10 Baddie Outfits with Baggy Jeans

Baddie Outfits with Baggy Jeans

The popularity of jeans in women’s fashion is a surprise to nobody. It is the ultimate legwear with universal compatibility and a very low bar for entry. You can rock a plain white crew neck t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans, and it will look great for regular casual wear. In addition to this universal compatibility is their unmatched versatility. A pair of jeans can make you look cute with an oversized hoodie, and the same jeans can be used to dress sexy with pairings like crop tops.

This extreme popularity comes with a price and that is ubiquity. You will see regular-fit jeans everywhere, from parties to grocery shops. Even the season has little effect on their use. This level of popularity has made regular jeans boring to some extent, and outfits with them tend to get a bit forgettable. Enter the wonderful world of baggy jeans. Outfits with baggy jeans have the sheer charm of regular jeans but with a silhouette, that’s more exciting and attention-grabbing.

Here’s a complete guide on how you can integrate baggy jeans into your day-to-day fashion.

Baggy Jeans Outfit Ideas

The best way to learn the use of baggy jeans is to look at its best baddie outfits. They give you a general idea of how these jeans are supposed to look and what styles work the best with them. Take a look.

Baggy Jeans and Sweatshirts

For most women, sweatshirts make the ideal first outfit with baggy jeans and nothing else even comes close to this combo. There is a good chance that you already own a sweatshirt – wear it over a pair of baggy blue jeans, and you’re done with the effortless baddie look. Swap out the regular sweatshirt for an oversized hooded one, and you’ve got the epitome of cuteness with baggy jeans. The best part about this particular combo is that you don’t even have to find a particular type, color, or design of sweatshirts. Almost everything will work.

That said, if you do want to spice this outfit up a bit, focus on light-colored sweatshirts with minimal prints, patterns and logos. So, something like a plain baby pink sweatshirt is an amazing choice. Also, try to keep the sweatshirt’s fit a bit loose as they look the cutest.

Smart Summer

The loose fit of baggy jeans makes them excellent for summer. They keep your legs away from the sun while also providing plenty of airflow and breathability. Plus, their combo with certain tops creates chic summer outfits. A prime candidate for such an outfit would be a full-sleeved buttoned crop top. The tight fit of this top contrasts beautifully with the baggy jeans, while the buttoned front keeps the outfit interesting.

With a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets allow you to create some of the most balanced and aesthetic outfits with baggy jeans. The size of these jeans makes most outfits bottom-heavy, which does provide a unique silhouette but isn’t for everyone. Layering your outfits with leather jackets is the quickest way to get around this hurdle and make your outfit more complete.

A great example of this baddie outfit will start with a pair of gray or charcoal baggy jeans. The top over them will be either a crop top or a turtleneck depending on the season. Lastly, the outermost layer would consist of a loose-fitted and hip length black leather jacket. Choose a stylish semi-aniline finish to get the most leather jacket aesthetic in your ensemble.  

Professional Attire

Crafting casual everyday outfits with baggy jeans is as easy as wearing a matching sweatshirt on top, and that is it. But, did you know that you can wear these to work as well? All you need is a pair of white baggy jeans, a matching white turtleneck, and a light brown/khaki blazer. Tuck the turtle neck inside the jeans and hide the joint with a light brown leather belt. A pair of brown or black suede sandals will fit right in, while also allowing you easy movement throughout the workspace.

But before you wear this outfit to work, make sure to check the office dress code and see if they have any rules against loose-fitted legwear.

Cozy Fall

For many, fall is the best season for fashion due to its mild temperature and overcast daytime lighting. Rocking a pair of light blue baggy jeans with a blue and pink striped sweater is the easiest way to look the best in fall. Finish it off with a pair of blue high-top sneakers, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate lightweight, cozy outfit.

The key to pulling off this baddie combo is to choose loose-fitting sweaters and tuck them inside the pants. Also, muted and pastel colors will look much better than vibrant reds and neon pinks.

