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Learn How To Wash Wool The Right Way

how to wash wool

Wool is soft on the skin and has a supple texture. While some types of wool, like merino wool, are worn daily, some wool types like cashmere are reserved for special occasions. Being crease and odor-resistant, wool has a natural ability to resist stains. Wool is commonly found in our wardrobes, and because of this we often find ourselves in a situation where we look up how to clean wool clothes on the internet. 

Washing wool is not a mystery – Yet some of us double-check our facts before actually going ahead and washing wool garments as we fear ruining their quality. In this guide, we’re going to discuss how to wash wool clothing the right way. Going forward, you will learn how to manually wash wool clothes with the machine. In addition to telling you how to wash wool clothing, we will debunk some myths regarding washing wool. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Do You Know How To Clean Wool Clothes Without Ruining The Quality?

Do you want to know how to clean wool clothes? When it comes to cleaning wool, there is a specific brush that is available in the market. You can use it on the surface of wool and lightly remove any excess dirt that is making it dirty. Make sure you brush with a light hand without disturbing its quality. This brush is specially made for wool like cashmere. 

How To Wash Wool Clothing – Manual Instructions

How To Wash Wool Clothing – Manual Instructions

When you buy a wool garment, it comes with a label that clearly instructs the type of washing it requires. If the label reads “hand wash only” you don’t have to worry. Washing wool manually is quite easy. Follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Turn the wool garment inside out
  • Now wash the wool garment with hands using lukewarm water and a mild detergent
  • Soak the wool garment in this detergent and water mixture for 10 minutes
  • Now rinse the wool garment with lukewarm water properly and then with cold water

How To Machine Wash Wool?

How To Machine Wash Wool?

Let’s share with you how to machine-wash wool now. If the care instructions on the wool garment read “machine wash only” make sure you follow that strictly. Below are the steps to wash wool clothing with the machine:

  • Change the machine set to “wool settings” and that means the machine will be at 40 degrees Celsius
  • If the wool is expensive and you want to be extra careful, use the wash cycle for delicate clothing
  • A mild detergent will be used along with cold water
  • Garments should be dried flat once the washing is done

Debunking Common Misconceptions Regarding Wool Washing

Debunking Common Misconceptions Regarding Wool Washing

Is Wool Ruined If It Gets Wet?

No, wool doesn’t get ruined by getting wet. 

Why Does Wool Smell Bad After Washing?

Sometimes, wool garments that are of high quality can smell of lanolin. This is a natural secretion in sheep. Although this might be a bad smell for some people, it is because of this secretion that some wool coats and jackets are waterproof. 

Can Wool Go In The Dryer?

Although it is best to let wool garments air dry, you can put them in a dryer for a gentle tumble. 


How Do You Wash Wool Without Ruining It?

The best way to wash wool without ruining it is by following the care label instructions. You can, however, wash wool both manually and with the machine. 

How Do You Wash Wool And Keep It Soft?

The easiest way to ensure wool remains soft and supple is by using a gentle detergent for washing wool. 

How Long Does It Take Wool To Dry?

Wool dries up quickly. A regular wool t-shirt can dry up in 2 hours. 

What Happens If You Accidentally Wash Wool?

It is completely fine if you wash wool accidentally. Let it air dry which will take up to 2 hours. 


In this guide, we discussed how to wash wool and other myths regarding washing wool. We all love to wear wool and faux fur shearling jackets and coats throughout winter and during changing weather. Some of the type of wool, like cashmere, is also considered quite luxurious. So make sure not to get intimidated by the process of wool washing and keep it simple and easy. 

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