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Feminine & Fabulous Ways to Wear a Sweater Dress with Boots

sweater dress with boots

The drop in temperature should never pull the brakes on a fashionista’s style. According to the fashion trends, sweater dresses top the list of fall and winter staples that ooze glamour. To be specific, knitted dresses in different styles worn with boots are definitely a game changer for winter styling. If you are looking for some incredible ideas to wear a sweater dress with boots, we have got a lot of them to inspire you.  

How to Wear a Sweater Dress?

Sweater dresses are soft, warm and cozy as well as stylish. You can opt for a sweater dress from the diverse styles available, with their length, fit, color, closure style, and knits being different. It’s up to you whether you want to wear it with tights or purely for aesthetic reasons. 

These dresses can be of various types. From micro-mini, bodycon sweater dresses to bulky, long ones, the range is wide and varied. You can opt for a classic rib knit dress, or choose from a range of chunky knitted ones. Depending upon the fit and types of dresses, you can layer them with different jackets, cardigans or ponchos. Layering efficiently is the key to rock a sweater dress. 

Give an edge to your sweater dress outfit with a long leather blazer, a stylish belt, or printed scarves. The addition of chic accessories, such as chains, statement necklaces and handbags will further elevate the look. 

What Shoes to Wear with a Sweater Dress?

When it comes to pairing shoes with a sweater dress, you have a multitude of options. You may reach for those sexy stilettos or t-straps, but there are other types of footwear to wear with dresses besides heels. Sneakers give a sporty chic look with the sweater dress. Or, you can follow the currently trending platform heels to look like a diva. 

Apart from these options, you should opt for different types of boots for a no fail outfit. 

Boots with Sweater Dress Outfits

The combination of these knitted dresses with all sorts of boots is an excellent way to beat the chill while ensuring a top notch style. It is a comfortable combination that you can try in various dressy or casual ways. You can try the sweater dress with boots combo on many occasions, such as an evening soiree with friends, or a casual walk in the misty weather. 

If you are wearing a shorter dress with short booties, you may want to opt for leggings for proper leg coverage. Match your handbag with the leather boots to create a coordinated look. 

Here are some fashionable ensembles that you can try without a second thought. 

Sweater Dress with Short Boots

Sweater Dress with Short Boots

With a cute white peplum style midi sweater dress, wear short grey suede boots. You can layer your dress with a textured long sweater vest in grey color for added warmth and flair. Accessorize your outfit with a grey beret and a delicate rhinestone necklace. 

Sweater Dress with Tall Boots

Sweater Dress with Tall Boots

Tall boots give you an advantage over ankle boots by offering more warmth. Whenever you need to give an impression of a taller height and lean physique, they are the perfect footwear to reach for. Make sure the boots hug the calf and ankle properly to avoid a saggy appearance. 

Long boots pair well with short sweater dresses to create stylish outfits. For a glamorous fall look, pick a yellow sweater dress with a slit.  Opt for brown tall boots as they are the best footwear to go along with a yellow dress

You can wrap a brown and off-white plaid scarf around your neck and carry a brown tote bag to complete the outfit. 

Sweater Dress with Knee High Boots

Sweater Dress with Knee High Boots

Women love to wear knee high boots in fall and winter. They shield the legs from rain and snow. Knee high boots outfits give you a slender appearance. 

A burgundy sweater dress with lace detailing and black knee high boots can be a winning combo for a brunch meetup. You can style the look with loose curls hairstyle and a black crochet beanie. 

Thigh High Boots with a Sweater Dress

Thigh High Boots with a Sweater Dress

Also known as over the knee boots, thigh high boots give a glam packed statement. Wear a navy blue mini bodycon sweater dress with deep brown thigh high boots. You can tie a belt around the waist and wear a bolero brown leather jacket to upgrade the outfit.

If you are plus sized, go for a black flared sweater dress with knee high boots and layer it with a mustard leather trench coat for a flattering look. 

Sweater Dress with Cowboy Boots

Sweater Dress with Cowboy Boots

The fascinating cowgirl style is all the rage these days. You can either go with a complete cowgirl outfit, or incorporate the cowgirl elements such as cowboy boots, or a cowboy hat into your casual ensembles. 

Pair a beige sweater dress with a brown fringed leather jacket and brown cowboy boots. Elevate this look with a brown crossbody bag. 

