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What are the Best Types of Boots for Men? Top 15 Styles with Outfit Ideas

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With so many different types of boots for men available, it is easy for an amateur to be overwhelmed and caught up in the situation. Therefore, to cut down the labor involved in this daunting task, we have created this brief list of men’s boot styles and how to wear them. So, you can make a statement with your boots outfit and your fashion game on point.

Although suitable footwear sets the mood for your whole look, yet sometimes, a good pair of shoes is not enough. Certain settings call for a more sturdy and definite look. This is when a pair of boots come to the rescue.

You cannot call yourself a shoe enthusiast unless you have a wide variety of boots in your closet. It is one footwear that is equally comfortable and stylish at the same time. So, here is your golden chance to broaden your boot’s wardrobe by choosing your preferred style from the list below.

Types Of Men’s Boots

Types Of Men’s Boots

From a busy day at the office to a day off in the mountains, every situation requires a  different type of boot. Figuring out which boot to buy for a specific activity is no less than a climb uphill. 

Wingtip Boots

Wingtip boots are among the finest quality leather shoes characterized by a W-shaped leather overlay or a wing-shaped layer on the toe of the shoe. It combines dressy and casual footwear aesthetics with a unique style statement. They belong to the brogue boots family and are often referred to as full brogue shoes because of the identical perforated leather details.

Chelsea Boots 

Chelsea boots link their origins to the great Victorian era, which later became a raging everyday fashion in the mid-nineteenth century. Chelsea boots are designed in an ankle-high boots style with a vertical elastic band to slip on your shoe conveniently. From black or brown leather Chelsea boots to multiple colors of suede boots, Chelsea boots would rightly fulfill all your footwear needs.

Chukka Boots 

This specific boot type comes in a leather or suede material with rubber soles and an open lace style having two to three eyelets. Commonly called desert boots, chukkas have a class of their own with a relaxed fit and elegant design.

Dressy Work Boots

If you are looking for boots with a rugged masculine vibe to upgrade your casual outfit, the work boots are the ones for you. A perfect alternative to your casual dress shoes on a bad weather day. While these particular boots are purely a product of utility, that does not imply they should be worn during an intense labor activity.

Moc-Toe Boots 

Moc-toe boots are moccasin-style boots distinguished by a narrow u-shaped toe design, having their roots in native America. You can rightly call these versatile casual leather boots a modern version of work boots because of the functional rigid rubber sole with a built-in inclined wedge.

Hiking Boots

These shoes are specifically designed for hiking or any other intense outdoor activity. Unlike most fashion boots, they have a rigid leather outer finish with a comfortable underlined material to absorb shocks and a heavy-duty rubber sole for maximum comfort. 

Jodhpur Boots

Jodhpur boots were initially designed as horseback riding boots but now are a trending boot style. These boots are made from high-quality leather with a characteristic round toe built and low heel rubber. These ankle-length boots come with an adjustable leather strap wrapping around the ankle.

Combat Boots 

As the name implies, Combat boots were designed for the US army during World War II as functional military boots. With the evolution in fashion and considering the critical Military needs, the modern version of combat boots came into existence. 

Combat boots are designed in a mid-length or tall model, with high-quality leather material, usually laced up to the calf for maximum fitting and comfort. Besides being military footwear, these are multifunctional boots to wear to the office or on a hiking trip with maximum comfort and style.

Trench Boots

Trench boots also referred to as “Pershing boots,” is an initial version of combat boots used by the American Military in World War 1. These ankle boots are most commonly made from leather or suede and come in multiple colors to suit your style. Similar to regular combat boots, they also have a characteristic lacing style reaching up to the ankle.

Cowboy Boots 

Like any other boots style, cowboy boots are also a utility product. These pairs of boots were built to cater to all the needs of extreme desert climates. The typical tall or mid-calf boots with slightly curved shoe areas enable comfortable walking in the sandy desert area and protect feet against snakebites. Apart from being stapled footwear for desert countrymen, it’s also a high-end fashion accessory for all boot enthusiasts.

Biker Boots

As the name suggests, motorcycle boots are worn to protect your feet against any possible injury while riding a motorcycle. These ankle boots typically come in a black leather build with two adjustable metallic buckle straps; One strap sits between the toe and ankle to adjust, while the other is on the ankle to provide a shoe fit for your feet.

Oxford Boots 

These boots are a modified version of oxford shoes. If you are looking for an alternative for all your formal footwear requirements, these boots are for you. The distinctive element of oxford boots is the closed lacing system, making them a perfect boot pair to wear with semi-formal attire.

Brogue Boots

The brogue boots are characterized by the perforated leather sequence carved all over. They usually have a low heel sole with an ankle-length design to have you covered against the cold. These boots are slightly more dressy than usual dress boots and can cater to all your feet’s requirements from workdays to weekends.

