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One Suit, Ten Different Styles – All-Black Suit

how to wear a black suit

When we look at a black suit from a classical menswear perspective, it is definitely the ultimate choice for a black-tie setting. But the thing with attire like the black suit is that anyone who lacks sound knowledge of fashion would rather wear in a mundane way than trying anything exciting. Let’s show you some interesting ways how to wear a black suit to elevate your style. 

You may categorize the pairing of a black suit jacket and trousers as downright ordinary and only funeral-appropriate. However, nothing beats this perfect outfit for when you need to dress to impress. The black suit recipe done right is indeed a strong style statement. Initially, we will lay down some popular styles of black suits and then move on to the various ways in which you can wear them. 

Black Suit Styles to Go For

Based on its style, a black suit can fall into the casual wear, semi-formal, or highly formal category. The classic black tuxedo with its satin detailing is the most dressy, fit for formal evening wear. But with a suit, you have much more flexibility in terms of styling. You have the freedom to choose a different shirt and tie combos, go without a tie, or pair different kinds of shoes.

Whatever type of suit you are choosing, make sure the tailoring is top-notch. An impeccably stitched black suit that fits you right makes the foundation of an impressive look. Here are the most popular black suit styles that can help you portray your refined fashion sense. 

  • Two-piece single-breasted basic suit
  • The two-piece double-breasted business suit
  • Three-piece suit with vest
  • Black suit with a pinstripe pattern
  • Black suit with check pattern
  • Blazer with matching trousers

Fabric and Other Features

The style of the notch on the suit jacket may be peak or notch, while the number of buttons could be either one, two, or three. The trousers of your suit may be pleated or flat. When you go for a black blazer, you can wear chinos or black flat trousers with it for a casual style.

Another fact to consider is the heat-absorbing property of the black color, due to which we highly suggest only going for natural fabrics when you buy a black suit. Cotton, linen, and wool are your best bet, but you can also go for durable blends of wool, silk, or cashmere. Stay away from polyester and its blends. Never opt for a shiny-looking suit or anything with contrast stitching.  

What to Wear with a Black Suit?

What to Wear with a Black Suit?

The classic color (or should we say noncolor?)of the black suit makes it a blank canvas on which you can paint creatively. So many colors and patterns go well with black, which means you have a lot of options when it comes to shirts, ties, and even footwear.

Making a black suit stand out involves experimenting with different shirts, ties, shoes, and accessories. Besides the classic white shirt, you can go for complementing colors like blue, burgundy, gray, or olive green to make the black suit look interesting. Dark plum also works well with black and can be an appropriate outfit idea for a wedding. 

Light-weight shirts and t-shirts will be your go-to option for summer. For winter, try creating turtleneck outfits with your black suit pullover hoodies, or sweaters in different colors with your black suit for a stylish appearance. 

Accessories with the Black Suit

When choosing a white shirt under your black suit, you can go for suit accessories like suspenders to elevate the basic look. To break the monotone look, belts will be your friend in need. Choose belts with a sleek buckle or a subtle etched detail, so that it is visible when the suit jacket is unbuttoned.

Wear matching socks with your black suit. For casual looks, you can go with other neutral socks like gray, olive, or brown. It is better to stay away from very bright socks as they will draw attention away from the rest of the outfit.

Daring Fashion Choices with the Black Suit

What you choose to wear is totally your choice, and if you want to make gutsy fashion choices, you can break the standard norms. With a black suit, try wearing a printed stole around your neck. Experiment with various dangling accessories like chained lapel pins, pendants, or embellished belts.

You can also try a fusion of styles by wearing a graphic t-shirt under a black blazer and chinos for a quirky look. With this outfit, you can wear black and white sneakers.  

Another unique look with a black suit is wearing it with a textured vest. Try an embossed vest with a paisley or floral texture for garden party attire. 

