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21 Best Men’s Fall Jackets in 2024

Best Men's Fall Jackets

Fall is one of the best seasons when it comes to dressing up and experimenting with men’s outerwear. The temperature is perfect for trying out some best men’s fall jackets and other amazing winter wear without having to overstuff yourself with warm clothes. 

This is especially true in areas where it snows a lot, because going out in just your hand-crafted leather jacket will be chilly, and wearing something warm under it will ruin the perfect fit. It is almost as if this season was made specifically for men to enjoy their coats, tops, blazers, and of course, fall jackets. 

There are many designs and styles of jackets that look best in the fall season. Here are some of our most popular best men’s fall jackets by The Jacket Maker.

1. Ionic Black Fall Leather Jacket

Mens Ionic Blue Leather Fall Jacket

An entirely unique finish blue sheepskin biker jacket. Made from real sheepskin leather and processed in an exceptional way, this jacket is a must-own for anyone trying to navigate the season with a men’s fall jacket but also build a wardrobe. This jacket is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a jacket that they can just put on, and be confident that it looks good.

2. Noah Brown Fall Leather Biker Jacket

Men's Noah Brown Leather Biker Fall Jacket

Let’s kick things off with one of the most stylish and out-of-ordinary leather jackets you can buy on the market. Noah is a simplistic take on the double rider silhouette offering a relatively clean appearance without losing the on-trend biker look. The best thing about the look of this fall jacket for men is its ability to exude pure confidence.

3. Vaxton Black Hybrid Varsity Fall Jacket

Vaxton Black White Hybrid Varsity Fall Jacket

Taking all design inspiration from the traditional varsity jackets and fusing the two best materials for fall, leather & wool, this wool body, the leather-sleeved jacket, is one of the best fall jackets for men. Channeling a sporty casual vibe, this hybrid varsity jacket is perfect for the erratic fall days fulfilling the need for warmth and style in every way. Get into the sporty spirit, guys!

4. Shane Maroon Leather Bomber Fall Jacket

Shane Maroon Leather Bomber Fall Jacket

In one of the shades of the fall foliage, this maroon leather jacket has written autumn all over it. Crafted with simplicity in mind when it comes to design and comfort with its soft and supple sheepskin leather, this one of most appropriate men’s fall jackets  gels with a wide array of looks and allows you to dab into a color other than black & maroon.

5. Inferno Black Fall Leather Jacket

Mens Inferno Black best men's fall jacket

While we were previously on the topic of leather jackets that exude confidence, take a look at this black leather jacket. This is pretty much the opposite of the previous jacket in terms of color and the vibe it radiates. This jacket takes the cake for being refreshingly classic, contemporary and most suited fall jackets for men at the same time 

6. Bomia Ma-1 Brown Fall Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Bomia Ma-1 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Let’s bring our attention back to a jacket that is the perfect example of the phrase, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” This best-looking men’s fall jacket is proof of the timelessness of classic leather jackets. The simple brown design with brass-colored accent zippers creates a clean and clutter-free look that is ideal for daily wear.

7. Ranchson Black Fall Leather Shirt

Men's Ranchson Black Leather Shirt

When it comes to lightweight men’s fall jackets , this very shirt is the timeless go-to, which provides style along with essential comfort. The buttoned closure provides warmth in the chilly falls without overstuffing any other warm apparel. Don it with a white plain tee and denim jeans and like a cherry on top complete the outfit with black every day sneakers.

8. Vincent Alley Brown Fall Leather Jacket

Mens Vincent Alley Brown Leather Jacket

Staying on the topic of brown leather jackets, this brown jacket holds the crown for uniqueness and timelessness The richness of color that is borderline burgundy adds to its unique element. The overall finish of this sheepskin leather jacket is very polished and lustrous, which highlights the unique color very courteously.

9. Nintenzo Black Hooded Fall Leather Jacket

Mens Nintenzo Black Hooded Leather Jacket

This particular one is all-black leather with a subtle glossy semi-aniline finish. This jacket provides a contemporary style along with a hood. We can say it’s a classic example of the best-hooded men’s fall jackets. The hood will definitely help you escape the chilly nights in the fall season and will make you look confident anywhere you choose to wear it.

10. Coffmen Olive Brown Leather Fall Bomber Jacket

Men's Coffmen Olive Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

If we compare the number of ways you can wear a jacket, this leather biker jacket will take victory by a landslide. There are even more outfitting options with the deep brown color of this particular piece. But before we talk about the styling options, let’s focus on the material a bit. It is made from real sheepskin leather, thus providing a snug fit and feel that offers comfort that is difficult to get from other materials.

11. Charcoal Navy Blue Suede Fall Biker Jacket

Men's Charcoal Navy Blue Suede Biker Jacket

If you are looking for a luxe finish then suede leather is the best go-to for you. This Navy Blue biker jacket provides a simplistic look when worn over basic attire. It helps to highlight the overall ensemble by adding a flash tone to it. Pair it with an all-black outfit and let the jacket suave the ensemble.

