What is Goat Leather and How is it Different from other Types of Leather 

goat leather

Goatskin is a type of leather that many may be familiar with by name but not so much in detail. Known to be one of the most resilient leathers, based on softness, strength and lightweight qualities, goatskin is used in making gloves, shoes, bags, apparel and outerwear as well as wallets, accessories and rugs to name a few. In this post, we’ll go through not only what goatskin is but also it’s highs and lows and how it is different

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What is Cowhide Leather and How is it Different from other Types of Leather

cowhide leather

Humans have used different types of animal hides including cowhide leather for a thousand years. Some of the earliest processes of transforming animal hides into leather included the use of tools such as scrapers that were used to clean the fat off the hides aside from using it to tan animal hides as well. Still, where does cowhide fit into all of this and how is it different from other types of leather? Find out more below. What is Cowhide? 

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What is Suede Leather?


We’ve all heard of suede leather just as much as we’ve seen it, far more times than we may be able to count. Yet as much as we agree to it’s the awesomely luxurious look and feel, not to mention the many colours that they’re available in, we don’t really know much about it. In this blog post, we cover the following few yet important aspects of suede leather that will give us a fresh perspective with greater clarity into

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What is Sheepskin Leather?


Sheepskin may not be new to many of us, yet; many are unaware of what it really is or how best to identify it, among a host of other points that we shall cover in this article. Sheepskin the top-rated leather type among all types of leather. To start off simply, Sheepskin is the hide of sheep which is also referred to as shearling so long as the skin with wool is intact. Without the wool, this skin is known

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How to Measure Your Body – A Complete Guide

How to measure your body

While it’s important to know your body measurements for different reasons, it is vital to know how to get your body measurements correctly. You may need to take your body measurements to order clothing online, to keep track of your progress with that weight-loss program or simply to update your memory from time to time as to what you weigh or how you measure. Here you will learn not only how to get your body measurements but how and where

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How to Clean Leather Jackets?

You may be the proud owner of a cool leather jacket. Perhaps even owning many leather jackets, including suede or some other style, such as leather motorcycle jackets. Yet it hadn’t dawned on you until now or quite recently, as to how to clean leather jackets. Ultimately, allowing you to continue enjoying the style and benefits of having a leather jacket that’s as good as new. While there are countless leather care websites and channels that offer quick tips, smart

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How to Maintain Faux Leather?

Despite the fact that millions around the world prefer real leather to faux leather, there are still many who opt for faux instead. Regardless of the notable differences between the two, such as faux being a less expensive and less durable alternative to its real leather counterpart makes it a go to option for furniture, apparel, car upholstery, handbags, belts and more. It is important to remember that faux being a non-porous surface leads to major staining that will often

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How to Clean a Leather Purse?

Just as the condition of men’s shoes says a lot about their personality and lifestyle, the same can be said for a woman’s purse. Whether you are of the belief that you can never have enough purses, or not; you may possibly have a strong bond with one leather purse or maybe a couple that you tend to use most frequently. Even on a daily basis. As with anything else, the more you use your leather purse the more it

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How and When to Wear a Bomber Jacket?

Universally known as a timeless, style staple that is versatile and gender friendly serving both fashion and function, is a description of the bomber jacket we’ve all heard. Aside from its history and evolution over the years, highlighting the many colors, styles, materials, and details the bomber jacket is available in, not much is known or covered regarding how this wardrobe essential can be worn or styled to match the moment we’re in. Does that sound familiar? Or something you

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Leather Jacket

leather jacket by the jacket maker

A good leather jacket is the ultimate wardrobe staple for both men and women. Buying a high-quality leather jacket is often considered a one-time, long-term investment due to the toll it can take on anybody’s pocket. It is meant to be timeless, long-lasting, and be greatly versatile to serve multiple functions. With so many options out there, buying a good leather jacket can become extremely complicated and confusing. This post will guide you through all the stages of buying a

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