The 19 Best Men’s Bomber Jackets in 2022

best bomber jackets

A bomber jacket is more than just a piece of winter clothing. It is like a trusty old friend that you can rely on all year round and know that you are going to look good whenever you put it on, whatever you put it on. There are many types and designs of jackets out there, but none of them has had a career as lustrous as the best mens bomber jacket. From its initial popularity through military and fighter pilot use to its modern-day incarnations, the best men’s bomber jackets have been a staple of wardrobes around the globe. Anyone who is familiar with men’s leather outerwear knows about the bomber jacket, and even someone not as familiar with leather tops would probably think about bomber jackets when asked about leather jackets. This historical significance and popularity amongst the masses is something unique only to the leather bomber jacket.

1. Sven Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket

Mens Sven Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket 3

This suede best men’s bomber jacket is a timeless classic. The jacket provides a sassy yet bold look to the wearer, the jacket is made up of goatskin, real leather suede, the suede bomber jacket features a classic yet simple look with the band with a snap buttoned collar and elastic band cuffs. The color of the jacket is enough to elevate your overall ensemble.

Styling: You can style this ultimate piece with plain black t-shirt and dirty washed, ripped denim jeans and top it off with brown suede boots.

Colors: Mocha Suede, Black

2. Bouncer Biz Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Bouncer Biz Black Leather Bomber Jacket

This best men’s bomber jacket is a perfect example of a classic bomber design spiced up with a modern touch. The cowhide leather with its semi-aniline finish gives it a shiny look that really pops with the hooded design. When it comes to bomber jackets, this is one of the most sought-after designs. Its black color, combined with the overall design, gives it a very confident look.

Styling: A tried and tested all-black look is not something you’ll regret going with this hooded bomber jacket. If you want to, you can take the all-black look and flip it on its head by adding some color into the mix.

Colors: Black

3. Bomia Ma-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Bomia Ma-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket 3

This shiny bomber jacket is one of the simplest and clean designs with standard brown leather color. This fairly classic-looking piece of men’s leather jacket is ideal for folks who want a traditional-looking jacket without any fancy parts or extraordinary colors. The brown on this jacket is fairly bright and goes nicely with denim and leather shoes.

Styling: Combining it with a checkered shirt a style that you don’t see very often, but it goes wonderfully with this jacket and delivers a look that is undeniably something only the best mens bomber jackets could provide.

Colors: Black, Blue, Distressed Black, Brown

4. Blain Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket

Men's Blain Mocha Brown Suede Bomber Jacket 2

This suede brown in the best men’s bomber jacket collection consists of a simple yet classic style. the jacket is made up of goatskin suede, it features a knit rib collar style along with snap button cuff style and a zippered closure style.

Styling: In terms of outfit combinations, it goes with anything from the best mens bomber jackets, particularly the black ones. Pair this classic piece with a plain white t-shirt, fresh pair of khaki’s and brown suede boots.

Colors: Tan Brown Suede, Black Hybrid, Mocha Suede.

5. Airin G-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Airin G-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket 3

This fur best mens bomber jacket is one of the best winter jackets offered by The Jacket Maker. This sassy fur-lined bomber jacket features a removable fur-lined shirt-style collar. This fur collar bomber jacket is best for the chilly season due to its high insulation and sheepskin real leather.

Styling: You can style this beauty along with a full sleeved plain black t-shirt, black denim jeans and black suede boots. This jaket will definitely spice up your overall ensemble.

Colors: Black-Black Fur, Brown-White Fur, Black-White Fur

6. Agent Shadow Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Mens Agent Shadow Black Leather Bomber Jacket 3

When browsing around for the best men’s bomber jackets, there are countless options available to you. But if you want a blend of classic antique and modern styles, then look no further than this black leather bomber jacket. The cool thing about this is its excellent blend of old military style and the modern touch. It is made out of sheepskin leather and has a high neck design to keep you warm in the winter. The access of five front pockets not only looks good it also provides a functional element to the piece. This is really important, especially when you are planning on utilizing it for daily use.

Styling: A few suggestions that we would make are an all-black look with black leather boots, an all-black look, but the shirt is checkered or has some kind of pattern on it, and last but certainly not least, a white turtle-neck with blue jeans.

Colors: Brown, Black

7. Eaton Brown Suede Bomber Jacket

Men's Eaton Brown Suede Bomber Jacket 2

This cool bomber jacket provides the ultimate style due to its high rib-knit collar and buttoned frontal closure. The jacket is made up of goatskin suede which makes it durable as well as warm enough to be worn as winter outerwear. The jacket offers rib knit cuffs as well which will definitely give you the right amount of comfort as well as protection against the chilly winds.

Styling: You can style this best brown bomber jacket with a plain white t-shirt and beige smart casual chinos and brown suede boots and you are all set.

Colors: Black, Tan Brown

8. Shane Green Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Shane Green Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather jackets are often associated with shades of black and brown colors, but in reality, there are many other options available to you. Why not try some color with our green bomber jacket. This sheepskin leather jacket is one of a kind and stands out among a crowd of black and brown jackets.

