Did You Know You Could Wear Leather Leggings Like This?

leather leggings outfit

The gorgeous leather leggings may not be a part of every woman’s wardrobe, but they are definitely worth a try. Swapping your regular skinny jeans or tights with a lustrous pair of leather leggings is an excellent way to infuse a dressy touch into your outfit. If you can’t figure out how to style them, below are some distinctive and fabulous leather leggings outfits that you can try.  

Trend Alert! Leather Leggings

Women have embraced the leather leggings trend completely for the second year in a row now. Leather leggings do have a youthful feel to them, but women over 40 are also rocking them with absolute confidence. These pants are primarily available in faux leather, making them suitable for the fall and winter seasons. 

The key to style leggings made with leather is to create a graceful silhouette. These leggings have a sheen that makes the whole of your lower body prominent. Therefore, longer shirts, tops, jackets, and even some dresses are considered the best pairing options with these leggings. They will cover what needs to be covered besides giving you a charming look. 

What to Wear with Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are a fashion statement on their own, giving glamorous vibes and a bold, chic look to the wearer. To balance the edgy feel of these pants, you need to get the contrast and pairing right. We suggest you not to wear very pretentious tops with leather leggings as they might result in a clash that looks odd. Overly bold tops are not a good option either. 

Create a balanced look with bright or neutral hues. You can also go for pastel colored clothing as they complement the leather leggings well. Layer up in muted shades to create a visual appeal while staying simple. Choose prints and patterns wisely. Avoiding large prints and going for micro prints or small patterns like plaid is your best bet. 

Opt for loose fitting tops and jackets with these leggings. Tightly fitted clothing pieces may be suitable for showing off your curves but don’t give an impressive look with leather leggings. Also, make sure what you wear over these leggings has a longer length. For instance, coats are of several types, but the trendy long coats look absolutely gorgeous with leather pants. 

Consider choosing the texture of your tops and jackets to pair them with your leather leggings. To dress it up or down, use a contrasting texture like denim, cashmere silk, or wool. Leather on the leather look may work well in some cases, but make sure to match your leggings with the jacket or blazer. 

Best Tops to Wear with Leather Leggings

The shirts and tops that look the best with leather leggings are those which long and flare out a bit at the bottom. Think tunics or shirt dresses which you can also tie at the waist with a belt for a flattering look. Leather leggings are a fall/winter staple, so you have immense choices in the form of soft sweaters, shrugs, and cardigans. Wear these over a simple t-shirt for an added layer for the cold weather. 

You can go for tops that have beautiful detailing at the neckline. Or, you can opt for casual blouses that will enhance the style of the outfit.

Never pair small, tight blouses like tube tops or off shoulder tops with these bottoms.  Here are a few that you can easily go for at parties and casual looks.

  • Peplum top
  • Printed t-shirt
  • Tunic top
  • Round hemmed t-shirt
  • Chambray shirt
  • Lace top
  • Sweater
  • Long cardigan
  • Ponchos over plain t-shirts

How to Style Leather Leggings with Jackets

To create eye pleasing outfits, you need to ace the layering game. When you choose to wear leather leggings, go for fall jackets with a longer length. Long coats, including trench coats, princess coats, duster coats, and duffle coats, look suitable with these pants. You can also opt for long blazers or pea coats in bright or muted colors for a work appropriate outfit. 

An interesting way to elevate your leather leggings outfit is to wear long denim vests or leather vests over them. A long white lacy top with a denim vest makes the perfect casual look with leather leggings. 

Denim jackets are also an excellent option for days when you need to cover up for brisk winds. When choosing to wear a denim jacket, pair it with black converse sneakers for a sporty look. in addition to these, trendy leather jackets also give an eye pleasing looks with leather leggings.

Shoes to Wear with Leather Leggings 

The choice of footwear with your faux leather pants is not limited to heels. You can make a strong statement with the right shoes, so make sure you choose the right one according to the style. For casual looks, ballet flats, slip on sneakers, and chunky sneakers work best with leggings. 

When you need to get dressed up, the best options are pointed toe heels, pumps, or suede ankle boots. The different textures of suede boots will create a visual interest in your leather leggings outfit. Match your heels with your top, or go for a neutral color for a coherent look. 

Another good choice for edgy looks is long boots. As leather leggings are fitted, wearing knee high boots or hiker boots over them is very easy. 

Ace the Style with Faux Leather Leggings Outfits

Build attractive holiday outfits with faux leather pants by recreating these outfit suggestions.

Black Top with Brown Leather Leggings

Black leggings may be the usual choice in terms of versatility, but there is a lot you can do with brown leather leggings. You can build a very stylish neutral outfit simply with a black flared top. Round off this looks with a black crossbody bag and black stilettos. 

Faux Fur Jacket Outfit

To warm up your fall with style, pair a beige faux fur jacket with your brown leather leggings. You can choose a full faux fur jacket or a suede one with faux fur trimmings and a fur hood. Add a pair of matching suede boots and black shades to the mix for a classy street style look. 

