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23 Best Men’s Bomber Jackets In 2023 For High-Flying Style

Best Bomber Jackets For Men in 2023

Outerwear for men is so diverse and full of choices that there are virtually never-ending options. However, simply put, none of them has had a career as lustrous as the bomber jacket, and only a few items stood the test of time as best men’s bomber jackets. 

That’s right – bomber jackets have never left our sartorial spaces since they gained popularity in the civilian space— (yes, like many other men’s wardrobe staples, bomber jackets for men have roots in the military). They have reinvented themselves as a must-have that has dominated all seasons and occasions. 

Not only are these iconic styles perfect for completing a killer look every time, but they also have more history and pedigree than almost any other item in your wardrobe. From aviator bomber jackets worn by daredevil pilots during WWI to fashionable contemporary versions, there is something truly captivating about these outerwear classics that offer a glimpse into history while keeping you looking undeniably stylish today. 

The Ultimate Best Men’s Bomber Jackets Round-Up For 2023

Here in 2023, many legendary takes on this timeless classic can often be seen gracing catwalks and streetwear alike – proving that they are here to stay and to help you pick one with ease; we have created, jotted, and categorized the best bomber jackets for men. Select from wintery faux fur collars perfect for snuggling up to effortlessly cool leather bombers to water-repellent nylon pieces. Keep reading, and let us take flight with these must-have wardrobe pieces!


Bomia Ma-1 Leather Bomber Jacket

From soldiers to skinheads to style icons, the iconic Ma-1 bomber jacket has truly stood the test of time, and the Bomia Ma-1 bomber jacket takes inspiration from the OG styles. With a distinct knit-rib collar, cuff & waistband, and signature arm pocket crafted in full-grain sheepskin leather, this leather bomber jacket for men is truly a wardrobe must-have. 


Shane Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

A streamlined style with one of the classic bomber jacket’s typical traits, i.e., the flap pocket replaced by a zippered pocket, Shane men’s bomber jacket offers a simplistic, immensely versatile look. Cut from supple brown sheepskin leather, this sleek bomber jacket for men is designed to pair with your reliable wardrobe staples perfectly, giving you a major high-ranking style.


Sven Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket For Men

Eschewing the typical rib-knit collar for a snap button collar that might remind you of a cafe racer jacket, the Sven bomber jacket for men is a well-made essential and a true hybrid. The soft & buttery smooth suede goatskin leather construction and a form-fitting silhouette with quilted shoulder trims make this slim-fit bomber jacket worth every bit. 

Sven Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket For Men


Airin G-1 Leather Bomber Jacket

Airin G-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Military heritage with a mark in fashion & pop culture, the G1 bomber jacket heyday is never-ending. Embracing the elements of a classic bomber jacket, our Airin G-1 Bomber Jacket with the classic boxy front pockets and removable fur collar for trans-seasonal use makes it the sartorial champion to be worn effortlessly for years to come. 


Coffmen Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Modeled after the classic A2 leather flight jacket with an on-trend boxy look, this jacket has all the details and rugged appeal of an authentic heritage bomber. However, the iconic silhouette has been updated with a much-tailored fit that today’s style arbiters prefer. As it’s worn over time, the brown burnished finished leather will develop a handsome patina and molded fit that channels the coveted aesthetic of a well-worn favorite.

Coffmen Brown A2 Leather Bomber Jacket


Bouncer Biz Bomber Jacket For Men

Bouncer Biz Black Leather Bomber Jacket

In search of the best bomber jackets for men, the Bouncer Biz bomber jacket takes the lead with its experimental design that effortlessly captures both style and function. Made from high-quality cowhide leather, this jacket boasts a vigorous look, complemented by a detachable hood for added versatility. Contrasting copper-colored zippers offset The black leather exterior, elevating the jacket’s aesthetic appeal. 


Air Rolf Black Leather Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket can’t fit in a setting that requires you to be dressy casual?— The Air Rolf Black Leather Bomber Jacket breaks that mold with its clean and understated design. It is effortlessly dressy casual, making your casual outfits less sloppy and your work attire a lot cooler. Additionally, the dark copper-colored zippers add just the right amount of flair and prevent it from becoming a usual black leather jacket. 