Black derby shoes and oxfords are not the only footwear choice for the fashion-savvy man. Try wearing Chelsea boots, loafers, or boat shoes for the less dressy ensembles. If you want to break the head-to-toe black look, you can wear oxblood, gray, or brown shoes with your black suit.  Or, use colorful, patterned ties and pocket squares in dark purple, brown, pink, orange, royal blue, or crimson red with a white shirt. 

How to Wear a Black Suit in Different Ways

Nothing can beat the stylish appearance of a man in black. Whether you are watching a classic movie or exploring contemporary fashion on runways and streets, the black suit is worn by men for a lasting impression. Pair it with stylish accessories like a silver watch and black aviator shades, and it becomes a perfect recipe to please any onlooker.

From casual blazer outfits to the formal all black attire, make your black suit a reason to get you genuine compliments from everyone. Be a proper gentleman and wear your black suit jacket and trousers with aplomb in a variety of ways mentioned below. 

Casual Look with the Black Suit

Casual Look with the Black Suit

A black suit is often perceived as equivalent to higher levels of formality. But with the popularity of street style that rules contemporary fashion these days, it’s no more limited to the black tie / black tie optional events. You must learn how to wear a black suit casually according to contemporary fashion.

You can choose a one-button single-breasted black suit and wear it over a charcoal gray or coffee-colored rollneck for a casual street look. Wear black or gray suede chukka boots with this outfit. Round it off with a stylish silver or black dress watch and wayfarer sunglasses for a dapper look. 

How to Wear a Black Suit in Summer?

To tone down the heat absorption factor of black, there can be a lot of ways to rock the suit in summer. You can choose lightweight fabrics, and pair it with light blue, cream, light pink, and light yellow shirts. Or, ditch the suit jacket and instead go for a black vest and black trousers over a half-sleeved collared shirt in a light color. 

For a cool look on a warm summer day, don’t wear a tie and leave the top two buttons of your shirt open. Also, leave the socks and wear comfortable boat shoes and leather loafers with your black suit.

All Black Suit

All Black Suit

Anyone can go wrong with a seemingly effortless head-to-toe all black outfit look. It requires the right pairing of different shades of black in a way that the outfit looks put together rather than a pitch-black look.  

Use a black shirt as a base for your black-on-black suit look. Go for a single-breasted black suit as it is relatively easier to pull off with confidence. A black textured vest can add a refined touch to this look. If you are not going for a vest, the same rule of texture would apply to the tie so that it is visible yet blended in the outfit. 

As this outfit is completely black, so your socks and belt should also be black. If the event that you are attending is very formal, go for a classy silver lapel pin, a gray pocket square, and a silver dress watch. 

You can wear black double monks, black leather shoes, or oxford shoes with your all-black suit for a sharp look. 

Black Suit with White Shirt

Black Suit with White Shirt

Ordinary, typical, and very familiar. These three are the last words you want to listen to when you want to give off a classy look. Sometimes, a simple pairing of a white button up shirt with a black double breasted suit works perfectly. But for a unique look that no one can resist but admire, experiment with colors and patterns with this basic combo to reflect your persona. 

Try a black and white floral printed tie with your white shirt and black suit. If you are looking for some richness, jacquard textured ties in black, blue, gray or green colors will be the best option. To remain the classic look intact, a pair of brown shoes with a black suit will look great.

At times, wear a cream shirt with a black suit as it replaces the crisp white shirt but still looks very neat. 

Black Suit Combination with Sneakers

Black Suit Combination with Sneakers

Give people something different to admire by teaming up your black suit with leather sneakers. As unique as it may sound, the sneakers and black suit make a great combination for a casual look. 

Use a brown and gray striped casual shirt as a base for this outfit. Put together the ensemble by wearing a black blazer and black chinos along with white low top sneakers and a black fedora hat

Formal All Black Suit Look

Formal All Black Suit Look

Getting an invite to a black tie affair gives you an opportunity to dress up in a refined way. And what could be better than a well fitting black suit to do so? To deviate from the funeral look, style your black suit with a silver gray shirt, or a navy blue and white striped shirt. If you are opting for a gray shirt, match a textured tie with it, like a striped or polka dot one.

