51 Leather Halloween Costume Ideas to put you in the Holiday Spirit

It’s Halloween month again and we’re bubbling to the brim of the cauldron, ready for the spooks, shivers, screams and howls. We’ve composed a very special list of 50+ Leather Halloween Costume Ideas to put you in the Holiday Spirit.

Whether you’re looking for some fantasy or fun, quirky or scary style Halloween costume ideas we’ve got you covered. Add to that some leather Halloween costume ideas and you will really make a statement this year.

Leather Halloween Costumes for Men:

1. Batman

Batman Halloween Costume

Let’s start-off our list with a character that is as popular among Halloween costume wearers as regular day to day fandom. The all black, leather jacket, mask and gloves has an iconic style and presence that we’re sure will continue through Halloween this year.

Even if you can’t manage a hardcore movie replica, going for an all-black ensemble matched with a black leather jacket, boots and mask will give you the desired effect. Don’t forget the iconic symbol though, as this will have a large impact on whatever it is you’re wearing.

2. The Fonz

The Fonz Halloween Costume

When we think of ‘The Fonz’ from Happy Days AKA Fonzie, we still remember that cool black leather jacket worn over a classic white t-shirt and indigo denim jeans. Add a pair of boots or combats and you’re ready to go. For a more detailed effect, try your hand at that famous hairstyle.

3. James Dean

James Dean Halloween Costume

Speaking of iconic, here’s another very popular men’s leather jacket Halloween costume idea that will add some star factor to your look and that is the James Dean. Worn over a classic white t-shirt, denims and boots, a cool leather jacket will give you that old Hollywood style.

4. Mad Max

Mad Max Halloween Costume

When you read Mad Max, what pops-up in mind is the famous film ‘The Road Warrior’ and a true horror classic that is as well-known today as it was many decades ago.

Again, a leather based costume that you can be as detailed with as you like or as imaginative as you like, simply by incorporating leather into a denim costume. Add some sunglasses to add some mystery and you’re all set to make your rounds.

5. Danny from Grease

Grease Halloween Costume

When we talk of musicals, Grease is one of the first five names to be recalled. What’s more is the characters of that classic musical are as alive today as they were when they were first introduced to the world.

Danny Zuko, with his white t-shirt, denims and iconic leather biker jacket is a look that will surely add some fun and merriment to your Halloween. Add some vintage sunglasses for dramatic impact.

Leather Halloween Costumes for Women:

6. Sandy from Grease

Sandy Halloween Costume

One of the most popular characters from films is Sandy from Grease. From the poodle shirt to the candy colors and cardigans to match, ballet flats, pony-tails and dewy makeup. Adding a leather jumpsuit and jacket to those pencil heels will add big-time dramatic effects.

7. Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora Halloween Costume

We think our list of Leather Halloween Costumes would be incomplete without the iconic Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. Her overall attitude, style and green appearance, will surely help give you the look you will need this Halloween.

This inspiration below was taken of a cool Gamora at one of Chicago’s Cosplay events. Be inspired and imaginative with a Gamora costume of your very own.

8. Black Widow from The Avengers

Black Widow Halloween Costume

Black Widow from The Avengers does full justice to leather with her hot and yet bad-ass leather ensemble. Again, you can be as elaborate or brief with this costume as you like and the fun about it is that there are no rules or restraints that you need to beware of, so be as creative and cool as she’d be in your shoes.

9. Vampire Vanessa

Vanessa Halloween Costume

Now here’s a character you may love to consider from our 50+ leather Halloween costume ideas that gives you lots of room to explore costume styles that complement your personality.

The key to the vampire look is to go for vintage finds, Gothic inspired makeup and crimped hair, add some jewellery for authenticity and don’t forget your blood covered fangs.

Halloween Costumes for Teens

10. South Side Serpent (Riverdale)

South Side Serpent Halloween Costume

If you have or haven’t heard of South Side Serpent, you most definitely must have heard and possibly seen the popular series Riverdale. A great Leather Halloween costume idea for teens, not gender specific and totally cool in every way.

A tee and denim combo with an awesome leather jacket and combats and you pretty much have the look. Don’t forget the logo though, it’s what matters most.

11. Jughead from Riverdale

Jughead Halloween costume

Speaking of Riverdale and the ever loyal friend of Archie, Jughead is a great Halloween costume idea for teens. You don’t have to be goofy or spontaneous (if you are that’s a perk) or fawn over food, again it wouldn’t hurt if you did.

