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What is Genuine Leather?

what is genuine leather

The genuine leather stamp can be seen on various products indicating a whole different dilemma related to products made of real leather. While it is made of real leather, genuine leather is considered the lowest quality leather. As per the types of leather available in the market, genuine leather has its own identity. Almost 70% of affordable leather manufacturers use genuine leather.

Full-grain or top grain leather on the other hand is also real leather. But it is made by utilizing the whole hide instead of buffing off the surface. 

How is it Made 

How is genuine leather made

Genuine leather is not fake leather, it is real leather but of a significantly low quality. Full-grain leather is the topmost quality leather available in the consumer market whereas Bonded leather is the lowest quality leather, it also consists of real leather but only traces of it. 

Genuine leather is not the top grain of the hide. Instead, the top grain is buffed and corrected. The hide is stripped down bringing multiple layers of low-quality leather. Then the top is embossed with artificial grains and there you have it, genuine leather which many retailers patent as good quality real leather. 

Quality of Genuine Leather 

quality of genuine leather

Being the lowest quality leather, genuine leather does not share properties as full-grain leather when it comes to durability and a beautiful patina over time. Genuine leather is a bonded element that tends to wear out a lot quicker. The surface appears to be good quality real leather because of the grain embossing. But again it’s a synthetic embossing that appears to be smoother than full-grain leather. 

How Does it Look?

How does genuine leather look

Genuine leather looks exactly like full-grain at first glance, that’s why it’s very easy for many people to be mislead. But when looked closely the granular structure is somewhat uniform, as it is embossed. In many places, bicast, as well as bonded leather, can be referred to as genuine leather. 

What is Genuine Leather used for?

what is genuine leather used for

Genuine leather is an inexpensive material that can be used for various products. This includes leather jackets, sofas, couches, belts, shoes, and even car seats. But even cheaper variants are available in the consumer market known as bicast leather, bonded leather, and a synthetic substitute which is faux leather. The leather apparel mostly made of genuine leather is a lot cheaper than full-grain leather, obviously with less price comes compromises. 

Why Buy Genuine Leather?

Why buy genuine leather

If you are looking for a cheaper leather product. Genuine leather is the go-to. Genuine leather is real leather but it is the one of the lowest qualities available. It does perform but not as much as full-grain or Latigo leather . Furthermore, genuine leather is better than buying bonded or bicast leather. As they are much lower quality leathers. 

Why not Buy Genuine Leather?

why not buy genuine leather

If you want something to perform then genuine leather is not a go to choice. This leather does provide a similar look to full grain but it does not perform as well as it. It tends to peel and crack a lot earlier when exposed to extensive wear. The leather does not develop a beautiful patina over time as good quality leather is supposed to. 

How to Take Care of Genuine Leather?

Taking care of genuine leather

It’s quite easy to take care of genuine leather. The same remedies can be performed to prolong the life of the product. You can use DIY Leather Conditioners, or dedicated genuine leather cleaner. 

A Genuine Ending

On the whole, genuine leather is real leather but of low quality, bonded together to make one piece. The leather is not as good in performance as full-grain leather but the two are a lot alike when it comes to appearance. Many use genuine leather products as it is cheaper than the full-grain, top-grain or latigo leather. There are many products made of genuine leather which includes, boots, jackets, sofas, couches, belts, etc. 

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