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A Complete Outfit Guide on How to Wear Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans how to wear ankle boots with jeans

Ankle boots and skinny jeans are perfect styling partners. Styling them may feel difficult but nothing is impossible in today’s era of 2024 fashion trends. We have come up with a few ideas of how to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans in this blog post. 

Ankle Boots with Different Types of Skinny Jeans:

Jeans are the most comfortable, easy to wear, and the trendiest of all the clothing you own in your wardrobe. Due to their high demand and likeness, jeans have evolved and have come in different designs and cuts catering to all types of personalities and age groups. We will discuss here a few types of skinny jeans that go well with ankle boots.

Skinny Crop Jeans with Ankle Boots

Skinny Crop Jeans with Ankle Boots

Skinny crop jeans are similar to the normal jeans you own, the only difference is they end soon after the knee. Sometimes finishing at the shin is rough, but for a more aesthetic feel, some crop jeans have a fold at the end. These are the perfect pick to style with ankle boots. 

Jeggings with Flat Ankle Boots

Jeggings with Flat Ankle Boots

Jeggings are leggings but in a jeans material. They are most comfortable and can be worn for the whole day. You can pair them with any t-shirt tucked in or untucked and a pair of flat ankle boots. Flat ankle boots go best with jeggings and leggings. 

Boot Cut Jeans with Leather Ankle Boots

Boot Cut Jeans with Leather Ankle Boots

Boot cut jeans are slim fit that gradually widens at the hem, specifically cut for boots of different style. There is nothing better than a pair of ankle boots that can look good with the boot cut. A pair of leather ankle boots and a white crop top is a great way to style your boot-cut jeans. 

Cigarette Jeans with Heeled Ankle Boots

Cigarette Jeans with Heeled Ankle Boots

Cigarette pants are just like cigarette trousers and have gained popularity along with cigarette trousers. A perfect heeled boot outfit for your day is to wear cigarette pants with a crop top and a pair of heeled ankle boots allowing you to enjoy your day to the fullest.

Capri Jeans with Ankle Boots

Capri Jeans with Ankle Boots

Summers are incomplete without Capri jeans. They are a great addition to all your summer activities. Planning a pool party or wanting to go trekking, Capri jeans will be your favourite this summer. Pair them with slouchy ankle boots and you are all set for a comfortable day out. 

Types of Ankle Boots and Styling Tips with Skinny Jeans:

The ankle boots are also called ankle booties, they end at your ankle hence the name ankle boots. This part of the blog will be covering the types of ankle boots you can have to pair them with the skin-tight jeans you own or are planning to get for yourself. 

Lace-Up Ankle Boots: 

A pair of leather ankle boots featuring laces for a chic style is perfect for long treks. Wear them with ripped jeans and a colourful top to pump up your style game. 

Buckle Ankle Boots: 

An ankle boot with metal buckles on them will be a great addition to your shoe collection. These boots will go great with knee-length dresses and skirts. Pair them with a plain shirt and skirt so your buckles on the shoe will attract all attention. 

Fur Ankle Boots: 

Fur ankle boots will make a perfect pick for your winter wardrobe. These are good for places where the winters are extremely harsh as they will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Not only do they give complete comfort, but are a style statement too. Pair them up with your skin tight jeggings and a puffer jacket. 

Leather Ankle Boots: 

One fashionista who follows all fashion trends religiously will love to own a pair of leather ankle boots. They will last you a lifetime and go well with all types of dresses. Skintight jeans, formal dresses and skirts you name it and these shoes will look perfect with all these looks.  

Heeled Ankle Boots: 

These heeled ankle boots are a favorite for most of the ladies who believe in trendsetting. These shoes feature heels that make them look classic and chic with all types of dresses you own. Owning a pair of brown heel ankle boots can give a fresh look to your wardrobe. 

Slouchy Boots: 

Slouchy boots are an ideal fit for your holiday outfit, something that is stylish along with maintaining comfort for you. For a holiday in the mountains where you would spend days trekking, this pair of shoes will be the best pick. 

Styling An Ankle Boot with Skinny Jeans: 

Styling an ankle boot with skinny jeans requires effort and making up your mind. There are some tips on how to wear ankle boots with jeans. Anything that you think will make you look chic can turn into a disaster if not carried well. Hence make sure that you pair the right type of ankle boots with the right type of skinny jeans. 

Jeans Tucked in Ankle Boots

Jeans Tucked in Ankle Boots

Planning to wear long boots, but have skinny jeans that are longer and need tucking. No worries we have got you covered, this may seem a hard way of styling but it is never impossible. Tuck your skin-tight jeans into your ankle boots and you are ready to go places. 

Folded Jeans with Ankle Boots

Folded Jeans with Ankle Boots

One other way to flaunt your skinny jeans along with your ankle boots is to add a cuff for a casual feel. Depending on the length of the jeans you can have a single or double cuff. Put together a classic t-shirt for a casual day out. 

Jeans over your Boots

Jeans over your Boots

Your boot-cut jeans go perfectly well with the ankle boots if paired in the right way. These wide-leg jeans are a perfect fit for all personality types. You just have to simply put them on with a crop top and pair them with your favourite ankle boot, to set the tone for the day. 

Famous colors of Ankle Boots: 

There may be many options of colours available for ankle boots to choose from but the best and the safest option is to go with black and brown. If you are planning to get your first pair of ankle boots, always choose black or brown, they go well with all-color dresses and are the safest option to add to your closet. 

Black Ankle Boots: 

The black leather ankle boot is a style statement in itself, if you have a pair of black boots you can have the best of your time partying no matter what season it is. Black boots go well with all the seasons and all high boot outfits.

Brown Ankle Boots: 

Another option of color to have in your boot collection is brown. This color has the versatility to go with almost all types of dresses. Shades of brown like tan brown, dark brown, light brown, etc all make a perfect pick for your closet. 


How to wear combat boots with jeans?

Combat boots go pretty well with any type of jeans long, Capri, loose and tight. You can tuck the jeans in the boots and even keep them out depending upon the type of jeans. 

How to wear ankle boots with dresses?

Ankle boots look fabulously good with dresses and long skirts if carried in a proper way. Long heel ankle boots are a great pick to pair with long and flowy dresses. 

How to wear flat ankle boots with leggings?

Flat ankle boots are a perfect match for cropped jeans or leggings. Get an ankle boot that finishes just below the ankle or a little above and pair them with cropped jeans for a comfortable and casual look. 

What cute dresses can you wear with boots?

Dresses with boots are a perfect example of elegance along with comfort. You name any occasion and they will make a great pick for an outfit. Long dresses, Long flowy skirts, and maxi dresses are a few of the dresses that will look great with long boots. 

How to wear chunky boots with jeans?

There are two ways to style your chunky boots, either wear them with skinny jeans so you can tuck the jeans inside the shoes or wear cropped jeans that finish where the shoes begin. 

The End: 

Many times you will find an ankle boot, you think will be the cutest but on wearing them you will feel they are not fitting properly or you are unable to walk in them, simply move away from such shoes. Ankle boots are supposed to provide comfort as well as style. Make sure when getting a pair of ankle boots, you have tried and tested its comfort otherwise it’s a big waste of your money. Similarly, the jeans that don’t give a proper fit or are of bad quality won’t do justice to your overall look. Make sure how your jeans fit you and take into consideration these two factors to make your purchase worth it. 

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