Unique Ways to Style Oversized T-Shirt Outfits

oversized t shirts outfits

While snug tops and tight jeans will always have our hearts for all the right reasons, It is a fact that we can’t style them every day to encounter our casual clothing requirements. At this point, our favorite t-shirts come in for the rescue. Let’s be honest; despite the truth that every woman loves to flaunt their figure but when it comes to choosing the right fit for a t-shirt, we all prefer to go oversize.

This oversized t-shirt fashion is now developed into a summer wardrobe essential, following customer behavior. It is one affordable trending fashion you will find on the streets as well as on the fashion runways. You can easily pull off a trendy baggy outfit with a wise fashion instinct.

In order to make your task more accessible, we have devised a list of unique shabby ways to style oversized t-shirt outfits. So, keep scrolling and style yourself oversize this season.

What To Wear With Oversized Shirts?

Oversized Shirts are an in-style trend that picked up pace in recent years. All thanks to the VSCO fashion

You can wear an oversized shirt like a usual shirt with a pair of skinny pants or tights. However, if you want to carry a baggy style, a pair of mom jeans or wide-leg pants will work wonders for you.

Moreover, you can also carry an oversized button-down shirt as an added layer to your casual outfit for an aesthetically defined look. Wear your usual pair of sneakers or lace-up boots to compliment your oversized shirt outfit. In addition, carrying accessories like a p-cap or a wristwatch may add to the beauty of this look even more.

How To Style Big Shirts?

Wearing big shirts is a style statement of its own. You can wear your big-size shirts as it is or tie them for a structured look. The best way to wear big shirts is to pair them with denim or sports shorts and a pair of boots or sneakers.

In addition, you can also wear them with tights and high-waisted jeans by tucking in the extra fabric for a casual everyday look. Not to mention, adding a lovely handbag and sunglasses to this outfit will sprinkle the required glam into this look.

Whether it’s a casual trip to the grocery store or a fun day out with friends,  this can be your favorite on the go outfit to save the day in any fashion emergency. 

Cute Outfits With Oversized T-shirts Ideas

As much as we love wearing an oversized t-shirt, styling an oversized shirt is a hard nut to crack for most of us. Therefore,  to ease this chore, here are a few oversized t-shirt outfit ideas that you can create with your favorite shirts.

So, let’s dive deeper into it! 

Oversized Tshirt And Jeans Outfits 

Wearing an oversized shirt with jeans is the easiest way to catch up on oversized outfit fashion. If you are into wearing casual clothes with no patience for experimenting with new trends, then it is all you need.

Wear your favorite oversized shirt with a pair of jeans. It can be tapered jeans, skinny jeans, or a wide-leg fit; all will work well. It is the easiest to pull off an outfit, perfect for those summer evenings when you urge for a comfy and breezy outfit but cannot decide what to wear. 

Baggy Clothes Style 

In the early nineties, baggy clothes were all the rage when people dressed mainly for comfort, and style wasn’t the priority, unlike today’s fashion. But, here is the twist, the baggy shirt outfit esthetics rose like a breath of fresh air for the diminishing baggy clothing trend. 

A baggy shirt paired with loose-fit flared pants or mom jeans is a perfect outfit for all your causal roams around the city. Especially for women not willing to draw attention to their figures without losing on their style.      

Long Sleeve Outfits 

On the days when the weather grows cold as the temperature plunge, this is when oversized long sleeve t-shirt outfits come in for help. The roomy fit allows you to add multiple layers underneath for warmth without compromising the trendy outlook.

On the other hand, these long sleeve baggy t-shirts are the perfect apparel to wear in moderate weather; thereby, it is considered the vogue LogAngeles fashion, adorned by many celebrities.

Street Style

Street style is a new trending fashion in 2023. Besides being affordable and easy to carry, street style fashion is considered a unique means of expressing individualism. 

Therefore, if you are also a  fashion enthusiast, a street style shirt and jeans outfit would be a great idea to create an exceptional style statement. A touch of a loose-fit blazer or an outer shirt paired with a pair of sneakers would add the finishing touch to your street-style look.

Oversized Graphic Tshirt Outfit

Graphic T-shirts are an integral part of baddie fashion, making baddie oversized t-shirt outfits the most sought-after trend among the Instagram community. You can style them with tapered jeans or wide-leg pants with casual footwear for a voguish look. Moreover, if you aim to gain ground in the social media world with your sense of style, baddie fashion can be a game-changer for you.

Adding Layers 

To pull off an oversized t-shirt look, add layers. A puffer jacket or loose-fit shacket will not only protect you against the freezing weather but also provide dimension to your outfit. Alternatively, you can also wear a long sleeve shirt beneath your t-shirt. A nice pair of sunglasses and a decent handbag can add up to the look.

The Oversized Skirt Outfit 

Discussing oversized outfits, it would be unjust not to acknowledge skirt outfits. These outfits have a class of their own and exhibit a unique sense of style. You can wear your oversized t-shirt with a mini or midi skirt by tucking in the extra fabric to give it some structure. However, we do not recommend wearing your oversized t-shirt with a maxi skirt.

Using Oversized Tshirt As A Dress

Are you falling short of ideas to wear on a party or dinner date? Use your comfy oversized t-shirt as a dress. Go for a long oversized formal shirt that can rest a few inches above your knees. Now, style with a decent waist belt for a nice build. Some worthy jewelry pieces and a pair of heels would be an excellent addition to your overall outfit.

Sweatpants and Oversized T-shirts

Sweatpants are a new wardrobe staple these days. Sweatpants are a blessing for the women who put their comfort first and take pleasure in wearing oversized clothes. You can style your sweatpants and oversized t-shirt to create a fun and comfy attire. A nice pair of casual sneakers would uplift the look even more.

Summer outfit 

With the rising temperature, our clothing preferences also shift. We prefer to dress up in clothes with good airflow and relaxed stitch. That’s when the t-shirts come in; summer oversized t-shirt outfits are all you need to stock up on; this summer season. It is for all the right reasons; when you start dressing up in baggy long shirt outfits, it becomes hard to go back to your usual summer clothes.

Baggy Shirt With Shorts

Planning on vacation or deciding on the perfect outfit for a college tailgate event?Oversized shirts and shorts outfits will never disappoint you. Not to mention, it is one of the most popular airport looks; adorned by celebrities. So, if they can, why can’t you? Go for it and be ahead in your fashion game.


How to tie an oversized shirt?

There are various ways to tie a baggy shirt. The looser the shirt, the more fabric you will have for a chic tie. Moreover, you can choose to tie the shirt from the front or back with the knot hanging out or tucked in, depending upon your style preference. However, try not to go overboard with this style, as adding too many ties to your shirt may ruin the vibe. 

How to dress oversized shirt?

The only rule to dress an oversized shirt is to keep it low-key. You can dress up an oversized shirt with baggy mom jeans or denim shorts and a pair of sneakers. Also, try wearing an oversized button shirt as outerwear with your usual jeans or skirt outfit. Moreover, styling a waist belt with your oversized shirt or dress is another nifty trick to elevate your casual outfit.


Oversized t-shirts are versatile clothing articles that can be styled in any season to create a contemporary outfit. Whether it is summer or fall, you can slay it all with your oversized t-shirts outfits hanging in your closet. Therefore, what you need are the proper guidance and styling skills. The above-mentioned outfit ideas will help you ace your fashion game. So, style your chic oversized t-shirt outfit today and be a head-turner wherever you go!

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