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How to Wear Luxe Sportswear for Men in 2023

how to wear sports luxe men

No one can deny the influence of sporty style in menswear. If you want a dashing look with a touch of comfort, you can effortlessly do so by adding sporty elements to the equation. This style is called the Luxe Sports style in fashion vocabulary. Understanding how to wear sports luxe men will liberate you to create fashionable outfits with a casual flavor. You will never have to choose between comfort and style anymore.

Until a few years ago, no one could predict that your comfy sweatpants or joggers would one day be promoted to high fashion. Today, we can spot men wearing luxe sports outfits in the cafes, on the streets, in airports, literally everywhere. The men’s sportswear style is trending high as the majority of men these days have a flair for practical clothing that doubles up as streetwear.  

By the end of this blog, we reckon that blending luxe style clothing with a sporty touch would be a lot easier for you. From the list of staples that you need to some dapper outfit ideas, we will lay down the luxe sports style for you in detail. 

Luxe Sports: Owning Street Style with Comfort

Look around the streets of fashion centers around the world, such as London, Paris, Rome, New York, and Seoul. You will get a generous dose of sartorial inspiration from urban men. Most will be donning street style sleek outfits that have a casual or sporty element. You will see a lot of sport luxe clothing, such as sweatpants paired with statement bomber jackets, cargo pants, and polo shirts with trainers. 

One of the prime features of the sporty trend is that it has been continuously evolving since its emergence. Being highly versatile, the men’s sport style look is easier to pull off. Constantly evolving trends in men’s fashion almost always lend themselves to this style. 

Unlike the faddish Eboy and Soft boy aesthetics mainly followed by social media savvy youngsters, luxe sporty style appeals to varied and much wider masses. Whether you are a youngster yearning for charismatic looks, a middle-aged man, or a mature man, you can rock luxe sportswear at multiple events and locations. 

Combining Classic Staples with a Sporty Element

The key to put together a sports luxe outfit is to ensure comfortable sophistication. In other words, it is a gentlemanly take on sportswear. An incredibly fashionable style with the right elements of activewear.

The attire is trendy and versatile but an epitome of comfort at the same time. Men love dressing up in luxe looks as they are a perfect fusion between visual appeal and relaxed style.

Sports luxe, as opposed to sportswear, is not limited to the gym. You can rock it at a casual lunch, on a weekend excursion, or even while traveling.

Sports Luxe Staples for Men

Quite understandably, you need to be confident about an outfit to make sure you look stylish. Rather than experimenting and going wrong with either sports or the luxe aspect of this style, you first need to know what garments are appropriate for it. Here is a guide to the clothing essentials that are the puzzle pieces to the sports luxe jigsaw. 


You can now wear hoodies, solid colored t-shirts, or bold, colorful sports style t-shirts with panache. There is no standard fit when it comes to tops in sports luxe. You may need oversized ones to be paired with fitted trousers or fitted ones to pair alongside baggy bottoms. 

Patterned jumpers are also a popular choice for men wearing sports luxe. You could go for henleys and polo shirts for a more street approved look. Casual button downs and flannels look and feel stylishly comfortable with any type of jacket. But when you don’t want to go for multiple layers for your sport luxe style, slay the look with a shacket over sweatpants. 

One more type of shirt that lets you nail the sports luxe effortlessly is a chambray shirt. Wear it with khaki pants, trainers, and a fleece jacket. 


Trousers will create the silhouette for your luxe clothing with a sporty touch, and thankfully you have abundant choices. As we stated earlier, sweatpants, joggers, track pants, and cargo pants are quintessential sports luxe clothing. You can switch to sleek and luxe options like tailored trousers, chinos, or khakis and pair them with a baggy sweatshirt and sneakers. 

Deviating a bit from the conventional style are lean fitting legwear, a great way to elevate your sportsluxe look. You can experiment with skirts, too, as they are trending high these days. 

Remember that you need to avoid the slouchy look if you wear comfy trousers. The trick is to choose slim fit ones and pair them with smart staples like polo shirts, plain white shirts, and Chelsea boots.

You can dress down a bit with plaid pants or tailored shorts. Avoid going for Bermudas and gym shorts as they may give a shabby appearance. If opting for jeans, go for slim fit ones for a tidy look. 


When we talk about outerwear, there are several options for jackets and coats, which can be the highlight of your sports luxe look. Choose any leather jacket, preferably in the bomber style, for that luxe factor with a casual flavor.

If you are going with the bomber style, consider a varsity jacket that perfectly portrays the athletic style. The men’s varsity jacket in bold colors is a highly appropriate sports luxe clothing staple, and a versatile choice as well. 

Polyester jackets, including the military and softshell jackets, are also a befitting option for sports luxe fashion. 

Moving on, you may want to amp up the dressy style more by opting for sleek coats, like a blazer.


You have a lot to choose from when it comes to footwear for sports luxe looks. For a sporty touch, trainers are definitely the best option. You can also go with low top canvas shoes or high top sneakers for the sports style hints.

When going for dressier, sleek options, you can choose leather strap boots, chukkas, Chelsea boots, or derby boots. Boots give a rugged feel to your outfits, which is pertinent to the sport luxe style. 

Sports Luxe Accessories

When you adopt different types of fashion aesthetics, accessories play a major role in styling. They pull together an outfit, giving it an authentic look. Here are the few sports luxe accessories that will give your suave outfits for the perfect finishing touches.


