The winter season is on our noses and brings the need for finding the best shearling jackets for men with it. The cold season is filled with snow and subzero temperatures and represents something different for different people. Some view it as a curse that traps them in their homes and denies their wishes of going out to enjoy the wonders of life. In contrast, others associate it with hot chocolate, and of course, fancy warm clothes.

At The Jacket Maker, we believe that one item sits on top of the rest, the shearling leather jacket when it comes to men’s winter fashion and clothing. A black shearling jacket provides you with all the warmth and comfort in the world while looking classy at the same time.

Shearling jackets have had a long and extremely fascinating history. It is estimated that as long as 6000 years ago, the same materials make the modern-day shearling fur jacket protect against the cold. Back then, it was just the raw, unprocessed material draped over the body, but the reason behind its usage has stayed true to this very day.

8 of the Best Shearling Jackets for Men That You Can Buy

We offer a plethora of jackets in all styles and colors, and here are some of the best shearling jackets for men that we provide:

1. Dan Frost Tan Shearling Jacket

If you are looking for a shearling moto jacket that boasts a unique, vibrant color, then the Dan Frost Tan Shearling Jacket is for you. It is made out of real sheepskin leather with a semi-aniline finish that will stay exactly the same after continuous use.

The tan color of this particular jacket is its unique selling point. The faux fur helps you stay warm while the outside of the coat adds style and color to your outfit. It is best used as an accent piece, something that is the center of focus in your whole dress. It works best when paired with clothes that have light to no color.

2. Alberto White Shearling Black Leather Jacket

The Alberto White Shearling Black Leather Jacket provides a classic black and white contrast look. The dark color blends nicely with everything you’ll wear under it, while the clean white draws attention to itself and serves as a contrast piece.

The jacket is made of real sheep leather with faux fur lining to keep you warm and snuggly on the coldest of cold days. You can pair this jacket with black jeans and a black t-shirt for that classy all-black look. You can also wear a white shirt, a white pair of jeans, and a white pair of shoes to create an elegant all-white look, which the black leather jacket complements nicely.

3. Coffner Brown Shearling Fur Jacket:

The Coffner Brown Shearling Fur Jacket is made out of real suede leather that comes from goat leather. This jacket offers a unique distressed brown color that will make you stand out from the crowd. The inside is lined with quality faux fur to keep the cold away from your body.

The collar is designed after standard shirts, which you would love if you are not a big fan of large collars. Its ability to compliment lighter colors worn underneath is unmatched by any other jacket. The finish is to create a jacket with almost no shine—making it easier to blend into your other clothes and not have it stick out.

4. Francis B-3 Black & White Leather Bomber Jacket

The Francis B-3 Black & White Leather Bomber Jacket is reminiscent of the jackets worn by badass fighter pilots during the war. It pays homage to the style of shearling jacket used to wear in the historical days without going overboard with patches and logos.

The modern shiny black color combined with a bomber jacket’s design creates a stylish yet classical feeling jacket. The semi-aniline leather finishing is durable for long use, and the faux fur is there to make you feel warm on cold winter days. 

This design is a unique statement piece for your outfit. The fur borders on the arms and edges give it a cozy look all around. It provides a soft, comfy, and warm feeling.

5. Furton Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Out of all the other jackets for men, the Furton Brown Leather Biker Jacket’s unique feature is its pull-up leather finish with a brown color. The leather used in this jacket is obtained from cowhide.

The unique finish on this one gives it a shiny look unmatched by any other jacket, except for a red shearling jacket. With an exceptional waist belt design, the shiny brown color makes it a conversation piece that people will want to ask about. 

When crafting shearling jackets, we use the highest grade of leather that makes the Furton jacket durable and strong enough to withstand years of use. The pull-up finish changes color when stretched over time. This introduces a personality into your jacket and ties it to the story of your life.

6. Furcliff Black Leather Coat

The modern-looking Furcliff Black Leather Coat is one of the best shearling jackets for men out there. Its design is very modern with a large collar and fully faux fur. The black color of its semi-aniline sheepskin leather makes it suitable for use with any color of the outfit, while its modern angular design gives it a look that is distinctly 21st century.

Its very up-to-date looks fit perfectly with modern fashion items, like ripped jeans and modern shoes and sneakers. The added length on fur helps improve the sold protection, and the longer fur outlining the jacket looks amazing and stylish.