Anyone can enjoy this fun-loving, groovy character that is such a great addition to any friend circle. So let Jughead steer you towards this leather Halloween costume for teens that will be the talk of the town for sure.

12. Awesome Aaliyah

Aaliyah Halloween costume

This (late) R&B singer needs no introduction or convincing as to how awesome she is and what a great style icon she’s been for many. The Aaliyah look is an absolute great and even favorite Halloween costume idea for teens.

Her approach to glam and sleek urban style, Aaliyah will prove to be a great leather Halloween costume idea for teens this year. Yes, we couldn’t stress enough on the leather that she very often incorporated into many of her looks. From jackets to boots and bags, go for it girl!

13. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Halloween costume

Yes, you read right. Michael Jackson. Still a huge favorite for all ages. Going for a Thriller look of MJ would be a great Halloween costume idea for teens or any age-group for that matter.

Even though Michael Jackson has already been done countless of times, it never gets old or tired for the wearer or even the watcher. There are so many ways to achieve this look and all it takes is some sense of humor and creativity. One Michael Jackson leather Halloween costume idea for all.

14. Storm (X-Men)

Storm Halloween costume

Perhaps one of the well-known female characters of X-Men, Storm is at best; one of the most stylish and sassiest women hands-down. From her hairstyles to her costumes and overall energy that makes her presence felt in an effortless ways.

Special mention of her leather jumpsuits and the awesome detail that highlights her already smoking hot looks. You need not go all the way with this leather Halloween costume idea but you can surely add your very own flavor as well.

A leather onesie perhaps or whatever gets you inspired from the many different looks she pulls-off. The image above is one good place to start.

Halloween Costumes for Kids

15. Rock Star Kid

Rock Star Halloween costume

Halloween and costumes for kids definitely go hand in hand. Not only do kids of all ages look super cute and awesome in their Halloween costumes they are a large part of what makes this holiday truly special.

The rock star kid is a great leather Halloween costume idea for kids and give a lots of room to play with different types of clothing that give that effect. The image below is just one of many ways to bring this look to life no matter how old your kid is. Adding a leather jacket to just about any outfit, instantly adds that rock star style.

16. Pirate in Leather

Pirate Halloween costume

Halloween would be incomplete without a few pirates walking around. That’s right, a pirate in leather is a really cool Halloween costume idea for kids. By adding leather, it need not be generic to the point of a leather jacket, but can involve a leather coat or leather vest as well.

Your kid will look the coolest in this leather Halloween costume idea for kids complete with eye-patch, sash and bandana.

17. Johnny Cash Kid

Johnny Cash Kid Halloween costume

If your child is a music lover, a musician or simply a music enthusiast, a Johnny Cash kid costume is a darn good idea. An easy to put together Halloween costume idea for kids that has a little humor, cuteness, cool factor and a great music lesson to share with your child. A great way to learn through fun around the holiday.

18. Cowboy/Cowgirl

Cowgirl Halloween costume

Another holiday favorite, a cowboy or cowgirl is a super cute Halloween costume idea for kids. If those cool hats aren’t cute enough on kids, add some denim, vests, plaid and little boots to get an adorably cute Halloween costume.

What’s interesting, is that you can really be creative in putting different pieces together to get a cute country western look for your child. Howdie folks! Look to the image above for some inspiration.

19. Masked Bandit

Masked Bandit Halloween costume

Here’s another cool leather Halloween costume idea for kids and it’s none other than the ‘masked bandit’. Picture an awesome black ensemble with matching cape, boots, hat and mask. A sword makes a great accessory for boys of all ages.

This look is also reminiscent of Zorro, so you can even take some inspiration from there. This is one Halloween costume idea many kids are sure to love.

Halloween Costumes for Couples

20. Star-Lord and Gamora (The Avengers)

 Star-Lord and Gamora

When you think of leather Halloween costumes for couples, Star-Lord and Gamora would be positively one of the first five costume ideas for couples that will pop-up in mind. Even more so if you’re a big superhero buff or a movie buff as well.

No fuss, no fancy introductions, this leather Halloween costume for couples is truly a great idea.

21. Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Robin Hood and Maid Marian

For a medieval touch and a bit of old-school romance, Robin Hood and Maid Marian makes a great Halloween costume for couples.

Whether you go for the traditional costumes or your own personalized version of this timeless couple, you’ve got to admit it’s as great a Halloween costume idea as it was many years ago. Something that can be enjoyed by various age groups.

