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What is Cowhide Leather and How is it Different from other Types of Leather

cowhide leather

Humans have used different types of animal hides including cowhide leather for a thousand years. Some of the earliest processes of transforming animal hides into leather included the use of tools such as scrapers that were used to clean the fat off the hides aside from using it to tan animal hides as well. Still, where does cowhide fit into all of this and how is it different from other types of leather? Find out more below. What is Cowhide? 

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What is Suede Leather?


We’ve all heard of suede leather just as much as we’ve seen it, far more times than we may be able to count. Yet as much as we agree to it’s the awesomely luxurious look and feel, not to mention the many colours that they’re available in, we don’t really know much about it. In this blog post, we cover the following few yet important aspects of suede leather that will give us a fresh perspective with greater clarity into

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What is Sheepskin Leather?


Sheepskin may not be new to many of us, yet; many are unaware of what it really is or how best to identify it, among a host of other points that we shall cover in this article. Sheepskin the top-rated leather type among all types of leather. To start off simply, Sheepskin is the hide of sheep which is also referred to as shearling so long as the skin with wool is intact. Without the wool, this skin is known

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The Best Leather Jackets to Shop for Women in 2020


Best Women’s Leather Jackets in 2020  An assortment that is eclectic, balancing a minimal, as well as more creative aesthetic best, defines the women’s leather jackets at The Jacket Maker. Designed to add style as well as function to popular pieces such as women’s biker jackets, bomber jackets for women which is a crowd favorite as well as women’s blazers and winter coats for women of all ages and sizes.  Best Women’s Biker Jackets From the Kelsee Maroon Leather Biker

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The Best Leather Jackets To Shop for Men in 2020

Best Leather Jackets

Everyone loves to shop in some way or the other, yet shopping for leather jackets is in a total league of its own. While it may be an exciting and awesome experience to shop for cool men’s leather jackets in a particular style or color, it can be confusing for many with so many options and places to shop from, out there.  Below we have listed some of the best leather jackets for men. To add some further spice to

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7 Best Suede Jackets for Men

Best Suede Jackets for Men

It’s a known fact that men’s apparel has undergone many changes over the years and has evolved from a purely practical state of dress and being; a more experimental-friendly, aesthetically pleasing sensibility. Involving such elements as striking colours, patterns, and lots of pizzazz being achieved by using some fun inducing fabrics and materials that include suede.  Below are seven best suede jackets for men that you can find at The Jacket Maker. A perfect way to update your wardrobe with

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The Best Men’s Biker Leather Jackets to Own in your Lifetime

Biker Leather Jackets

If you can have a five or ten-year plan, to-do lists, or even places to travel or cars to own in a lifetime; then how about a list of the best men’s biker leather jackets to own in your lifetime. Based on the style, design, and detail, functionality, fit as well as quality craftsmanship, durability, and finishing that contribute to this ranking of the best biker leather jackets for men.  You can be a true-blue biker or a style-savvy gentleman,

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5 Corporate Gift Ideas by The Jacket Maker

Corporate Gifting

Everyone loves a good gift, especially if it’s something memorable. Even more so, if it’s functional. Corporate gifts can have both of these elements as well as durability and uniqueness. That’s where The Jacket Maker comes in with not one but five awesome corporate gift ideas that are truly one of a kind, personalized business gift ideas.  Personalized Business Gifts That’s right! The Jacket Maker offers you unique, handcrafted, personalized gifts that are made from scratch for every client. These

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Why a Real Leather Jacket is a Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Father’s day is a good opportunity to acknowledge the efforts, love, and sacrifices that fathers have provided to the well-being of their children. A time to celebrate the blessing of having a father and being thankful for this good fortune are just a few reasons why you should present him with the perfect gift of a real leather jacket. — We are offering 20% off on purchasing more than 1 product on this Father’s Day —  If you’re thinking why

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A Silver Lining to the Plus Size Fashion Problems

While many would agree that fashion is fun, accepting, and life-changing, few would agree to it being inclusive. As wide a landscape as it enjoys its presence, there are many who have been overlooked simply because of their size. If you’re familiar with how the fashion industry works, you’d agree to the existence of a predisposition, especially regarding the issue of sizing. If you look closely, many people; especially those belonging to a plus-size range have been experiencing great difficulties

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