Snow Boots

Snow boots are water and cold-resistant, designed to create insulation around your feet. These boots are often ankle-high to prevent snow from getting into the boots. Unlike other boots, snow boots are not made from leather. Instead, a warm fleece or faux fur textile with waterproofing ability is utilized. They have heavy tread and thick soles for a firm grip.

Rain Boots 

Rain boots, also called Wellington boots, are usually made knee-high to protect your pants and feet from rain, mud, and seawater. They are typically made from synthetic rubber or plastic for waterproofing purposes. Moreover, these boots are a utility-based product and do not have any fashion usage like other boot styles.

Outfit Ideas to Wear with Boots

After getting to know all the different types of boots, now you know what style suits your needs and is worth your money. However, having all this knowledge is not enough to pull off a stylish boot outfit. It requires a deep understanding of fashion and trends. So, here is a list of all the staples you must have in your wardrobe to pull off a stylish boot look.

1. Business Casual Outfits

1. Business Casual Outfits

Business casual is the most appropriate dress code to adorn your favorite pair of boots. Whether it’s chukkas, moc toe, dressy work boots, wingtip, Chelsea, Borgue or oxford boots, all will look equally stylish with your business casual attire without ruining the professional vibe of the outfit. Style them with a broken combination suit or a spring sweater outfit with your usual work pants to elevate your casual office attire.

2. Street Style

2. Street Style

Looking for footwear that goes well with your semi-formal and casual street style outfit? The boots are what you need. Style them with your joggers or sweatpants and a casual shirt for a trendy look. Layering it up with a leather jacket may add to this outfit even more.

3. Smart Casual

3. Smart Casual

More often than not, we come across an event that demands a casual but presentable outfit. For such a day, smart casuals come to the rescue. Boots are one pair of shoes that come in the middle of semi-formal and casual attire. The perfect footwear to wear with smart casual. So, wear your basic corduroy pants with a denim jacket outfit and boots (Chelsea, chukka, dress boots) and get geared up for your friend’s casual meet-up or dinner date in style.

4. Boots with Jeans 

4. Boots with Jeans 

If there is one piece of clothing that goes well with almost all boot styles, it is jeans. Without a doubt, a pair of jeans and boots can take you a long way. Whether you wear it with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, blazer outfit, or a hoodie, a pair of boots will work with all those outfits.

5. Coats and Blazers

5. Coats and Blazers

Coats and blazers paired with boots have a class of their own. Style your Chelsea or chukka boots with jeans, a sweatshirt, and a peacoat for an ultimately stylish winter look. In addition, you can also wear this look with a warm cardigan or blazer for a more classic look.

6. The Formal Suit

6. The Formal Suit

Are you bored of wearing those formal shoes with your suit for years and want to try something new? Well, how about replacing them with your boots? Well, there are certain styles that you can wear with your suits without killing the sophistication, i.e., chukkas, Chelsea, jodhpur, brogue, and derby shoes. So, next time when you are invited to some semi-formal event, try this awesome outfit combination to create a unique style statement.

7. Khakis And Chinos 

7. Khakis And Chinos 

After jeans outfits, khakis and chinos are the bottoms that go equally well with boots. Not to mention, you can wear this outfit combination practically anywhere. Whether it’s a casual workday or a holiday, evening hangouts, or dates, this one outfit will cover you for all.

8. The Trendy Shorts Outfit 

8. The Trendy Shorts Outfit 

Pairing your boots(hiking boots, chukkas, Chelsea,moc-toe, combat) with shorts and a t-shirt is one trendy outfit that can make you slay through summers in style. Moreover, if you are up for some creative fashion, you can try wearing your boots with a short suit and trust me, you will not be disappointed.


What kind of boots are in style for men?

Chelsea, chukka, moc-tie, combats, brogue, wingtip, and dress boots are some of the men’s most popular fashion boot styles for men.

How many types of boots are there?

There are countless types of men’s boots available, but fifteen to twenty are the most prominent types.

What is the most versatile boot for men?

Chelsea boots are among the most trendy and versatile boots for men. 

What are the big boots called?

The gumboots or Wellington boots are typically the tallest boots in men’s boot fashion. The other big boots include Cavalier boots and cowboy boots.

What are men’s short boots called?

Short men’s boots are usually referred to as booties. While an ankle boot reaches a few inches above your ankle, a pair of booties will sit just right at your ankle.


While there are countless options available in men’s boots, it has become challenging to choose the right style. If you are a shoe enthusiast and plan to build a versatile wardrobe, start with the basics and educate yourself first with the correct usage and styling of each boot to finally get your hands on the most versatile and workable boot styles in men’s fashion.

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