7. Evan Hart Fur Brown Leather Jacket

This is one of the boldest and most attention-grabbing shearling jackets out there. The Evan Hart Fur Brown Leather Jacket offers a unique look with its sheepskin leather processed in a burnishing finish. It boasts a similar vibrance to a distressed shearling jacket with its dark metallic brown color.

The greyish brown full faux fur creates a nice gradient with the outside color. The color and design of this jacket represent the confidence of its wearer. It works courteously with dark and greyish-colored pants to create a nice faded look that is being contrasted by the jacket’s color.

This jacket does not have any form of elastic on the waist and arms; if you manage to get the perfect size according to your body, the tight-fitting, when zipped, creates a clean look that compliments your body.

8. Airin G-1 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

If we look at the history of the jacket, bomber jackets would be on the top. The Airin G-1 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket boasts a design and color scheme similar to the past’s iconic bomber jackets.

The jacket carries the same energy as the ones used by world war II fighter pilots. The insides are lined with quilted polyester that is known to be a bright white. The collar also has a removable fur section; you can rock two different styles with one jacket.

This particular jacket’s snug fit ensures a warm and comfortable wearing experience, while its two large front pockets provide utility for everyday use. The overall militaristic look of this jacket makes it stand out, even among other brown jackets.

Materials used in its making

The other name of the shearling jacket is the sheepskin jacket, which is entirely self-explanatory. This jacket is made out of sheepskin with the fur still attached to it. The fur is used as a natural lining on the inside, and the outside is polished and processed to turn it into high-quality genuine leather. However, the full faux lining is also trendy in shearling jackets these days. The integrity and value of a shearling jacket are in its use of real leather. We understand that and provide our customers with handcrafted jackets made out of one hundred percent real leather.

The Modern-Day Appeal Of Such Jackets

The connection that was formed between badass fighter pilots and the sheepskin jacket is iconic. It added so much historical value to this already fantastic clothing piece that no other type of mens winterwear comes close to it. The shearling jacket was and will be the best jacket anyone can add to their wardrobe.

These days, the shearling jacket is available in many forms, colors, styles, and materials, while the fundamentals of a “warm jacket with style” has remained the same. When you look online for the best shearling jackets for men, you’ll find a whole mountain of brands making and selling these jackets, and this is for a reason.

The shearling jacket market has exploded recently. Everyone is trying to get their hands on this practical yet incredibly stylish and fashionable clothing item. It is experiencing a significant resurgence in popularity among celebrities, influencers, and general youth. The modern-day young adults are discovering the style possibilities and the warmth and comfort that only a shearling moto jacket can provide. 


Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the best shearling jackets for men.

Are shearling jackets worth it?

If you are looking for something to wear in the cold season and want to look fancy and stylish while doing so, then a shearling jacket is definitely worth it. There is a huge selection of the best shearling jackets for men available on the market for you to choose from. You will surely find something that suits your personality and preferences pretty well.

Is shearling warmer than fur?

Yes! Shearling is much warmer, lightweight, and less bulky than fur, and even wool, for that matter. It provides better insulation with a smaller footprint.

How do men wear shearling jackets?

Men mostly wear a shearling jacket over a t-shirt or turtle neck with jeans and large winter boots. But this is not the only look you can go for. The best shearling jackets for men offer many different ways to put them on. You can try different color combinations and make an outfit that is distinctly yours.

Will a shearling jacket stretch?

Yes, just like any other piece of clothing made entirely of leather, the shearling jacket will also stretch. But you don’t have to worry about it since all the best shearling jackets for men are made with this stretching in mind.

How do you wear a shearling jacket?

You can go all black with your black shearling jacket, black jeans, black turtleneck, and black shoes. Maybe give a comfy, light-colored wool sweater a try under your bomber jacket. Another combo you can try is a casual shirt and pants with a tie and a wide collard flight jacket. These are just a few examples of the endless possibilities provided by the best shearling jackets for men.


Shearling jackets for men are practical and modern in terms of their aesthetics and design. The outerwear can be paired with multiple outfits and get you to look immaculate and trendy with little to no effort. The combination of its cosmopolitan design and functional features is deadly. Add it to your every winter staple!