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Leather Jacket Styles and Tips before Selecting One

This is a special post dedicated to sharing the different styles of leather jackets that are widely popular, as well as those that are custom requests which we hope will be helpful to those looking for some basic guidance. Outerwear has received a new found resilience thanks to its recent promotion from regional status to mainstream fashion prestige and that too for millions of people around the world. Leather which currently contributes a luxe style statement that makes outerwear even

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Leather Jackets, Style and Short Men

Short men looking for style tips and leather jackets that will do them justice, read on. A short height is to be embraced and once you have accepted this fact, it will be easier to find ways which can give the illusion of a taller stature. Some of the best ways from where you can begin this journey is by adopting scale and dimension when selecting pieces for your wardrobe. For instance short men would look way better wearing narrow

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Types of Leather: Your Perfect Leather Guide

There are different types of leather; each varies greatly in quality and function. Before buying your leather jacket, you’d want to make sure that you know what you are paying for. Distinguishing between different types of leather can be very confusing. This guide is developed to enable you to get the best bang for your money and to straighten out any confusion regarding different types of leather. It is safe to say that the different types of leather have transformed

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6 Tips to Correctly Store your Leather Jackets

Correctly Store Your Leather Jackets

While we may all have our favorite leather jackets that we are proud of, or perhaps leather pants that we are glad we got just in time for that leather themed event. Either way, many of us have at least one leather piece if not more that we truly treasure, which is why; taking care of it and maintaining its well-developed patina over the years, is something that is kept under close observation just so that our leather piece may

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How to Maintain Faux Leather?

Despite the fact that millions around the world prefer real leather to faux leather, there are still many who opt for faux instead. Regardless of the notable differences between the two, such as faux being a less expensive and less durable alternative to its real leather counterpart makes it a go to option for furniture, apparel, car upholstery, handbags, belts and more. It is important to remember that faux being a non-porous surface leads to major staining that will often

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The Best DIY Leather Conditioners

Owning a cool leather jacket from The Jacket Maker or having leather incorporated into your lifestyle can be so much fun. Not to mention the grand impression that is made, when you are seen in one of these amazingly stylish hides and skins. However, what is most important for the longevity of leather and what most people find difficult to remember, is the maintenance of leather products which is sealed by leather conditioning. Also, there are different types of leather

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The Ultimate Leather Jacket Gift Card For Your Loved Ones

This holiday season give your loved ones the gift they want with The Jacket Maker gift card. A gift card that saves you from the hassle of buying a gift and the worry that it will not be loved by your loved ones. The Jacket Maker gift card makes gift-giving convenient and easy, enabling your loved ones to get what they want. E-Gift Card The Jacket Maker e-gift card: Can be used to buy our custom bespoke jackets, ready-to-wear and

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How to Clean a Leather Purse?

Just as the condition of men’s shoes says a lot about their personality and lifestyle, the same can be said for a woman’s purse. Whether you are of the belief that you can never have enough purses, or not; you may possibly have a strong bond with one leather purse or maybe a couple that you tend to use most frequently. Even on a daily basis. As with anything else, the more you use your leather purse the more it

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How and When to Wear a Bomber Jacket?

Universally known as a timeless, style staple that is versatile and gender friendly serving both fashion and function, is a description of the bomber jacket we’ve all heard. Aside from its history and evolution over the years, highlighting the many colors, styles, materials and details the bomber jacket is available in, not much is known or covered regarding how this wardrobe essential can be worn or styled to match the moment we’re in. Does that sound familiar? Or something you

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Leather Jacket

leather jacket by the jacket maker

A good leather jacket is the ultimate wardrobe staple for both men and women. Buying a high-quality leather jacket is often considered a one time, long-term investment due to the toll it can take on anybody’s pocket. It is meant to be timeless, long-lasting and be greatly versatile to serve multiple functions. With so many options out there, buying a good leather jacket can become extremely complicated and confusing. This post will guide you through all the stages of buying

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