The Baggy Style: How to Wear Oversized Clothes

baggy clothes style

When you don’t want to put effort into your appearance, baggy clothes are the best go-to for a comfortable lifestyle. The loose shapeless clothes include giant oversized t-shirts, sweaters, bomber jackets, and a lot more. 

Due to the emergence of street style, oversized clothing has come a long way, aside from being lazy bed attire. Baggy clothes are as fashionable as regular clothing, Below we are going to discuss the ways in which anyone can rock baggy-style apparel. 

Choosing The Right Size

A girl wearing a teddy bear printed oversized t-shirt.

Many women tend to buy oversized clothing when they don’t find their size in what they want, or just to stay comfortable. The first thing in order to buy oversized clothing is to get the right size, which should not look too shapeless, being oversized from certain places like shoulders or the length. This makes the attire look balanced. 

The best way to incorporate baggy style into one’s wardrobe is to go for oversized clothes which are meant to look that way. The motive is to make the garment look relaxed on your body. 

Details Are Important

A girl wearing a blue striped  oversized t-shirt.

If you have oversized clothes, you need to make sure that it has enough details like a print, pattern or a texture which should act as the focal point for others. This helps in making the overall look appear complete and in place rather than being too shabby. 

Structural Balance

Girl wearing navy blue printed baggy t-shirt

When you opt for oversized clothing, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to look for the structural balance throughout the look. The top needs to be in shape rather than being shapeless and highlighting exaggerated shapes. The best way to avoid unstructured clothing is to buy apparel that is meant to be worn oversized, i.e pick the piece in your size but the design of the top is structured in an oversized manner. This helps the piece to relax on its body as it is supposed to. 

Pair it with Skimps 

Girl wearing a black printed oversized t-shirt without any bottoms.

Another important rule to keep in mind while wearing your oversized piece of clothing is to show some skin. The skin-to-cloth ratio needs to be balanced in order to achieve the perfect style. The best example to state the objective is to pair an oversized sweatshirt with a denim hot skirt. 

How can you Style Oversized Clothes? 

There are more than many ways in which anyone can achieve the contemporary style while wearing oversized clothing. Some of which are:

Oversized Jackets 

Woman wearing an oversized blazer along with a white ribbed mini skirt.

One of the best-oversized pieces of clothing anyone can wear is a jacket. Be it bomber, biker, varsity, or a fur coat, an oversized piece over a simple tank top and denim jeans always radiate style through the overall ensemble. 

Oversized T-Shirts 

a girl wearing a charcoal grey oversized printed t shirt.

Another piece of apparel that is comfortable as well as best in making one look chic is an oversized t-shirt over a mini skirt or leggings. Either the t-shirt contains graphics or is made of a textured fabric. The ensemble is a definite chic piece. 

Oversized Sweater 

Girl wearing an oversized grey sweatshirt with black leggings.

The sweater is a sloppy piece if looked into closely, because of the wool and the weaving pattern. The sweater tends to droop when worn as a perfect size, so why not wear it wrong the right way. The oversized sweater over a dress is the best to achieve a unique look that exhibits classiness.

Oversized Pullover 

Celebrity wearing grey Nike sweatshirt with laced skirt

The oversized pullover can be worn with or without any bottoms, the length of the shirt covers from top to bottom of the wearer’s body down to the thighs. 

Oversized Pants 

Girl wearing baggy jeans along with a basic white tank top.

The baggy style not only relies upon the top apparel but it can also be conducted upon the bottoms too. Wearing baggy straight denim jeans along with a tank top is the best styling option you can go in order to achieve a contemporary baggy look. 


Baggy style is the best go-to in order to achieve a contemporary yet comfortable look without looking shabby. The style gives a unique appearance to the wearer which makes her look fabulous. Streetstyle has played a vital role in promoting baggy style in the fashion industry. 

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