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Brown Ugg Boots! How to Wear & What Colors Look Good with It?

what to wear with brown ugg boots

You should know what to wear with brown ugg boots and here’s why. Winter clothing is awesome for a number of reasons. The layered outfits of winter are a sight to beholds. Snow clothes, in particular, are in a league of their own.

However, there is a bigger reason behind women’s love for winter clothing than the looks, and that reason is their coziness. Winter clothes feel like being warped in a fluffy blanket all the time.

But did you know that a pair of brown ugg boots is cute and provides similar comfort for your feet? Not to mention the style and outfitting options with such memorable footwear.

What Are Ugg boots?

Ugg boots are winter shoes that started their journey from Australia. These are instantly recognizable due to their mono-color suede exterior and fluffy fur lining on the interior. The overall design of these boots is unisex, but they are more popular with women.

Ugg boots are already quite famous in many parts of the world, but their fame is spreading. Every day, more and more women are making cute ugg boots a part of their winter capsule wardrobe. The question now is, what to wear with brown ugg boots?

How To Wear Ugg Boots

Uggs boots are incredibly versatile in winter. They are a staple of winter fashion, and their compatibility with almost all winter clothing is solid proof of that. However, wearing them under any and every winter outfit is not the right approach if you want to get the most out of them. The right way to decide what to wear with brown ugg boots is to use the two best methods of styling ugg boots.


The first proven method of crafting ugg boots outfits is to wear them under clothes that are just like them. In other words, wear ugg boots under fluffy and warm clothes that are a bit oversized. For example, outfits based around camel coats are a near-perfect match for ugg boots. This applies to winter accessories like fur scarves as well.

One thing to remember about this way of finding what to wear with ugg boots is that it is quite easy to overdo the fur. It looks cute and cozy but to an extent. If every item in your outfit has fur lining or fur on the outside, you will just look odd rather than cute.


This way of locating what to wear with brown ugg boots is the complete opposite of the other. Here, instead of wearing clothes that are fluffy and oversized like boots, you wear clothes that are slim and well-fitting. The biggest benefit of this approach is that it focuses all the attention on your fabulous boots.

A marvelous example of this type of outfit would be a pair of brown uggs worn under a pair of skin-tight blue jeans and a tight-fitting maroon flannel. Tuck the flannel inside the jeans and the jeans inside the boots, and you’ve got yourself a top-tier model outfit.

What to Wear with Brown Ugg Boots?

Having a clear understanding of how ugg boots work and the best methods of styling uggs will lead you to long-term success with this piece of winter footwear. However, the fastest way to learn what to wear with brown ugg boots is to get some inspiration.

So, for this inspiration, here is a list of some of the best ugg boots outfits out there. You can copy them as is and enjoy your new boots, or you can take inspiration from them and craft outfits of your own. In either case, the final result will be a number of new and exciting outfits in your winter fashion arsenal. Let’s get started.

T-shirt and Jeans

This is one of, if not the most basic, ugg boots outfit that is still stunning to look at. All you need is a pair of bright blue jeans, a white crewneck t-shirt and a pair of brown ugg shoes. Despite the minimal number of clothing items and clear lack of patterns and eye-catching colors, this outfit manages to be a fantastic daily driver. If the shirt and jeans do start to feel repetitive, just spice things up with accessories like scarfs, hats, and shoe matching handbags.

Ugg Classic Mini Outfit

The star of the show for this outfit is the classic mini ugg boots. These are just like the standard ugg boots but shorter and more petite. The minis don’t stand out as much as the standard ones, and we can use that to our advantage in outfitting. This lack of attention-grabbing makes them the perfect accent filler. For example, an outfit consisting of a pair of gray leggings, a black t-shirt, and a charcoal shacket is pretty decent, but it also feels incomplete. All you have to do to complete this outfit is wear a pair of brown ugg boots.

Tall Ugg Boots Outfit

Jumping to the other end of the spectrum, we have the tall variation of ugg boots that go halfway up your calf muscles. They are the complete opposite of the minis in every way, including attention-grabbing. So, we need clothing items that match the energy of these boots to have a balanced outfit, and what better choice for that than the long coat.

Rock the brown long coat over a white puffer jacket that is then on top of a striped black and white shirt. Fill in the area between the long coat and the boots with a pair of navy blue jeans that are tucked inside the high-reaching ugg boots.

Baddie Outfits with Ugg Slides

Ugg slides are the best way to enjoy ugg boots fashion in the summer. Yes, these slides are not as cozy as the boots, but they are still as fluffy as you can get in summer without causing heat issues. Styling around these is also quite fun due to their unusual silhouette. Since they are fancy slippers, you can lean more into that “just woken up” vibe. An outfit with a pair of palazzos and a tight-fit crop top worn over a pink ugg slide is peak casual fashion.

