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what to wear under a leather jacket

A good ol’ leather jacket is something almost everyone who’s anyone will get an itch for at some point in their vanilla life to spice things up a Lil bit- here’s how to wear one instead of having it wear you.

Make it Last: A good leather jacket will stay with you for decades. If not forever. 

As they say, a decent-quality leather jacket will never ditch you. You’ll be able to count on it, come autumn or spring. It’ll be your friend till the end, help you effortlessly elevate a boring outfit, and keep you shielded from the cold and biting wind when you’re speeding through the city. It isn’t bothered by the pitter-patter of the rain or the scorching sun. A rough and tough article that everyone should have hanging on standby in their closets. 

Opting for a custom leather jacket adds even more versatility and personal expression, ensuring that not only does your jacket stand the test of time but also perfectly aligns with your individual style and preferences.

It’s the nearest thing to a tangible confidence-boosting shot you can wear on your back, without the side effects! Of course.

But the question remains: What to Wear Under A Leather Jacket? What would make you stand out in a sea of jacket bearers? What sorcery should you do to make it look flattering while still keeping the dignity intact?

Good for you, we’re here to break it down for you curious fellas. So buckle up and follow as we walk you through a wholesome guide to getting a bang for your buck. 

Brown leather Jackets and what to pair them with?

Brown leather Jackets and what to pair them with?

Brown has become the desirable neutral since the beginning of 2020, so it’s high time we get you a style manual for these wardrobe staples. 

Make no mistake, that brown leather jackets are packed with a cool attitude, masculinity, and rich heritage, which only a few items in menswear have the caliber to match and compete with. It is a versatile classic usually associated with punks, badass motorcyclists, maverick pilots, and pop culture; hence no wardrobe is complete without one. So now that you know what’s all the rage about, let’s dissect the classic styles. 

There are primarily four types of leather jackets that made it to the list. men’s bomber Jacket, Motorcycle Jacket, Café Racer Jacket, and last but not least Flight Jacket; are certainly easy on the eye.

 But for you guys, there’s a bonus. The field jacket, was initially made out of cotton drill but is thankfully revised in leather material. 

Now you might be wondering just how to incorporate these quadruplets of rockstars into your daily attire? Look no further because we’ll help you weave the ensemble of your choice around them.

Better get on with it!

Gone are the days when people frowned upon those who dared to put on a leather jacket while going into work, arguably due to a lack of formality. Well, you know what? Change is good and so is a macho distressed leather jacket with matching tan khakis to send all the two and three pieces out there a run for their money. Pair it with a plain formal shirt in powder blue or off-white with a tie of your choosing, and you should be good to go. Together they should tone down the mutiny while keeping things professionally in check. This look will be a crackerjack to the point you might not want to go back to your regular blazer suit jacket at all. 

As they say; the only thing that makes you prominent is a brown leather jacket. If you own a heavy bike then it’s probably a good idea to choose a racer style. If you love dark colors more then wear an all-black outfit under a jacket from head to toe. 

Taking inspiration from Hollywood, we bring you a beat-up brown leather jacket that’s paired with a midnight blue t-shirt and grey trousers. Chelsea boots are a good combination with this rugged look, only if you fancy them.

The key

Balance it out: Leather jackets have indisputably an air of manliness around them, which at times can be tricky to work with. Keep your cool with some “softer” pieces to go with them- beanies and scarves work great in the chilly season, while more fitted pants and low-profile leather shoes do a great job of not fighting your top end and keeping things fuss-free. Keep a check on the accessories you throw in a style involving leather jackets because sometimes more is more. 

Myth buster: Women can rock a chic leather jacket just as well, if not better!

Myth buster: Women can rock a chic leather jacket just as well, if not better!

A cropped brown women’s leather jacket with high-waisted jeans and a white tee is a girl’s best friend when everything else seems to fail. Rest assured that this classic combo will never let you down!

Whilst for a more minimalistic approach you can lean towards a pair of ripped or bleached jeans and a red checkered jumper under a women’s brown leather jacket. Ripped jeans suit well with high-top sneakers so don’t forget to add a pair. 

What kind of shirt to wear under a Leather Jacket?

What kind of shirt to wear under a Leather Jacket?

While there are no typical rules when it comes to the shirts one ends up wearing under a leather jacket. There are definitely some evergreen favorites. And for the sake of not complicating things, we bring you some of the most popular ways to style them impeccably!

Believe it or not a simple white shirt under a black leather jacket can do wonders for you. It’s an effortless yet ravishing style that’ll get you far for sure. 

