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Styling Baggy Jeans in Common & Unique Ways

how to style baggy jeans

Jeans are a foundational wardrobe staple, but they don’t have to be basic at all. Trend Alert: the comfy baggy jeans from the 90s are back! To avoid missing out on the latest fashion, keeping a few of those in your wardrobe is a good idea. Learn how to style baggy jeans to make sure you don’t pass the subtle distinction of style and slouchy looks.

Let’s explore the various ways to style loose jeans so that you can nail the baggy style with flair. 

Baggy Jeans Fashion

From the form fitting skinny jeans and slim fit styles to the straight fit and bootcut styles, the trending styles of jeans are diverse. While the other, more shapely versions may look sleek, it is the baggy jeans that we all secretly wish to wear due to their comfort.

We may find ourselves wondering how to wear loose jeans in a way that looks appealing, but seeing them back in trend is certainly a wish coming true. Perhaps that’s the good thing about today’s fashion. It accommodates so many types of jeans.

Baggy jeans used to be a rage in the early 90s. It was a decade when people dressed for comfort, and flaunted casual staples. For nearly two decades after that, the wide jeans trend diminished, only to come back with full verve in a time when social media plays a vital role in popularizing a trend. 

The cause of the immense popularity of baggy jeans is the same. Almost everyone these days is wearing some style of loose jeans, making how to wear oversized jeans? a burning question for fashion savvy women!

Celebrities have been embracing baggy fashion lately and several of them are spotted wearing loose jeans in a variety of styles. While scrolling our social media, we get a generous dose of baggy jeans outfit inspiration.

Baggy Jeans Outfit Aesthetic

Most baggy jeans styles are snug at the waist and widen from the thighs. You can pair baggy jeans along with different shirts, tops, blouses, or oversized shirts during spring/summer. If you are confused about how to style loose jeans on a cold day, wear it with stylish camel coats, leather jackets, blazers, or cardigans.

Trendy outfits to wear with baggy jeans for fall/winter include a cropped moto jacket over a tucked in t-shirt, or a nice pastel cable knit sweater partially tucked in your baggy mom jeans. 

We won’t suggest you wear baggy jeans with smart casual looks, but it is definitely not just at-home jeans. You can style oversized jeans in multiple street approved ways and look fashionable.

The style is perfect for hot days, as baggy jeans allow ease of movement and let you feel the breeze on your legs. To create a balanced look with the baggy jeans, you can refer to the outfits stated below.

Shoes with Oversized Jeans

When building an outfit with baggy jeans, you can pair it with the basics, or go down the experimental route and come up with unique looks. No matter what you do, always choose the right shoes to elevate your look. 

Converse sneakers, combat boots, and chunky sneakers are your go to choice to style loose jeans. You can try pointed toe heels, loafers, or platform heeled sandals for mom jeans outfits. Cropped ankle jeans can go perfectly well with t-strap heels and kitten heel sandals.

Baggy Jeans Outfit Ideas

The best thing about baggy jeans is that it feels so good to wear them. For a long time, we have given skinny jeans so much attention that almost every woman is used to wearing them.

Someone who has always gone for fitted jeans knows the true liberation of a baggy jeans outfit. And now that the throwback trend is finally ruling the street, a true fashion buff can have many interpretations to answer “What to do with oversized jeans?”

Before anyone tells you that baggy jeans are shabby, show them dressed up in the following streetwear outfits to prove how stylish this wide legged bottom can be. If you are apprehensive of an unshapely appearance and want to learn how to wear baggy jeans without looking fat, tuck your top in the jeans.

Wearing a belt will also solve this issue to a great extent, as it will streamline your look. Let’s move on how to style baggy jeans of different types in classic, contemporary, and retro inspired ways. 

How to Style Baggy Mom Jeans

How to Style Baggy Mom Jeans

Oversized mom jeans are one of the most trending baggy jeans style for 2022! Women with a rectangle or hourglass shaped body adore the mom jeans like none other. These otherwise casual jeans can be turned into a ravishing outfit if you pair them with a cream turtleneck top without sleeves. 

A pro style tip would be to add some funk to the look by going for a waist chain instead of a belt.  Pair nude pointed toe heels and a white handbag with this outfit. 

How to Style Baggy Blue Jeans

How to Style Baggy Blue Jeans

Every woman has a blue pair of jeans in her wardrobe, and going for blue oversized jeans will give you a variety of looks. If you want a clear suggestion on how to wear oversized jeans in blue, read up on our simple yet gorgeous outfit suggestions.

 A simple way to get dressed up in baggy jeans is to wear them with a loose black t-shirt. The outfit gives grunge vibes, even more, if you finish it off with converse sneakers. However, you can go the dressier way and choose black heels and a chic black handbag with it.  Do not forget to wear stylish black sunglasses.

