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What is Goat Leather and How is it Different from other Types of Leather 

what is goat leather

Goatskin is a type of leather that many may be familiar with by name but not so much in detail. Known to be one of the most resilient leathers, based on softness, strength, and lightweight qualities, goatskin is used in making gloves, shoes, bags, apparel, and outerwear, as well as wallets, accessories, and rugs, to name a few.

In this post, we’ll go through not only what goatskin is but also its highs and lows and how it is different from other types of leather. 

So, what is goat leather? What is the difference bw goat leather vs. cow leather? We are going to talk about it in this blog. If you are confused about whether you should buy yourself goat skin leather or not, we are sure that this blog is going to clear away every question you have in your mind regarding goat leather.

Looks, Feels, and More on Goat Leather

Vintage Brown Goatskin Leather

Based on appearance, goatskin has a tight grainy texture, resembling ridges that are distinctive to this type of leather. The natural properties of goatskin enable it to be not only soft and supple but also water-resistant.

In many parts of the world, goatskin is still often referred to as Moroccan leather as it was historically sourced from Morocco. Thus goat leather is opted for and worn by people around the world. 

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Comparison Of Goatskin With Other Leathers

With the different types of leather available, it is only natural for people to be a bit confused as to which type of leather is a better option. This is especially true when the comparison is made with goatskin leather. For further clarity, we’ve paired up goatskin with some of the most commonly used leathers to see which would be a better option.

Goatskin vs. Cowhide

Goatskin vs. Cowhide – A Comparison

Talking about goatskin vs. cowhide in matters of strength, cowhide beats goatskin any day; however, goatskin has way more flexibility than cowhide. Aside from great stretch, goatskin also beats cowhide in terms of softness. Though cowhide leather is better when dealing with insulation as well as a heavyweight.

Goatskin vs. Sheepskin

Goatskin vs. Sheepskin- A Comparison

For starters, if you are thinking of the difference between goatskin vs sheepskin, goatskin is much stronger and more rugged than sheepskin leather, but not so with regards to flexibility. Sheepskin offers greater stretchability than goatskin. In matters of weight and softness, goatskin would be a bit heavier in weight than sheepskin, just as sheepskin would be much softer than goatskin. 

Goatskin vs. Lambskin 

Goatskin vs. Lambskin – A Comparison

Goatskin is much stronger, offering more rugged qualities than lambskin. However, goatskin and lambskin have somewhat similar flexibility factors that see them in a tie. Furthermore, goatskin is much heavier than lambskin and also offers much better insulation qualities than lambskin.

As far as softness and suppleness go, lambskin is a much better option than goatskin. So, if you are planning to choose between goatskin vs. lambskin, we will encourage you to go for lambskin. 

Goatskin vs. Calfskin

Stams made of goatskin are really supple and silky. Calfskin is more pebbled, heavier, and able to maintain its form. Both of the leather may grow increasingly worn out with continued wear. On the basis of endurance.

The variations are likely to have more to do with appearance. People consider goatskin to be superior to calfskin as it usually costs more. In all the other terms, the type of leather is not the only component at play.

Types Of Goatskin Leather

1. Goatskin With Hair

Handicraft From Goatskin Leather With Hair

Goatskin leather with hair is a type of leather that has the hair still attached to the skin. The skin with hair is processed as a whole. This type of leather is typically used for creating rustic or natural-looking items, commonly bags, rugs, and boots.

2. Goatskin Suede

Leather Jacket From Goatskin Suede by The Jacket Maker

 Goat suede is a type of leather that is made from the underside of the goatskin. It has a soft, velvety texture that is similar to other types of suede leather. Goat suede is often used for creating clothing items like jackets, skirts, and leather shorts.

3. Saffian Leather

Brown Goatskin Leather Moroccan Pouf

Saffian leather is a premium-grade goatskin leather with a distinctive grain pattern. It gets its name from the Moroccan city of Safi, where it was originally produced. Saffian leather is usually colored on one side and is embossed with a unique pattern that adds to its visual appeal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Goatskin Leather

Despite the above comparisons of goatskin with other types of leather, goatskin has its advantages and disadvantages as well:

  • Goatskin has the ability to absorb humidity.
  • You will stay cool in warm weather with goatskin leather. 
  • You will stay warm in cold weather with goatskin leather. 
  • Why? Due to its ability to change with the weather. 
  • Goatskin can be split and shaved.
  • Goatskin leather is more affordable than most types of leather.

FAQs – What Is Goat Leather 

Is Goat Leather Any Good?

If you’re looking for leather that is strong, stretchable and soft, then goat leather is a good option.

Is Goatskin Better Than Calfskin?

As mentioned above, goatskin is better than calfskin on the basis of softness and flexibility.

What Is Goatskin Leather Called?

The skin of a goat is called goatskin or goat leather.

Is Goat Leather Waterproof?

Goat leather is considerably water-resistant. This means that it can keep water at bay to a certain degree.

How Do You Protect Goat Leather?

Keeping goat leather away from wet and overly humid climate conditions can help in keeping them safe and lasting longer.

Does Goat Leather Stink?

As with all types of leather, goat leather does smell. Being the skin of an animal.

What Is Goat Suede?

The skin of a goat that is used to make suede would be known as goat suede.

How Tough Is Goat Leather?

Although not as strong as cowhide, goat leather is tough to a certain degree.

How Do You Identify Goat Leather?

Goat leather has a tight grainy surface and can be identified by the ridges that are distinct to this type of leather.

Where Can You Buy Goat Leather Products?

Good quality goat leather outerwear can be found at The Jacket Maker. A place where you can find a ready-to-wear assortment, as well as a made-to-measure and custom bespoke service available to customers.

Is goat leather good?

The processed goat hide used to create goat leather are a very versatile product. Its inherent toughness and softness make it the perfect leather for clothing and other flexible products like handbags. Always choose full-grain goat leather for the best results.

Is goat leather durable?

Goat leather has the advantages of being extremely durable and water resistant, that makes it a great choice for outdoor products like backpacks, boots, leather jackets and wallets.

Is goat suede good quality?

It all depends on how you handle your goat leather. Goat leather may survive for decades and maintain a nice appearance if it is properly cared for and maintained. You should have a cleaning routine based on the specific leather item you are attempting to cleanse. A leather goat jacket needs to be cleaned once in a month or two.

Concluding Thoughts On Goatskin Leather

We are sure that we would have answered your question about what is goat leather? And about all the differences. So, If we were to draw a conclusion about goatskin leather, it would go something like this. 

Known for its unique ability to adapt to either warm or cold climates, that in turn keeps you warm in the cold and cool in warm weather, or the fact that it is soft and supple as well as flexible enough to ensure comfort is what can be expected from goatskin leather.

 An interestingly textured surface adds some further uniqueness to goatskin that isn’t just about looking good but also serving a much more active and functional purpose, as goatskin is also quite durable. 

So the next time you see a product made of goatskin leather in particular, you will now know a lot more about its offering and qualities that make it a good option. If you have already decided on goat leather then pick your very best goat leather jacket and slay it around!

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