Western Theme Outfit Ideas for Women

western theme outfit

Seeing your first-ever western-themed party invitation in your inbox is going to fill your mind with excitement. But this feeling of thrill won’t last that long because then comes the most important question: do you have a western theme outfit?

Even if you have clothing items that fit the theme, you need to do some brainstorming to find the perfect outfit. Especially, if you’ve never seen cowboys and cowgirl costumes at a party, you have a lot to learn. Before starting with anything else, we would like to tell you that cowgirl fashion is anything but old-fashioned. A blend of cowgirl and modern outfits might bring out the hidden side of your personality.

These are the essentials for the perfect cowgirl look for the party:


When you go for country girl outfits, you don’t have to stress much about the bottoms. That’s because there are two famous options for the bottoms that complete the country girl outfits—it’s one of your jeans or a ruffled prairie skirt. As this is the year of retro fashion, we are sure that the women in their 30s will have a pair of old jeans in their closets. 

We have to go for a prairie skirt that cascades down the waistline and ends with reaching your ankles. These skirts have tiers making them perfect for the party. If you are going to buy one, make sure it has dull color or western stripes. Apart from that, you have the option to look absolutely hot in chaps. You can create a leather outfit by wearing matching leather clothes with leather chaps.

Cowboy Hat

It is impossible to add a western flair to your outfit if you don’t wear a cowboy hat. Cowboys hats were trending last year, so you must have seen a lot of them on Instagram. Finding them won’t be difficult, just visit a thrift shop online. 

Those who want to get a new one can buy them from a western wear shop. These hats will cost you somewhere around a hundred to five hundred dollars. They are easily available in discount shops as well. It all depends on your budget.


We have seen many latest versions of cowboy boots in recent fashion shows. For country girl outfits, you can wear leather boots with an interesting jingle. By attaching a metal spur to your shoes, everyone will know that you are around. Again, you can search for them in the western shops and in equestrian stores to stay true to the western theme.


The last piece that you need for a nice final touch is a neck scarf. Also, you can wear a red bandanna around your neck. You can buy a toy horse as a prop if you improvise the look. 

Still, if you are thinking of responding with a genius excuse to flake out of the party, take a look at our handy guide to Western theme outfit ideas.

White Spaghetti Strap Top and Black Bootcut Jeans 

Originally, cowgirl activities involve physical work. Therefore, the outfit must look and feel suitable. That’s why our first idea of summer cowgirl outfits is super comfy. This is your normal white top and jeans outfit until you add a black cowboy hat, black boots, and a matching belt. If you are unsure about the hairstyle, go with dead straight hair. The moment you enter the party, the guests will have the ranch vibes just by looking at you. 

Black Bralette Top and Blue Jeans 

Then comes those who want to exhibit their cowgirl potential by wearing classy cowgirl outfits. If elegance is your style, you can wear a pretty black bralette with blue jeans and a black leather jacket. Complete this rustic but elegant kind of cowgirl look by pairing a cowboy hat and black ankle boot. You can wear a black choker and a black beaded bracelet as well. Whatever suits your style, go for it freely.

Red Plaid Shirt and Flare Jeans

A red plaid button shirt and black flared denim jeans is not a new Western theme outfit. It has been done so many times in country movies that we have lost count now. The reason behind it is the wonderful look they create together. To round off this look, wear light brown boots and a hat. If you think this is an overdone outfit, then try pairing it up with a trench coat. You can tie your hair in a messy bun.

Blue Denim Blouse and Black Denim Skirt

If you have followed the denim on denim trend, you will definitely have a denim blouse and a baddie jean skirt. That being the case, you don’t need to go shopping for the western theme party outfit because you have what you need. Wear a blue denim blouse with a black denim skirt and a concho leather belt. Team up the belt with knee-high boots. With this look, you can rock the tight curls to become a trendsetter.

Black Leather Pants and Black Leather Boots 

Tap into your inner cowgirl with this stylish cowgirl outfit idea. For this look, you need black leather leggings, a black shirt, leather black boots, and a hat. You are going to look on fleek with this almost all-black leather look. You can tie your blouse at the front to maximize the boldness factor of the attire. You can adorn yourself with numerous gold necklaces, rings, and bracelets. A golden metal belt would look killer with this ensemble.

White Knitted Top and Blue Jeans

The country girl outfits you pick should be of rich textures, countryside feels, and 90s flares, to create an irresistibly tasteful look for the party. Switch into a chic white knitted top and bootcut jeans. Complement this getup with a pair of brown leather boots, a silver metal belt, a white cowboy hat. A shacket with this outfit makes it look more attractive.

Black Tee with Blue Shorts

We can understand that not everyone is interested in breaking the barriers when it comes to dressing up. So, for those who don’t want people to talk about their style, we have this normcore aesthetic look. This is one of the cowgirl outfits that require your basic t-shirt and blue shorts with black boots and a hat; that’s about it. 


What am I supposed to wear to a Western theme party?

Clothing and accessories to wear for western themed outfits are not something unusual. They include denim pants, belts, chaps, cowboy hats, and boots. The simplest outfit a girl can wear for such a party would be a prairie skirt with a cute ruffled top, cowboy hat, and lace-up boots.

What do you wear to a country Western?

You can wear dresses, long-sleeved button-down shirts, blue jeans for a typical country-inspired look. The shirt must have plaids, embroidery, or checkered print, and buttons on it. Snap pockets and fringes are also an integral part of the country Western outfits.

What is a cowboy outfit called?

A cowboy outfit or a Western wear outfit is what includes a rancher hat, fringed waistcoat, trousers, scarf. As fashion keeps changing, we see small additions every now and then. Accessories like rhinestone belts and oxidized horse ring necklaces look quite iconic.

Which are the 5 dress codes?

The five common dress codes are casual, smart casual, business casual, semi-formal, and formal. You can mix and match pieces to make our outfit suitable for some of these categories. For instance for business casual, you can wear a jumpsuit, boots, hat, and a blazer.


We hope that now you are all set to slay at the upcoming coming western gala. No matter what you pick from our ideas, it will work wonders for you. So, go ahead and pick the style that spikes the dopamine in you. Remember, if you’re not confident about the outfit or feel that you have little or no experience with it, muster up some courage. With our ideas, nothing can stop you from looking like a real rowdy cowgirl.

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