In the extremely fashion-conscious world of today, it is very important to dress well, whether it be men or women. The clothes you wear speak for you and build up your image. Thus it should be an essential part of your daily routine to pick an outfit that speaks to you for the day. Some clothing pieces are classic like the men’s black blazer and so they cannot be ignored, even minimalist clothing makes blazers look stylish. 

Every man loves to own a stylish black blazer as they are fit for all types of events. It is known to be timeless outerwear that cannot be beaten by any other clothing piece. It has its charm and elegance which gives a boost to any outfit you wear it over. 

A black blazer combination with any outfit would take your look to another level. However, if you are not sure how to wear your black blazer then keep on reading as this blog is for you. Here is all you need to know about a black blazer and how you can style it.  

Types of Black Blazers 

If you are going shopping, you are going to find two different types of blazers, the single-breasted blazer, and the double-breasted blazer. Some men might not be sure about the difference between these two, so let us tell you. 

Single Breasted Blazer

Man wearing sunglasses and blue denim.

Such a type of suit jacket has buttons between one to three, but if there is an exception, you can also find the fourth or fifth one. You can wear such blazers on any type of occasion whether they are formal, semi-formal, or even casual. The single-breasted blazers are easy to carry and are very comfortable to wear. However, you should be well aware of the buttoning rules

Double Breasted Blazer

Man wearing a double-breasted blazer.


A double-breasted blazer is made with more fabric as compared to a single-breasted blazer. It is because a large partition of the fabric folds at the front and the buttons are inclined in two columns. They are treated as formal wear, thus, they are not worn at casual events. 

Double-breasted blazers are not seen as frequently as the single-breasted blazer but on formal events, they look spectacular if worn right. So, when it comes to styling black outfits do not forget to wear your black blazer over it, according to the occasion. 

Styling a Black Blazer 

Unlike tan blazers, styling a black blazer is not that difficult, all you have to do is pick the outfit according to the event you are going to and the color combination you like. If you want to keep it subtle you can go for a black blazer with a blue shirt or if you want to go all formal you can even pick a black suit jacket and grey pants it all depends on you. 

If you still aren’t sure how you can style an outfit with different outerwear let us help you with it. Here is a detailed guide for you. 

Formal Black Blazer Outfit

Man standing in front of a white background.

Corporate outfits are formal and formal outfits should be classy. Pick out a shirt with a black blazer, make sure that the shirt is of a light color. You can pair it with formal grey or black pants. To finish the look off, wear oxfords, your watch and you are ready to roll early in the morning. 

Black Blazer with Khaki Pants

Man buttoning his blazer.

Khakis highly complement black blazers. They are casual and highly comfortable at the same time. However, one should know how to style them properly. Pick out your favorite khakis from your wardrobe, to give that handsome hunk look, go for a light-colored, v-necked t-shirt. Complete your look by wearing sneakers or white trainers. It is going to be the perfect outfit for a brunch date or even an exhibition. To give yourself a more intense look you can even wear glasses. 

Casual Black Blazer With Jeans

Man walking on the pavement.

Thinking about casual, pair a blazer and jeans together as it is one of many men’s favorite clothing combinations. If you are dressing casually just for a regular day out, make sure to keep that classic look of yours intact. So, pick a hand-knitted sweater, and your favorite pair of jeans and top your look together with a black blazer. There are going to be a lot of textures going on in your look which is going to make you look great. Complete your look by wearing sneakers or suede boots. 

Black outfit 

Man in a complete black outfit.

A black outfit leaves everyone in awe as it is timeless and is loved by anyone. It is very easy to pull off a black outfit look, however, standing out of the crowd is necessary too. Go for a black blazer with black pants, and a black shirt too. You can style this look for a formal night by pairing it with oxfords or give it a business casual look by wearing it with loafers or sneakers. This look is great for a bling red carpet night or maybe even a post-graduation party. 


How to style a black blazer casually?

You can style a black blazer casually. Jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers can be worn casually with a black blazer. If you like to accessorize your look wear sunglasses or add hand bands to your wrist. 

Is a blazer a winter jacket?

A Blazer can be treated like a winter jacket if it is layered. You can wear a button-down shirt, wear a V-necked sweater over it and lastly wear your blazer. 

Will white pants and black blazers complement each other?

Monochromatic always complement each other. If you are willing to give yourself a standout look, then you can surely wear white pants with a white shirt and slide a black blazer over it. 

What color pants to wear with a black blazer?

Black blazers are classic, thus any colored pants are going to suit them according to the event. Denim blue jeans, white chinos, and black khakis are going to work quite well with it. 

Can you wear a trench coat over a blazer? 

Yes you sure can wear a trench coat preferably a leather trench coat over a cotton blazer, layering with different fabrics & textures in your outerwears always give your outfit an edgy look 

Would a black blazer look good with tan pants?

Outfits with tan pants are manly to pull off, thus a black blazer is going to look great with tan pants.


When we talk about British men’s fashion, we instantly have black blazers in mind. The classy black blazers that we know off are timeless and they never seem to go out of style. If you think that blazers are just formal wear, you are wrong. Take out your black blazer from your wardrobe. Put together clothing pieces that you think are going to work well with it. You never know what might look good with your black blazer, you just have to be willing to try. 

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