Air Rolf Black Leather Bomber Jacket


Aaron Leather Bomber Jacket For Men

Carrying great classic appeal, the Aaron leather bomber jacket for men gives off a rustic vibe that oozes vintage appeal. The distressed detailing on the front chest pockets and closure only elevates that timeless feel. Plus, the shirt-style collar adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual piece. If you’re after the best men’s bomber jacket that looks like it’s been passed down through generations, this vintage leather jacket is for you.


Blain Black Hybrid Bomber Jacket

Bringing together two of the best types of leather, i.e., semi-aniline sheepskin leather and goatskin suede leather, Blain is undoubtedly one of the best bomber jackets for a true leather connoisseur. It boasts an impressively clean line and a tried & true silhouette with a knit rib collar style, a snap button cuff style, and a zippered closure style that harmonizes so well with various outfits that you won’t regret getting your hands on this one. 

Blain Black Hybrid Bomber Jacket


Eaton Brown Suede Bomber Jacket


Step into the realm of classic aviation fashion with this A1 bomber jacket that pays homage to its military roots with authentic details and design elements crafted from premium suede. Experience the softness and elegance of the goatskin suede, which lends a distinct texture and supple feel to the jacket. Its decadent earthy brown hue exudes timeless appeal and versatility, 


Ramon Black Bomber Jacket For Men

A perfect choice for those looking for affordability, the Ramon Black Bomber Jacket jacket embraces the essence of understated elegance. The front is beautifully streamlined and made from high-grade nylon fabric, showcasing a clean and uncluttered look. The tonal zippers enhance its minimalist appeal, allowing the jacket to speak for itself without any distractions. The pockets on the front waist add a subtle touch of functionality. 


Francis B-3 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Francis B-3 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Another classic military-style men’s bomber jacket from The Jacket Maker’s collection is the Francis B-3 bomber jacket for men, which is the epitome of functional fashion. From rolled-back cuffs to dual buckled collars to a thorough faux fur lining, which will keep you warm in chilly winters, it gets closest to authentic B3 leather jackets—definitely a star addition to a  capsule wardrobe.


Coffmen Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Embrace the resurgence of boxy designs with this classic piece that captures the essence of cyclical fashion. With its on-trend boxy silhouette and added gusset feature for enhanced comfort, this jacket effortlessly combines timeless style with the latest fashion movements. With its comfortable fit, versatile zippered plus snap button closure, and integrated flap and open hem pockets, this jacket is a must-have for those seeking both style and functionality. 


Harrison Black Hybrid Varsity Jacket

Harrison Black Hybrid Varsity Jacket

While varsity jackets have a category of their own, they share striking similarities with men’s bomber jackets, making them an essential inclusion in the list of best men’s bomber jackets. Encapsulating the spirit of athleticism and collegiate fashion, this jacket is a harmonious blend of the classic wool body with leather arms, creating a truly unique and versatile outerwear piece.


Hanklin Ma-1 Blue Bomber Jacket

Designed with a focus on performance, this men’s bomber jacket takes the classic bomber silhouette to new heights with its technical features like water-resistant nylon construction. Crafted with attention to detail, it is integrated with a removable hood, providing added protection and versatility for changing weather conditions. Whether it’s a sudden rain shower or a chilly breeze, you can easily adjust your level of coverage without sacrificing style.

Hanklin Ma-1 Blue Hooded Bomber Jacket


Moda Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

Moda Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

What sets the Moda Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket apart is its exquisite diamond quilted pattern. This visually captivating design adorns both the front and the back, adding depth and texture to the jacket. Not only does the quilted pattern provide a unique visual appeal, but it also enhances the overall aesthetic of your outfit, making a fashion statement that is both trendy and tasteful.


Baston Fleece-Lined Bomber Jacket

Primed to be your next go-to outerwear for the ultimate warmth, this men’s leather bomber jacket with a hood features an easy-on-the-eye design and minimal use of hardware. The jacket has a fully fleece-lined torso for warmth pro max, snap button style cuffs, and three pockets on the outside and two on the inside providing plenty of space for storing your essentials on the go.


Glen Street Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Glen Street Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

If you are looking for a leather jacket that looks like it has been passed down through generations, then Glen Street, then this brown bomber jacket for men is a must-have. Adorned with many details like shoulder epaulets, exterior pockets, and a detachable front rib, it is a powerhouse of functionality. But the distressed edges throughout the jacket enhance it’s coveted rugged flair you’re looking for in the distressed leather jacket.