A casual white oxford shirt with a black mac leather jacket would make an awesome debut for a decent yet crisp style. 

While Leather jackets are quintessentially forward in the fashion world, there are certain elements that can upraise the style. Wearing your classic leather jacket with a zippered or pull-over hoodie, especially one that is thick and indulgent is something that you wouldn’t regret adding. This sporty combination will make for a versatile look that would be at your disposal. The outcome is both relaxed and sophisticated in its own right. Finally round off the casual look with a pair of body-hugging black jeans, any neutral tee, and a pair of lived-in converse. A snapback cap is recommended if you’re out and about in the sun. 

In winding up, how can we not mention a formal look in the manual? The look you’re about to be navigated through is both office and post-work-appropriate. And that’s when a black asymmetrical leather jacket comes to the rescue. 

You might want to add a powder blue button-up, skinny necktie, and coal grey dress pants to remain in a professional capacity while still rocking a cool look. 

Leather Jacket with the dress: Indeed,  splendid.

Leather Jacket with the dress: Indeed,  splendid.

What an eye-catching combination!

Kicking off with a simple yet functional look that consists of a black leather jacket and maxi white gown. Military boots can add to the charm, although a pair of lived-in sneakers will make for a more comfortable choice. 

Black leather jackets are so mainstream, everyone is doing them. So why not switch up things a little bit and opt for a navy blue leather jacket over a stunning orange satin flared-up dress and lived-in white converse for a daytime look when you’re out and about in the city. A fresh, bubbly approach never hurt anyone. 

Why not wear a pretty floral figure-hugging dress under a motorcycle leather jacket to blend femininity with masculinity in the most low-key way possible. You can slip into a pair of platform leather boots to round the look and leave onlookers in awe. 

A date night calls for an evening sultry slip dress that’ll pair well with a white leather topper. Dress to the nines with a pair of black ankle straps. Minimal jewelry will look sleek if added to this style. 

Alternatively, an elegant cocktail dress on a cold evening could definitely make use of a crop leather jacket. The trimmed length of the top-wear would help show off your attire better. You can pull on a pair of sparkly stilettos to give some shock of glitter in contrast to the dark leather jacket. A well-executed look indeed. 

 Last but certainly not least, the shortened black leather jacket looks terrific styled with a white long-sleeve frock. Complete this outfit by adding pink runners. A casual but sophisticated look you’ll be reaching again and again.

What to wear under a Leather Jacket, come winter?

What to wear under a Leather Jacket, come winter?

It isn’t up for debate that colder months and leather jackets go perfectly hand in hand. They effortlessly complement each other in remaining classy while still being able to avoid being too stuffy.

Distressed brown leather jackets for starters, pair best with a maroon sweater and deep blue jeans. It’s a foolproof combination that’ll never let you down. Throw in a pair of beat-up brown boots and you’re all set for a chilly day out in the company of a stirring soy cappuccino. 

When duty calls or otherwise, you need to wrap up in layers of exclusivity to make a statement while trying to keep your teeth from chattering. To combat the cold, throw on a simple pale coloured shirt, a work proper tie, and an iron grey waistcoat. The color set-off creates a solid contrast. Round off the lower wear with formal slacks and patent derby shoes to keep things practical. 

Another great option is to adorn a true black biker style jacket with an olive sweater underneath, a pair of hugging leather pants, and combat boots. This handsome look is bound to turn heads even in the biting wind. 

However, if it’s freezing out there, layering is supposed to be your saving grace. Wear an extra warm hoodie underneath your usual fur-lined tan leather jacket to help you combat unforgiving weather. 

What to wear under a light leather Jacket?

For lovers of everything black, we recommend wearing a black turtleneck and black jeans under a jet black racer jacket. A pair of true black shades will complement this all-black outfit. You can always switch it up with a badged motorcycle jacket if the former isn’t your style. 

What to wear under a light leather Jacket?

Whoever said I can’t rock a kicky leather Jacket—Watch me!

The right kind of leather jacket can be a massive Girl power booster. A dark puffer leather jacket paired with a colorful checkered knit jumper underneath, a skinny scarf around the neck, and loose trousers can make for an impeccable street style. You can add a brilliant headscarf and too-cool-for-school sunnies to wreck other unadventurous, plain vanilla trites out there.

Another cool and unique style is to pair a Chambray shirt with ripped boyfriend jeans underneath a black leather jacket to stay cozy. The color blocking technique is meant to give you an edge. 

Do you have a girl’s night out and need to put together an electric yet sophisticated look? Worry not because we’re here to help you dress to the nines. 