Footwear choice with a formal black suit can be black derby, oxfords, or double monk straps polished to a beautiful luster. Accessorize the look with a gray silk pocket square, a silver tie clip and silver cufflinks. A metallic black analog watch will add sharp vibes to the ensemble. 

Black Suit with a Floral Print Shirt

Black Suit with a Floral Print Shirt

Sartorial savvy men often like to use floral prints in their outfits. Florals no longer dominate the women’s wear only. The prints, especially micro florals in dark colors, are now considered appropriate for men’s semi formal attire as well. But there is a refined way to do so, as you don’t want an overly flamboyant look that contradicts the decency of a black suit. 

To put together a sleek yet fashionable look, wear a cream shirt and a gray satin floral print vest under a black suit. Instead of a tie, go for a solid black bow with this outfit. The ensemble is fit for a wedding or any garden party. 

Black Suit with Red Tie

Black Suit with Red Tie

A red tie spices up a black suit. Though not all fashion gurus would agree to the combo, you can try wearing a crimson red tie with a white shirt and a black suit to make a fashionable entry at a party.

Black Suit With a Crewneck Tshirt

Black Suit With a Crewneck Tshirt

Why not fuse the classic look of a black suit with a cool and comfortable t-shirt? By doing so, you will attain an effortlessly trendy ensemble. 

Pair a white and black breton t-shirt along with a black blazer and black trousers. To further dress down the outfit, wear black converse sneakers or black loafers with it. Finish the outfit on a casual note by wearing a black metallic watch and wayfarer-style shades. 

Black Suit with a Navy Blue Shirt

Black Suit with a Navy Blue Shirt

A true gentleman knows how well the combination of navy blue and black works. Team up a classic navy blue collared shirt with a black double-breasted suit for a polished look. Choose brown formal shoes, preferably double monks with this ensemble. You can wear this combo to work and business-related events as well. 


Is it OK to wear a black suit?

The belief that black suits are only fit to be worn for weddings or funerals is widely followed. However, you can use a black suit for multiple no-nonsense, fashion forward looks, as explained above. Doing so is the right way to rock this look without making it inappropriate. While black being related to dignity and magnificence is undeniable, your black suit can be a wardrobe mainstay for several dapper looks at evening events. 

What is the best way to wear a black suit?

Black and white are considered a no-fail combination, so your best bet would also be a white shirt and black suit. However, to ensure that your outfit is anything but mundane, try pairing it with ties and pocket squares in bold patterns and eye pleasing colors.

What color shirt should I wear with a black suit?

Besides the basic white shirt, you can go for light blue, cream, or a light pink shirt with a black suit. You can also opt for silver gray, brown, navy blue, and burgundy shirts for an even more dashing look. 

What color tie should I wear with a black suit?

Keep the color of your shirt in mind when choosing a tie. For light colored shirts, select printed ties in bold colors, like blue, pink, or purple. For darker colored shirts with your black suit, select a gray or black tie.

Is a black suit OK for a wedding?

Fashion standards keep evolving, and the concept of not wearing black to a wedding is also being pushed back lately. Rock a black suit with absolute confidence at a wedding by teaming it up with a micro floral printed shirt and a black tie.

Can you wear a black suit for an interview?

A black suit is more appropriate for a job interview for a higher designation, like a managerial position. If you are a law intern, then it is also a good choice. But for entry level positions, a black suit would make you appear as a confident, authoritative person, which may not be a very good idea. Go for blue or gray suits instead for such instances.

Wrapping Up

A black suit is the perfect attire to make you look classy. But if you are hesitant to pull it off with style, try any of the suggested ideas to ensure that you are abiding by the fashion rules.

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