12. Adornica Black Leather Fall Biker Jacket

Men's Adornica Black Leather Jacket

This classic contemporary biker jacket can be your all-time choice. With its simple yet bold style element. it can make you stand out among others. The silver trim radiates the overall essence of the jacket. Pair it with a simple white t-shirt and denim jeans and white sneakers and you are good to go.

13. Lavendard Green Leather Fall Biker Jacket

Men's Lavendard Blue Leather Biker Fall Jacket

This flashy unique piece is for people who like to add some dark color to their everyday lives. The classic jacket for nightlife lovers. The jacket definitely makes the person stand out with its classy green color. The dark color helps you in keeping at the right temperature with the sheepskin leather, you can say that it’s one the best men’s fall jackets.

14. Austere Matte Black Fall Leather Biker Jacket

Men's Austere Matte Black Fall Leather Biker Jacket

If you are a fan of matte black finish then this biker jacket is going to be the best men’s fall jacket for you. The classic matte finish gives off a unique look when paired with the right outfit. Pair it with a black polo, blue denim jeans, and tan brown sneakers and you’re are all set to win the day.

15. Daron Brown Fall Leather Blazer

Men's Daron Brown Fall Leather Blazer

All the jackets we have talked about so far are mostly intended for average everyday wear. Sure, you can rock some of them like the fall bomber jacket in a business setting, just fine. But this one is specifically designed to be the jacket that you can wear to work every day without it looking out of place. Its suit-like design makes it an excellent smart-casual fall jacket for men while also providing all the style and fashion benefits that come with a leather top.

16. Moda Maroon Fall Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Moda Maroon Fall Leather Bomber Jacket

If you are a fan of the red tone scale then this very jacket is for you. The jacket gives a unique appearance with the quilted aniline sheepskin leather. This bomber jacket i s the best to go for to ensure ultimate style. Pair this unique jacket with a black t-shirt and jeans along with black suede boots and you’re good to go.

17. Gatsby Mocha Fall Leather Biker Jacket

Men's Gatsby Mocha Fall Leather Biker Jacket

The Gatsby mocha has darker tone. best for those who like to add colors to their refreshing lifestyle. This sheepskin fall jacket is the best to go for in the mildly chilly weather. Pair it with a plain white t-shirt and black denim jeans along with black sneakers and you’re all set for the day.

18. Youngster Distressed Black Fall Leather Jacket

Men's Youngster Distressed Black Leather Biker Jacket

As the name suggests, Youngster. This jacket aims for the youth who like to follow trends in fashion with its snuffed leather finish and contrasting leather stitching the jacket emits a classic immature vibe, best for youngsters. Pair this stylish men’s fall jacket with a plain white tee and black denim jeans along with black or brown suede boots and you’re all set.

19. Hanklin Ma-1 Red Hooded Bomber Jacket

Men's Red Hooded Bomber Jacket

It is based on the design of historical bomber jackets and created with polyester material that gives it a very lightweight and breathable feel. It is a utility champion but isn’t lacking in looks either. Rocking this men’s fall jacket with a pair of ankle jeans and boots will give you a very modern and trendy look that is exclusive to this design of men’s fall jackets.

20. Zack Black Bomber Fall Jacket

Men's Zack Black Bomber Fall Jacket

This polyester varsity jacket is the go-to for a contemporary yet preppy style. The jacket is the best alternative for a leather or fabric bomber jacket. This very style staple provides a boyish yet masculine style element that would definitely make you stand out among others.The classic jacket can be worn with a plain navy polo and black cotton slim-fit jeans, and black classic boots.

21. Kajetan Beige Fall Safari Jacket

Men's Kajetan Beige Fall Safari Jacket

Last in the list but not in the collection of best men’s jackets for fall The Jacket Maker offers. This Safari Jacket is a classic example of comfort with accessibility. If you are planning to go on an expedition then this Kajetan is the best men’s fall jacket you can get. The jacket can be styled with safari beige trousers and a classic white tee along with ankle boots. For casual attire pair it with a black t-shirt, ripped denim jeans, and every day sneakers.


Are fall jackets still in fashion?

Men’s leather jackets have had a lustrous run throughout human history. From the early caveman days when they were just animal skin draped on a body, to 1800 when the long leather coats became popular, to the world war two era when bomber jackets smashed all popularity charts, they have been a part of men’s daily attire in one way or another. So, to say that they are still very much in fashion would not be wrong.

Are leather jackets too expensive?

To a person who has never owned a fall leather jacket, or any other leather upper wear, the prices may seem a bit steep and a little too high. But to properly understand the pricing and the value of a jacket, we have to look at the full picture.

Wrapping Up Best Men’s fall jacket Round-up

Above we have listed some of the best men’s fall jackets offered by The Jacket Maker which will help you in making a wise choice while opting for the best fall jacket. These jackets provide style, functionality, and comfort and not to mention the option of going vegan or not.
Our fall jacket options lets you embark on a journey to the new season in a jacket that fit a range of style and fabric choices. However you can create your own custom jackets for fall. We at The Jacket Maker are all for expression, and will create your dream jacket for fall. Start you bespoke journey with a free design consultation today!