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The Genesis Of Normcore Aesthetics: Outfits Ideas & Much More

Normcore Aesthetic

Dressing up is a way to express yourself and helps people identify your preferences and sometimes your ideologies. The basic idea behind the normcore style is the opposite where you don’t desire to make a statement with your clothes. Normcore aesthetic is all about wearing outfits that are commonly accepted by a majority of people. 

What is Normcore?

Before we dive into the basics of this basic style, it makes sense to know what the term normcore actually means. The term is a blend of words ‘Normal’ and ‘Hardcore’ and is used to describe a style that is put together using everyday basics. Normcore defies the current fashion scene which is a mixed bag of numerous simple and over the top aesthetics.

The aesthetic helps you portray your personality in ways beyond dressing sense. Think of the legend that Steve Jobs was. He proved that dressing in simple jeans and a black shirt doesn’t mean that the world cannot see your individuality and intellect. 

The Inception of the Normcore Fashion

The credit of coining the term Normcore goes to the trend forecasting agency K-Hole. The Agency founder Emily Segal used the term in the 2013 issue Youth Mole to define the attitude that glorifies the normal and dissent from mainstream fashion. 

Normcore fashion is characterized by basic clothing elements that are a must have in every man and woman’s wardrobe. This also means that in its true sense, Normcore is a unisex style. 

After the K-hole’s mention of normcore in 2013, the trend was picked up by popular fashion magazines in 2014. And that’s how the trend became highly sought after soon after it originated. 

Even though the term was used later on, normcore aesthetic existed well before that. Popular series Friends and Sienfield from the 90s show characters looking great while dressed up in everyday clothes. We will mention Steve Jobs once again, who can be termed as an icon for the normcore style. 

Unpretentious and effortless, normcore dressing style is one of the top trends these days. Much of its resurgence in popularity can be tied to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the lockdown days, everybody was at home and the urge to dress up in unique trends diminished to a great extent. This paved way for the absolute basics to become a top favorite, thus normcore thrived. 

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on exclusive clothing pieces and pricey labels, people preferred functional, everyday clothing in neutral colors. This portrayed the attitude of adopting sameness and defying the need to be cool while looking different. 

Today normcore is a style people choose when they do not want to draw any sort of attention. They dress up comfortably, but in a way that just looks fine and isn’t shabby. 

Essentials for the Normcore Style

Although the neutral color palette is one way of putting together normcore outfits, you can use other colors as long as they do not draw attention like the vivid neons. Team up no nonsense, standard pieces to portray the normcore aesthetic perfectly. 

Normcore Clothing

We have laid down the normcore elements for both men and women. Here is a rundown of the basics that make up the normcore style. 

Normcore Shirts

Shirts will be the foundation pieces for your outfits. Black and white crewneck t-shirts are pretty basic and so are striped henleys and turtlenecks in neutral hues. Apart from them, keep a few pullover sweaters (preferably plain) and a lightweight chambray shirt in your wardrobe. Polo shirts are your perfect average looking shirts that can go with a variety of jeans and trousers. 

Normcore Jackets

Layering is both necessity and a way to add style to your simple outfits. Jackets play a huge role in defining your overall look. But as you are not looking for anything too swanky, go for simple jackets for slightly cold weather like fleece jackets, denim jackets, or minimalist café racer leather jackets. For frigid weather, don a quilted puffer jacket, or windbreakers to keep yourself warm. 

Blazers are the quintessential normcore outerwear for when you are looking for a neat style. Without portraying an over the top fashion look, a blazer will make you look put together. Keep a black, white, or brown tweed blazer in your closet to cover your basic looks.

Normcore Jeans

Whether you are a man or a woman, jeans are the go-to bottom wear for your everyday outfits. Slim fit and straight jeans are currently in style, and a classic as well. You can opt for Prussian blue, faded, stonewashed and navy blue jeans along with a few black and grey jeans to get sorted. 

As an alternative to jeans, men and women both can go for joggers or sweatpants as well. Or, you can go for navy blue chinos or khakis also.

Normcore Shoes

When it comes to normcore footwear, nothing can take place of sneakers as they are highly versatile. You can wear it with all kinds of jeans and trousers, and blend in with the crowd. Apart from chunky sneakers, you can also go with a simple slip on vans as they look very basic. 

For more casual looks, you can put on sandals. Women can opt for basic black ballerina flats.

Normcore Accessories

Even when you dress basic, there is a way to spice up the look a bit with accessories. In the normcore aesthetic, the baseball cap is that one accessory that will add cool vibes without drawing much attention. Besides that, ribbed beanies in black or any other neutral hue also come under the normcore style, and so do white basic socks.

Normcore Vs Hipster

The point of similarity between the hipster and normcore styles is the avoidance of mainstream trends. While the normcore aesthetic comprises of comfortable, neutral clothing that are key to everyday outfits, hipster style is on the quirkier side. Normcore style dismisses trends, while hipsters go for alternative trends that are generally not adopted by the masses. 

