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Social Media to Streets, Leather Pants Are Everywhere [Outfits Ideas]

what to wear with leather pants

It would be a disservice to call it an emerging trend, but more visible now than ever, leather pants are all over our social media feeds. Made from faux and genuine leather, aside from real leather ones, leather pants are iconic in every aspect of the word. From runway shows to street style and on our smartphone screens, leather pants have made their presence felt in every style, color, and design, making them a must-have item for your capsule wardrobe. 

There are countless queries that arise in our minds when we start to speculate what to wear with leather pants and whether or not this garment works as ingeniously as jeans, chinos, and other types of pants. Hopefully, this article will provide you some creative insights into how to style leather pants with clothes that already exist in your fashion closet. 

Styling Leather Pants Like a Model

leather pants outfits

Leather pants are subliminally used as a clothing piece to stir your outfit with much-needed sexuality and raw edginess. Fashion moguls have long idolized leather pants for their exorbitant and luxurious sheen; an instant posh booster. But with the “clean look” creating hype in the world of fashion, leather pants have become more of a necessity than a just-another-trendy-garment that will expire before the next season. 

Leather pants should be the latest entrant in your capsule wardrobe for their glorious fit, durable materials, and effortless comfort. Include leather pants in the league of other trending jeans and not just for the Halloween season; to create costumes with leather pants. Every top model in the world is currently obsessed with these chic pants. Worn with blazers, leather trench coats, and a variety of other leather jackets for women to turtlenecks, collared shirts, cotton-t-shirts, and graphic tees, leather pants are no longer a fashion enigma. 

How to Wear Leather Pants?

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As an outsider peeking into the fashion world, it may gruel your mind to come up with outfits to wear with leather pants. Can you wear a denim jacket with leather pants? Do you wear leather on leather? What type of shoes go with leather pants? Should flared leather pants be worn casually irrespective of their expensive appearance and lavish look? There are so many questions that one’s mind could be bombarded with. But hey, let’s take them down one by one. 

What Types Of Shirts Go With Leather Pants?

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There’s no hard and fast rule about the type of shirts that you can wear with leather pants. However, the aspects of clothing that you should count on are their fabric, color, and overall design. For example, you can pair a plain georgette blouse with leather pants along with a basic cotton t-shirt or a loud and whacky graphic tee. You can keep things formal by choosing button-down or collared shirts. From tank tops to crop tops and polo shirts, there are countless types of shirts. Try to go for colors that compliment your leather pants because it’s the contrast that will add dimension to your outfit. 

What Jackets to Wear with Leather Pants? 

how to wear leather pants

When it comes to outerwear, there’s nothing edgier and punk than leather on leather. You can go for a biker jacket, trenchcoat, puffer jacket, women’s bomber jacket, and even more recently introduced shackets. Leather pants come in numerous styles, designs, and cuts — from straight leg to bootcut, cargo, flared, skinny and even zipper shorts — there are so many leather pants to wear with a leather jacket; making them versatile and adaptable. 

What Shoes To Wear With Leather Pants?

how to wear leather pants

Footwear is key to bringing the whole look together. If you wear the wrong shoes, it will introduce a sense of imbalance in the outfit. You could look shabby and poorly styled and that can ruin the rest of your efforts. Thus, the idea is to give special attention to the shoes you wear with leather pants, the cut of the pants is a big determinant of that decision. For starters, you can pick from chunky loafers, platform heels, and boat shoes.

Leather Pants Outfit Guide

Whether you have come here to find casual leather pants outfits or more formal ones, we are going to serve you well. From an all-black monochrome to a tidy and sharp look, we have many ideas ready for you. 

Baggy Leather Pants with Sports Jacket

There is nothing more chic than adding a feminine touch to an otherwise athletic look. Go for leather pants with loose or baggy silhouettes and wear it with a contrasting sports jacket. You can keep the palette muted from head to toe or add your bling by putting on mocha brown pants with a beige t-shirt and a plaid sports jacket. Complete the look with stilettos or pump heels. 

Faux Leather Pants with Blazer

An outfit perfect for corporate meetings or any business affair, choose an all-black faux leather pants with a matching blazer and crisp white collared shirt. You can wear heels or go for classy loafers. 

Black Leather Pants with Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Adding another look to your dairies of all-black outfits, pair your skinny fit leather pants with a black bomber jacket with a varsity collar and ribbed knit cuffs. Make sure you leave the front open to give a glimpse of the crop top in any muted shade. You can add chunky loafers in white to give a pump of spunk in the look. 

Flared Brown Leather Pants with Fleece Jacket 

Leather pants are trending and so are fleece jackets; this calls for a combination of the two triumphs of the season. Wear brown flared leather pants with a beige or peach fleece jacket. Try to go for a cropped jacket that fits you like a glove. As for the shoes, wedges would be the best option for you; comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Pleated Leather Pants with Biker Jacket

There’s nothing more functional than a women’s leather biker jacket; but how can you make your outfits cool and funky? Of course, not everything is designed to be dull and monotonous. Well, how about you wear yellow pleated pants with a printed blouse and a black biker jacket? Sounds epic, right? Well, we think the same!

Loose Fit Leather Pants with Oversized Sweater

If you are in no mood to dress up and want to feel cozy while you’re out doing business, choose leather pants with a loose and slouchy fit and pair them with a bright oversized sweater. Add a nice frame to your face with black sunnies. This can also be your hangover look, just saying. 

Bright Leather Pants with Trench Coat

The one trend that is absolutely making waves right now is that of bright leather pants — from yellow to fuchsia, green to ice blue and orange — that pop of color is truly inspiring the fashionistas this year. Pick your favorite color for leather pants and pair them with the best trench coats for women in a somber brown hue and a white button-down shirt. 

Flared Leather Pants with Crop Top

Date night? No worries! Choose bright pink leather pants to go with a matching crop top. You can add punch to this look by using a crop top that has a slightly darker or light undertone. And of course, pick a nice pair of heels for the footwear.  

Cargo Leather Pants with Biker Jacket

Cargo leather pants are raging and so should you. Wear them with a functional biker jacket and look effortlessly cool. The only rule of thumb here is that the colors should be industrial and adrogynous. 

Green Leather Pants with Graphic Tee 

Half of the celebrities today are roaming around in green leather pants and so should you. A look that is chic and feminine and trendy and modern all at the same time. Wear your white graphic tee with the favorite band on posing and you are good to go. 


Is It Ok To Wear Leather Pants In The Summer?

Until and unless you are walking out in 70 degrees, it should be fine. Leather pants are not the best but not the worst option for summers either. If you wear them with a lighter fabric, you will do just fine. 

What To Wear With Leather Pants For A Night Out?

Leather pants can be worn with a contrasting blouse or a crop tee for a girl’s night out. 

What To Wear With Brown Leather Pants?

Brown leather pants are trendy and versatile. You can wear them with peacoats, jackets, trench coats and anything formal to casual. 

What To Wear With Red Leather Pants?

Red leather pants are iconic and how. You can look radiant and divine in red leather pants paired with red leather cropped vest or even a simple graphic t-shirt. At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable and ready to be the center of attention. 

Wrap Up

Leather pants may be a trend that has come and gone out of style but this year it has truly blown up with celebrities and models adorning them everywhere they go. From formal to casual looks, this garment is used to create ultra-modern styles all thanks to the versatile and contemporary silhouettes that goes with every type of top and footwear. 

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