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Here are the Ten Best Loafer Outfits for Men

If you rank men’s shoes according to their level of versatility, loafers would top the list. These are comfortable slip on shoes that are non the lesser in terms of style. For men who wish to incorporate these shoes into a variety of looks, we have compiled the best loafer outfits for men. 

Before jumping into the outfits that go with loafers, you must know that loafers offer a middle ground between formal and casual wear. This makes them an excellent transitional footwear. You can wear them with a casual shorts outfit to nail summer streetwear or, you can pair them with a smart casual outfit that you can wear in dressier situations. 

Loafers Fashion for Men

An undisputed men’s wardrobe mainstay, loafers are comfortable low top shoes. Some types of loafers have laces while others don’t. Not to forget some loafers that also have a buckle closure and tassel detail.

Loafers are a classic and affordable option, as compared to the other high end shoes like double monks or Chelsea boots. These versatile shoes are available in different varieties, such as penny loafers, horsebit style or snaffle loafers. A few other popular variations of loafers are tassel loafers, boat shoes, moccasins and espadrilles. Consider personalizing your custom denim jacket with unique patches or embroidery for a personalized touch.

Although they have been a part of menswear fashion since the 1950s, loafers are quite trendy. They lend themselves easily to a variety of looks, such as street casual, smart casual or dressy looks for summer. 

Choose the appropriate material for the loafer shoe according to the weather. Suede loafers will be a comfortable and lightweight choice for spring and summer. While leather ones can be opted for in the cold season. 

How to Wear Loafers?

Going sockless or invisible socks with loafers is the common method of wearing these shoes. But if you are wearing penny loafers or patent leather ones with workwear outfits, opt for socks in a dark color. For casual outfits with jeans, chinos or shorts, ditch the socks for an easy going style. 

The choice of color for your loafers can be a style statement in itself. Black and brown and blue loafers will suit almost any outfit, portraying unique versatility. If you want a pop of color in any outfit, opt for burgundy or green loafers. Beige, tan, mocha, grey and sea green are some other popular hues that can bring up the style meter reading. 

Men’s Loafer Outfits

Depending upon the look that you wish to achieve, you can style the loafers with a variety of clothing staples. Wear them with blazers, suits, or jackets to heighten the style. Here are the loafer outfits for men which enable you to steal the show. 

Pants to Wear with Loafers

Pants to Wear with Loafers

Loafers go with all types of bottom wear that are deemed appropriate with dressy outfits. You can wear them with slim fit or straight leg jeans, cotton twill chinos, and khakis. The dark and light colors of these pants pair well with loafers. 

  • Create an unbeatable style by wearing loafers with khakis. To nail the khakis with loafers, wear a light grey chambray shirt and light brown khaki pants with tan tassel loafers. Make sure the color of your loafers complement the shade of the khakis to create a cohesive and sleek look.
  • You can also wear loafer shoes with leather jacket and chino pants outfits to build a street appropriate look. For instance, go for a combo of black chinos and a t-shirt along with a brown café racer jacket and brown penny loafers. Or, wear black tassel loafers with a grey Henley and blue slim fit chinos outfit and layer a black biker jacket over it. 
  • Nail the smart casual look with a striped blue polo along with khaki pants. Slide on your espadrille style loafers and you are good to go.

How to Wear Loafers with Shorts

How to Wear Loafers with Shorts

When the temperatures are soaring high, your style should not take a back seat. Loafers give you an option to look out together even in the hot weather as they are low top and quite lightweight. Wearing leather loafers with shorts gives an impression of a man who wishes to stay relaxed but never compromises his style. Be careful of the pairing as you can come off as sloppy if shorts and loafer styling is done wrong. 

  • We suggest wearing a white shirt outfit with loafers. Opt for a white round neck buttoned shirt with navy blue chino shorts and a pair of tan loafers. Give final style touches with aviator style shades and a dress watch. 
  • Another idea is to opt for a black polo with khaki shorts and go for dusty brown tassel loafers to complete the smart casual look. 

How to Wear Loafers with Jeans

How to Wear Loafers with Jeans

There are multiple ways to style your jeans outfits with a blazer. 

  • For a dressy look, you can opt for a white button down and slim fit blue jeans. Wear a single breasted red blazer over it, and slide on Italian loafers to finish the look. 
  • For the cold weather, you can team up a grey turtleneck, navy blue jeans, and a tweed blazer along with charcoal grey metal tassel loafers. A grey beret would add to the style by rounding off the look.

Men’s Casual Loafers with Jeans

Men's Casual Loafers with Jeans

Jeans along with loafers give a stylish look that can drift into the laid back spectrum of style as well. 

  • Choose a red and black flannel with steel blue slim fit denim and style it with a pair of mocha suede loafers. 
  • An idea for a layered outfit for the fall is to wear a red pullover sweater over a cream colored Henley and grey jeans. One usually picks a pair of stylish Chelsea boots with this outfit, but you can swap them with penny loafers to boost the style factor. 
  • Summer street style can never be easier than this. Just team up light-shaded jeans, preferably white, along with a pastel yellow round neck t-shirt. Add swanky vibes with a pair of brown tassel loafers.

How to Wear Loafers with a Suit

How to Wear Loafers with a Suit

Wearing loafers with a suit is possible, but you cannot wear formal black tie attire with them. Loafers would look good with casual suits like the wide pinstripe suit or a casual unstructured suit in different colors. 

  • With a white button down and casual grey suit, opt for black suede loafers with a metal clasp. Style your look with a trendy dress watch and sunglasses. 
  • Wear a combo of black suit with brown shoes to nail the business casual look effortlessly. A black and grey checked suit with a light blue dress shirt and brown loafers is sure to reveal your unbeatable style.


How should men wear loafers casually?

For a casual look, just wear the moccasin loafers with smart jeans and a polo outfit, or opt for metal clasp loafers with a grey flannel and black chinos.  

When should we wear loafers?

For men, loafers are an ideal option for a casual to dressy transition. You can wear loafers with appropriate outfits all year round, to occasions such as a brunch meetup, or a casual evening party.

Are loafers formal?

The level of formality depends upon the style and color of loafers. Sleeker designs, like the Italian loafer, or patent leather ones in dark colors can be worn with suits.  


When you want to prioritize your comfort and still put together a clean look, loafers are a great option. Whether you want a refined, classy look, or a voguish street look, you can just opt for your loafers. 

Investing in these stylish shoes is definitely a good idea to boost the versatility of your wardrobe. If you are still clueless, just try the men’s loafer outfits suggested above for a no fail look. 

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