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Are Cowhide Leather & Crazy Horse Leather The Same Thing?

crazy horse leather

Over the years, you might have come across different types of leather. But have you ever heard of crazy horse leather? The name itself may perk your ears up and instantly demand your attention – but would you be surprised if we told you that crazy horse leather is actually not sourced from horses at all? It is a type of leather that is made from cowhide leather. Not only can it last you for over 20 years, but it also gets better with age and has high durability. 

Quality and toughness is the trademark of crazy horse leather which is a full-grain leather utilized for making horse saddles. That example itself is enough to make you realize its undeniable strength since you want the saddle to be strong enough to handle force; something that isn’t easily breakable. But what else is there to know about crazy horse leather? Continue reading this comprehensive guide to find out! 

What is Crazy Horse Leather? 

What is Crazy Horse Leather? 

In the last few decades, the name crazy horse leather has earned quite a lot of popularity – and for good reason. Made from full-grain leather, crazy horse leather offers longevity, toughness, and a ravishing appearance. 

Fondly known as saddle leather, crazy horse leather is amongst the highest quality of leather across the world. It has a unique appearance, most talked-about durability, and a natural patina that is absolutely gorgeous and elevates its beauty. 

Look & Texture

The top-most layer of the crazy horse leather is untouched. This means that the scratches, scars, blemishes, and other imperfections are visible to one’s naked eye. These marks add character to the leather; something missing in other types of leather. 

Even top-grain leather has been sanded with imperfections removed with the purpose of adding uniformity to the leather. Full-grain leather doesn’t accustom to that notion and stays natural in all its glory. 

Durability & Strength

The reason why crazy horse leather is strong and durable leather is that it is almost untouched. It has a breathable texture; no part of the leather has been processed. Because of this very reason, the leather retains its ability to absorb oil and other products. Although crazy horse leather can stain easily, you can condition it regularly to ensure its cleanliness and beauty. 

Patina & Aging

The best thing about crazy horse leather is that it ages naturally. The fact that it can get stained is both a good and bad thing; due to its ability to absorb oil and waxes, it develops a patina that adds to its personality instead of wearing it out. 

Other types of leather, because they have been processed to remove natural marks, don’t usually stain. Now because of this, it can prevent itself from staining but it also prevents the patina from developing. Hence, crazy horse leather has a natural patina that allows the material to breathe and grow more beautiful with each passing day and use. 

How Is Crazy Horse Leather Made?

How Is Crazy Horse Leather Made?

This is probably the most commonly asked question about crazy horse leather: How is it made? The first thing you need to know about the production of crazy horse leather is that an entire cowhide is materialized. Except for the hair, the rest of the hide is used upon which a thick layer of wax is applied to smoothen the texture and make it look more polished. 

The main purpose of this wax is to improve the tone and shape of the leather. In addition to this, the wax also makes it resistant to liquids by elevating the durability of the leather. The appearance of the crazy horse leather is slightly enhanced with the use of this wax; a rustic and vintage persona is formed over a period of time. 

Of course, with time and usage, the leather will tear and show signs of aging through the change in tone and color. However, this multi-hued sheen wouldn’t look terrible – on the contrary, it will create a retro effect. 

What more you should know about the process of wax application is that the leather is later buffed, finished, and polished to thicken the surface and make it appear more polished and rich. 

Crazy Horse Leather – Is It A Full Cowhide Leather? 

Crazy horse leather, as we said earlier, is made from full-grain cowhide leather. Basically, crazy horse leather is made from 100% real cowhide leather i.e. the complete hide of cow in one piece, that is further treated with wax and polish to make it water-resistant and extremely durable with a supple feel and tough appearance. 

The Basic Crazy Horse Leather Care Guide

Crazy horse leather has the ability to stain due to which it becomes essential to condition it regularly.  Proper care is mandatory for the leather to sustain longer and look as ravishing and beautiful as day one. There are a few ways one can care for the crazy horse leather. 

  • Instant Conditioning

The most important rule of thumb is to clean it with a damp cloth as soon as it stains. You may further dry the leather using a dry cloth to absorb the moisture. This step protects the leather from getting stained permanently. More info on this can be found by many personal reviews online.

  • Chemical-Based Cleaners Are Harmful

Always remember to use a soft and damp cloth to remove the stains instead of reaching out for chemical cleaners. The reason one should refrain from using chemical-based substances is to protect the waxy layer that has been applied to restore the condition of the natural leather. If you use chemical cleaners, the layer of wax will disrupt and open room for further damage. 

  • Leather Creams & Conditioners

Regularly apply leather conditioners and creams to ensure it stays as beautiful as the day you purchased them. With time and use, the marks and scratches will appear – it’s part of the aging process – but the actual color and tone should stay intact if you continue the use of leather creams and conditioners.

Are Crazy Hose Leather Backpacks Any Good?

Yes, crazy horse leather is used to make backpacks for a reason. Not only is this leather 100% real and made of cowhide, but it is also the most resilient leather that you can buy. Originating from one of the best quality leather, a backpack made from crazy horse leather will last you a lifetime should you condition and care for it regularly. With time, it will adopt a vintage effect that will add to its charm and appeal. 

Can Crazy Horse Leather Shrink?

If you use crazy horse leather unconditioned for a long period of time, it will shrink. The reason is simple: it is made of organic material that has been treated with wax and oil. What it does is that it exposes the natural fiber of the leather that makes it susceptible to shrinking and in some cases, staining as well. With regular use of water, the oils are displaced, protecting the leather from shrinking. It’s best to condition the leather four to five times a year – but it also depends on how often you use the crazy horse leather product. 


Can Crazy Horse Leather Get Wet?

Not really, crazy horse leather is water-resistant to a degree; it actually needs molecules of water to clean and sustain the natural condition. However, it’s obvious to recognize that one must not drench the leather in water. For example, exposing it to rain.

How Does Crazy Horse Leather Age?

Due to the use of special wax, crazy horse leather develops a patina over time. This adds to its actual beauty and gives it a vintage effect. 

Is Crazy Horse Good For Shoes?

Crazy horse leather is incredible in terms of durability and strength which makes it great for shoes and bags. 

What’s The Difference Between Horsehide And Cowhide?

Apart from being more rigid and difficult to break in, horsehide leather has a comparatively brighter and shinier appearance than cowhide leather. 

Wrap Up

Crazy horse leather is made from full-grain cowhide leather which makes it extremely durable and naturally beautiful. With time it will develop a patina to show signs of aging, however, with proper care, this patina will give it a retro or vintage effect – adding to its charm and sophistication. This leather is extremely durable and strong making it a perfect source material for bags and shoes. 

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