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Stylish Must-Have Shoes to Wear with Flared Jeans

what shoes to wear with flare jeans

It may be 2024, but the 70s are making a comeback and that too, in the most fashionable way ever. Modern American fashion is all about looks that are well-composed. All sorts of clothing styles are mixed and matched to create unique outfits. 

The biggest trend of the season is flared jeans. This style of jeans is flattering on many different body types. Flared jeans is a parent category that houses such styles as bell bottoms. This style fits amazingly well around the waist, working it’s way downwards to the knees. From here the jeans start to widen, creating the iconic ‘flared out’ look. 

The exact width of the flare varies from pant to pant including jeans. Some have a narrow flare, also known as a boot cut style. Others have extremely wide flares much like palazzos.

The hemlines of these jeans also play a huge role in how you can style these jeans. Some have a hem that touches the floor, while others have one that ends slightly above the ankle.

The Different Styles of Shoes You can Wear with Flared Jeans 

Let’s talk about the different ways you can style flared jeans and the best styles of shoes to wear with them. Flared jeans, as opposed to straight-leg jeans, are a style that looks amazing with most shoes.

Our one pro top is to avoid wearing wide flared jeans with thin stiletto heels. Standing still they look amazing but when you walk, the excess cloth tends to get stuck in the thin heel. So, unless you feel like tumbling, it would be best if you stayed away from this combination. 

Below are 5 different pairs of shoes that you can wear with flared jeans. 

Keep it Casual with Sneakers 

Keep it Casual with Sneakers 

At first glance, bell bottoms can be a bit intimidating. Especially, if you’ve been a skinny jeans kind of girl all your life. The easiest way to transition into flared jeans is by incorporating them into everyday wear. Pair a pastel-colored crop top with blue flared jeans. Add on a cute backpack, and you are ready for the day. 

Feeling a bit more retro? Pick out a multicolor, striped fitted tee. Tuck it into dark blue bell bottoms and add on a pair of converse. This look will allow you to grow and experiment with different styles of shoes. 

Ankle Boots for the Win 

Ankle Boots for the Win 

This is our absolute FAVORITE way to wear bell-bottoms. Flared jeans have a silhouette that makes you look taller. When you pair them with ankle boots, the added height of the heel completes the whole look. Another attractive thing about ankle boots is that they sort of peek through the hem of the flared jeans. This peek-a-boo appearance creates an extremely chic look.  

Ankle boots come in a variety of styles, heels and toe styles. When picking ankle boots to wear with bell-bottoms, it is important that the boots have a tight fit around the ankle. This creates a clean look and the boots blend effortlessly with the flare of the jeans. Block heeled ankle boots are a great choice as they are both comfortable and glamorous. 

Pair a brown leather jacket with a flowy white top, blue bell-bottoms, and dark brown ankle boots. Add a fringed crossbody to complete this boho look. 

For a more sophisticated look, pair a knitted sweater with blue bell-bottoms and black leather boots. Add a pair of sun-glasses and you are ready to take on the day.

Go all out with 70’s fashion and pair a rust ribbed top with a beige teddy bear jacket. Pick bell bottoms with a hemline just around the ankles. Add on porcelain-colored ankle heels to complete this retro look. 

Retro Babe with Platforms 

Retro Babe with Platforms 

When it comes to the ’70s, one thing we have learned from them is, ‘The higher the better’. Flared jeans were the bottoms of choice. Platform heels were everywhere and made the ultimate combo when paired with flared jeans

Pair a black and white striped T-shirt with light blue bell-bottoms. Add on a pair of brown platforms, with a wooden base. The overall look is fashionably relaxed. 

To really nail flared jeans in 2024, pair a brown, sleeveless cropped top with brown leather flared jeans. Add on burgundy platforms and a pair of sun-glasses and you have a streetwear-approved look. 

Combat but Make it Cute 

Combat but Make it Cute 

Bell bottoms don’t always have to be girly or retro. Chunky boots are a great way to give an ‘edgy’ touch to your outfit. The combat boot style is especially popular these days. 

Pair a black tank top with distressed blue bell-bottom jeans. Complete the look with an oversized leather jacket and black combat boots. 

Trade the ordinary black combat boots for a white pair and combine them with a baby blue sweater and light blue bell-bottoms. Let the boots stand out by picking jeans with a narrower leg and shorter hem. 

Pumps just Look Perfect 

Pumps just Look Perfect 

Pumps are one of the most elegant-looking shoe styles. They have a beautiful structure and pair wonderfully with flared jeans. 

Try out a tried and tested look by pairing a black tank top with a black leather jacket and faded blue bell-bottoms. Add on black pumps to complete the look. 

Create an office-appropriate look by pairing a light blue button-down shirt with a white blazer. Add on well-fitted linen bell bottoms, with a hem that grazes the floor. Finish the look by adding gorgeous, narrow-toed, white pumps. 


What to wear with bell bottoms?

There are a bunch of shoe styles that you can wear with bell bottoms including sneakers, platform shoes, ankle boots and clogs. 

What shoes to wear with flared yoga pants?

Flared yoga pants are all about creating a relaxed look. They look best when paired with sneakers and athleisure shoes. You can also pair them with platform heels or combat boots, depending on the look you’re going for. 

Final View on Flared Jeans 

Flared jeans are a breath of fresh air from basic skinny jeans or leggings. They are body-flattering, comfortable and wearable. These pants can be worn all year round and the best part is, they look great with several shoe styles. Stay fashion forward and invest in this sexy style of pants. 

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