A fully studded leather jacket looks impressive worn atop a classic-looking blazer and mini skirt. Accessorize with gold jewelry and spiked stilettos for an added oomph. 

What to wear under a light leather Jacket?

What to wear under a light leather Jacket?

Are you still debating warmth vs fashion? The good news about a lightweight leather jacket is that you can have the best of both worlds. Made out of high-quality leather hide from sheep and lamb these are for day-to-day use. So make some space because there’s always room for a light leather jacket in a man’s wardrobe. That being said, you can get the best leather Jackets from The Jacket Maker. 

Now, moving forward…

Time to plunge in the cool guy look and blow away the cobwebs for once. In order to do that, what you need in your life is a badass moto jacket. Black is the classic, but you can go with any color of your choice. Take the liberty to partner it with a white logoless tee and deep blue acid-washed jeans. Adorn a pair of black brogue boots and you shall become a spark plug, others can only dream off. 

Are you into rich, jazzy colors? Does your heart rate quickens when you spot a vibrant leather jacket as opposed to the dreary dull ones? If that’s the case, you need a colorful leather jacket in your closet. Switch things up with a fiery red or royal blue lightweight leather jacket in bomber or biker style and you might not want to go back to Basics ever again. 

 But before you tend to go overboard, hear us out. 

When doing vivid colors in the jacket department you might want to keep the shoes toned down, so as to not compete with the star of the show. A pair of white trainers, or all-black leather sneakers sure would get the job done. Also, maintain a simple outfit to let the lively leather jacket hold all the attention. 

Meanwhile, if remaining ultra-casual and unpretentious is your thing. Make use of a lightweight racer jacket in primary colors to ooze masculinity out over a few drinks. Partnering it with a pair of lightly washed, pale blue jeans on a Saturday night to chill with your friends couldn’t get any cooler. Both literally and figuratively!

However, if all else fails, learn how to dress well. That just might save the day!

What to wear under a black Leather Peplum Jacket?

What to wear under a black Leather Peplum Jacket?

Peplum jackets tend to project a more feminine and elegant style despite their leathery texture and context. Whether paired with jeans and trousers or skirts, this kind of leather jacket never fails to deliver. So pay close attention if you too are planning on grabbing one.

For starters, you can wear a black peplum leather jacket over a carnations pink sheath knee-length dress. Pair them with pastel pink ankle strap open-toe heels to add an extra feminine touch to the overall look. 

When leaning towards more casual, you can wear a black leather jacket with a blueprinted midi flared skirt. Wear pitch-black mid-calf suede boots to look even more polished.

Coming up next is a powerhouse for fortified femininity. Leather all over is the voodoo charm that spins this attire around, adding an element of intimidation. To make this idea tangible and not just a mere fantasy, you can go for a matte black peplum leather jacket. The key is to not deviate. Choose a matching black mini skirt, slit or no slit is entirely up to you. Finally, to be even more offbeat, slip on a pair of strappy lace-up black leather stilettos to round off the look. And you shall be a walking icon in your own right. 

A polo match-appropriate style coming right up! This outfit breakdown is perfect for a formal daytime event with an abundance of cocktails and parading horses. Pair a matte black leather peplum jacket with a printed monochrome skirt, wide-brim hat for there would be sun, black pencil heels, and a golden clutch to flash some fun.

This stylish yet approachable business casual look you’re about to be told is both functional and trendy. You can wear a white chiffon scoop neck blouse with a black peplum leather jacket for the top. Pair them with a pair of black wide-leg and slightly flared cropped pants. For the shoes, wear silver velvet heels to look more ladylike and eye-catching. Alternatively, a pair of black wide-legged chinos can make a statement. Pair the latter with black high-heeled loafers to add a dash of toughness.

An eggplant-colored leather jacket is already very unique and rare. Indeed, A daring color to pull off. It is even more so when it comes in the form of a peplum jacket. To style this unique and beautiful jacket, you can wear a grey t-shirt and deep blue skinny jeans. Wear a pair of raven suede knee-high boots to look more stylish and ladylike.

Color blocking is pretty much back in business these days as we’re slipping back into the fall months. Pairing a white peplum leather jacket with black skinny pants and black pumps is what the street styles are all about. 

Sometimes you have to spice it up a little bit to justify a fun festive look, that isn’t too overwhelming yet classy. We’ll suggest going for a jet black peplum vintage military leather jacket, under which you can wear a thin cream sweater and pair them with a maroonish- burgundy skirt and black embroidered tights. Knee-high boots can work well in colder months. 

What to wear under a cropped leather Jacket?