22. Mr. and Miss Masquerade

Mr. and Miss Masquerade

Your Halloween costume ideas need not revolve around scary elements though that’s where all the chilling fun is at, you can go another more artsy route. Using imaginative masks, you can add some alternative flavor to your Halloween.

Whether it’s based on a carnival or glamour, some circus freaks or anything that you are drawn towards that will also get people thinking. There’s a lot you can do with this Mr. and Miss Masquerade Halloween costume idea.

23. Chick Magnet

Chick Magnet

This Halloween costume idea for couples can be as humorous, intriguing or fun as you’d like it to be. For instance, using the magnet cushion around the neck you could add some chicks, dolls and have your partner on your arm with a not too happy look.

Or you could simply have a clear magnet and a smiling partner on your arm. People have been enjoying this idea for a while now and have added different versions of this fun Halloween costume idea for couples.

24. Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

You can add some dark mystery and mayhem with this criminally cool Bonnie and Clyde Halloween costume idea for couples. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow carrying off that retro style complete with hat, tie, suspenders, hose and shoes.

The American bandit duo are as famous today as they were at the time of their wicked ways in the old days. Don’t forget the vintage inspired hairdos to complete your look.

Halloween Costumes for Groups

25. 3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers

Easily a favorite of friends and family, the 3 Musketeers make a fun Halloween costume idea for groups. By groups we mean anyone (friends or family members) who enjoy a night of dressing up and sporting swords. Reliving the ageless classic on one of the biggest and scariest nights of the year.

From the traditional costume including a cool leather cape or a more contemporary alternative that has a sense of humor attached. Either way, this makes a good Halloween costume idea any day.

26. 80s Fitness Fanatics

Fitness Fanatics

We live in an age where fitness moves more parallel to lifestyle and technology than ever before. What’s more, is that the eighties was quite similar in terms of fitness, except for some bad gym outfits and hairstyles.

Yet, it makes a great and fun Halloween costume idea for groups regardless of gender or age. Get your groove on in this vibrant age of disco and gym-wear.

27. Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels

This one needs no introduction. A mix of fun and adventure with some great moves, dialogues and action. Charlie’s Angels makes another great leather Halloween costumes for groups.

Whether you’re thinking just the angels or Charlie with his angels, either way; it’s an awesome idea with lots of ground for experimentation. Sure, they need not be your typical action superheroes but it’s a whole lot of fun incorporating their looks with your own personal style.

28. 3 Stooges

3 Stooges

When you think classic and comedy you definitely will think of the three stooges. At least if you’re lucky enough to have been around the eighties, nineties or earlier, you’d know who they were.

Three great friends living life large, including some really good and not so good jokes that had crowds scream for mo mo and Mo! This would make a great Halloween costume idea for a small group of three.

29. Queer Eye’s Fab Five

Queer Eye’s Fab Five

Moving on to something more current, a style conscious Halloween costume for groups would be none other than queer eye’s fab five. Yes, the perfect round-up for five friends this Halloween. You can be as specific or as vague as you’d like when it comes to the style of clothing and accessories.

The key word here is ‘fab’ and we all know that each and every one of us has a little of that within us. Go wild and have fun with this one. Something chic and monotone or something vibrant. It’s all up to you and how you translate your look to one of these fab five.

Halloween Costumes to DIY

30. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly

The character Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is synonymous to the iconic black dress, stack of pearls and the timeless classic blue river. The perfect Halloween costume idea for movie buffs, big time fans of Audrey Hepburn and music lovers as well.

An easy to ‘put together’ Halloween costume that requires a minimalistic, chic black dress, black gloves, a pearl necklace, a bedazzled hairpin, sunglasses and that up-do to finish-off the look. You will also need some props aka some coffee and croissant, if not; a chic cigarette holder would also do the trick.

31. Emoji cardboard circles with emotions

Emoji cardboard circles with emotions

In the age of digitalization and technology, how about some fun emoji that is really easy to make or put together. Whether you’d like a simple cardboard made emoji that you can wear around the neck or a full-fledge version that serves as a body mask from head to legs.

You can even go for a t-shirt version in sunshine yellow. Either way, this emoji look is a pretty good Halloween costume idea that you can easily DIY yourself.

