What Is Bi-cast Leather?

what is bicast leather

When it comes to leather has various types. Including the well-known durable full-grain, top-grain, lesser-known latigo, and the lower end of the leather quality spectrum bonded, etc. Along with these, there is one more which we are going to talk about is the bi-cast leather 

An Overview

Bi-cast leather is from the family of faux leather, it consists of polyurethane over a thin layer of the leather hide. The PU is embossed to the surface of the hide to emulate real leather finishing and appearance. 

How is Bicast Leather Made

Bicast leather consists of a very minimal amount of real leather which is thin and fragile. The hide’s top grain is removed, dispensing upon the thickness, further the thin layer is split until a thin layer of leather is left. That layer is comparatively weak; it lacks the strength and appearance of real leather, that’s where the polyurethane plays the part. The layer of PU is embossed upon that thin layer providing the strength and durability for the leather along with the static appearance. And that’s how bi-cast leather is made. 

The same process is used for faux leather, despite the leather hide the polyurethane base is used making it purely synthetic leather. 

Quality Of Bicast Leather 

quality of bicast leather

The quality of bi-cast leather is compromisable as it lacks the durability of natural leather. As bi-cast contains a very weak natural element the statistics of wear and tear are comparatively higher. The leather does not age well, and nor does it develop the quintessential real leather patina with time. That is the reason why bi-cast leather is not used in a variety of products. The only advantage the leather consists of is the cost. Bicast leather is relatively a lot cheaper than regular leather. 

How Does it Look

Look of bicast leather

Mainly consisting of synthetic substances on the front end, bi-cast leather shadows real leather. With the same overall appearance and the leather dying process. The leather is also available in many colors. As it is based upon polyurethane, the surface is non-porous, yet has a smooth outer surface and a shine. But due to its lack of durability bi-cast leather shows traces of wear and tear in no time. 

Where Bicast Leather is Used?

uses of bicast leather

Bicast leather is used in various everyday products, but it was initially created to be used in boots, but due to its poor durability, and breathing; the leather became quite unsuitable for them. Today, bi-cast leather is used in couches, sofas, handbags, and even cheap leather jackets

Advantages of Bicast leather 

Bicast leather’s main and only advantage is the cost of the product. As we all know leather comes in luxury elements with a high price point, bi-cast leather is the cheapest substitute for real leather with approximately the same finish. 

How to Clean Bicast Leather?

how to clean bicast leather

Bicast leather does not come in the real leather league, whereas it does not support DIY leather conditioners for real leather. The maintenance of bi-cast leather is similar to faux leather with a polyurethane smooth surface. The easiest way to clean the leather is by using the dedicated bi-cast leather cleaner available on the market. 

Bonded Leather vs Bicast Leather 

bonded leather vs bicast leather

Bonded leather is also called reconstituted leather, which means it is made from shredded leather fibers mixed with polyurethane, embossed with a leather-like texture. Bonded leather is the lowest quality leather containing strands of animal hide.

Both types of leather are considered the lowest yet cheapest qualities, containing similar properties. Both are highly reactive to oils and dirt, which confer cracks and fades when accounted for with normal wear and tear. Both require dedicated cleaners for a better life. 

Bicast Conclusion

Bicast leather is the cheapest quality leather which lacks durability and strength. The leather looks the same as real leather but with opposite properties. The front end consisting of polyurethane makes it easier to crack when exposed to wear and tear. The Bicast is commonly used today for cheap leather-like products, like couches, bags, and even car seats. 

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