The Longline T-shirt Trend of 2023: All you Need to Know

Longline t shirt

If we talk about the emergence of street style, we must’ve also seen people wearing drastically long and oversized clothes. This trend has been in awe of many who like to be in this movement. The street style became a movement mainly due to its popularity. The longline t-shirts share the same background as well. They started ruling during the era of street style emergence and since then it has been trending to this day and possibly beyond. 

What is the Longline

Longline t-shirts or apparel are tops that are longer than usual in length. They have a long length rather than being wide. They come in various fits and fabrics, differentiating one from another. The shirts usually falling well below the waist length, sometimes even reaching mid-thigh. The long tee fashion has been around for a while which has escalated the fashion enthusiast in making fashion trendy apparels which feature the longline look. 

How The Trend Started?

The longline trend is not that old. It started in the late 2020s, this fashion trend was first seen among many celebrities. The objective was to feel comfortable while wearing fashionable clothing. Hip hop artists were the first ones to initiate this specific trend. And since then many people have started following the longline trend. 

Styles Under Longline Trend

A T-shirt is not the only thing that lies under the longline trend. There are many tops that are manufactured under this trend, which include longline sweaters, sweatshirts, Longline buttoned-down shirts, longline hoodies, and more. 

Longline T-shirts

The longline t-shirts are the most popular ones when we talk about this trend. Initiated by celebrities and gaining popularity among millions. The most astonishing look can make you look preppy as well as rugged if the item is paired with the right accessories. The styling options and rules are very specific in order to rock this certain item in your overall ensemble. The types of longline styles include.    

The SkatePunk Look

The skatepunk look is followed by cut sleeves along with a broader shoulder and pyramidal length waistline to the hip. The look is closer to the hipster look which is comfortable as well as fashionable. The look works best in summers when paired with slim-fit jeans and white casual everyday sneakers. 

The Mellow Look

The most comfortable fit in the longline t-shirt style is the mellow fit which offers a soft cotton fabric that gives a relaxed feel. But it is not as wide as an oversized baggy t-shirt. 

The Stricken Look

The boxed-fit longline t-shirts feature quarter sleeves that drop down to one’s elbow along with a straight wide fit. The t-shirt is best for layering up because it is essentially considered outerwear that can be worn above a buttoned-down shirt with the popped collar out of the crew neck of the t-shirt and sleeves folded till the quarter sleeves of the longline fashion tee. 

The Uneven Look 

The uneven hemlines of the elongated t-shirt give it the name, this very style features a shorter front hemline and a longer back hemline. This makes the item of clothing look hippy and when paired with skinny jeans and swag kicks it makes a ready-to-party ensemble in no time. 

Muscle Fit Longline T-shirt

This style features a fitted longline t-shirt with narrow shoulders and is usually spoken of as a longline v neck t-shirt. It is mainly composed of a mixed fabric which can be cotton and polyester. The fitted t-shirt is commonly stretchable in nature which gives a rugged, as well as a bad boy, look if paired with the right set of muscles as well as accessories. 

Longline Dress Shirt 

Another item of apparel that follows the longline trend is the Longline buttoned-down dress shirts. The item is to be worn without being tucked into the pants. And this might not give you a business casual look but instead, you will be opting more for a smart casual appearance. The ensemble would be great if worn on night outs and clubs. 

Longline Sweatshirt

These are the most common item which lives in anyone’s capsule wardrobe, best for the fall season. The Longline sweatshirts offer a crew neck, along with banded full sleeves and hip length bodice. The sweatshirt can be worn with oversized baggy jeans and every day sneakers. 

A Longline Conculsion

As we now know about the longline trend which has been around for a while. You might want to get yourself a couple of white longline t-shirts or a black one instead. The above material will help you differentiate between the styles and styling tips to ensure you make the right choice. 

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