If you think the cowgirl aesthetic is a passing fad, you are missing something huge. The iconic Country Western fashion is for the brave. Much of the Western styles we know are offspring of the traditional cowgirl fashion. Hold your horses, as we take you on a ride to some of the best cowgirl outfit ideas curated to your interest. 

Denims, fringe, suede and boots are a few staples that trace back to rodeos and we are all here for it. If you are ever invited to a Western-style party, the excitement might be quickly replaced with worry as you try to decide what to wear to a cowgirl party?

Let us help you build the perfect blend of cowgirl and modern outfits for the party. 

What is a Cowgirl Aesthetic?

To fully understand what a cowgirl aesthetic is, you first need to understand why they dress a certain way.

Real cowgirls bear tough work on farms and fields which includes extreme physical activities. A cowgirl aesthetic is hardcore and tough. It is not restricted to just looking pretty but curated to provide a purpose. You might imagine the freedom of wide-open spaces and wilderness, or a dramatic hair flip while riding a horse. It may not entirely be wrong, but the idea of a cowgirl aesthetic is to be practical.

More than an aesthetic, cowgirl is an attitude. It is embracing the natural tan shades and donning bold accessories. Heavy leather belts and corduroy pants embellished with metallic buttons and hooks is not an easy outfit to pull all together. 

They like to live in the moment owing to their easy outfit aesthetics. Imagine driving a pickup truck to your ancestry wineries, plucking your freshly grown vegetables on the way, and milking your cattle on a ranch. If this sounds appealing to you, I have good news! You might perfectly fit the aesthetics of a cowgirl. 

Cute Cowgirl Shirts

For optimum functionality, cowgirl shirts are often loose and breezy. The perfect blend of a feminine touch with masculine displays is a treat to the eyes.

Button down Shirts

The most famous of all, button down shirts are every cowgirl’s dream. How often have we seen country girls straddling a horse across fields wearing a patterned shirt in movies? So much so that we have lost count. With the button, round hem, and slit design, these shirts are very stylish. Oversized shirts can accentuate the torso well and can be easily paired with a plain tee. 

Ruffled Crop Tops

Girls like two things; fashion and comfort. An excellent way to ditch the heat in the West is to keep your clothing minimalist. If you aren’t a fan of too much exposure of skin, then these ruffled tops can be paired with leather jackets to minimize tan. 

Cowgirl Dresses 

Never presume a cowgirl lacks a sense of style. Just like modern girls, cowgirl outfits consist of flowy dresses to flaunt their bodies. 

Long Dresses

Have you ever found yourself swooning over models donning a white breezy dress in lush fields? We definitely have. The long dress inspo is not very old in terms of cowgirl styles. It is a stylish blend of contemporary fashion and country girl outfits that speaks volumes of elegance. 

Ruffled Mini Dress 

It would be unfair if we fail to include the traditional cowgirl hem dresses. These mid length dresses are versatile and can be paired with a number of bottoms, each giving a whole new vibe. The statement ruffle sleeves offer a great range of textures and design which suits every personality. 

Cowgirl Accessories 

What is a cowgirl without her accessories? 

Cowgirl Hat

Hats are the ultimate identity of cowboys and cowgirls. It is safe to say that no cowgirl outfit is completed without a signature hat. Wear it with a casual cowgirl ensemble and embrace the beauty it adds to your outfit.

Knee High Boots

A hot pair of boots is a must have for every girl, be it a cowgirl or not. An array of styles is available in these boots, plus you can customize them to your liking. Lace it up or flaunt the metal studs, jiggle those fringe or mimic a horseshoe sound. Knee high boots are our favorite accessory owned by a cowgirl.

Leather Belts 

Contrary to modern fashion, cowgirl aesthetics are less partial to jewelry. Ornaments such as belts and bandanas become the best friends of every Western enthusiast. The types of belts aren’t limited to leathers, but more often than not we see woven belts tied around a cowgirl’s waist.  

Cowgirl Outfits

Are you looking to wrangle an authentic cowgirl outfit, so good that people actually mistake you as a Western girl? We got you!

Class cowgirl outfit

The signature cowgirl outfit consists of camel tones with a white tee. Put on a pair of denim blue boot cut pants and a cowboy hat. To seal the authentic look, don a suede camel jacket and your favorite pair of rugged boots, and voil! You’re done!

Country Girl Outfits

Ever wondered how cowgirl aesthetic pleases without going over board? Try these outfits to get your answer. 

Country Chic Outfit

Opt for a pastel colored dress, preferably without sleeves. Add a layer of brown leather jacket and a pair of suede ankle boots to blend the country look. To accessorize, put on a traditional cowgirl hat and a woven crossbody bag with fringe which will act as a cherry on top! 

Modern Cowgirl Outfits

A modern cowgirl is rebellious. She understands the changing faces of fashion, hence creating a perfect blend of modern and traditional looks. Pair a basic white spaghetti strap top with ripped wide jeans and a signature cowboy hat. For that amped look, add a chic leather belt to tie together your ultra-mod look. 

Disco Cowgirl Outfits

Who said cowgirls can’t party? With the right amount of glitz and glam, we have created some amazing outfits for you. 

Cowgirl Outfit for a Party

What’s a disco without a burst of glitter? The highlight of this look is a heavily sequined white bell-bottom with a flattering white crop top. To add a pop of color, opt for a red glitter hat with fringe shaping your face. Any pair of mules can absolutely change your game. 

Fringe Cropped Top 

Switch into a burgundy fringed top paired with a pencil skirt in the same shade. Adorn a black belt heavily embellished with metal studs to tie together a fancy cowgirl outfit. As an alternative to the skirt, black leather pants is an exquisite substitute. 

Mexican Cowgirl Outfits

Similar to the signature cowgirl look, the Mexican cowgirl is the epitome of class. They are known for their bold impressions as they flawlessly embrace the body curves. Perfect for a summer stroll in the park, opt for a yellow ruffled crop top with a pair of denim bootcut jeans. Ensure the fitting of the pants to be accurate to enhance your figure. Alternatively, a straight cut corduroy pants can complement the yellow top 

Pink Cowgirl Outfit

No style is complete without a burst of vibrant color. Also known as the “barbie cowgirl look” this ensemble features a hot pink midi dress laced with white beads. Any eye can hardly miss the hot and blazing pink, so be ready to gather all the attention. Pair this dress with a cute blush pink hat white high boots. The combination of pink and white is not something new. Hence, you can easily wear it if you’re still mustering the courage to go bold. 

Cute Rodeo Outfits

Adorn a flowy white skirt with a blue denim jacket to ace the cute cowgirl look. Cowgirl outfits are not heavy on jewelry thus we need to think of new accessories. These include scarves, handbags, or quilted belts. For this look, we opt for a cute braided white belt that goes around the denim jacket. Brown knee high boots can transform this cheeky fit into an uber chic one in no time.  

Wild West Outfits

Our ideas also cater to the needs of people who don’t shy away from trying outgoing looks. Wild west outfits are popular among halloween costumes owing to their uniqueness. Unleash your madness with a figure hugging white corset and a slit suede skirt tailored to perfection. The skirt featuring multiple cuts and fringes is the wild beast here. Put on a pair of faded brown booties with side cutouts and a rustic buckle to unleash the rebel in you. 


To nail the cowgirl outfits, it is important to be generous with accessories. Cowgirl outfits can not be tamed, thus the heavy inclination towards adornments. No matter which outfit you pick from our list, you will ace the look with ease. So go ahead and pick one of your likings, muster up the courage to go all vivid, and choose a fit that strikes your happy hormone!

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