25 Best Leather Jackets for Men in 2023

best leather jackets for men

Everyone loves to shop in some way or the other, yet shopping for leather jackets is in a total league of its own. While it may be an exciting and awesome experience to shop for stylish men’s leather jackets in a particular style or color, it can be daunting for many with so many options and places to shop from, out there.

Below we have listed some of the best leather jackets for men and to add further interest value to this list, we will mix in different types of leathers, leather finishes, and various leather jacket styles for men. This will help you get a good idea of what to look for when shopping for men’s leather jackets.

1. Overall Best Leather Jacket | Ionic Black

Ionic Black Leather biker jacket

A simplistic style staple that fuels an urban influence into contemporary men’s leather outerwear. A modern take on a classic style, made of aniline finish; full-grain sheepskin leather jacket. This jacket has a quilted, viscose lining, a band-style collar, zippered cuffs, and front closure. 

Not just serving an aesthetic purpose, this leather jacket for men also offers great functionality through its multiple storages available via the two inner pockets and four outer pockets. What’s great about this piece most of all, is that you can carry it over street-style looks just as well as you will be able to get dressier options that will add great substance to your personal style.

2. Cafe Racer Best Leather Jacket | Dean Brown

Dean brown leather biker jacket

Moving forward in line with simplistic features and classic style, this best motorcycle leather jacket is a ticket to timelessness. Aside from the fact that a men’s biker jacket is a wardrobe staple for every man, an earthy color adds a natural element that is unique to this brown leather jacket

A durable cowhide that has been given a pull-up finish is a sound foundation for great longevity and impressive appearances. This men’s brown leather jacket has a quilted viscose lining, a band-style collar with a snap button closure, two inner and three outer pockets, and a zipper front closure that highlights the quality hardware that has been used.

3. Fur-lined Best Leather Coat | Furcliff Black

Furcliff Black leather jacket

What a big difference it makes, having faux fur on any leather outerwear for men. In this case, the Furcliff Black Leather Coat. That element of luxury and the combination of smart style and practical functionality. Made of soft sheepskin, semi-aniline finished leather, has a faux fur lining, notch style collar, open hem cuffs, two inner pockets, three outer pockets, and stylish button closure.

 A truly impressive classic design of this leather jacket with fur has the effortless capacity of adding a great deal of oomph to any look you choose to go for. Whether you team this piece up with deep denim, knits or wools, or you add it to different color palettes from dark to light intensities. This coat also carries a subtle hint of rustic influence, making it a great ‘take along’ piece for many winter vacation destinations.

4. Suede Best Leather Jacket | Sheriff Brown

Sheriff brown leather jacket

The suede finish goatskin leather-made sheriff brown suede jacket exhibits a striking balance between a classic and country style that is unique. The perfect wardrobe piece that is best suited to a host of alternative lifestyles although its aesthetic can be enjoyed by all. 

The completely faux- fur-lined inner shell of this brown leather jacket for men along with the high neck style collar, open hem cuffs, zipper with button flap front closure highlight its great features that serve style and function in an effortless way. Whether you go for an equestrian look, striking a street-style pose, or wearing it as part of your athleisure look. There’s a lot you can pull off with this must-have piece.

5. Double Rider Best Leather Jacket | Allaric Alley Black

Allaric Alley best black leather jacket for men

When you think of timeless classics and widespread popularity, chances are you will most definitely think of motorcycle leather jacket. Not just any biker jacket but the allaric alley black leather biker jacket is a great example of fusing classical past influences with contemporary finishes, details, and craftsmanship. 

This particular piece is a big team player, carrying an easy-to-wear quality that enables you to team it with many different types of apparel. From a layered look, using two or three accompanying pieces, to urban-friendly; all-black looks as well as personalized looks that can be as eclectic as you would like them to be.

