From runways and red carpets to retail stores, trench coats for women have undergone an interesting transformation that not only widens the design elements within this women’s wardrobe essential but also exhibits inclusion on so many different levels. Whether you look at it as one seeking the best classic trench coats for women or the best petite trench coats for women in 2021. You will find yourself sharing the same platform as those looking for the best black trench coats for women, or the best ladies trench coats that are available in a wide array of colors, cuts, designs, and details. Highlighting just one important factor; that makes all the difference is, how inclusive this trench coat community of women has become over the last few decades. 

It wasn’t always like this, and for those who are not familiar with this timeless women’s must-have. A brief introduction of the trench coat would point out that it was only worn by Army Officers, yes; men in particular. Below is a list of some best trench coats for women offered by The Jacket Maker.

1. Sweet Susan: Classic meets Contemporary 

Womens Sweet Susan Black Leather Trench Coat
Colors: Black

This is a name that does justice to this awesome women’s trench coat that is in classic black. An interesting fuse of classic meets contemporary. A piece that is made of a soft and luxurious aniline finish sheepskin leather, in a style that is equally fashion-forward as it is seriously on point in a fresh and modern approach to amazing leather outerwear for women. So if you’re on the lookout for a unique leather trench coat that packs a stylish punch… then this is the one for you. 

2. Missoni Maroon: Women in Charge

Womens Missoni Maroon Leather Trench Coat
Colors: Maroon

Adding incredible style with awesome authority is this long trench coat for women. A striking mix of edgy design gelled together with a classic subtleness that makes this piece a true to the core, women’s wardrobe staple. From the richness of color, a deep maroon; to the unexpected design and detail that are unique yet still resting within the dynamics of one of the best trench coats for women in 2020. Made of a soft, aniline finish sheepskin leather, having a quilted viscose lining, two outer pockets and open hem cuffs serve as the framework and functional aspect of this style essential. 

3. Moonlight Silver: Cosmic-Con ON

best silver trench coat women
Colors: Silver

Channeling a cosmic adventure with the moonbeam-inspired Moonlight Silver Leather Trench Coat that is just as minimalist, clean, and crisp as it is a true classic meets contemporary kind of piece that makes for another one of the best trench coats for women in 2021. Made of an aniline finish, sheepskin leather, having a quilted viscose lining, open hem cuffs, notch style collar, and two outer pockets, work together in taking this silver style essential many light years ahead. 

4. Fixon: Women’s Petite Hooded Trench Coat 

Women's Fixon Hooded Black Trench Coat
Colors: Black

Made of semi-aniline sheepskin leather, having a quilted polyester lining, two outer pockets in a classic black color are what we can call the backbone of this women’s style essential. Not only do these qualities serve an important purpose, but they also highlight the high-quality craftsmanship, strong hardware, and finishing that will definitely last a long time. This hooded trench coat is a must-have in anyone’s capsule.

5. Marilyn Black: Luxe Formal Trench Coat

Women's Marilyn Black Leather Blazer
Colors: Black, Tan Brown

The ultimate couture is provided in this short trench coat for women. The name Marilyn defines a bold, confident character to this coat. The coat is made up of real sheepskin leather. With a quilted polyester lining. the buttoned closure style along with notched peak lapels gives off a formal essence to the outerwear. The coat also contains 4 functional pockets and an open hem cuff style to ensure ultimate comfort.

6. Sandy Tan: Dip & Dye Coat

Womens Sandy Tan Dye Leather Coat
Colors: Tan Brown

As the name suggests, this tan women’s trench coat offers the ultimate style and sophistication. The dip and dye finish of the real sheepskin outer shell gives the overall coat a modish appearance. Along with style comfort is also what matters, with a quilted viscose lining, open hem cuffs and two functional pockets provide extra comfort to the wearer.

7. Trudy Lane: Quilt Scheme Short Trench Coat

Womens Trudy Lane Quilted Maroon Leather Coat
Colors: Maroon

This fine piece of quilted women’s trench coat gives off a luxe element of style. The designs offer a sophisticated yet vogue essence to the wearer. This trench coat is composed of real sheepskin aniline leather, alongside a viscose lining and open hem cuff style radiates the overall look of the coat.


So to conclude this post on the best trench coats for women, we’ve learned that classic style can go well with a contemporary look. While one may be more timeless than the other, to fuse the two together starts a thread of endless possibilities. A wide range of design elements, detailing, color variations, not forgetting craftsmanship, hardware and high quality all the way.