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How To Dress Like A Bad Boy

how to dress like a bad boy

When we think of the cliques or subcultures that dominate men’s fashion today, retro, rockers, mods, bikers and punks are the first few to come to mind. These are the groups that represent the lifestyle and fashion sense of modern men. Amongst these cliques, one cannot deny the strong presence of bad boys who pivot between style and maintenance of their rebellious streaks. Are you, too, a rebel without a cause? Do you want to know how to dress like a bad boy? If so, this blog post is for you!

Before we start tackling the fashion side of our subject, we must first underline what falls under the bad boy persona. In the most basic sense, bad boys are the ones who exude confidence and style. They’re the heartbreakers who wear the “I don’t care” tag on their sleeves. Obviously, these rebellious boys are also quite dangerous and so it’s always best to keep them at arm’s length. 

Describe Bad Boy Aesthetics 

Describe Bad Boy Aesthetics 

Apart from having a distinct personality, bad boys are also aesthetically unique. They are the contemporary punks that don’t ever “fit the bill”. Their dressing is an important part of their persona; the modern, fresh, rocker vibe is the crux of their style and presentation. 

Whether you pick a bad boy from the 50s who would wear studded leather jackets with flashy leather boots and printed tops or bad boys from the 70s who had mohawk hairstyle and a flamboyant dressing sense – it’s all strung together. 

You will generally find bad boys wearing leather jackets with understated and classic staples like crisp white chambray shirts and derby boots. They go with smart casual dressing; something that looks effortlessly cool to give the impression of paying attention yet not giving much importance to their looks because at the end of the day they have to keep up with their devil may care attitude. You will also find them wearing distressed jeans and traditional rocker suit jackets

From denim jeans to button-down shirts and flared leather pants and sometimes even cotton chinos and printed scarves, these are the clothing items that they use to create the perfect bad boy ensemble. Furthermore, bad boys like to stick to black, a commonality with goths, but they are open to experiments and the use of color blocking and industrial shades. The bad boy aesthetics would not be complete without the mention of metallic hardware and sleek, signature hairdo.  

Bad Boy Outfit Ideas

It is fairly easy to put together bad boy outfits. You can find inspiration from several Hollywood celebrities as well, especially the musicians. However, if you’re interested in giving a makeover to your capsule wardrobe and you want to invest in staple items that will help you create bad boy outfits with ease, follow the guide below. 

Bad Boy Gear

Bad Boy Gear

Bad boys are clear in their head when they’re putting together a look; nobody wants to wear a costume because it’s not Halloween every day. Hence, they use a minimalist approach when it comes to wearing the bad boy gear. You can go back in time and take James Dean for inspiration – the famous angry young man loved to wear black leather straps with arm bracelets. 

You can also go ahead with body piercings but without overdoing them since it can get confusing with the punk style. Modern-day bad boys wear sunglasses, metallic jewelry, scarves, and belts just to layer their outfit and give a holistic look without losing the plot and making it a costume. 

Bad Boy Jeans

Bad Boy Jeans

Bad boys love clothing that are ripped and distressed. Whether you’re going for denim or leather, make sure it’s rugged, classic, and effortless. They hardly go for cotton pants but when they absolutely have to, their choice of clothing is chinos or cotton shorts, sometimes even track pants. 

Don’t get too caught in black; despite being the most dominant choice of color, bad boys also wear bold and dark colors like navy, charcoal and distressed browns. Thus, don’t feel too limited in your own space since you have room to explore and express. 

Bad Boy Leather Jacket

Bad Boy Leather Jacket

Add oomph to your attire by wearing the most essential component of bad boy style: a black leather jacket. Leather jackets, regardless of the color black, are an important part of a bad boy look. Thus, make sure you have biker jackets, aviator or bomber jackets, and sports coats in your wardrobe. 

You can also add denim and wear a black or dark blue customized denim jacket to create day looks. Outerwear is crucial when it comes to bad boy clothing, so don’t break from the tradition and wear modern silhouettes with a twist.  

Bad Boy Hairstyle

Bad Boy Hairstyle

All bad boys have one signature hairstyle: sleek and unruly. You can use gel to give your hair some life by creating messy hairdos as well but even the messy styles have certain limitations: they should be proper and modern. 

Try not to wear any caps but headbands are always great. You can use printed headgear to accessorize and style long hair. This style is essentially rock and roll.


How do you dress like a thug boy?

To dress up like a thug boy, you should wear baggy clothes and symbolic jewelry. Square-cut pants or sweatpants with a baggy t-shirt along with a beanie would make you look like a thug who is raised in the streets. Hoodies are also ideal if you’re looking for a comfortable look. Complete the look with a pair of white leather sneakers

What do gangsters look like?

To look like a gangster, you should dress up in a baggy pant suit; probably in grey or black. Wear a same toned fedora hat along with leather shoes to complete the look. 

How do you dress like a bad boy in the summer?

Bad boys dress up in plain and basic tees, mostly black or white. They also wear slim-fit jeans that are slightly ripped or torn. Bad boys like to wear metallic gear as well so add some studs and arm bracelets. The look is completed with outerwear, you can go for an unstructured blazer. 

In Conclusion

As you can tell, it’s not that difficult to create a bad boy look. So instead of wondering how you can dress as a bad boy, make an effort and create a wardrobe out of the items discussed above. Use metal accessories, head gear, leather and distressed outerwear, denim and ripped jeans and plain cuffed and collared shirts and of course heavy-duty footwear made of real leather, like suede. 

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