6. Suede Bomber Best Leather Jacket | Sven Mocha

Sven mocha bomber jacket

There’s a lot to be said about suede bomber jackets especially this best men’s brown leather jacket is a great example of luxurious outerwear for men. This goatskin suede finish piece has a quilted polyester lining, a band style collar with snap button closure, unique shoulder patch detail, ribbed knit cuffs, two inner pockets and four outer pockets 

 The deep richness of color of this one of our best leather jackets for men gives you many opportunities to create different looks based on various color palettes that can include earth-tones, contrasts, neutrals, monochromatic looks among many others. If you’re not a fan of brown, this awesome piece is available in black as well.

7. Simplistic Motorcycle Best Leather Jacket | Noah Black

Noah black leather biker jacket

A clean-cut approach to contemporary style, inspired by the simplicity and timelessness of the past. This semi-aniline finish sheepskin biker jacket is your go-to for effortless style on many different levels. This high-quality piece has a quilted viscose lining, a notch style collar, zippered cuffs, and front closure as well as two inner and outer pockets. Giving you good looks but also incredible functionality. 

Team this one of the simple star of best leather jackets for men with all dark looks, neutrals, textured fabrics, prints and more. This jacket makes a great wardrobe essential that you can build many different looks around. Don’t forget, despite its simplistic appearance, it can be further enhanced by using accessories.

8. Colorful Best Leather Jacket | Gatsby Mocha

Gatsby Mocha Leather Biker Jacket

A classic mocha cafe racer leather jacket that at first sight, may be seen as the color of money, envy, or any other element that places it in the truly unique category. Without of-course diminishing its diversity, timeless style and quality craftsmanship.

A cafe racer that is made of a burnished finish sheepskin leather, having a quilted polyester lining, band style collar with snap button closure, zippered cuffs and front closure as well as two inner and four outer pockets that are neatly rendered into this strikingly stylish design. Don’t forget, this piece has an incredible quilted detail along the shoulders and elbow patches.

9. Shirt Collar Style Best Leather Jacket | Inferno Black

 Inferno Black Leather Jacket

You can never have enough best leather jackets for men, especially when it’s made of semi-aniline sheepskin leather. A classic style that offers you many great looks, and effortlessness, and is handcrafted with quality as a top priority. This inferno leather jacket has a quilted viscose lining, a shirt-style collar, open hem cuffs, two inner and outer pockets. 

Interestingly, this piece does offer you a variety of different looks, using various color palettes and most of all the ability to serve as a jacket as well as a shirt. Zipped all the way up or left undone. Team this piece with athletic apparel, street-style pieces, button-downs and more. Available in a stylish brown color as well.

10. Brown Best Leather Jacket | Lavendard Brown

 Lavendard Brown Leather Biker Jacket

If you have ever been on the lookout for cowhide leather jackets for men then this lavendard brown leather biker jacket would be a great investment. Not to mention it’s packed with style, function, and high-quality handcrafted leather. 

This best men’s brown leather jacket has a quilted viscose lining, a zipper front closure with button flap, a shirt style collar, open hem cuffs, two inner and three outer pockets, and a whole new look thanks to the rich, earthy brown color. Available in black and blue, this fusion of classic and contemporary is your ticket to effortless style and functionality.

11. Color-Block Best Leather Jacket | Avan Black Maroon

Avan Black and Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

Adding a subtle twist to classic style is what this one of our best leather jackets for men does best. Aside from the traditional silhouette and detail, there is an impressive contemporary vibe that is exhibited through the mix of color between the sleeves and body of this incredible style staple. 

With a torso made of cowhide and sleeves made of goatskin, you get a piece that has a quilted polyester lining, zipper front closure with dual puller, a band style collar with snap button closure as well as ribbed knit cuffs, which work together to give you great style, function, and comfort that will go a long way.

12. Shiny Best Leather Jacket | Mystical Black

Mystical Black Leather Jacket

Swanky style is two words that translate well into this best leather jacket for men. Simplistic in design no doubt but all the more appealing in look and feel. This cowhide leather piece has a quilted viscose lining, a shirt-style collar, open hem cuffs, two inner as well as outer pockets, and a zipper front closure. 

While the look may be modern the style in itself is terrifically timeless. Whether you wear it to the club, going all dark or on the street with denim and tee combos. This jacket has the ability to add oomph to any look you go for.

