How and When to Wear a Bomber Jacket?

Universally known as a timeless, style staple that is versatile and gender friendly serving both fashion and function, is a description of the bomber jacket we’ve all heard.

Aside from its history and evolution over the years, highlighting the many colors, styles, materials, and details the bomber jacket is available in, not much is known or covered regarding how this wardrobe essential can be worn or styled to match the moment we’re in.

Does that sound familiar? Or something you can relate to? Having a cool bomber jacket and agreeing to its versatility, yet not actually knowing how to get the best use of it.

Sure to many it may seem like a piece you’d throw over a t-shirt and jeans, but there’s a whole lot more you can do with the same bomber jacket you own and pull off different looks each time you step out of your house.

Here’s How to Wear a Bomber Jacket and When

Just as you know what a bomber jacket is, today you will learn how to wear your bomber jacket and when you should or shouldn’t wear this popular piece. All mentioned below under the following points:

  1. How should a Bomber Jacket Fit
  2. Common Bomber Jacket Types
  3. Bomber Jacket Colours
  4. When to Wear your Bomber Jacket
  5. How to Wear your Bomber Jacket
  6. FAQs on Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jacket Fit- Getting it Right

bomber jacket

For those who haven’t yet purchased a bomber jacket and would like to get in on the action, the key to remember before making a purchase is FIT. It’s perhaps one of the most essential factors that require attention before you pick your bomber jacket.

For favorable results, go for a fit that is snug on your shoulders and arms, completed by a fitted body, with enough room to fit in a layer or two beneath. The shoulder seams should end at your shoulder point or closest to it. Anything less or more will alter the fit of the overall bomber jacket.

Traditionally, bomber jackets were oversized in style and fit and have evolved into their current fitted silhouette for all genders. Another key point to remember is that the waistband should sit right at the waist of your pant and the sleeves should finish at your wrist-bone just above your palm.

Common Bomber Jacket Types & Styles

As mentioned earlier, bomber jackets have evolved over a good number of years, during which time; it has been given different shapes and appearances using a variety of different fabrics. These include leather and suede, nylon, denim, and even silk and satin.

Bomber jacket

Below you will find a few commonly used fabrics to achieve an understanding of the types of bomber jackets out there.

1. Nylon and Polyester Bomber Jackets

bomber jacket

Two synthetic fabrics that share many similar features, such as easy care, stretch resistant or wrinkle and shrink resistance that makes life so much easier. Nylon or polyester bomber jackets, therefore, are great spring or summer style essentials that make printing on these, an easy and fun way to personalize your style.

The lightweight properties of these two fabrics make them easy to layer up with as well. Which may also work for some cold climates, as nylon proves to be both waterproof and weather resistant also.

2. Woolen Bomber Jackets

wool bomber jacket

Perfect for the winter, woolen bomber jackets are a definite ‘must-have’. Wool not only will keep you warm, exhibiting a functional aspect, but looks equally stylish, with the right fit and even texture that makes this type of bomber jacket unique.

3. Suede Bomber Jackets

Suede Bomber jacket

A suede bomber jacket is indeed in a league of its own. Truly stylish, even though it may not be a good option for rainy climates. Still, suede bomber jackets give you a twist between modern sensibilities and classic timelessness.

Suede bomber jackets in brown or stone, navy, white or black, all have a powerful style story to tell, no matter how many times you wear it.

4. Leather Bomber Jackets

bomber jacket

Proven as the most original and timeless pieces amid all the options, leather bomber jackets will take you to a whole new level through winter. While black is the all-around favorite, there are many other options available as well.

From subdued colors to bold, vibrant red, deep brown or the popular white leather bomber jacket. Whatever the color, if the fit’s right, you can be sure you will look good in your leather bomber jacket.

Bomber Jacket Colours

Bomber jacket

It’s really quite simple. Whatever you’re thinking of, looking for or dreaming about, you can find ‘the’color bomber jacket to suit your style, mood or overall personality.

We’re talking ALL colors. From the more popular ones that include white, red, maroon, brown or blue bomber jackets to the more creative choices of yellow, purple, burgundy or even green bomber jackets.

When to Wear your Bomber Jacket

Choosing to wear a bomber jacket can be a great choice provided you understand where you are going or what you will be doing before you throw it on. Typically, bomber jackets can work well from casual engagements to smart casual occasions.

All you need to think about is picking a style that suits that event and working the rest of your accompanying pieces around it.