Styling: The simplistic design of this green bomber jacket is ideal for creating a nice contrast with checkered and patterned shirts or pants. You can also go with an all-white this jacket to create a clean yet captivating look.

Colors: Brown, Maroon, Brown Suede, Navy Blue, Green, Black

9. Air Rolf Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Air Rolf Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather jackets are perfectly capable of fitting in a formal setting, and this best black bomber jacket is an excellent example and proof of that. The minimalist plain design with pure black color makes it wearable both in a casual and a formal scenario. It is the minimalistic nature and versatility of this jacket that makes it one of if not the stylish bomber jackets we make. The only accent on it is the dark copper-colored zippers. They are there to break up the simplicity a tad bit and to prevent it from becoming a boring piece of black leather instead of the amazing bomber jacket that it is.

Styling: Need something fancy for a business meeting? Pair this with a dress shirt and a thin tie, with some business shoes, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that’s stylish and formal at the same time.

Colors: Black, Brown

10. Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

We have already talked about a classic-looking bomber jacket, and this boy’s leather bomber jacket is in the same design category, kind of. The color of this one is very rustic and antique-looking brown that juxtaposes beautifully with modern clothing and fashion and creates a style that is not replicated by any other jacket. This top proves that the popularity of bomber jackets in the old days was due to a reason, and it looks gorgeous while doing so.

Styling: Only way to radiate your look is to pair plain outfits with this bomber jacket. Line it up with an all black outfit and let the jacket speak for itself, or you can just pair this fashionable bomber jacket with plain white t shirt and blue denim jeans and get the preppy style you crave for.

Colors: Black, Brown

11. Francis B-3 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Francis B-3 Black Leather Bomber Jacket 4

Another classic winter bomber jacket from The Jacket Makers collection is this classic piece. This fashionable bomber jacket gives off a two on one impression of being functional as well as fashionable. The jacket features a thorough faux fur lining throughout the jacket which will definitely keep you warm in chilly winters. This fur collar bomber jacket is a versatile piece of clothing anyone might need in his capsule wardrobe.

Styling: You can pair this classic piece with a plain black turtleneck and black plaid pants. And top it off with black leather boots.

Colors: Black, Brown, Distressed Black, Distressed Brown, Black & White

12. Coffmen Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Coffmen Black Leather Bomber Jacket

This one of the best affordable leather jackets is a timeless classic. This luxury bomber jacket helps you to achieve the rugged style you want. The bronze accent zippered closure provides this simple bomber jacket a cool and stylish appearance which is the go-to to stand out among your peers. The jacket is made up of sheepskin aniline leather which also makes it one of the best fall jackets to go for before winters.

Styling: You can style this ultimate piece of aparell with mainly anything, put on a collared polo t-shirt along with black cotton jeans and your everyday sneakers and let the jacket highlight your overall ensemble.

Colors: Olive Brown, Black, Tan Brown Suede, Brown

13. Moda Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Moda Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

If you want something a bit more stylish and fancier from the best men’s bomber jackets, with a bold color, then look no further than our Moda Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket. The overall design of the jacket is fairly standard, but the cross pattern on both the front and the back makes it exceptional. The pattern makes the jacket visually interesting and adds a bit of flair to your outfit. This maroon bomber jacket brings out your personality incredibly well and allows you to represent yourself through your clothing.

Styling: In terms of styling this jacket, the most famous outfit is a white t-shirt and blue jeans. But this is just an example of many possible arrangements, but lighter color shirts usually go better with this particular top.

Colors: Black, Maroon

14. Glen Street Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Mens Street Brown Leather Bomber Jacket 3

Military-styled bomber jackets have always been famous, but if you want to rock that classic bomber flight jacket, then this brown leather bomber jacket is the jacket for you. We created this jacket as an homage to the classic design that made the leather jacket a hit of this magnitude. The best men’s bomber jackets of the past are the reason for the insane popularity of leather jackets today and when anyone thinks, “what is a bomber jacket?” the first design that comes to their mind is probably a military-style jacket.

Styling: Style this one of the best flight jacket with black t shirt, brown cargo pants and black leather boots and rock the military styled look.

Colors: Brown, Black

15. Zack Red Bomber Jacket

Men's Zack Red Bomber Jacket 4

Feeling a bit bold and confident, then why not put on our Red Bomber Jacket and show off your enthusiasm through your outfit. The striking red color is the highlight and the main selling point of this jacket. This look is a huge departure from traditional black and brown jackets.

Styling: The options might appear minimal at first thought, but a vibrant red jacket supports a whole slew of fashion options. You can try out wacky over the top ideas without it looking weird and step out of your comfort zone by experimenting with a lot of different color combinations.

Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Green

16. Columbus Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

Men's Columbus Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

Next up on our list is another colorful option, but not as vibrant and saturated as the red bomber jacket. This one is blue, a special kind of blue. One can say that it is blue but with a leathery twist. The color of our Columbus Blue Leather Bomber Jacket is a mystical dark yet still fresh feeling blue that pops out just the right amount. Just like the red one, the overall design of the jacket is clean and minimal as to not overdo the colorful and stylish nature of this top.

Styling: As mentioned previously, the best men’s bomber jackets go with almost anything, and it is true here as well. The hue of the jacket is more towards the colder side, so pairing it with lighter shades of blue, grey, and white is an excellent choice and will result in an outfit that looks clean, minimal, and modern.

Colors: Blue, Green, Brown, Black

17. Harrison Black Hybrid Varsity Jacket

Men's Harrison Black Hybrid Varsity Jacket 4

As the name of our baseball bomber jacket suggests, it is made from a mix of wool for the torso and sheepskin leather for the sleeves. This overall design is extremely popular among the present-day crowd. There are many iterations of this design on the market, such as white wool sleeves and black wool body, full white jacket made out of polyester, or full black made with leather. These almost different genres are also a big factor in this designs’ popularity. But the key factor of our design is the novelty of having a wool body, with all of its benefits such as warmth, softness, and texture. Combining it with shiny leather sleeves is an added touch that does wonders on the outlook of the varsity jacket. The shiny arms are complimented nicely with the big silver rivet buttons.

Styling: As far as styling this jacket goes, this is one of the easiest to pick with anything you are wearing. First of all, it is entirely black, so there is no color in the world that would look odd with this top. Secondly, the design is so famous that you have probably seen it being worn on anything from shorts to formal business attire. But there are some combinations, such as a white t-shirt and khaki pants that work exceptionally well.

Colors: Black

18. Tomchi Tan Suede Leather Jacket

Men's Tomchi Tan Suede Leather Jacket 3

Suede jackets such as our tan suede bomber jacket are known for their incredibly soft and interesting texture. Suedes hold a unique and special place in the market for the best men’s bomber jackets, and it is justified by its lightweight, soft texture, and pliability. This jacket is available in a soft milky brown color that is indicative of its softness.

Stylish: This fresh brown hue goes surprisingly well with fresh blue jeans and a pair of leather, preferably suede, shoes. If you would like to learn more about suede jackets and their uses, you can check out our article on the best suede jackets for men.

Colors: Tan Brown Suede.

19. Danson Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Mens Danson  Black Leather Bomber Jacket 1

With a few exceptions, so far, we’ve only looked at the best men’s bomber jackets that are compatible with almost any outfit and have a simple plain design. So let’s check out our Danson Black Leather Bomber Jacket, a jacket that is stylish in every sense of the word. To summarize this piece of men’s fashion in a few sentences, this is not a jacket you wear on your outfit. This is something around which you design the whole outfit. It is very much the centerpiece of any ensemble you form with these flight bomber jackets.

Styling: As for the styling options, this jacket can be worn with anything. Pair this classic piece of aparell with beige chimos and plain black t-shirt along with black everyday sneakers.

Colors: Black


How to rock a bomber jacket for men?

Bomber jackets are a fascinating part of fashion history. Their military tie-in makes them highly desirable. But how does one rock a distressed bomber jacket without it looking weird? To get an answer to this question, we must understand something first. Bomber jackets are not out of this world. Sure, they are stylish and highly sought after, but at the end of the day, they are still leather jackets. If you know how to rock a biker jacket, you will know how to integrate a navy blue bomber jacket into your wardrobe.

What can you wear with a bomber jacket for men?

The amazing thing about a bomber jacket is its versatility and adaptability. All leather jackets are universal in their own right, but the bomber jacket takes the whole concept of fitting in with every outfit to a whole new level. 
It’s this universality of these jackets combined with their looks that make them such popular picks for men’s wardrobes around the world. You can pick up an unusual color, for example, a tan bomber jacket or a silver bomber jacket, and still have the ability to pair them with practically anything in your existing wardrobe. 
There are, however, a few things that fit exceptionally well with these jackets, like a pair of leather shoes. So, let’s discuss a bit about the general styling of a bomber jacket.

How to style a bomber jacket?

As mentioned previously, the best men’s bomber jackets are compatible with a significant portion of men’s fashion. But there are certain articles of clothing and techniques that can elevate your fashion game to the next level.
As stated earlier, a decent pair of leather shoes, preferably in matching color to your jacket, is a monumental improvement on any outfit. If your jacket and shoes look good together, you’ll look good even if the rest of the outfit doesn’t fit or particularly look good in a certain scenario.
The other advice we will give is when you are scouring the market for the best men’s bomber jackets, don’t just opt for black and brown. Look for other colors, like tan, red, blue, or even white bomber jackets. Owning a colorful jacket will add a flair and personality to your wardrobe, which is difficult to get with plain blacks.

A Bomber Ending

These are some of the best men’s bomber jackets offered by The Jacket Maker. These jackets are one of many amazing products by them. The timeless classic jackets are a must-have in your minimalist wardrobe. For some more exciting products, you can visit our website here.