Short Sweater Dress with Boots

Short Sweater Dress with Boots

Whenever the goal is to look ravishing without compromising comfort, we reach for our short sweater dresses with stylish boots. To rock the pairing effortlessly, wear a beautiful green sweater dress in a bodycon silhouette. The bodycon dress is a style of dress that makes you feel empowered, so choose black pencil heel ankle boots for a graceful look. Make sure you opt for black accessories for this attire, such as a black necklace and a chic shoulder bag.

Knee Length Sweater Dress with Boots

Knee Length Sweater Dress with Boots

Choose a brown forest knit sweater dress that reaches the knee. There are a multitude of options to style this basic dress. You can either wear a black leather jacket over it or a black lace shrug. Wear it as it is with a chunky belt to accentuate the waist. Pair the dress with black riding boots to channel your inner fashionista.

What Shoes to Wear with a Midi Sweater Dress?

Midi sweater dresses are quite versatile. If you are opting for one, make sure it suits your body shape and you pair it with the right style of boots. A loose a-line sweater dress will pair well with chic ankle boots, while a pencil dress would allow you to go for taller boot styles such as riding boots, or combat boots. 

Pair a purple sweater dress in a turtleneck style with grey suede ankle boots. This unique pairing gives an alluring look. You can wear silver hooped earrings and carry a metallic silver clutch with this outfit to give it a party-ready vibe. 

Long Sweater Dress with Boots

Long Sweater Dress with Boots

Maybe you want to ditch the short sexy sweater dresses and instead opt for a modest long one. Long flared sweater dresses are a voguish fall and winter staple that you can wear with coats, fleece jackets, shearling jackets, or puffer jackets. 

You can also opt for a sweater in a different knit over the sweater dress to make an interesting coordinated look.

Wear a beige long ribbed sweater dress and layer it with a patterned sweater in blue color. Wear blue Lita boots in a complementing blue color to round off the look. 

Oversized Sweater Dress with Boots

Oversized Sweater Dress with Boots

How about beating the chill with a gorgeous blue and white outfit? Go for an oversized cable knit sweater dress in a royal blue color. A white belt tied around the waist will create a flattering silhouette. You can wear white wellington boots with this outfit for a glamorous look. 

Sweater Dress with Tights and Booties

Sweater Dress with Tights and Booties

The addition of tights in a sweater dress and boots outfit ensures adequate coverage and warmth. You can wear skin color leggings if you want them to be invisible, or go for stylish latex or leather leggings. 

Play with complementing hues to create a sweater dress outfit with tights. Choose a hot pink bodycon sweater dress with white leggings and round it off with a white poncho and white ankle boots. A pink and white statement necklace would seal the deal. 

You can also team up a shimmery sweater dress and black faux leather leggings for a party. Complete the outfit with a pair of snakeskin boots. 

Black Sweater Dress with Boots

Black Sweater Dress with Boots

A black sweater dress is a foundation piece using which you can create a plethora of looks. Wear a midi sweater dress in black and layer it with a black and white plaid overcoat. White combat boots will finish this outfit. 

Incorporate animal prints in a black sweater dress outfit. Try wearing it with leopard print boots and a matching purse. Or, wrap a tiger striped scarf around your neck and wear black ankle boots instead. 

FAQs – Sweater Dress With Boots

How to wear a dress with boots?

Knee high or thigh high boots go with short bodycon and skater dresses, while you can use combat boots, wellington boots, or ankle boots with long dresses. 

How to wear a sweater dress in winter?

You can wear long leather coats and blazers over sweater dresses for a sleek look, or pair them with tights, cardigans and jackets to stay warm. 

How to dress up in a sweater dress?

To elevate the dressiness of the sweater dress, try wearing it under a belted coat, or a glittering cardigan. Or, wear a belt over a sweater dress and pair it with stylish boots. 

What shoes to wear with a sweatshirt dress?

Sweatshirt dress paired with printed ankle boots is a stylish way to show up at a casual party. 

How to wear a short sleeve sweater dress?

If the weather allows, you can wear a short sleeved sweater dress as it is with long combat boots. To boost up the style and warmth, try wearing it with matching arm warmers. 


By now, styling a sweater dress with boots must be a fairly easy task for you. From dressy to laid back, we have suggested several outfits that you can try. Add stylish sweater dresses and contemporary boots to your wardrobe to elevate your fall/winter 2024 looks with stylish success. Who knew, functional style was this effortless to achieve. You’re welcome.

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