13. Equestrian Influenced Best Leather Jacket | Vincent Alley

 Vincent Alley Brown Leather Jacket

The vincent alley brown leather jacket is truly a unique and style-savvy piece to own. Made of sheepskin leather and having a viscose inner shell, a notch style collar, open hem cuffs, as well as two inner and outer pockets that highlight the high-quality leather and impeccable handicraft of this must-have best leather jacket for men.

 From the richness of color to the cut, finish and detail, you can wear this piece in various ways. Go for solid colors, prints and textures, dark tones to a mix of pale and moderate color variants and you’re sure to make an impression instantly.

14. Shacket Style Best Leather Jacket | Ranchson Black

Ranchson Black Leather Shirt

Equestrian influences and country-western inspiration serve as an impressive foundation for this ranchson black leather shirt. The unique aspect comprises a jacket that can also be worn as a shirt. 

Made of soft, semi-aniline sheepskin leather, having a shirt-style collar, quilted viscose lining, button closure down the front and cuffs, as well as two inner and outer pockets. Not mentioning the incredible detail on this piece would be an injustice to this style staple that has the capacity to build several different looks based on a jacket or shirt that you can wear layered or otherwise.

15. Hooded Best Leather Jacket |  Bravado Brown

Francis B-3 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Bold, detailed and versatile, the bravado bomber jacket is perfect for the man who wants to make a statement without comprising on comfort. Made from premium sheepskin leather, this jacket is soft to the touch and luxurious to wear. The removable fabric hood and zipper closure make it easy to customize your look and deliver convenience when the weather is unpredictable.

This jacket features a semi-aniline finish leather for a natural look The zipper closure ensures a comfortable fit, while the deep brown color and the bronze tone hardware gives this jacket an elegant and sophisticated look while the total of seven pockets provide ample storage for your essentials.

16. Traditional Style Best Leather Jacket | Legacy Black

Legacy Black Leather Biker Jacket

An interesting fuse of classic and contemporary comes in the shape of this best quality leather jacket. A traditional design fused with modern materials and details that give you this cowhide leather piece with a difference.

 From a quilted viscose lining to a high-neck collar with buckle detail, a button cuff closure, and zipper front, along with two inner and three outer pockets. This particular piece contributes a unique element to every look you choose from an all dark color palette to a mix of color or texture translated into such fabrics as tweed, wool or knitted apparel.

17. Drakeshire Brown Leather Jacket 


At first glance, this brown leather jacket calls to mind the classic style of a glorious past, fused with vintage-inspired material and finish that makes for a truly one-of-a-kind style staple. Made of goatskin leather, having a quilted viscose lining, a band-style collar, open hem cuffs, two inner and outer pockets. 
The distressed leather jacket is a perfect addition to various looks for brown jacket outfits. Whether you team it with denim, other leather apparel, textures or colors, you will always look extraordinarily stylish as well as unique.

18. Ma-1 Style Best Leather Jacket | Bomia Blue

Bomia Ma-1 Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

A great example of the style that takes bomber inspiration from the past fused with materials, details, and appearance from the present. Giving you a unique combination that enables great versatility in wearing the aviator jacket with different apparel pieces.

Made of semi-aniline finish sheepskin leather, having a quilted polyester lining, ribbed knit collar, and cuffs, two inner pockets as well as three outer pockets that highlight quality material, craftsmanship, and great attention to detail. Style ma1 bomber jacket with your regular denim and tee combo or experiment creatively with textured fabrics, prints, and even color if you can carry it off.

19. Most Versatile Best Leather Jacket | Highschool Black

Highschool Black Leather Jacket

As simplistic as this black leather jacket may be, makes it all the more versatile in terms of teaming up and wearing this piece in different places and ways. Made of cowhide leather that offers incredible durability, matched with a quilted viscose lining, a band-style collar with snap button closure, zipper cuffs, front closure, two inner and outer pockets, and a detachable hood. 