How to Dress Normcore?

Many define normcore style as bland, using basic clothing staples in your closet. However, that doesn’t need to be boring. The key is to pair clothing essentials wisely and style them in a way that looks appealing. We will lay down some stylish everyday outfit inspiration so that you can look great even in the simplest of clothes. 

Normcore Outfits for Men

Those few basic garments in your wardrobe can be paired to get the everyday normcore look. Try these outfits to ace the normcore look with ease. 

Brown Blazer Over Black Shirt and Jeans

Brown Blazer Over Black Shirt and Jeans

An ensemble featuring a brown blazer and black polo is the perfect solution for a normcore smart casual look. For bottom wear, opt for white jeans in a straight fit. Complete the outfit with black leather shoes, a messenger bag, and a black belt.

Sweatshirt with Joggers

Sweatshirt with Joggers

For laid back looks or morning running sessions, go for a sports-luxe inspired look with a dark blue sweatshirt and black joggers. White trainers, sunglasses, and a backpack are the perfect finishing touches to this look. 

Grey Sweater with Khakis

Grey Sweater with Khakis

Want to look average but with a flair? Team up your comfy khakis with a grey crewneck sweater and minimalist trainers for a modest look. 

A Shirt Jacket with Grey Jeans

A Shirt Jacket with Grey Jeans

This outfit is the most appropriate when you want to make an impression without going overboard. Wear a cream crewneck sweater and layer it with a light grey collared shirt and a shirt jacket. Choose grey jeans as the bottom wear and add cool vibes with a baseball cap and slip on vans. 

If the weather is not very cold, swap the shirt and jacket with a shacket instead.  

Normcore Look with a Leather Jacket

Normcore Look with a Leather Jacket

A grey pullover sweater with a leather jacket and grey trousers is the perfect formula for an effortless normcore look that still falls under the stylish clothing category. White sneakers are the right choice of footwear with this look.

Normcore Outfits for Women

As a woman, you might think that you will require mixing the normcore style with other aesthetics to look appealing. But that is not true. Normcore outfits alone can make you look like a well dressed diva if you know the art of layering and the appropriate fit.

Normcore Outfit with a Leather Jacket and Puffer Jacket

Normcore Outfit with a Leather Jacket and Puffer Jacket

For layered you can experiment with the various normcore jackets you have. You can wear a simple dress under a leather jacket, and layer it further with a puffer jacket. Warm up even more with a beanie, white socks, and opt for white sneakers to stay true to your normcore aesthetic.

The Good Old Varsity Jacket Look

The Good Old Varsity Jacket Look

The varsity jacket may be from the 90s, but it is a classic that has been in trend until now. Add some cute vibes to your basic white t-shirt and jeans outfit with a white and blue varsity jacket. You can leave the jacket open and tuck the shirt in for a simple style.

Breton Top with Jeans

Breton Top with Jeans

Style a Breton shirt and faded mom jeans with a brown sweater tied around the shoulders. This normcore outfit can be rounded off with a pair of brown slip ons and a camel colored handbag.

Duster Coat Outfit

Duster Coat Outfit

The relaxed and casual pairing of a white t-shirt and black jeans can be elevated in terms of style with a duster coat. Black leather loafers and a classy black shoulder bag will look amazing with this outfit.

Pairing a Green Sweater with Jeans

Pairing a Green Sweater with Jeans

A dark green cable knit sweater with blue straight jeans is a basic combo. But you can add chic vibes to it by tucking the sweater a bit from the front. Use a black handbag and converse shoes with this outfit.


What Does Normcore Stand For?

Normcore is a blend of Normal and Hardcore, which means a style that is average looking but is deeply rooted as an attitude in a person who wants to dismiss usual fashion trends. 

How Do You Dress a Normcore?

The basic idea behind dressing normcore is to team up neutral, classic wardrobe staples to make outfits that will appear as if you are not the one seeking attention. An example of a normcore look is to wear a white shirt and blue jeans along with a grey fleece jacket and white sneakers.

What is a Normcore Hipster?

Hipsters are people who adopt a cool and casual style by mixing up vintage elements creatively. Normcore hipsters add a touch of vintage elements in their outfits but do not go for attention grabbing hippie features like a full beard or a heavy mustache. 

What is Normcore Subculture?

Normcore subculture is a way to signify being normal rather than chasing new trends. Rather than ostentatious trends and fashion, normcore people go for classics in neUtral shades that never go out of fashion. 

Why are Styles Called Core?

The term core means the basis or essence of something. Adding the suffix to the name of the style or aesthetic tells us from where the style has stemmed up.  For instance, the earthcore style is an eco friendly, sustainable style. 

Wrapping Up

The bottom line of this post is that the normcore aesthetic is basically a dismissal of the new fashion trends popping up every now and then. Instead of keeping an eye on trends and blindly following them, normcore advocates team up basic wardrobe staples that won’t make them distinguished. The clothes and accessories in the normcore are usually unisex and simple in design. 

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