket For Women

| The Elixir Leather Jacket

The Elixir Leather Jacket

The Elixir Beige Collarless Jacket is the epitome of understated elegance. Crafted from real sheepskin leather with a semi-aniline finish, it exudes sophistication and quality. Its collarless design lends a modern touch, while the quilted polyester lining ensures comfort and warmth. The zipper closure adds a sleek finish, and the open hem cuffs provide a relaxed yet refined look. With two outside and two inside pockets, this beige masterpiece combines style and practicality seamlessly, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

22. Best Pink Leather Jacket For Women

| The Vixen Leather Jacket

The Vixen Leather Jacket

The Vixen Pink Classic Collar Leather Jacket stands as the ultimate choice for women seeking the best in pink leather fashion. This jacket boasts a timeless design with a classic collar, exuding effortless style and sophistication. Crafted from high-quality leather, it adds a pop of color to your wardrobe and ensures durability and comfort. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or elevate your everyday look, the Vixen Pink Classic Collar Leather Jacket is the perfect choice for women who demand both fashion and quality.

23. Best Pullover Leather Jacket For Women

| The Zest Leather Pullover Jacket

|The Zest Leather Pullover Jacket

Athleisure meets luxury in perfect harmony. This jacket offers the ultimate blend of comfort, functionality, and undeniable style. Crafted with a suede outer shell and sumptuous sheepskin leather, it exudes an air of opulence. The polyester inner lining ensures coziness, while elasticated cuffs and hem, hidden pouch pockets, and a hooded collar add practicality and flair. With a front partial zipper closure and zipper openings at the sides, the Zest Jacket is your go-to choice for effortlessly chic, everyday wear.

24. Best Leather Shirt For Women

| The Zenith Shirt Leather Jacket

|The Zenith Shirt Leather Jacket

The Zenith Leather Shirt is the epitome of timeless elegance and adaptability. Crafted from exquisite sheepskin leather with a semi-aniline finish, it seamlessly combines classic shirt elements with the finest quality materials. The inner shell features a plain lining for comfort, and the closure style is adorned with leather buttons. Versatile and pleasantly simplistic, this shirt is a must-have addition to your wardrobe, effortlessly elevating your style with its understated charm.

To Conclude

future generations. Hopefully, now all your winter woes on which leather jacket to go for is sorted by this curated list.

And if you’re still confused, do take a look at our custom offering. Whether you want to pick a classic design, a modern pattern, a flashy hue, or a leather type of your choice, our custom leather jackets are bespoke to the core. We always go the extra mile to take your custom jackets to a whole new level of exclusivity. Sign up for a free design consultation now!

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