Outfits with Blue Shoes: Get Styling Tips for Men and Much More!

outfits with blue shoes

In the fashion world, a man is known by the shoes he keeps. And what depicts the true charm of a shoe? The color, of course! Usually, you will find black or brown shoes in a man’s wardrobe. But trying out outfits with blue shoes can be an interesting experiment. 

Just as a typical blue denim jacket has a stunning appeal, similarly blue shoes made of suede or leather can also look remarkable if you know what to wear with blue shoes. It will open a wide range of formal and casual outfit possibilities. In the guide below, we recommend some great styling tips for men’s outfits with blue shoes. 

Styling Tips for Blue Suede Shoes

There is a common misconception that blue shoes are suede shoes, which is not entirely true. However, outfits with blue shoes in suede can be used to craft most smart casual looks. 

The blue color of the suede is striking and yet has a sophisticated touch to it. You can even style it for formal gatherings, but with the right tips. It also works well when worn with contrasting colors, which gives the ensemble more appeal. Here’s our recommended formal and casual styles on how to wear blue shoes in suede.    

Formal Outfits with Blue Suede Shoes: Idea #1

Wear neutral colored chinos with a shirt in any light shade. Top it with a dark navy blazer and add those blue suede shoes to wrap up this refined and sophisticated outfit for your next business meeting. 

Formal Outfits with Blue Suede Shoes: Idea #2

Try a black-on-black style for this one. Blue shoes with black jeans and black dress shirt and top it with a Houndstooth blazer in blue. Adding a silk tie in blue would craft the most formal and chic look.  

Formal Outfits with Blue Suede Shoes: Idea #3

For a formal look especially for weddings, try wearing a white dress shirt with your best suit. If the suit is in gray check design then that would give the outfit a refined look. To choose the best shoes to wear suits, try blue suede loafers.

Formal Outfits with Blue Suede Shoes: Idea #4

How about a neat look for a formal occasion? Simply add a trench coat to your navy suit without any second thoughts. Your suede loafers in navy will complement the whole outfit.

Casual Outfits with Blue Suede Shoes: Idea #1

To style your go-to casual combo, you can wear charcoal chinos with a long sleeve blue shirt in floral print. With blue suede shoes at the bottom, your outfit will match with the top and look just simple and effortless. For a quick summer-casual look, try blue loafers with shorts!

Casual Outfits with Blue Suede Shoes: Idea #2

For another casual pairing, try wearing a white and blue striped dress shirt with white skinny jeans. Add blue suede leather loafers to the equation and see your outfit elevate to the next level. It is one of the most functional and smart loafer outfits men would love to wear. 

Casual Outfits with Blue Suede Shoes: Idea #3

How about creating an outfit around the most versatile and popular items –short sleeve shirts and chino pants for men.  Wear the shirt in any light shade with charcoal chinos to create contrast. With blue suede shoes, you are ready to get going for any routine tasks and activities. This combo is an equal match as the black-shoes-with-khakis combo.

Casual Outfits with Blue Suede Shoes: Idea #4

Let’s talk about the winning casual combo –denim shirt with jeans. Blue suede shoes give the combo a touch of relaxation. This combo can be a go-to style especially for teenagers who are more into casual clothing.

Styling Tips for Blue Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are the best formal shoes any man can own.  Here’s our recommendation on what goes with blue shoes made of leather.

Formal Outfits with Blue Leather Shoes: Idea #1

What to wear with blue shoes men can carry elegantly to any formal meeting is not a tedious task. With blue leather derby shoes in hand, you can pair a white dress shirt with navy suit. This combination is the ultimate boss-wear.

Formal Outfits with Blue Leather Shoes: Idea #2

For a classical and elegant outfit, wear a matching suit with a shirt in any contrast color such as white or gray. Add a pair of blue leather oxford shoes. If you are looking for outfits with navy blue shoes, then this is just for you. 

Formal Outfits with Blue Leather Shoes: Idea #3

Try leather brogues in blue to craft another formal look. Pair a navy plaid suit in blue with a long-sleeved chambray shirt as an undershirt. You may add a large overcoat on top to add elegance to this outfit. This ensemble can even outshine your double monk-strap outfit.

Formal Outfits with Blue Leather Shoes: Idea #4

This outfit has ‘formal’ written all over it. Formal clothing calls for a three piece suit in navy blue. Add a white dress undershirt with a plaid tie. Finish off the look with heeled navy derby leather shoes because men wearing heels is the trending fashion of the century. Inspire your colleagues with your fashion sense. 

Casual Outfits with Blue Leather Shoes: Idea #1

This is a killer casual look any man would love to don. Get a blue polo shirt and wear it with brown chino pants. Blue leather oxford shoes will add charm to this simple and easy-going outfit. 

Casual Outfits with Blue Leather Shoes: Idea #2

This blue-on-blue outfit is casual yet emanates a classy vibe. You will need dress pants and a shirt with short sleeves in navy blue. At the bottom wear navy blue derby shoes made of leather and complete the look.

Casual Outfits with Blue Leather Shoes: Idea #3

This is a must-have outfit for your wardrobe. A simple t-shirt and pair of chinos in navy with a blazer on top. Add leather blue shoes men are bound to have in their wardrobes. This gives an overall sexy and chic look.

Casual Outfits with Blue Leather Shoes: Idea #4

Try this decent look by wearing blue skinny jeans with a white shirt. Top it with a jeans jacket and wear your derby shoes in navy blue.

Styling tips for blue sneakers

Sneakers are another word for casual shoes. Adding them to any outfit instantly turns the ensemble into a laid-back and relaxed combo. Styling blue sneakers is a no-brainer if you compare it with the tedious task of how to style combat boots. 

However, sneakers are available in many colors and designs, but here we will focus on the charm of blue sneakers.

Casual Outfits with Blue Sneakers: Idea #1

What can be more casual than wearing a hoodie? This outfit is comfortable for your friends’ hangouts. Wear cargo pants  with your favorite hoodie and add up blue sneakers to make it a perfect outdoor casual look. 

Casual Outfits with Blue Sneakers: Idea #2

If you are looking for a stylish and versatile look, then ripped jeans are your safest bet. You can wear any shirt and top it with a sweater. Lastly, your blue sneakers will take you out on the road as a carefree man who likes to keep it simple and basic.

Casual Outfits with Blue Sneakers: Idea #3

Try the combo of jeans with cardigan for the winters. This combo makes you look trendy in a casual way. Select any t-shirt and wear blue shoes with black jeans representing the winters. Your blue sneakers will be perfect for an informal date.

Casual Outfits with Blue Sneakers: Idea #4

Let’s do a mix of casual and formal styles. You need a sweater, chino pants and blue sneakers. Choose a sweater with a minimal design in neutral colors. This outfit style stands out among other casual outfits.


We conclude that blue shoes can be paired into many outfit styles which are fashionable and trendy. Usually shoes are designed with darker shades of blue such as navy and dark blue. These shoes look best when worn with outfits in neutral colors or lighter shades. This helps in complementing the whole outfit. 

We encourage you to try these outfits with shoes and grow out of the traditional fashion norms. 

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