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A Complete Guide to the Workwear Fashion Trend

workwear fashion

Outfits fit for work. This is probably the best way, to sum up, what the workwear trend is all about. When it comes to menswear, the clothing options have to play a double role. They have to be both trendy and functional. Men tend to have a minimalist wardrobe and so owning some signature pieces can create looks ready to take on the world!

The whole idea of the ‘workwear trend’ can get a tad bit confusing. As a general rule, we’re taught that certain items are designed for a specific sector of the workforce. Do lumberman jackets ring a bell? They are labeled as belonging to a certain occupation. 

Fashion, however, has no rules. No matter what your occupation is, you can make anything work!  

What Makes Workwear Desirable? 

The menswear sector, for the major population, revolves around one word, ‘durable’.  Workwear items like those designed for carpenters and fishermen, have the appeal of being both functional but also timeless. These pieces always stay relevant and age well, all while adding character to an outfit. 

Another plus point for such items is that they are easy to layer. Keeping you snug and fashionable throughout the year. The simplicity of workwear is the perfect paradox in the modern world. It is as though the roots of fashion remain grounded through these pieces. Through workwear, corporate workers can get an idea of what good old labor feels like.

Workwear Textures 

The idea of workwear is not to stand out but to create a look that reflects subtlety. Fabrics like cotton, denim, wool, chambray, and flannel form the foundation of the workwear aesthetic. The subdued effect of these materials is a breath of fresh air. They skillfully make their place in a world full of glitter and shimmer.  

A story resides in every one of these pieces. One that gets better and better with each wear. The whole look can be described as ‘down-to-earth’. 

The DO’s and Don’t of Workwear 

Do Keep a Balance Between Comfort and Fashion 

Workwear outfits for men should be smart and fit for the job. The clothes should go well with your everyday activities. Wearing a pair of well-tailored pants while you’re a carpenter by occupation, could complicate things. A better-suited option in this scenario would be a pair of loose-fit trousers with a rugged jacket to complete the look. 

Don’t Try To Coordinate 

Workwear style is generally easy to get away with. The one thing you want to avoid is stacking up on similar items. Don’t go for the matching jacket and trousers, unless it is what the job entails. 

Do Break-up Patterns 

Go for the modern workwear look and mix up quiet, rustic items with some well-tailored picks. The mix and match are bound to create looks that reflect your individuality. Pair a flannel jacket with a pair of ankle-cut trousers to create a ‘ragged-chic look’. 

Don’t Go Crazy With Color 

The focus of workwear is not to be the prime focus. The craft is supposed to shine through its soft strands. The low-key outfit speaks volumes if given a voice with just the right amount of color. A striped sweater with a navy blue chore jacket and a pair of distressed jeans create a look that intrigues the eye. 

Do Explore With Accessories 

If the 9-5 look is not for you then hipster work clothes can be a better option. Accessories can be daunting but when rightly used can dictate the whole look. 

Statement pieces like bags and beanies can add a whole new twist to the workwear style. 

Workwear Pieces To Look Out For 

The Chore Jacket  

The Chore Jacket  

The chore jacket as the name suggests was created with the idea of protecting its wearer when performing outdoor chores. The jacket has a boxy look with strategically placed pockets. Overall the jacket is a must-have piece that can be effortlessly dressed up or down. 

Flannel Shirts 

Flannel Shirts 

Flannel shirts are what I like to call the ‘symbol of workwear’. These shirts can easily capture the boy-next-door look while still embodying the workwear spirit. 

The universally worn look includes a flannel shirt, khaki pants, and a woolen beanie. 

If you’re going for a rugged man’s summer style, then you can pair a flannel shirt with a pair of shorts and sneakers. A sort of workwear meets leisure scenario. 

Denim Shirts 

Denim Shirts 

Tough, well constructed, and sturdy. These words can be used to describe both workers and denim. A denim shirt is an easy way to incorporate the workwear style into your wardrobe. The denim on denim look can be a bit difficult to master but if you’re feeling up for it, try it out with two different tones of denim, and don’t forget to accessorize!

Cargo Pants 

Cargo Pants 

Cargo pants are probably the most useful pair of trousers out there. They were essentially created to assist army personnel. The number of pockets not only adds an edge to the overall outfit but also, proves to be very useful. 



If the blue-collar clothing style doesn’t fit your taste then overalls are another great way to explore the workwear trend. While most shy away from men’s overalls, those who take up the challenge truly stand out. Originally created for farmers and miners, this item has become a staple when it comes to workwear. 

Pair these stylish construction clothes with a pair of white leather sneakers to get the chilled-out, workwear look. 

Modern vs Hipster Workwear 

Modern Workwear 

Modern Workwear 

The modern man is one who works a 9-5 job and focuses on well-tailored trousers with a patterned cotton shirt to compliment the look. An overall, laid-back business casual vibe. If you’re feeling a bit rebellious, you can always add a pair of real workwear jeans to the mix. This maintains the business casual look while adding a touch of earthiness. 

Hipster Workwear 

Hipster Workwear 

If the traditional office job is not something you connect with then you can always make workwear customized for you. If you like funky work clothes then, a brown chore jacket with a wool beanie and some chunky boots can make a great outfit. 


What is workwear fashion?

Workwear fashion is clothing that is created with work in mind. Work that involves manual labor. The trend can be followed by anyone who wants to get a feel for old-school labor, without having to get their hands dirty. 

When did workwear fashion become a thing? 

Workwear was introduced in the 1920s and since then has become a trend that transcends all others. Nevertheless, it is increasing in popularity day by day.

Why do workers wear denim jeans?

Denim is a material that is known to be tough and resistant. The fabric pairs well with the everyday activities of workers and the excess wear add to the overall rugged look. 

What colors are worn as workwear fashion? 

Workwear fashion is subtle and is all about matte fabrics. The colors are earthy and toned down and consist mostly of the basic blue, brown, and beige.

How many styles are there in workwear fashion? 

Workwear fashion is a whole branch of fashion that has many different styles and pieces. Some of the more famous ones include flannel shirts, denim, cargo pants, chore jackets, and overalls. 

Workwear For Everyone!

The concept of taking something so basic and molding it into a trend is what workwear is all about. Whether you’re part of the corporate world or the labor force, workwear is a bridge between both these worlds. It is a way for one to express themselves while getting work done. Workwear is efficient and here to stay. 

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