The detachable hood, perhaps; being one of the most notable features popular at the moment. This piece will look great in an athleisure look as well as in street-style, certain creative work environments using a bit of dark to neutral tones and subtle textures.

20. Fur Collar Best Leather Jacket | Evan Hart Brown

Evan Hart Fur Brown Leather Jacket

One of the best leather jackets that are a must-have without a doubt, is this fur brown leather jacket. This leather jacket with fur collar carries a unique element of style with a healthy dose of luxury without compromising on function, quality and durability. 

Made of a burnished finish sheepskin leather, having a quilted viscose lining, a shirt style collar, zipper front closure, buttoned cuffs, two inner pockets as well as four outer pockets collectively make this distressed brown piece a style to behold. Much like a hood on some jackets, this detachable faux fur collar piece is a great focal point and finishing touch that is needed to make a grand impression.

21. Matte Look Best Leather Jacket | Andy Hooded Black

 Andy Matte Black Hooded Leather Jacket

When it comes to clean, simplistic style and versatility, it doesn’t get better than the andy matte black hooded leather jacket. Made of soft sheepskin leather, having a viscose lining, zippered front and cuffs with snap button closure, two inner and outer pockets and a hood that adds depth and drama contrasting with the overall simplicity of design. 

There’s a lot to be said about the style options of this piece that are too many to count. From the most basic denim and tee combo to the layered looks involving an undershirt, button-down and cargo trousers. This piece is the perfect element needed to complete any look you’d like to sport while looking effortless through and through.

22. Quilted Detail Best Leather Jacket | Moda Maroon

Moda Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

This aniline finished sheepskin piece is a perfect example of creativity and style fused together. A well-balanced mix of design elements and style that is also functional. The maroon leather jacket has a quilted viscose lining, a band-style collar, ribbed knit cuffs and zipper front closure as well as two inners and three outer pockets. 

This awesome piece is also available in black and is a great piece for those looking to add some visual interest in their outerwear without going too closely over the top.

22. Best Long Leather Jacket | Dolf Black

 Dolf Black Leather Jacket

Subtle design elements, lengthier hemline and an awesome impact just waiting to happen, is what this Black Leather Jacket is all about. Made of Cowhide Leather; best leather for jackets, having a quilted viscose lining, zipper with button flap front closure, a high neck collar with belt and buckle detail, buttoned cuffs, along with two inner and four outer pockets and that’s not all. 

The styling options are endless and can easily be called far from safe and conservative. This piece ensures dramatic style and function that will last you a long time. This piece also makes a great gift for family, friends or loved ones.

24. B-3 Style Best Leather Jacket | Francis Distressed Brown

Francis B-3 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

This Francis B-3 distressed brown leather bomber jacket makes for the ultimate in stylish men’s leather outerwear. Not only does it do justice to its soft, sheepskin; semi-aniline make and finish, it adds a generous dose of suavity and style that is luxurious and functional at the same time. 

This piece has a complete faux fur lining, a buckled detail on the collar, a zipper front closure, roll-back cuffs style as well as waist adjustment straps that complements the overall look of this piece while also balancing out the collar detail of this timeless wardrobe essential.

25. Distressed Best Leather Jacket: Armand Brown

Francis B-3 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Looking for something a little different in your next leather jacket? Then finally you should check out our Armand distressed black leather jacket! Power-packed with details all over, this exciting piece features real leather construction, a zipper closure, and quilted details for an added touch of style. 

This eye-catching piece is crafted from premium sheepskin leather and has accordion side panels and an asymmetrical zipper closure. The distressed finish on the leather gives it a rugged yet refined look that is perfect for the style-savvy man in search of something

Concluding Thoughts 

So there you have it, a pretty detailed list of the best leather jackets to shop for men in 2023. The Jacket Maker is the place to head to if you’re looking for leather biker jackets, bomber jackets, winter coats or trenches. Leather vests, winter jackets, dusters, leather blazers, or suede leather jackets.

Don’t forget to choose your favorites from a great variety of hooded leather jackets, fur leather coats, shearling jackets that are every bit the style essential you need to transform your look into one that’s seriously bad-ass! 

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