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Outfit Guide: Stylish Ways to Wear Streetwear this Summer

summer streetwear

Streetwear is taking the fashion industry by storm. Comfortable, affordable, and fashionable. Streets are the new runways and everybody is a model. You no longer have to confine yourself to the worlds of couture and luxurious fashion. Strut your style with wearable items and bring fashion into your daily life! 

Weather plays a big role when it comes to fashion. It’s easier to layer clothes and follow trends in the colder months but, the scorching heat in summer isn’t too fashion friendly. You just have to be smart when it comes to summer streetwear outfits. It’s all about choosing the right fabrics.

Instead of picking leather and denim, why not shift your attention to lightweight materials like linen and cotton blends. They are easier to layer and have the craziest prints. 

Summer Fashion

Trying to beat the heat while staying trendy is what summer fashion is all about. There are a few staple pieces that you NEED to have in your wardrobe. 

Streetwear is all about mixing and matching. Don’t go putting away your favorite collared shirt in the cupboard just yet. Try pairing it with a pair of printed linen shirts and you’re ready for the sun. 

Types of Streetwear 

An outfit to walk the streets? Sounds a bit odd right? Well, that isn’t what streetwear is about. Streetstyle is all about expressing one’s feelings through clothing. Feeling both comfortable and confident in what you wear. 

There are many different types of streetwear styles. To sum them up there are 3 different clothing types that can be used to describe streetwear.

  1. Clothing Created For Streetwear – These clothes are created solely with streetwear in mind. Clothing items like sweatshirts and puffy jackets fall into this group, making streetwear iconic.
  2. Athletic wear – Sportswear was originally created with gym and well sports in mind, but it has made a transition into the streetwear game. Think biker shorts and a button-up shirt. Now that’s a look. However, sportswear’s biggest contribution to the streetwear industry remains sneakers. 
  3. Luxury Streetwear – Labels couldn’t be left behind now could they? Throw on gray sweats and top the look off with a branded snapback and voila! You’re ready to take on the streets. 

Staple Streetwear Pieces

Menswear used to be one of the most overlooked branches of fashion but look how times have changed. Guys are taking interest in their appearances and men’s summer streetwear outfits are all the rage. 

The way to dominate the streetwear game is by carefully selecting some everyday picks and a few statement items to build a wardrobe that works throughout the year. The easiest and fastest millennial way to put together an outfit is by choosing one item you wear all the time, one you have to get rid of, one you will never get rid of, and one new item. Combine them all together and you are ready to serve. 

Let’s get to building a fire wardrobe!



When it comes to streetwear, shorts are one of the most in-demand pieces. They are lightweight, come in all sorts of colors and prints, and can easily be dressed up or down. The best streetwear shorts, in my opinion, are those that just scrape the knees. They complete the overall look nicely.

Shorts are an easy way to achieve the skater-boy look. Combine it with a white tee, a pair of sneakers, and a snapback. If you want something a bit more high-class then, a collared shirt, with a well-tailored pair of shorts and leather loafers is the way to go. 

Cargo Pants 

Cargo Pants 

Summer street style 2024 is all about layering. Cargo pants are a staple piece to own and they look great on everyone. They bring a combat vibe to the whole look and work with shirts, leather jackets, vests you name it.

Camo prints are always in fashion and when you combine them with cargo pants you have a winner. Add a pair of leather boots and you are ready. 

Linen Shirts 

Linen Shirts 

Breezy linen shorts are a great way to tackle the unbearable heat. They can be worn on their own or layered with a tee. 

Did someone say Miami? Summer streetwear fits are all about color so why not wear a colorful patterned open shirt, a shirt inside, and a pair of shorts?



The ultimate streetwear symbol. If casual streetwear is what you gravitate toward then it’s time to invest in a bunch of sweatshirts. Pop Stars and celebrities love this category of clothing and do a brilliant job at pulling it off. You can too!

Baggy summer outfits are freeing from the struggles of skinny jeans and tight tees. No matter what your body size or shape is, sweatshirts just ooze swag. Accessorize the look with a hat and maybe a jacket wrapped around the waist. 

Streetwear and Color 

The two places that dominate the streetwear trend are

  1. Japan 
  2. New York 

If you want to learn how to dress classy in the summer then, take a page out of their books. Get some streetwear outfit inspo by checking out NYC summer outfits. Create a look that matches your style by getting ideas from these tried and tested looks.

Most streetwear looks focus on colors and not subtle ones. Red, yellow, blue, green, and even pink. These colors draw attention and quite literally command the streets. 

In contrast, urban streetwear revolves around the color black and the rest of the outfit is built around it. The overall look is described as street-style edgy. Guys’ streetwear outfits in Japan are majorly based on the urban look and the fits are swoon-worthy. 


How to put together a summer streetwear outfit?

Summer streetwear is all about feeling comfy and stylish while strutting down the street. The basics of a streetwear outfit include a baggy oversized shirt, a pair of sneakers, matching sweats or shorts, and accessories. To really seal the deal, throw on a puffy jacket, or better yet, tie one around your waist. Try and test new styles and patterns to find out what works best for you. 

Are overall shorts in style in 2024?

Overall shorts will always be in style. This trend will continue throughout 2024 but printed and retro shorts are also in fashion. 

What to wear to the beach in Summer?

Beachwear should be lightweight and bright. Pick a printed shirt and pair it with a pair of plain shorts, keeping the focus on the shirt. Accessorize with a pair of sunnies and a bucket hat. 

Can sportswear be worn as streetwear? 

Sportswear is one of the types of streetwear, and you can see influencers and celebrities following this trend religiously. When it comes to fashion, there are no boundaries. Just hits and misses. Sportswear as streetwear is a big hit.

What types of shoes go well with streetwear? 

Leather sneakers are the go-to shoes when it comes to streetwear. All in all, it always comes down to the overall outfit and the kind of vibe you’re going for.

The World Is Your Runway 

Streetwear is the most lively and daring trend when it comes to fashion. It’s all about risks and bold prints. You are your own canvas and the streets are where fashion comes alive. 

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