Leather Leggings with a Tank Top and Skirt

Go for a fitted tank top and a black mini skirt in an a-line silhouette. You can wear hiker boots in brown color with this outfit. A skirt will create a flattering look which is excellent for women with a rectangular or inverted triangle-shaped body. 

Houndstooth Coat with Leather Leggings

Add some visual appeal to a leather leggings outfit with a long coat in a houndstooth pattern. Use a black longline t-shirt as a base for this look. The choice of footwear with this outfit can be a pair of black pointed toe heels. 

Street Style Leather Leggings Outfit Ideas 

Here are some street inspired distinctive looks with leather leggings. 

Button Down Shirt with Long Cardigan

A black and white striped button down shirt can be a great way to make your leather leggings outfit street approved. Layer it with a long cream cardigan to keep yourself warm. Choose nude pumps and golden bracelets with this outfit to make it look dressy. 

Oversized Sweater Outfit

Team up a red oversized cable knit sweater with your leggings, and put on some red lipstick for a bold look for the cold weather. End the look with red t-strap heels.

Plaid Coat with Leather Leggings

A streetwear look with a plaid coat will never disappoint you in terms of making a statement successfully. Wear a beige ribbed top with black leggings and top it off with a green and blue belted plaid coat. Opt for beige suede boots to stay warm. 

Leather Leggings with a Long Chambray Shirt 

Wear a stylish chambray shirt over your leather leggings and define your waist with a wide belt. Chambray shirts look very decent with leggings, so keep things that way with a beige handbag and beige pumps. 

Black Leather Leggings Outfit

Consider your black leather leggings a style weapon and try these marvelous outfit ideas. 

Sweater with Knee High Boots

Build a modern look with a mustard sweater and black leggings, and infuse some extra dose of style with black knee high boots. Accessorize this look with a statement necklace and a small black purse. 

Beige Sweater Dress with Leather Leggings

A sweater dress and leather leggings make a great pair. It is perfect for days when you need to wear something warm on the legs with your short dress. Wear a beige ribbed sweater dress along with black leather leggings, and tie the dress on the waist using a skinny belt. Round off the chic look with brown pumps. 

Black Biker Jacket Outfit

Pulling off a monochrome chic look is a breeze with a black biker jacket and black leggings. Use a black flared tunic to keep the silhouette flattering. This look can be pretty edgy so you can balance it with heels in a contrasting color. Carry a black cross body bag with this outfit. 

Night Out Leather Leggings Outfit

Enjoy a night out with style with any of these gorgeous ensembles with your versatile leather leggings. 

Long Black Blazer Outfit

Let everyone be in awe of your graceful style by wearing a dark colored top and a long blazer over your leather leggings. Infuse some more elegance with a pair of glistening pumps and a formal clutch. Tie your hair up in a high ponytail and don some delicate jewelry to finish off this look with style. 

Silk Peplum Top with Leather Leggings

Wear a cute silk peplum top with black or white leather leggings, and match your heels with the top for a fabulous night-out look. for a soft look, go with a peachy pink top, or a purple one for a glamorous look. You can wear a beaded layered necklace and small ear studs to elevate the ensemble. 

Shimmer Pencil Dress

When the weather requires covering up the legs, go for a combination of a golden shimmery pencil dress with faux leather leggings and shiny black pumps. This festive look can further be elevated with golden hooped earrings and a black chained shoulder bag. 

Casual Leather Leggings Outfit

Building a comfy weekend outfit with your leggings is quite a breeze. Just team up a bright colored t-shirt with them and sneakers for a quick casual ensemble. Here are some more ideas on staying relaxed but with unmistakable style.

Breton Top and Sneakers with Leather Leggings

A simple Breton top is the easiest way to style your leggings casually. You can also wear a long black shrug with this black and white outfit. A pair of black slip on vans will complete this outfit. 

Oversized Flannel Outfit

Wear a white t-shirt and an oversized red and black flannel with black leather leggings. Round off this grunge style outfit with black combat boots and a chunky neck chain. 


What should I wear with leather look leggings?

You can unleash your fashion creativity with stylish leather leggings. To rock it casually, pair it with a long white t-shirt and a denim jacket. Or, go dressier with a graceful brown tunic and black t-strap heels with them to turn heads wherever you go. 

How do you wear a coat with leather leggings?

Coats bring up the style of a leather leggings outfit. Wear a brown camel coat along with a black top and faux leather pants. Finish off the look with brown suede ankle boots and a black tote bag

How should faux leather leggings fit?

The right fit of faux leather leggings is vital to create a nice look. As these are not very stretchable, we suggest buying one size up so that you can put them comfortably without tearing them. 


Leather leggings can be a great addition to your wardrobe if you are looking to create stylish looks in the cold weather. Their luster makes them worthy of a style statement. Besides, they are quite versatile and can be paired with many of the essentials that you already have in your closet. 

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