32. Strawberry

Strawberry Halloween costume

Who doesn’t like strawberries? A universal favourite of millions, a big; juicy red strawberry is another great Halloween costume idea you can DIY yourself with no stress at all. With this costume you have multiple options, one is to go for a small red and white polka dotted outfit on which you can add a green leafy detail.

The second would be to simply go for a red outfit and stick on white specks randomly across the front and back. To finish, you can add a cute green leafy headband. There most definitely will be strawberry costumes available online, most of which will have that velvety or felt fabric which is an equally cool idea as well.

33. The Craft

Craft Halloween costume

Fusing 90s dress-up style with teens and witchy women, The Craft is one of the many hit movies to come out from the 90s. A very easy look to assemble along with friends for added impact, fun and edge. Throw together black and white pieces with other neutrals that is all about effortless style and intentional imperfection.

Experiment with this cool Halloween costume idea by adding your own twist which can possibly include leather. Now that’s a leather Halloween costume idea for the books.

34. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Halloween costume

Speaking of comics and superheroes, here’s a cool Halloween costume idea that can be your next DIY. Joker’s cheeky sidekick Harley Quinn is a vibrant character that offers lots of room for fun and experimentation with the costuming.

There are loads of inspiration on her floating around which are excellent to help you get started. If nothing, put together some bedazzled shorts and tank-top or t-shirt and work your way through this cool and bubbly character.

Adding some fishnet and faux tattoo, hair extensions and temporary hair color, you can edit your way through this costume and enjoy yourself.

Halloween Costumes at the Last Minute

35. Nerd

Nerd Halloween Costumes

You guessed it, the nerd is the new cool in Halloween costumes especially at the last minute. If time is short, all you have to do is tuck in a dress shirt into pants with a hiked-up leg. You could use a belt or a waist-band or better yet suspenders.

Comb down your hair in a sleek and wet look and add a pair of glasses, a bow-tie or tie to finish off the look. Props can be used as well, such as books, folders or anything that points to academics.

36. Tourist

Tourist Halloween Costumes

Here’s another fun and interesting alternative for Halloween costume ideas at the last minute. Going for a tourist look is not only gender friendly but has some humor attached.

Whether you go for the traditional holiday shirt channeling the tropics or a t-shirt and shorts combo that is complemented by socks and sandals, a hat and camera.

Adding props such as a map, travel guide, binoculars etc. would be a great idea to add authenticity to this Halloween costume idea for men and women alike.

37. Muggle

Muggle Halloween Costumes

Now here’s a treat for you, a Halloween costume idea at the last minute. Muggles! Whether or not you’re a big fan of Harry Potter or the world of magic, dressing as a muggle could save you time, energy or frantic searches through wardrobes and stores.

All you have to do is dress in your regular clothes and sport a few different looks and expressions that point to confusion, worry or surprise.

38. To-Do List

To do list Halloween Costume

Show the world just how busy you are with this cool and ‘last minute’ Halloween costume idea that has some humor involved. All you have to do is arrange sticky notes all over your outfit.

You could use different colors for some balance and scale. Another alternate could be creating a to-do list and hang it around your neck. This could be made from cardboard or a light-weight white board that has a list of things ‘to do’ this could add further humor on what you decide to add to this list.

39. Bouncers

Bouncer Halloween Costume

Perhaps one of the easiest Halloween costumes to pull-off at the last minute. Black suits, sunglasses and a rope set between the two of you, makes a cool Halloween costume of bouncers.

It is important to have two people for this look to have some authenticity, a friend and relative or special someone would make good partners in this fun costuming duo.

Scary Halloween Costumes

40. Witches

Witch Halloween Costumes

When you think Halloween, costumes and scary elements, witches would be one of the first five things you would think of, right? No matter how much this costume is done and redone over the years, it never gets old.

Going for a witches Halloween costume would be a good and scary idea for costume. There are many routes you can take with this traditional look from an ugly scary to a sassy scary or a scary and cute combination. Remember Sabrina?

41. Wizards

Wizard Halloween Costumes

When talking about scary Halloween costume ideas, we simply can’t forget the wizards that have evolved much like the witches over the years. Whether you’re going for a medieval version or one that is more current, cool and even vibrant. Add your own magical charm to this timeless character.

42. Zombies

Zombies Halloween Costumes

Many would agree that a few zombies here and there make Halloween all the more spine-chilling. So going for a zombie look would be a good scary Halloween costume idea that you can experiment with through makeup, wardrobe, style, detail and props.

Kids too can be given a cute yet grisly zombie look that is inspired by many zombie characters in movies and music.