How to Style Black Baggy Jeans

How to Style Black Baggy Jeans

Having a pair of black jeans gives you an incredible range of outfit ideas, but you might want to understand how to style baggy jeans in black color. You can just pair a white collared shirt with your black baggy jeans to make a casual black and white outfit

Also, black baggy jeans and a green varsity jacket for women make a comfortable and cool combo. Wear your jacket over a simple white tube top and go for green and white sneakers to match the jacket. A cute black purse will boost the style factor for this look. 

How to Style White Baggy Jeans

How to Style White Baggy Jeans

Here is some glam infused style advice for those who want to know how to wear women’s baggy jeans in white color. White jeans give you a chance to pair them with a variety of colorful or printed tops. You can also wear shrugs, bolero jackets and dressy cardigans with white baggy jeans. 

Here, we have simply teamed the white jeans with an electric blue one shoulder cropped top. You can wear a white blazer over this outfit if you need to layer up. Add some bling to this look with neck chains and hooped earrings. Blue and white sneakers will be the best finishing touch to this ensemble.

How to Style Baggy Ripped Jeans

How to Style Super Baggy Jeans?

Distressed denims is one of the top trending baggy jeans style. Blue ripped baggy jeans and a black biker jacket are a winning combo when you want to give off edgy vibes. We suggest wearing a black square neck top as a base for this outfit and tucking it inside the high rise jeans. Add a trendy black belt to the mix to bring up the style factor even more. Round off the outfit with black open toe heels. 

You can also go with other black fall jackets like a bomber jacket, or a quilted racer jacket with this outfit. 

How to Style Super Baggy Jeans?

How to Style Super Baggy Jeans?

Super baggy jeans may be a bit harder to pull off as they are likely to give you a slouchy look. However, it’s highly trending, so leaving it out while suggesting baggy jeans outfits won’t be a fair thing to do. You can learn how to style super baggy jeans in different ways to rock the contemporary street style. 

To create a going out outfit with your wide, roomy jeans, pair them with an oversized white t-shirt and a gray sweater vest. Metal bangles, a charm necklace, and a funky handbag will add dressy vibes to the outfit and make it street worthy.  For footwear, rely on your chunky white sneakers to make a statement. 

How to Style High Waisted Baggy Jeans

How to Style High Waisted Baggy Jeans

High waisted jeans in a baggy fit are a great way to look shapely while wearing something highly comfortable. While thinking about how to style oversized jeans with a high waist, focus on creating a flattering silhouette, either by wearing a peplum top, or a knitted crop top.

Take clues from the outfit we are suggesting. It is a simple trio of a cream sweater vest, high waisted dark wash jeans, and a brown bomber jacket. Besides being effortless, the outfit conceals a wide waistline due to the high waisted style of the jeans. Cream loafers will look great with this outfit. 

How to Style Baggy Bootcut Jeans

How to Style Baggy Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are ruling the fashion scape this year. Style loose jeans in bootcut style by pairing them alongside a tiger striped long sleeved top. Tuck the top in to define your waist and make your legs appear longer. A pink purse and white sneakers will make this ensemble chicer. 

FAQs – How To Style Baggy Jeans

Are Baggy Jeans in Fashion?

With the comeback of several retro fashion trends, baggy jeans too have resurfaced. Even runways indicate that the wider your jeans are, the better. People are embracing the 90s nostalgia, making its most popular fashion, the baggy jeans, highly popular. 

Are Baggy Jeans Comfortable?

Unlike the tighter versions, baggy jeans have more room and hence feel a lot more comfortable. You can style oversized jeans with collared shirts, sweaters, tube tops, cropped tops and all kinds of jackets. 

What are Baggy Jeans Called?

Baggy jeans also go by the name of wide legged jeans, oversized jeans or loose jeans. 

What is Dad Jean?

Dad jeans is a style of jeans that men wore during the 80s and 90s. It is a high rise style that tapers slightly down the knees and is roomy around the thighs. The silhouette of dad jeans is straight, but it is loose and comfortable. 

Do Baggy Jeans Make You Look Fat?

If you are wearing unshaped oversized jeans that are super baggy, your body will look larger actually is. However, wearing jeans that are less baggy and somewhat shapely solves this problem. 

Should I Cuff Baggy Jeans?

Often, oversized baggy jeans come with a longer length. Cuffing them will make them comfortable to wear without the fear of tripping over. Super baggy versions will give a bulky look when cuffed. Also, bootcut style baggy jeans or flared baggy jeans look awkward if you roll them up, so it’s better to wear them as it is.


With looser clothing being pervasive these days, it is very easy to master the baggy jeans style. Keep it simple yet catchy. Also, be careful of a slouchy, unattractive look as that will make your baggy jeans seem like a major faux pas rather than a good style move. Once you learn how to style baggy jeans with various other clothing items, you will ace this throwback trend and make a splendid style statement every time. 

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