Urbane Contrast

Leather motorcycle jackets are the ultimate sign of contemporary urban fashion, and their outfits with baggy jeans are no different. A shiny black biker jacket over a white tank-top and a pair of black baggy jeans are enough to make you stand out from the crowd. Now add in the signature vibrant red lipstick, black aviators, and black high-heeled boots, and you’re ready for the cover of a fashion magazine.

All-Black All Day

All-black baddie outfits look fantastic, but they can also get quite stale over time. Changing up the colors is not an option, so the next best idea is to replace the regular pants with a pair of black baggy jeans. The rest of the outfit would consist of a black V-neck t-shirt, a tight-fit black leather jacket, and black high-top boots. Another amazing all-black outfit idea with these jeans is to swap out the t-shirt for a turtleneck and the leather jacket for a large black trench coat.

Athletic Aesthetic

Athletic fashion is one of the most overlooked aspects of women’s style despite its mountains of potential. It’s not even that difficult or time-consuming to understand. For example, say you’re wearing a pair of sweatpants with a black sports top and a pair of colorful trainers. All you have to do is swap the sweatpants for baggy blue jeans, add a cropped leather jacket, and you’re ready for a weekend hangout.

The best part about these aesthetic outfits is that they are extremely comfortable in the long run. The sports top will keep your upper body relaxed, while the trains will prevent your feet from getting strained, even after a long walking session.

Organized Chaos

Most methods of how to style baggy jeans focus on simplicity and efficiency. Their main goal is to get you looking gorgeous with minimal effort. However, baggy jeans are plenty capable of starring in stunning baddie outfits. They just require a little more time and effort to set up.

The key idea behind this style is to master randomness and create eye-catching ensembles. A prime example of such an outfit is the pairing between navy blue ripped baggy jeans and an oversized maroon flannel. Keep the flannel open and wear a white printed t-shirt underneath. Complete the structured chaos by wearing brown shearling mules and a black knit beanie on top.

Understanding how to wear baggy jeans in this style is all about experimentation. Take out every top, footwear, and outerwear you have in your closet and mix and match them with various baggy pants. Doing so will result in a better understanding of how this controlled random style works. Plus, it will also lead you to alluring outfits with items you already own.

Denim on Denim

Wear a pair of ripped baggy jeans under a fitted denim shirt that is then topped with a blue denim jacket. It takes seconds to pull off yet looks majestic in most casual situations and is also a great way to emulate the 90’s baggy jeans style. However, wearing all three denim items in the same shade of blue is not a good idea. Instead, try to create a fade or contrast between the items.

Your first option is to wear navy blue pants under a blue shirt and a light blue skirt for a top fade. Reversing this order with a navy blue jacket and light blue jeans is just as stylish. Lastly, you can create a center-focused contrast by rocking dark blue pants and a jacket over a light blue shirt. This third option works even better if you pair it with black shoes and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style baggy ripped jeans?

Ripped baggy jeans can be styled using tight-fit tops and jackets. This includes everything from button-ups and leather jackets to crop tops and cardigans. Oversized tops can also be used.

Are baggy jeans in style in 2023?

Yes, baggy jeans are very much in style in 2023.

What are baggy jeans called?

Baggy jeans are also referred to as loose-fit jeans. Their more official name in the industry is wide-leg jeans.

Are skinny jeans out for 2023?

No, they are not. Skinny jeans are still in style in 2023.

What are boyfriend style jeans?

Boyfriend style jeans are a subcategory of baggy jeans with a distinct masculine vibe that you can recognize through their slouched, relaxed and distressed look.

Final Words

Jeans are the ultimate universal legwear and a must-have for everyone. Unfortunately, their popularity makes them ubiquitous to the point that you see them anywhere and everywhere. Enter baggy jeans. They offer similar compatibility to regular-fit jeans but with an entirely different vibe and aesthetic. Outfits as simple as a t-shirt and jeans can be spiced up by swapping out the regular jeans for baggy ones. Plus, there is a whole world of baggy jeans exclusive outfits waiting for you as well.

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