Zack Red Bomber Jacket

Feeling a bit bold and confident, then why not put on our red bomber jacket and show off your enthusiasm through your outfit? The striking red color is this jacket’s highlight and main selling point. This look is a sweet departure from traditional black and brown jackets and a much-needed break from the frequently hammered keep-it-simple ideology. Also, the overall understated design will balance the bright and bold look of this jacket. 

Zack Red Bomber Jacket


Columbus Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

Columbus Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

Next up on our list is another cool bomber jacket option, but not as vibrant as the red bomber jacket. This one is blue leather jacket, a special kind of blue. One can say that it is blue but with a leathery twist. The color of our Columbus Blue Leather Bomber Jacket is a mystical dark yet still fresh feeling blue that pops out just the right amount. The overall design of the jacket is classic and clean so as not to overdo this topper’s colorful and stylish nature. 


Tomchi Tan Suede Leather Jacket

Suede jackets such as this tan suede bomber jacket are known for their incredibly soft texture and interesting, cozy look. Suedes hold a unique and special place in the market for the best men’s bomber jackets, which is justified by their lightweight, soft texture, and pliability. This jacket is available in a soft milky brown color that indicates its softness.

Tan Suede Bomber Jacket


Avan Black & Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket.

Avan is a leather bomber jacket with a color-blocking twist. Combining a classic black color with a brownish maroon shade, this jacket allows you to dip into color in just the right amount. This men’s bomber jacket is created from a mix of two types of leather. The torso is made of sturdy cowhide leather & the sleeves are of goat leather, so you are getting the best from the world of real leather. 


Agent Shadow Black Leather Bomber Jacket

You have countless options when browsing around for the best men’s bomber jackets. But if you want a blend of classic antique and modern styles that are full of detail, look no further than this black bomber jacket men of all ages can lean on for an effortlessly stylish look. With a five-pocket design, shoulder epaulets, uniquely placed zippers, and beautifully contrasting buttons, it merges functionality with good looks.

Agent Shadow Black Leather Bomber Jacket

FAQ’s – Best Men’s Bomber Jackets

How do I choose a bomber jacket?

If it’s your first bomber jacket, it’s best to go for an unadorned one with a clean design in neutral colors. Also, baggier boxy styles are good for layering, and slimmer options are a great pick if you are planning to wear them over tees and light shirts. 

Can you wear a bomber jacket in the rain?

Bomber jackets made from water-resistant materials like nylon & polyester can easily be worn in the rain, and it’s best to avoid wearing leather bomber jackets & suede bomber jackets to be exposed to water in the rainy season. 

How should a bomber jacket fit a man?

For a classic, comfortable look & wear, go for a bomber jacket in a size that you still have room for a light layer under it. Avoid going for longer lengths, as these jackets are meant to be short. The sleeves should end at your wrist, and you should be able to move your arms comfortably.

Are bomber jackets out of style?

Bomber jackets are timeless and versatile in every sense of the word. The silhouette and style have undergone various changes, and there are many archetypes and trend-led versions available— both are so in style and for everyone with a classic or contemporary style. 

What color bomber jacket should you get?

Neutral colors like black, brown, beige, grey should be your first color choice for a bomber jacket as they are versatile & easy to pair. Green, maroon, red & blue are other shades to indulge in for a colorful take on this ever-green jacket style.

What can you wear with a bomber jacket for men?

It’s the universality of bomber jackets combined with their looks that make them such popular picks for men’s wardrobes around the world. You can pick up an unusual color, for example, a tan or silver and still have the ability to style a bomber jacket with practically anything in your existing wardrobe. 

A Bomber Ending

The timeless classic jackets are a must-have in your wardrobe, and these are some of the best men’s bomber jackets from our ever-expanding bomber jacket selection.

However, if a bomber jacket out of this roundup tickles your fancy but you want to take it to the next level, The Jacket Maker brings you an opportunity to take these styles and personalize them. Alter the features, pick up a leather of your choice, or simply switch the linings—everything is possible.

Also, if you want to fashion something from scratch, our custom bomber jackets are for you. Work with our design consultant for free and get a custom one-of-a-kind piece designed and created exclusively for you.