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5 Best Trench Coats for Men in 2020


Trench coats for men go back a long way to times of world-war 1 when it first made an appearance worn by officers in the trenches which is how it also received its name. It was popularized further through films of the 40s and 50s that inspired variations in colours, lengths, and even fabrics which seems to still be unfolding in today’s times.  Below you will find a brief definition of what a trench coat really is which will be

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What is Goat Leather and How is it Different from other Types of Leather 

goat leather

Goatskin is a type of leather that many may be familiar with by name but not so much in detail. Known to be one of the most resilient leathers, based on softness, strength and lightweight qualities, goatskin is used in making gloves, shoes, bags, apparel and outerwear as well as wallets, accessories and rugs to name a few. In this post, we’ll go through not only what goatskin is but also it’s highs and lows and how it is different

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Bloggers Guide for The Jacket Maker’s Brand Ambassadors

 Whether it is how you can create a website or blog, or how you can drive traffic to and around your site is something that all bloggers are already familiar with. If not, there are numerous articles available on how to get started.  How to Promote The Jacket Maker on Your Blog Below we go through a few ways you can promote The Jacket Maker’s products, affiliate links, and more, creatively and seamlessly on your website. Let’s get started! 1

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YouTube Guide for The Jacket Maker’s Brand Ambassadors 

Optimization of your affiliate links and products for The Jacket Maker on social media would be incomplete without YouTube. A viable option for promoting affiliate marketing content that has a few set rules of it’s own that when understood, can prove to be a great choice for furthering your affiliate marketing for The Jacket Maker.  How to Promote The Jacket Maker on YouTube And Make Money Below you will find just how you can use YouTube to easily and subtly

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Pinterest Guide for The Jacket Maker’s Brand Ambassadors 

While not as popular as its social media counterparts, Pinterest is another great platform to use for The Jacket Maker’s affiliate products. Many know Pinterest to the extent that it’s a good image-based channel and that’s about it. Did you know that a recent case study showed that 20% (or more) traffic can easily be driven via Pinterest? You don’t even need to have a website of your own to achieve your affiliate marketing goals for The Jacket Maker. You

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Facebook Guide for The Jacket Maker Brand Ambassadors

Facebook is one of the most popular social-media channels that is a relatively good choice for promoting The Jacket Maker, it’s products and affiliate links. To help our community to get the most of their creative talents by using this platform, we’ve listed a few points to help get more visibility and conversions that you may not have thought easily possible. Let’s get started:  Where to Promote The Jacket Maker on Facebook Here are three super simple ways to share

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Email Marketing Guide for The Jacket Maker’s Brand Ambassadors

Although not given its due importance, emails are yet another way to promote your affiliate links, products, and more for The Jacket Maker. For those who have an existing email list that is substantial as well as those who may be just starting out, either way; this guide will leave you inspired and optimistic also, in transforming this channel into a lucrative feature in your brand ambassador journey with The Jacket Maker.  How to Promote The Jacket Maker via Email

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E-Commerce Guide for The Jacket Maker’s Brand Ambassadors 

We’re optimistic that you’ve created an eCommerce website that is thriving well and that you also have considerable traffic on it. However, if you’re still relatively new to this, especially being an eCommerce in context with affiliate marketing then this would be a great read for you. The net is flooded with valuable content for those getting started.  How to Promote The Jacket Maker on E-Commerce Website Below you will find great ideas and interesting ways you can promote The

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Instagram Guide for The Jacket Maker’s Brand Ambassadors 

Aside from being the 10th most popular google query and the 2nd most downloaded free app in the Apple app store, Instagram would be one of the best platforms to use for marketing as well as earning some money. Being The Jacket Maker’s brand ambassador you will not only need to understand the story, brand visuals and type of content to use but also know how to use Instagram to promote The Jacket Maker’s affiliate products in the best possible

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10 Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets to Buy in 2020

Best Women Motorcycle Jackets

One of the key wardrobe pieces to shop for in 2020 is none other than a ladies motorcycle jacket. A lot has changed, no; scratch that. A lot has improved with leather outerwear over the years which also include some of the best women’s motorcycle jackets you can imagine. The Jacket Maker houses a wide assortment of the best women’s leather motorcycle jackets alongside a variety of colours, textures, designs and details that often make it tough for most people

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