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Men’s Capsule Wardrobe: The Ultimate Guide

Contrary to popular belief, capsule wardrobe is not just for women. Men need a capsule wardrobe as well regardless of what most of them think. If you’re new to fashion and you’ve only just heard about the term capsule wardrobe, chances are you heard it from some lady in your life. And don’t worry, it’s not something you need to be scared of. We’ll explain to you what a capsule wardrobe exactly is and why you should have one. 

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is essentially made of 12 to 36 items in your closet that can work together in a variety of ways. Once you’ve gotten those clothing pieces in your wardrobe, you wouldn’t have to worry about buying new clothes. This means, your wardrobe would include only the basics and the most important items of clothing which obviously means that you’d have to say goodbye to the free merchandise t-shirts and the socks that you’ve been wearing since you were 17. 

outfit ideas from men's capsule wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe can be stressful and yet the most fun experience in terms of fashion. It not only saves your time but also saves you money in the long run. Let’s start with the most organic question so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Are there any specific items in your closet that you love to wear again and again? That piece of clothing is your capsule. 

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s elaborate on the concept, shall we?

Minimalist Wardrobe for Men

minimal capsule wardrobe for men

Simply put, an excellent and thoughtful capsule wardrobe is supposedly a collection of classic items that exhibit versatility. The ultimate goal is to create numerous outfits from the same pieces of clothing. You obviously need to learn how to mix and match basic clothing items. In fact, you have to learn how to wear basic clothes to professional and serious occasions without feeling out of place and repetitive. 

Additionally, you have the option of creating seasonal capsules as it feels more organized and out together. Your summer collection won’t work in the fall season, so it’s better to up your game and be one step ahead. So, how do you serve looks with the same clothes over and over again? 

Why is a Capsule Wardrobe Necessary? 

Imagine yourself in a situation where you’ve gone shopping at the minute and got the most expensive shirt of the lot because it made sense at the time. Now you’ve already worn it twice and you’ve wondered whether others would notice and cringe the third time you wear it. 

tops for men

You can blame it on capitalism for setting unrealistic standards or you can accept that you need a capsule wardrobe to solve all your problems. Instead of complaining that you have nothing to wear, be confident and know exactly what you will wear and how. Give yourself options to play with without hoarding your closet with unnecessary clothes. 

Do you know that by creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself, you get a better understanding of who you are and what you’re all about? It helps you establish your personal style and identity in the most liberating way possible. And here’s the good news: It doesn’t take much work because you already have a capsule wardrobe – you only need to refine it. 

Steps to Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Purge Your Closet

The first step is to dive deep into the closet and try everything. To learn how to express yourself, you have to experience and give a chance to everything that you have. This step is a bit time-consuming so make sure you do this over the weekend when you have nothing planned. How do you decide what works and what doesn’t? 

men's capsule wardrobe

Well, that’s an incredibly important question. All you need to focus on is comfort and fit. Do you like it on you when you wear it? Do you like the fitting and the color? Do you only wear certain pieces of clothing because they’re in your closet? If nothing works and you’re left confused, apply the Marie Kondo trick and ask yourself, ‘does it give me joy?’ and you will have your answer. 

Stick to Neutrals

men wearing neutral outfits

Try and solidify your foundation by adding muted colors to your capsule wardrobe. The clothing items should look timeless and sophisticated. A rule of thumb is to never buy clothes with trendy colors as they tend to date your closet. By sticking with neutral colors you save yourself from going out of style. 

Quality Above All

man in quality clothes

Think of it this way: You’re creating a capsule wardrobe that will last you for seasons to come. Thus, if you do purchase a slightly expensive shirt, it will serve you for the long haul. The idea is to buy clothes that can be worn over and over. This obviously won’t be possible if you go ahead with cheap purchases because the items would be of low quality. 

Sometimes, it’s great to be thrifty but it’s considered better to leave that for the trendier items because you know they won’t last long anyway. Always try and invest in quality clothes as you will save money and have classic foundational pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Men’s Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Look – keep practicality in mind when creating your capsule wardrobe as it will ensure you feel confident as well as stylish. Use our guide below to create a capsule wardrobe that defines your personal style without hindering your comfort. 

A Black Suit

men's black suit

Always have a classic black suit, tailored and adjusted as per your measurements, because you never know when you’ll need one. From weddings to funerals to cocktail parties, you’ll need a black suit to fit the occasion. And of course, you’ll be able to wear it differently every time; for instance, match the leather blazer with a T-shirt and jeans for a laid-back look and add a crisp white shirt with a black tie for a more business and formal outing. 


men's outerwear

Always have heavy-weight outwear in your closet; be it a denim jacket, leather bomber jacket, or even an overcoat. Stick with a neutral shade with a brown undertone if it’s a coat and lean more towards blacks and greys if it’s any type of jacket

Button-up Shirts

button-up shirt for men

You need a button-up shirt in your closet for many reasons. It’s a piece of clothing that will bring many looks together. You can wear it under leather jackets, denim jackets, and even suits and ties. It’s obviously going to be better to have one in black, and white and one in navy blue. Refrain from buying shirts with prints and blockings as they tend to look repetitive. 

knitwear for men


This piece of clothing can be part of your winter capsule collection. Go with something that not just looks cozy but also feels comfortable and warm. Neutral shades like camel, cream, and beige are obviously perfect as you can maneuver them into different outfit combinations. 


basic t-shirt

What’s a wardrobe without t-shirts? Follow the basic rule and buy two to three t-shirts that go with blue and black jeans; something that can be worn to work or slightly more laid-back outings. 


basic denim jeans for men

A man’s capsule wardrobe is unfinished without a classic denim piece. Never go out of style or out of comfort by purchasing good-quality denim. Keep it simple by refraining from ripped jeans and splatters. 


belts for men

An outfit looks untidy and incomplete with a belt. Therefore, try to get a belt that fits your waistline. Get a color that will go with a corporate look so that you always look polished and ready to take on the world! 


footwear for men

A man should have three pairs of leather shoes in his closet. The colors, as usual, will be neutral. Thus, get yourself a pair of sneakers since they go with literally everything along with a pair of Oxford shoes for business casual looks. And finally, you must buy brown suede Chelsea boots for more formal occasions. 


How many items are there in a men’s capsule wardrobe

Generally, there should be 12 to 36 pieces in a men’s capsule wardrobe. 

How to create a men’s capsule wardrobe?

Creating a men’s capsule wardrobe is a fun experience of self-exploration and transformation. You have to first understand your needs, consider seasonal value, budget, and of course, style in mind. 

How many jeans should a man own?

A man should have at least three pairs of denim jeans in their closet. One in black, one in navy blue, and one in grey. 

How do you build a minimal closet?

Building a minimal closet means you have to stick with the basics and neutrals. Have button-up shirts, denim, t-shirts, three pairs of suede shoes, a belt, and a black suit. 

How many clothes should be there in a capsule wardrobe?

Ideally, there should be 20 to 30 pieces of clothing in a men’s capsule wardrobe. 

In Conclusion

Thus, creating a capsule wardrobe is a fun activity that is also cost-effective in the long run. You can always explore your style and save time and energy by creating one for yourself. Men should ideally have 12 to 36 items in their wardrobe as it is reasonable and practical. 

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