13 Trendy and Fashionable White Combat Boots Outfit Ideas

white combat boots outfit

When it comes to choosing footwear with your casual outfits, white combat boots can be a voguish choice. We suggest keeping a pair of these in your shoe collection. At times, they will tie the whole outfit together while giving a captivating contrast to others. If you have dropped by for some interesting white combat boots outfit ideas, here’s The Jacket Maker’s take on them. 

Fashion savvy women often opt for white combat boots with staples like flannels, baggy jeans or skirts. While others may team them with oversized hoodies, joggers or distressed jumpsuits.

Let’s explore some classic and contemporary ways to build white combat boots outfits. 

How to Style White Combat Boots?

If you want to add a vibrant look to plain jeans and t-shirt outfits, white combat boots can be a great idea. They give a modern touch to traditional apparel, such as button downs with midi skirts. They are an excellent choice of shoes to wear with dresses besides heels or any other type of shoes you can think of.

White combat boots are incredibly versatile. You can pair them with pastels, vibrant solid colors and dark hues in outfits that include different prints and textures. From a slim fit or cropped cut to a baggy silhouette, white lace up boots complement many more looks than you may think.

Outfits with White Combat Boots

The kind of shoe that you choose says a lot about your fashion sense. We suggest opting for a comfortable pair that reaches a bit higher than your ankles and has a platform style heel. Here’s how differences in details can give you noticeably different looks.

Styling Different Types of White Combat Boots

Going for different styles of combat boots increases your styling possibilities. Here is how some popular designs of white boots can be styled instantly.

White Heeled Combat Boots Outfit with a Dress

Wear white heeled combat boots for an upscale and feminine look with a floral sundress. If you want to go for a nice jacket with the dress, go for a hand painted denim jacket.  Adorn yourself with a white beret hat and some lovely chained bracelets for a dainty look.

Pair an off shoulder black bodycon dress with white heeled combat boots to reveal your inclination towards an edgy style. The combo of white lace up boots with this figure hugging dress will make you feel empowered and in charge.

Chunky Combat Boots Outfit

Combat boots with a chunky sole are a huge trend these days. With the popularity of grunge, punk and rock aesthetics, boots and sneakers with a platform style sole are the in thing these days. Due to their prominent soles, these boots are a strong style statement. You will require less effort for the rest of your ensemble. 

We recommend going for a cowgirl outfit with your chunky combat boots. Team up a paisley printed top along with a brown leather skirt. Put on your chunky white combat boots and a cowgirl hat to complete the outfit.

Ivory Combat Boots Outfit

When a pair of pure white combat boots are not your choice, opt for ivory tones with a hint of yellow undertones. You can style these along with a layered top in any color and steel blue jeans. Don a lightweight fleece jacket in a similar ivory tone to tie the whole look together. 

How to Wear Combat Boots with Different Pants

As stated above, white chunky soled boots are not constrained to the slim fit jeans outfits. You can be creative with your styling and successfully pair them with different types of bottom wear. Try building outfits with leather pants, yoga pants, cargo pants, khakis and plain and printed leggings. 

White Lace-up Boots Outfit with Jeans

If you are a fashion conscious woman, chances are you have a well curated collection of trendy jeans. In fashion right now are styles ranging from high waisted skinny fits to the low rise baggy cargo jeans. Try wearing a black and grey printed t-shirt with mom jeans and layer it with a plaid overcoat. Give finishing touches to this outfit with a baseball cap and white combat boots.  

Leggings and Combat Boots

You can go for a black and white horizontal striped tunic with black leggings and a black cropped leather jacket. Your combat boots in white, will be the most appropriate choice for this ensemble. Add a pair of black wide framed sunglasses for a stylish looking finish.

Leather Pants and Combat Boots

Boost the edgy quotient of leather pants with white combat boots. Pairing a vibrant color such as burnt orange is relatively easier to team with black faux leather pants. A black shearling coat would add both warmth and exquisiteness to this look. Your white boots may be the final thing that you put on, but it ties the whole outfit together. 

Styling White Combat Boots with Jackets

Several jackets hanging in your wardrobe can be the perfect layering piece for a white combat boot outfit. Whether women want to go for leather jackets or windbreakers, white combat boots gel well with them. You can layer your combat boot outfits with leather, denim, fleece, wool or parachute jackets. Blazers, corduroy coats, trench coats and duffle coats are a few examples which you can choose. 

You can try the following layered looks using any of your jackets.

Biker Jacket Outfit with White Combat Boots

Pair a grey crop top and burgundy joggers with a cream biker leather jacket. The look is simultaneously edgy and comfortable due to the easy to carry staples as well as the stylish combat boots.

Denim Jacket Outfit with Combat Boots in White

Striving to look appealing and feminine with boots? Wear a pastel pink t-shirt and light blue flare jeans with a white denim jacket. Choose lace up white boots with chunky heels to complete this outfit.

Styling White Combat Boots the way You Want

There is no single style associated with white combat boots. You can create different looks that give out a unique vibe, by using the following ways as inspiration or a starting point.

Street Style Black and White Combat Boot Outfit

Can you ever go wrong with the evergreen combination of black and white? Certainly not, if you pair it the right way. Go for a white graphic t-shirt and biker shorts and layer it with a black button down to add relaxed vibes. Roll up the cuffs to stay cool and round off the outfit with a pair of white combat boots. 

The cold season version of this outfit would swap the biker shorts with woolen pants or leggings. Opt for a white ribbed top and a black corduroy jacket in place of the button down. Round off the outfit with a black pompom beanie. 

Alternative Fashion White Combat Boots Outfit

White combat boots lend easily to various alternative outfits as well. For some, they add to the sporty vibe while elevating an edginess for others. For instance, you can wear white combat boots with a conventional pairing of a white tank top and denims. While on a different level, you can wear the same white combat boots with a grunge looking cargo pant and a leather bomber jacket over a camouflage t-shirt.

Baddie Outfits with Combat Boots

Since the advent of the baddie aesthetic, boots have always been associated with this edgy style. A true baddie loves her boots and pairs them in stylish ways with unique outfits. To create a street style baddie outfit with combat boots, you can simply pair black biker shorts with a striped sweatshirt. White combat boots with hooped earrings will complete the outfit.

Cute Combat Boots Outfit

There are times when you want a lovable appearance by wearing a cute, feminine outfit. Portray the delicate side of yours with a pale blue chunky knit oversized sweater and black skinny jeans with the boots. Tuck the sweater partially from the front for a trendy look, and reach for your white beanie for an outdoorsy finish.

FAQs – White Combat Boots Outfit

How to wear combat boots with a sweater top?

You can wear a pastel sweater top along with flare jeans and a chunky belt, or a cropped sweater top with a white tennis skirt and white combat boots. 

How to wear combat boots with leggings?

Team up an oversized t-shirt or a peplum top with leggings and combat boots to create a figure flattering outfit.


Among the plethora of footwear options available for women, white combat boots win for their voguish appeal. They are an excellent way to elevate the style of your casual ensembles. With our style suggestions and trendy outfit ideas, you can never go wrong with these boots anymore. 

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