What to wear under a cropped leather Jacket?

The combinations can be infinite, 

but some styles are more versatile and groovy than others. Come along and find out what makes a cropped leather Jacket stand out, enabling you to throw down the gauntlet. 

At the outset, you can go grunge with a cinched Faux leather cropped biker jacket in black. Style this cropped biker open over a band tee with chunky boots, or use the elasticated buckle belt to cinch your waist and enhance your shape and knock someone’s socks off…

Talking about cropped jackets and not mentioning the classic red leather jacket is an unforgivable sin. So wear a simple top under a red leather jacket with cropped jeans to look minimalistic. This combination can be worn on daytime dates, at client meetings, and even to parties. Moreover, a bright red leather topper can be a perfect addition to a denim front zip jumpsuit as well. 

A black cropped moto leather jacket is perhaps one hell of a garb. Timeless and an exemplary article of clothing that would even make a sheath look smart. Don’t worry we can do better than that!

Therefore we bring you a classic English look with a little quirk. 

As you might be aware, whether Scottish or not everyone deserves to wear Highlands offerings at least once in their lifetime. It’s a traditional garment that is impeccably modernized in womenswear. Cute, staid tartan skirts and kilts, when paired with a cropped moto leather jacket, is extraordinary. Colored sneakers would only serve to add charm and versatility. 

Last but not least the killer looks that you should be scrambling to get into is the high-rise denim short, thigh-high boots, and corset under a trendy leather jacket. It’s a fashionista’s dream come true. 

But whatever you don’t forget to have fun while at it!

Outfit with leather Jacket; Bring it on!

vOutfit with leather Jacket; Bring it on!

While there are tonnes of outfits you can fix with a leather jacket, we bring you some of our favorites. 

Baggy-style jeans are kind of like the junk food of jeans. Which is rather tempting. Still, the slouchy shape is closer to the remorse you feel after one too many slices of pizza. Does that matter? Heck no.

But what matters is that they can be paired with a puffer leather jacket to give a legit feel. 

Or you can hatch up a pretty look with a vibrant pleated skirt and tucked-in shirt under an embellished leather biker jacket

It’s also worth trying something bizarre yet unrivaled. A punk style for instance would call for a monochrome gingham print frock. You might be inclined to finish it off with a checkered button up tied around the midsection. Justify the look by throwing on a black biker-style leather jacket and pale crocodile green aviators. 

Grey chinos under a black leather jacket is a celebrity-approved casual style. One that you’d want to pair with a matching grey top or sweatshirt. 

Or a V-neck black sweater and monochrome checkered mini skirt can give a great company to a dark racer leather jacket. Black see-through leggings are a personal preference, of course.

We are going to leave things open-ended here on out because everyone who’s reading this, and by that I mean you! is unique and so are the outfits they want to whip up with a dashing leather jacket. 


What do people wear with leather jackets?

A variety of items can be worn with a leather jacket. For example, a white or blue t-shirt, a colorful sweater, vest, loose tees, and even a corset. While in the bottoms department one can choose from skinny/ripped jeans, skirts, chinos, leather fitted trousers, etc.

What do you wear with a leather jacket in the winter?

Preferably pieces that are warm and cozy. Such as a turtleneck, high neck, sweater, baggy sweatshirts, hoodies, or a blazer. While the outfit can be rounded with jeans and leather trousers.

What does wearing a leather jacket say about you?

For men wearing a leather jacket is a tell that they are hard and strong as such garments convey masculinity and ruggedness. And for women adorning a leather jacket, it’s concluded that they’re strong, independent, and stylish. And most importantly knows how to make any style work for them. 

How to wear a leather jacket without looking like a biker?

While bikers are notorious for leather jackets, you don’t need to look like one to carry off this handsome look. Opt for pilot leather jackets, puffy bomber jackets, or Racer jackets to avoid looking like a biker. Maybe spin your outfit in a way the colors are no longer just brown or black. A splash of vibrant hues in your jacket can single-handedly set you apart from a biker. 

How to wear a leather jacket over 60?

Mature people can pull off a leather jacket just as well but need to pull back in the accessories department to avoid overwhelming themselves or the others. They should go for classic, vintage leather jackets and not the embellished and funky kind. As long as you keep it elegant and neat,  age should not be a problem. 


In drawing to a leathery close, we firmly believe that there is a leather jacket for everyone. A style that will resonate with your overall personality and preference. A long-lost puzzle piece that will fit right in. 

So if you don’t own one, it’s high time to change that. And don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. To get started you might want to take a look at this guide to your first leather jacket and weigh your options wisely. 

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