Here are a couple of examples:

Black bomber jacket

For casual gatherings or get-togethers, you can add a bomber jacket over a t-shirt and jeans, a dressier alternative would be chinos or casual trousers. For summers, a t-shirt would be perfect, while in winters a sweatshirt can work great. For footwear, sneakers being a natural choice would work well with practically any kind of bomber jacket.

Furthermore, for smart casual dos, a bomber jacket may not be everyone’s ‘go to’ for dressing up a little, which would be a shame. Bomber jackets actually work well in smart casual situations although you would be required to add a little tact and edit before heading out the door.

The picture to paint here is smart casual, in other words dressing up your casual look. Going for a classic bomber jacket, maybe even something minimal if you’re not that adventurous with color or design.

bomber jacket

The best would be a neutral color that you can use to anchor your complete outfit without being too intentional. Try a refined looking ‘dressy’ bomber jacket paired with a pinstriped or checkered shirt, yes self-colored works too.

Add some well-fitted (not skin tight please) trousers or chinos and instead of your sneakers, you can add a pair of loafers, derby shoes or even leather trainers to add that oomph to your overall look.

Other than these two settings, bomber jackets are to be used very discreetly as the more you move towards formals the less and less room you have to include even the most classic and best-looking bomber jackets you can find.

At most, for a few formal settings, adding a black or dark-colored suede or leather bomber jacket to a shirt and tie combo, paired with trousers and lace-ups. It may work in certain formal or semi-formal settings but again and most importantly… Discretion!

How to Wear your Bomber Jacket

While we may have covered some grounds on how you can wear your bomber jacket based on the situation, below are few tips on how to wear your bomber jacket that will inspire you to try new looks to get the most usage and admiration by the way you wear your bomber jacket.

Monochrome or neutral palettes

Bomber jacket

These alone can give you several different looks using one bomber jacket. Whether you go for a monochrome outfit in shades of grey or different tones of brown. Monochrome outfits add a sophistication while still being minimal.

The same can be said for neutral colors put together. For e.g. black and grey, burgundy and brown, white, black and grey together are just some of the neutral color combinations that will allow your bomber jacket to take your look to the next level.

Creative Alternatives

Bomber Jacket

Another route you can try when putting together an outfit including your bomber jacket, are creative alternatives that involve apparel pieces that would ‘up’ your game in the style department.

How do you do that? Simply try out different options for your tops, aside from t-shirts or shirts, how about a turtleneck in the winters or a plaid, checkered or subtle polka-dotted shirt.

You can even try out textured tops that have a sober or subtle knit. The same applies to your pants and trousers, how about trying a restrained stripe or check that adds some interest visually to your outfit.

If you are truly adventurous, these options would work equally well using snazzy colors for an artsy vibe.

Graphics and Shapes

Bomber jacket

This point is an interesting mix of alternative style, artistically cool and truly unique. Adding your bomber jacket to graphic t-shirts, shirts, and tops. These could be anything from vintage-inspired art and pop-culture or contemporary by design or print.

Picture tank-tops or t-shirts with music icons or public messages. Long sleeved sheer tops that give a goth-esque vibe or brightly colored tops that have a quirky element to them.

The same goes for your pants, which could be denim or fleece in a jean or a jogger pant, athletic looking or something wide enough to reflect trends of bygone years.

Think wide pant legs such as those from the seventies or stripe prints that could work equally well with your bomber jacket.

FAQs on Bomber Jackets

Is a bomber jacket smart casual?

Yes, a bomber jacket can work as part of your smart-casual style.

Can you wear a hoodie under a bomber jacket?

Definitely, a hoodie that is similar in fit to your bomber jacket would be a great choice.

What is bomber jacket weather?

Quite frankly, any weather is bomber jacket weather. Especially now that there are fabric options for bomber jackets that suit all seasons.

Can you wear bomber jackets in the summer?

You can totally wear bomber jackets in summer, provided you choose one that is in cotton, nylon, polyester, denim or some other fabric that can be worn in summer.

Bomber jackets Summed Up

bomber jacket

We can easily sum up bomber jackets and how to and when to wear bomber jackets in a simple, memorable way. Bomber jackets have evolved into a very inclusive style staple that serves as a canvas on which different people can incorporate their personal style.

Just as there is no limitation on the kind of fabric a bomber jacket can be made of, so too is there no limits on the colors or styles, or even details that a bomber jacket should or shouldn’t have. It’s all up to the wearer.

Similarly, bomber jackets can be worn as casual as can be imagined or dressed up to suit anything from smart-casual attire to semi-formal engagements. The latter being one that requires user discretion.

All in all, bomber jackets have indeed surpassed the passage of time to be just as popular and one of the most acquired wardrobes essential as it was ages ago.


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