Look for multiple outfit suggestions with a beanie to rock any sports luxe look in fall and winter. It is a stylish accessory that adds to the sport luxe fashion look, and serves the practical purpose of keeping you warm as well, adding to the desired comfort. 

Snap Back

An effortless way to add cool vibes to your luxe clothing is to wear a snapback. It gives that athletic touch showing your penchant for a casual style, and can be worn over high end outfits. If you are confused about how to style sportswear luxe ensembles, snapbacks can do the job pretty well. Also, their counterparts baseball caps are great at finishing off the looks on a sporty note. 


Not only sports watches and fitness bands, but you can also wear leather strap watches with your sports luxe ensembles.


A pair of stylish shades is all you need to create that high fashion luxe men look. Besides sports style sunglasses, you can go for wayfarer or classic aviator style for a refined touch.

Back Pack

A sleek leather backpack adds a great finishing touch to your sports luxe look. 

Sports Luxe Outfit Suggestions

Here are some sports luxe outfit inspiration for you to master this style. 

White Denim Shirt Outfit

One of the most impressive, no fail ways to sports luxe your outfit is to pair green joggers with a crisp white denim shirt. While joggers and a longline t-shirt adds the casual feel, the elegant denim shirt and lace up boots are enough to take care of the luxe factor. Use a stylish newsboy cap, and a sports watch to complete the look.

The Jumper and Jeans Look

Consider teaming up a patterned jumper with slim fit jeans and Chelsea boots for a splendid sport luxe style outfit. Elevate the look with a brown leather jacket and accessorize with shades to ensure your style is on point. 

Sport Luxe Tracksuit

One can’t deny how a tracksuit remained a strictly functional item of clothing for years until the sports luxe trend started. Your humble sweatshirt and track pants can now be a perfect way to add a sporty touch to a luxe outfit.

While they can be used as separates, such as teaming up a grey sweatshirt with dark grey trousers and a varsity jacket, you can wear a sports luxe tracksuit ensemble too. Wear a long army green canvas jacket over a black tracksuit to nail the look.  

Red Varsity Jacket Outfit

Opt for a red varsity jacket over a black t-shirt and jeans for a bad boy look. A snapback and trainers will lend in the sporty vibes in this outfit.

Leather Vest with Chinos

A refined way to execute sports luxe is to wear a custom leather vest over a check shirt and grey chinos. Add white sneakers and a leather strap watch to the equation for the sake of casual style.

Blazer, Jeans and Sneakers

There is nothing better than creating a dapper look with slim fit jeans, a white t-shirt, and a navy blazer. Go for white sneakers to turn this blazer and jeans outfit into a sports luxe outfit.

The Sports Coat Outfit

Creating a luxe sport outfit for men with a tweed sports coat is as easy as wearing it over a basic t-shirt and black jeans. A sports watch is all you need to add the wow factor to this look.

FAQs – How To Wear Sports Luxe Men

What Does Sports Luxe Mean?

Sports luxe style combines sleek, street style essentials with sporty elements. The style is a highly sought after one by men of all ages. An example of a sports luxe look is to wear a plaid shirt and black jeans with a classic bomber jacket.

What Does Luxe Mean in Fashion?

The term luxe hints towards expensive fashion staples and style trends that exude opulence and value. Sports luxe meaning implies a style that is created by the fusion of athletic elements and high end fashion staples. 

What is the Difference Between Sports Wear and Sports Luxe?

Sportswear garments are comfortable and relaxed to let you be at ease while you work out or play. On the other hand, sports luxe isn’t limited to gym wear. The men’s sport style allows you to look your stylish best while enjoying comfort. Sports luxe style is made with street style essentials and some cool and casual hints which give a sporty vibe.                                                                                                                                    

What Type of Joggers are Appropriate for Luxe Sportswear?

Baggy joggers will hinder the sleek look that is the highlight of a sports luxe outfit. Therefore, it is better to go for lean fitting joggers. Pair them with denim jackets, chambray shirts, henleys, and polyester quilted jackets for a stylish and comfortable look. 

How to Style Hoodies for a Luxe Sporty Look?

Hoodies are the epitome of comfort and can be the perfect sporty addition to a refined look. Choose a fitted, pullover hoodie and pair it with a contrasting blazer. You can also ditch the blazer for the sports coat. 

Are Polo Shirts Appropriate for Luxe Sportswear?

Polo shirts are one of those garments that are always acceptable. They are a versatile clothing essential that should be a wardrobe mainstay if you frequently wear luxe sports outfits. Keep some properly fitting short and long sleeved polo shirts to build a variety of outfits with a sporty touch. 

How to Make a Tracksuit Look Fashionable?

One of the first things to remember is to never wear a complete tracksuit if you are going for a luxe, street style look. Ditch the tracksuit top and wear the track pants with a stylish casual collared shirt and a bomber jacket. 

Are Sneakers the Only Appropriate Footwear for Luxe Sportswear?

No. sneakers and trainers are definitely a great way to add sporty vibes to a street look, but they are not the only option for the sport luxe fashion looks. You can diversify the footwear choice by going for stylish boots, like chukkas, and Chelsea boots. Or, you could go for low top canvas shoes.                                                                                    


The crux of how to wear sports luxe men is to create outfits inspired by sporty elements, while adding an ultra modern spin to them. Sports luxe is a trend that has taken men’s fashion by storm. People are shifting towards styles like this to enjoy the luxe feeling plus comfort and relaxing vibes. The sports luxe fashion is highly versatile and inclusive, allowing men from all walks of life to rock this attire with confidence.

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