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Types of Loafers & Styling Loafers with Shorts

For some reason, there is this notion that loafers are ‘basic looking’. We are here to tell you that, that is not the case at all. Loafers are stylish pairs of shoes that bridge the gap between everyday casual and formal wear. 

Loafers were designed with the idea of creating a shoe that is easy to slip on and off. It’s a dapper-looking shoe that you can go anywhere in. The shoe is made of a bunch of different materials like leather and suede and looks great with almost every outfit. Loafers are comfortable shoes for work, vacation, and even everyday wear. 

6 Types of Loafers You Need To Get 

Men’s loafer dress shoes are a timeless style of shoewear. The thing about loafers is that there is a certain style for everyone. Some loafers have a classier vibe while others are better suited for casual looks. Down below are 6 different types of loafers that you should add to your wardrobe. 

  1. The Penny Loafer 

Let’s start off with a classic loafer style, The Penny. It’s sleek, it’s comfortable and it can double as a dress shoe. The overall style is that of a basic loafer. A strap with a diamond (penny slot) shaped slot runs over the top of the shoe. This is where the shoe gets its name from. The penny is a great choice for casual or semi-formal events. 

  1. The Tassel Loafer 

A bit more decorated version of the traditional loafer, the tassel loafer is an eye-catching style. The trendy appearance of this loafer makes it an excellent choice for semi-formal and formal wear. The material the loafer is made of also sets the tone of the shoe. Tassel leather loafers create a more sophisticated look while suede ones are a great option for loafers to wear with jeans. 

  1. The Horsebit Loafer 

What’s a loafer without a little bit of hardware? The horsebit loafer is a level above the rest, with a gold buckle that sits on top of the shoe. This loafer style is everywhere. Its sophisticated yet trendy look is great for both casual, and formal wear. 

  1. The Driving Loafer 

If you want a pair of casual loafers to wear with jeans then the Driving Loafer is just the shoe for you. With its pebble outsole and monotone laces, this shoe is a must-have for casual wear. Summertime and casual clothing pair wonderfully with this relaxed style. 

  1. The Slipper Loafer

Devoid of all noisy bits and bobs, this loafer style means business. This style is so sleek on its own that it doesn’t need any bold hardware or pizzazz to stand out. The material the slipper is made of sets the vibe for the outfit. Pro-tip, if you plan to wear a suit with loafers, pick one in leather. If you want a more casual outfit then suede is the way to go. 

  1. The Boat Loafer

The Boat Loafer is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. This style of shoe is hard to pull off. It has a lot going on, with laces, additional leather straps, and rubber outsoles.  Another thing about this loafer style is that it looks horrible when paired with socks. It is an absolute no-no.  A plus point about boat loafers is that they look extremely stylish with shorts and not to forget, are an extremely comfortable shoe to wear. 

How to Wear Loafers with Shorts 

Loafers are a great way to bring together high scale fashion and are also considered business casual shoes. Now that you know about the different types of shoes, it’s time to explore how you can style them. 

Loafers are a shoe style that looks great with almost every clothing style. Its classy silhouette brings an element of sophistication. The specific details of each style contribute to the fashionable side of these shoes. How to wear loafers with jeans, shorts, and suits can all be learned with just a few tricks and tips. Today, however, our focus is on loafers and shorts. 

5 Tips On How to Style Loafers with Shorts 

The loafer shoe itself is extremely versatile. It can work with many different outfits. When you pair loafers with shorts, the result is a casual look. When we say casual, it can be an everyday wear sort of situation. Or, it can also be smart-casual, think garden parties and brunches. 

To sum it up, loafers and shorts create a laid-back combination. Also, since shorts are designed for warmer months, loafers with shorts create the perfect summer-casual outfit. Below are 5 tips that you should remember when picking out loafers to style with shorts.

  1. Pick the Right Loafer Material

Suede shoes for casual wear. Leather for smart-casual. 

  1. Choose the Loafer Style According to Your Outfit

Penny Loafers and Driving Loafers for casual wear, horse-bit for formal wear. 

  1. Choose Appropriate Shorts 

Casual jeans and linen shorts pair well with suede loafers while khaki shorts with leather loafers. 

  1. Keep the Color Scheme Classy 

Try to pick out basic colors like black, beige, and blue when it comes to shorts. This can be paired with a shirt of your choice easily. For the color of the loafers, brown is a safe bet. Brown loafers look exceptional with almost everything. 

  1. Invest in Some Loafer Socks 

Loafer socks or no-show socks are created especially to be worn with loafers. These socks are the perfect length, that is they won’t ruin the display of the shoe. 

Keep these tips in mind the next time you go shopping for loafers.

6 Outfit Ideas To Wear Loafers With Shorts 

Loafers and shorts when paired together create a sexy, preppy outfit. The whole relaxed vibe with a classy shoe is bound to get heads turning. However, styling , without them looking obnoxious, can be a bit challenging. This is why we have created 6 outfits that we hope will inspire you. 

  1. Blue Button Down + White Shorts + Horsebit Loafers 
Blue Button Down + White Shorts + Horsebit Loafers 

Create the perfect brunch look by pairing a vibrant blue button-down and a pair of white shorts. Add on a dark brown belt to break up the colors. Complete the look with a pair of tan horse-bit loafers. This outfit is a great way to wear men’s loafers with shorts. 

  1. White Linen Shirt + Printed Shorts + Penny Loafers 
White Linen Shirt + Printed Shorts + Penny Loafers 

Penny loafers and shorts make an excellent duo. Tuck a white linen button-down into a pair of printed shorts. Add on dark brown penny loafers to complete this swoon-worthy look. 

  1. Olive Green T-Shirt + Beige Shorts + Tan Boat Loafers 
Olive Green T-Shirt + Beige Shorts + Tan Boat Loafers 

Boat loafer shoes for men work really well with casual outfits. Put together an easy cool look by pairing a crew neck T-shirt with a pair of beige shorts. Add a dark brown belt and tan boat loafers to finish off the look. 

  1. Offwhite Shirt + Green Cargo Shorts + Espadrille Loafers
Offwhite Shirt + Green Cargo Shorts + Espadrille Loafers

Espadrille loafers are probably one of the best everyday shoes for men. They are stylish, comfortable, and wearable. Create a relaxed look by pairing an off-white button-down with a pair of olive green cargo shorts. Add on gray espadrille loafers to complete the outfit. 

  1. Checkered Shirt + Light Gray Shorts + Tassel Loafers 
Checkered Shirt + Light Gray Shorts + Tassel Loafers 

Pairing a checkered shirt with neutral-colored shorts is a great way to style shorts. This creates the perfect canvas for loafers to be styled. Add on a pair of tassel loafers and see how the leather shoes become the star of the outfit. 

  1. Black Collar T-shirt + Beige Shorts + Driving Loafers 
Black Collar T-shirt + Beige Shorts + Driving Loafers 

If you’re looking for outfit ideas to wear on a day-to-day basis then we have just the look for you. Pair a black collared tee with some basic beige shorts. Add on black driving shorts for a touch of style. You can wear this look everywhere and the best part is, it works with so many different variations. 


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Conclusion  – Stay Fashionable With Loafers 

Loafers are a style of shoe that looks expensive. The silhouette of the shoe and the detailing on it make it a must-have. They can be worn with both casual and formal attires, but we’d say loafers look best when paired casually with shorts. 

The different styles of loafers make them versatile enough to be worn all year long. All in all, it’s a shoe every man should own. We hope this guide inspires you to style loafers, especially with shorts.

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