Bomber to Biker- Here are the 13 Best Fall Jackets for Women!

fall jackets for women

The chilly breeze of the morning is enough to wake us up for the brand new Fall season! While we adore Fall for various reasons, the scale it gives us to explore our fashion scene is definitely higher in the ranks. After all, who doesn’t love layering up an outfit with classy coats and jackets? 
Although buying the right leather jacket for women can be tricky for some, we do take pride in ourselves for making the process fairly simple and straightforward for you. How? All you have to do is continue reading our incredible list of the best fall jackets for women.

List of 13 Best Fall Jackets For Women

We have curated a list of the best women’s fall jackets, an ultimate guide that includes exclusive fall leather jackets that are affordable and effortlessly stylish!

1.Colette Brown Leather Jacket

Colette Brown Leather Jacket

Made from real sheepskin leather, Colette brown leather jacket is the ultimate addition to your closet. With a shirt-style collar and a semi-aniline finish, this jacket is sophisticated, rustic, and highly fashionable. The color brown is actually representative of the season and the feelings it brings. Use this jacket to add life to an all-black outfit paired with heels.  

2. Flashback Blue Leather Biker Jacket

Flashback Blue Leather Biker Jacket

Match the cool vibe of the season with this electric blue color! Made from sheepskin leather, this jacket is warm, flexible, and long-lasting. You would especially like its semi-aniline finish as it gives a sleek and matte look to the outerwear. The shoulder epaulets and metallic hardware are a work of genius as they provide a contemporary yet edgy look. The flashback blue leather biker jacket is one of our best fall jackets and a must-have for fall!

3. Kelsee Mocha Suede Biker Jacket

Kelsee Mocha Suede Biker Jacket

A mocha-colored biker jacket to represent your undying love for coffee, this Kelsee Mocha Suede Biker Jacket is great for casual as well as semi-formal occasions. The use of goatskin leather supported by the suede finish and the exquisite quilted polyester lining adds up to the fashion-forward approach of our craftsmen. This is available in other colors like black, blue, and green but the vibe of this shade is simply unmatched. 

4. Alison Brown Suede Biker Jacket

Alison Brown Suede Biker Jacket

If you’re interested in upping your fashion game, buy the Alison Brown Suede Biker Jacket right now! The designers have truly outdone themselves as you can tell by the detailing. From the removable belt and to the military-like shoulder epaulets to the perfect hemline and the notch-style collar, it is one of those stylish fall jackets destined to be an instant hit. The beautiful use of suede simply adds to its beauty. This stunning brown jacket will be the star of any outfit so make sure you let the rest of the outfit stay neutral and simple. 

5. Rave Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Rave Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Another hit amongst the masses, the Rave Brown Leather Biker Jacket is classic outerwear with a rustic and contemporary vibe. At the first glance, you’d feel that it’s made from cowhide which is rather rugged and tough but you’d be surprised to find that it’s actually made of sheepskin; one of the more flexible and comfortable leather types. The collar has a band with a snap button which gives it an edgy and androgynous look. 

6. Westa A-2 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Westa A-2 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

The Westa A-2 Brown leather bomber jacket is country and how! If you’re planning on spending Fall in the countryside, make sure you take the best fall jacket with you. It will protect you from the chilly wind in the evenings and the rub-off leather finish adds to its unique appearance. Usually, fall jackets for women don’t have chest pockets, but we’ve discarded the gender norms by adding two well-crafted chest pockets on the front. Make it part of your casual wardrobe and find it easier to create trendy outfits every day! 

7. Adalyn Quilted Mocha Suede Biker Jacket

Adalyn Quilted Mocha Suede Biker Jacket

A jacket designed to look grunge and androgynous. Adalyn quilted mocha suede biker jacket is made of goatskin with a leather finish. The color of the jacket precisely matches the vibe of the season. The use of quilted polyester lining is actually perfect as it adds to the comfort and warmth. With the zipper style and band collar, this jacket is all that you need to upgrade your fashion game!

8. Cora Quilted Black Leather Blazer


Take a break from leather jackets and check out the Cora quilted black leather blazer. This outerwear is cosmopolitan and has an accent that is feminine and fashion-forward. The aniline finish along with the button closure and open hem cuffs – all are unique additions contributing to the exquisite style of this trendy blazer. Wear it on top of a skirt or formal pants, this is ideal in both casual and semi-formal outfits.

9. Carolyn Quilted Vintage Brown Biker Jacket

Carolyn Quilted Vintage Brown Biker Jacket

Create a vintage look by pairing the Carolyn quilted vintage brown biker jacket with an equally smooth and retro outfit. The use of real goatskin leather rewards in a rustic and contemporary look. This jacket is amongst the best fall jackets for women as it matches the vibe of the cool winds of autumn mornings. It is highly functional and flexible as well as trendy in terms of the silhouette and accent of the outerwear. 

10. Norma Maroon Leather Blazer

Norma Maroon Leather Blazer

Another blazer on the list is made of real sheepskin leather in maroon. Wear it with a turtleneck sweater and a pencil skirt to work or business gatherings. The semi-aniline finish gives it a polished and smooth texture whereas the quilted polyester lining provides warmth and comfort. Norma Maroon Leather Blazer is amongst the undeniable choices for fall-winter jackets. 

11. Marilyn Tan Brown Leather Blazer

Marilyn Tan Brown Leather Blazer

Brighten up the Autumn mornings with this Marilyn Tan Brown Leather Blazer. It’s stunning to look at and eccentric yet understated addition to your business casual outfit. The use of leather buttons is an interesting choice that receives a nod of approval from top designers and stylists. It’s functional, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish. Wear it with a turtleneck or knit sweater top, this blazer is a definite head turner!

12. Sandy Tan Dye Leather Coat

Sandy Tan Dye Leather Coat

Support your hipster style with the Sandy Tan Dye Leather Coat. This one of the best fall coats got a vintage design that works well with the color and zipper format. It has an interesting dip and dye finish that is extremely trendy these days. Get in the spirit of Fall by pairing this coat with other hipster clothing items, like a silver shiny blouse and jeans. 

13. Bliss Green Suede Bomber Jacket

Bliss Green Suede Bomber Jacket

Ending the list with our favorite Bliss Green Suede Bomber Jacket. The color is an instant classic that brings out the ultra-modern fashionista within you. The suede jacket is simple and understated but the interesting varsity rib knit collar makes it eccentric and modish. You can wear it with an all-black outfits or it also goes well with an all-white outfit. 

In Conclusion

Fall is the time when your fashion instincts are best applied. Buy any of the fall jackets for women listed above to elevate your style; they’re highly affordable and easily wearable. And women who crave more from their outerwear can take a look at our custom leather jackets offering. From customizing our existing design to creating something from the base, our custom jackets are bespoke in their true essence. Sign-up for a free design consultation now!

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