Baddie Outfits with Neumel Uggs

The neumel variant of the ugg boots oozes confidence. So, why not take advantage of that confidence and wear outfits that are both mature and badass baddies at the same time. A fine example of such an outfit starts with a pair of brown neumel ugg boots. On top of the boots is a pair of ripped blue jeans. Topping the jeans is a yellow flare top, and then the last piece of this puzzle; a leather bomber jacket.

Cute Outfits with Ugg Boots

Cuteness is a large part of the appeal of ugg boots. Their fluffy soft design unleashes our natural attraction towards cute things. The best part about ability is that it can be transferred over to the entire outfit. However, a cute ugg outfit would not be like the other cute outfits with a lot of pink and fluff. Instead, this cuteness will be derived from simplicity and neutrality. A neutral outfit that consists of just a white oversized knit sweater and pair of gray jeans, and brown ugg boots is all you need to look cute and wholesome.

Ugg Holiday Outfits

The Winter holiday is the most joyous time for many, and what better way to represent your excitement than with a cute holiday outfit? Start the outfit with a pair of navy blue leggings tucked into brown ugg boots. Combo the leggings with a white wrap top, and layer that with a blue denim jacket. Display your holiday spirit with a vibrant red beanie, and you’re dressed to impress.

All Black

All black outfits are a trump card in many women’s fashion arsenal. They are quick to pull off, work in any situation, and look fantastic in every sense of this word. However, there is a way to further improve all black outfits, and that is by introducing an accent piece. In this case, the accent piece is a pair of brown ugg boots. As far as outfits to wear with uggs are concerned, this is the easiest one to adopt in your daily life.

If you want to further diversify your all black outfits, then you can try rocking different types of shirts.

FAQs – What To Wear With Brown Ugg Boots

What can you wear with brown Ugg boots?

The number of items you can rock with a pair of brown Ugg boots is so massive. Listing even a small percentage of them is far beyond the scope of this guide. However, there are a few ugg boots matchups that stand out from the rest. These matchups include outerwear like long coats, trench coats, pea coats, and leather jackets. Jeans are the ultimate matchup in pants with skin-tight leggings trailing closely behind. As for the shirts, t-shirts, white button-ups, and flared tops are all valid choices. Lastly, winter accessories like beanies, scarves, shawls, and knit gloves can be used to enhance almost any ugg boots outfit.

What should you not wear with Uggs?

Ugg boots are as casual as it gets. So anything even remotely formal is not a good match for them. This includes the different levels of business attire as well. 

Can you wear brown Uggs with black pants?

Yes, you can wear black pants with brown uggs. However, whether you should or not depends on what you’re wearing on top. Black leggings are best suited in outfits where the shirt or outerwear is going to match the energy of the brown ugg boots, and you need some negative space between the two.

How do you wear Uggs with jeans?

The best types of jeans for ugg boots are skin-tight ones. This is because ugg boots are quite tall, and they look best when the jeans are tucked inside the boots. This can be done with straight-cut jeans as well, but skinny jeans just look so neat. Also, skinny ripped jeans look incredible with ugg boots as well.

Which color ugg is most popular?

The chestnut brown uggs are by far the most popular and one of the best ugg colors. Dark brown, black, and gray are also quite popular but on the level of chestnut brown

Why do my pants twist when I wear Uggs?

The twisting of your pants has more to do with their fabric than it is with the ugg boots. A few mass-produced types of denim, for example, is notorious for twisting inside all kinds of boots due to its high external friction.

Are you supposed to wear socks with Uggs?

You are not. Women wearing ugg boots with socks will prevent you from experiencing the comfort and warmth of these boots. Plus, they would just look completely out of place.

What to wear with clear ugg boots?

The core design of clear ugg boots is experimental and a bit out there. This gives you a great opportunity to be creative with the rest of your outfits as well. Try unique uggs jacket combos or match clear black uggs & shirts of different styles. You can also go with super plain and low contrast outfits to direct the focus towards your fancy clear ugg boots. 

Can you wear ugg boots outside?

Yes, you definitely can. They are a part of women’s fashion and you can wear them anywhere you want as long as they fit the aesthetic.

Final Words

The importance of footwear is neglected in the modern fashion landscape. So much so that the idea of basing outfits around a pair of boots will sound silly to many. However, once you do get past this hesitation and take a closer look at ugg boots, you will see a whole new world of fashion potential.

You won’t have any idea of what to wear with brown ugg boots at first. However, getting started with them is quick and making progress is fun. So, it won’t be long before you become the master crafting unique outfits that fit the vibe of ugg boots.

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