Leather is a luxury material, which requires focus and precision to provide a quality product to meet consumer needs. Many leather crafters use hand stitching to add extra value and precision to the product. Handcrafting has always been in demand by consumers as no AI can compete for human skills. There are various types and styles of leather stitching that crafters use to add extra value to their products. 

Types of Leather Stitch

Types of leather stitch

There are a few different stitching methods that are being used by various leather crafters as the style of stitching acts as the essence of the leather while adding an extra-luxe appearance to the item. 

The Single Stitch

The Single Stitch

The simplest type of stitch a crafter uses to speed up the stitching is the single stitch process. It allows the crafter to work faster and increase productivity. The process consists of only one thread passed through the needle’s eye and then sewed to the leather through the holes. Only an inch of thread is left at the end which can be burned and pressed giving off a nice finish. 

Saddle Stitch 

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitch is a technique used by many crafters to make various items, mainly wallets. The plus point of the stitch is the strength, which is unachievable by a sewing machine. The process consists of having two stitches in the same row. That’s craftsmanship only skilled personnel can achieve with immense precision. 

Box Stitch 

Box Stitch

This specific type of stitch is the best go-to for corners. The box stitch helps to maintain the boxed finish to the item. It is mainly used in leather bags with edgy corners. The stitching process is complicated which requires a number of tools, including an awl and a clamp. Being similar to the saddle stitch the box stitch is merely easier to achieve. It is used for items that are used to wrap other items like a holster, having a certain gap between the two bolts. 

Cross Stitch 

Cross Stitching

You probably have seen many leather products like car seats with a stitch in which the thread forms small crosses, this cross-stitching ensure the strength of the element when sewed together. The stitch is similar to the single z stitch but instead of the z’s, the stitch forms a line of the x’s. Nowadays the stitch technique is vastly machine-based to improve efficiency and save time but still, many crafters use this technique by hand. 

The Baseball Stitch 

The baseball stitch

The American softball has set an example of stitching with the beautiful stitched ball. The stitch makes v like symbols throughout the item. This forms an overall pattern along with the item

when sewed together. The specific stitch is mainly used in steering wheels and couches. 


What are the leather hand stitching techniques?

A few main leather hand stitching techniques are;
1. Single Stitch
2. Double-hand Stitch
3. Saddle Stitch
4. Cross Stitch
5. Baseball Stitch
6. Running Stitch

What tools are used in hand Stitching

The tools used in leather stitching are;
1. 2 long thick sewing needles
2. Waxed Thread
3. An Awl
4. Binder Clips
5. Fork
6. Ten Blade
7. Soft Head Hammer
8. Stitching Pony
9. Stitching Groover

How to double stitch leather

You need 2 needles, clamp the piece on the stitching pony so that your both hands are free, then start stitching simultaneously along with both hands from the same hole. that would make 2 respective stitch patterns on both ends.


Leather Stitching with Sewing Machine

These are some kinds of stitches that are being used nowadays to put together various leather products like leather jackets, couches, car seats and boots. Crafters use various tools in order to make the perfect luxe product with the help of these different types of stitches. 

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Jermaine Harley
Jermaine Harley
November 14, 2021 11:45 am

Can you do something on double stitching and it’s uses?