The Best Leather Jackets to Shop for Women in 2021

Best Women’s Leather Jackets in 2020 

An assortment that is eclectic, balancing a minimal, as well as more creative aesthetic best, defines the women’s leather jackets at The Jacket Maker. Designed to add style as well as function to popular pieces such as women’s biker jackets, bomber jackets for women which is a crowd favorite as well as women’s blazers and winter coats for women of all ages and sizes. 

Best Women’s Biker Jackets

From the Kelsee Maroon Leather Biker Jacket to the Rave Black Leather Biker Jacket, the Celeste Studded Leather Jacket, or the Alia Metallic Black Biker Jacket, there’s something here for every woman looking for statement biker jackets or women’s biker jackets with an edge. Offering incredible materials, designs and detail, hardware and finishing fit for fashion-conscious women or women simply seeking cool leather outerwear that’s functional. 

Best Women’s Blazers 

Not all women may want cutting edge biker or bomber jackets but simple chic looking women’s leather blazers that offer style with a more dressed up look, perhaps even suited to certain creative corporate environments. You will find a pretty impressive range that covers everything from classic and conservative to fun and feminine, hardcore rock chic or playful style that is youthful and energizing, no where but here at The Jacket Maker. 

Best Women’s Bomber Jackets 

Women’s bomber jackets have truly evolved over the last few years adding a few great qualities that many women love in their leather outerwear choices. Whether it is a very clean, minimalist approach to design, sleek metallics or hybrid inspired features such as a mix of different colours or finishes or even types of leather. The Cole Silver Leather Bomber Jacket is one must-have just as the Reida Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket is another great style essential. 

Best Winter Coats and Trenches

Everyone needs a winter coat or a women’s trench that can stand the test of time and not look drab or dated. Enter the assortment of women’s winter coats and trenches that are designed for every individuality, personal style and size. The Jacket Maker offers you a wide variety that includes the Missoni Maroon Leather Trench Coat, Trudy Lane Quilted Maroon Leather Coat and the Sweet Susan Black Leather Trench Coat. What’s more awesome about The Jacket Maker and plus sizes, is that you can get women’s leather jackets and coats in all sizes up to 4XL. 

Best Leather Vests

What better option than a leather vest for women when the weather is a bit warm and unpredictable. The Jacket Maker has some interesting leather vests for women seeking some impact in their overall looks. Whether you go full out texan or something futuristic or modern. There’s no limit to how chic and classic you can go or how bold and colourful your choice of leather vest. Custom jackets is big at The Jacket Maker so don’t hesitate to go for a cool custom leather vest that really brings out the best in you and your personal style. 


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