43. Vampires

Vampire Halloween Costume

Whether you think it’s a cliché or not may vary from person to person, yet vampires are just as cool and fun as they were many years ago. A great Halloween costume idea for some scary effects for a change.

Again, you could dress up a toddler or go for this look yourself, either way it is bound to have an impact on others this Halloween holiday.

44. Desperate Housewives on Meth

Desperate Housewives on Meth Halloween costume

Traditionally a women’s scary Halloween costume idea, desperate housewives on meth has also evolved over the years and is now incorporated by anyone and everyone. Whether you go for a retro inspired version or one that is terribly and tragically contemporary.

Don’t forget those bizarre and crazy expressions and props that range from pots and pans to kneading-pins.

Creative Halloween Costumes

45. Role Reversal (treating home owners as trick or treaters)

Role Reversal Halloween Costume

It’s definitely true that Halloween is the perfect time to really exercise your creativity in different ways. This role reversal theme shouldn’t be judged by its name which may tend to develop a double meaning.

All you have to do is use regular clothes and have a bucket of candy in hand as well as a faux door serving as an entrance.

When the doorbell to one’s home is rung and they answer, have the faux door ready and in place, in front of their door which has a sign that says ‘please knock’, when you hear the knock from the other end, you open the faux door and compliment them on their costumes and hand them some candy.

Not only will you see a huge surprise or confusion on many faces but lots of humor as well. This truly is a creative Halloween costume idea to try.

46. Nudist on Strike

Nudist on Strike Halloween costume

Now here’s a cheeky option for a creative Halloween costume idea that anyone can try and that’s the nudist on strike.

Again, all you need is regular clothing and a neck sign that says ‘nudist on strike’. There are also t-shirts that have a similar sign as well which can also be worn if a neck sign isn’t something you’d be interested in wearing. A simple and effortless Halloween costume idea that is as creative as it is humorous.

47. Anyone from 90210

90210 Halloween Costume

Channeling the cool and popular teen sitcom from the 90s marks a great inspiration for this creative Halloween costume idea that can be perfect for a group of friends or a group of couples that are friends.

While the ideal number for this group is eight, you can always add further creativity by going for three to five people instead. Dress up in vibrant colors, denim and some bling, don’t forget some trendy hats and sunglasses.

48. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld halloween Costume

Here’s a character that many may or may not know yet if incorporated well, Jerry Seinfeld could well be another creative Halloween costume idea to try. From the poufy wig to shirt, trousers, vest and jacket.

You could even use denim to add a more contemporary cool factor to this look. With your facial expressions and eyes stretched wide. This could be one of those humorous characters that get you some laughs.

49. Edward/ Eva Scissorhands

Edward/ Eva Scissorhands Halloween Costume

One of the more iconic movie characters of all time, one that may have even impacted the hair and beauty industry is none other than Edward Scissorhands. For the feminine version Eva Scissorhands.

From the dramatic black and white outfit to the creatively styled hair and of course the scissor embellished gloves. Go for some pale makeup and shadowed eyes for a complete look.

Bonus Halloween Costume Ideas

50. The Fisherman from I Know what you Did Last Summer

scary fisherman halloween costume

The raincoat, the hat and the hook. All iconic elements of the scary fisherman in the horror flick I know what you did last summer. An effortless yet impactful Halloween costume idea you must try.

With these easy to get costume pieces you can incorporate different feels to this well-known character of horrors. Starting with the raincoat right down to the boots and cold, silver hook.

51. Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Halloween Costume

Everyone’s seen Friday the 13th from which Jason Voorhees was made ever so popular. Spooky, freaky yet popular. A great Halloween costume idea presented to you all as our bonus tip.

The iconic mask used by the character is easily available as is the regular clothing worn. Remember to go for black, grey or dark neutrals to completely capture the vibe of this scary character.

Closing Time

In closing, we have a great diversity in Halloween costume ideas for all. Starting from Halloween costumes for men, Halloween costumes for women, Halloween costumes for kids and Halloween costume ideas for teens.

Not forgetting the Halloween costume ideas for couples as well as Halloween costume ideas for groups, Halloween costume ideas to DIY, Halloween costume ideas at the last minute and scary Halloween costume ideas to try.

Let’s not leave out the creatives and the creative Halloween costume ideas for everyone. Last but definitely not least… our bone-chilling bonus all to bid you all a happy Halloween!

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